Scotland Shenanigans

by Yuriko Toru (百合子 亨)


Alex had never bailed on a camping trip in his life. He’d been raised to be the kind to stick it out, no matter how bad things got, and he’d been fully prepared to let Finn sit in the car while he set up the tent by himself in the rain.

But then again, this camping trip was special. He’d never yet had a week-long camping trip in Scotland, for one thing; and for another, he’d never been going on such a trip with the extremely reluctant best friend he hadn’t seen since their last mess of a camping trip in October. Being probably lost on a painfully narrow highway in the worst storm he’d ever seen at the end of a fourteen-hour travel day was just the icing on the cake. Extenuating circumstances, and all that.

The bed and breakfast sign had been the most beautiful thing Alex had seen all day, even including Finn.

Their room was on the second floor of an old castle, down a stone hallway that looked several hundred years old. The innkeeper — a rather broad woman with ruddy cheeks, a shock of frighteningly red hair, and a Scottish brogue thick enough to walk on — stopped them in front of an equally ancient-looking wooden door, pulling an ancient key on a tag out of her pocket and unlocking it with some difficulty.

“It’s a wee bit stubborn, I’m afraid,” she said, pressing the key into Alex’s waiting palm and pushing the door open. “Breakfast is served from seven-thirty to ten, dining room’s just down this way and left at the end of the hall. Sleep well, lads!”

Alex stepped through the doorway, fumbling for a light switch. “Hey, wait–” he called, stepping back out into the hallway, but the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Alex sighed, turning back to face the lone double bed in the middle of the room. “Shit.”

Finn groaned. “Perfect,” he announced, pushing past Alex, “isn’t this just fucking perfect. First dibs on the bathroom,” he added, dropping his dripping backpack on the hardwood floor with a squelch and making a beeline for the bathroom door.

“Finn–” Alex called after him, faltering as Finn peeled off his soaked sweatshirt and his t-shirt rode up with it, baring his back and tangling around his arms. Finn cursed, wrestling free of both at once; they hit the floor with a splat, and Finn had disappeared into the bathroom before Alex could remember anything but the smooth, wet planes of Finn’s shoulder-blades and the soft taper of his waist.

Cursing halfheartedly, Alex snagged Finn’s bag by one handle and set to unpacking both bags himself, listening to the shower running and failing to keep his mind off the image of Finn, dripping wet and with an expression of utter bliss on his face as the warm water worked its heat into his skin.

You need to stop, he told himself firmly, setting Finn’s backpack on the one spindly chair and his own by the footboard. Just because of what happened in October, didn’t mean Finn wanted him back, or even found him that attractive, frankly. He unzipped his soaked windbreaker — windproof, but not waterproof (he spared a second to halfheartedly curse himself for being so badly prepared) — and stripped it off. It went over the back of the chair, and Alex dragged it around so the back was in front of the ancient radiator. His overshirt went next, and Alex spread it directly over the radiator itself to dry before checking his jeans’ pockets.

His wallet and the room key went on the bedside table — nearest the door; he’d let Finn have the side with the radiator, he was always cold. In his other pocket was a scrap of paper and a stub of a pencil; fighting the suction of the wet denim, Alex dug them out. The pencil was Finn’s, he remembered, setting it on Finn’s bedside table; not that it mattered, since Finn had probably stolen it from him in the first place. The paper was so wet it tore when he unfolded it; on it was written the phone number of that cute American girl they’d been chatting with at the restaurant that afternoon.

Alex glowered at the scrap of paper. She’d heard their American accents and come right over, she’d said, and asked where they were from. Alex had smiled his practiced don’t-mind-me-I’m-the-shy-friend smile and let Finn tell her that they were from Canada, actually, and they had a spare seat if she wanted to join them. She’d been happy to sit and flirt with Finn for a couple minutes while she waited for takeout; then Finn had gone to the bathroom, and her takeout had come, and she’d asked Alex if she could leave Finn her number. Alex had fumbled out some sort of affirmative and stolen a pencil and a shred of paper from Finn’s backpack; the girl had written down her number, and the second she was gone, Alex had pocketed it.

It was childish, he told himself now, as he rolled the wet paper into a tiny ball, it was childish and selfish and what were the odds anything would’ve come of it, anyway? She was from Seattle, and she’d proven she had no concept of how far that was from Ottawa, and if Finn had broken up with his high school girlfriend because she was going to a different school, he was hardly going to strike up something with some American girl whose name he didn’t even know. Still, he’d pocketed it, and now he dropped it, rolled up as small as it could get, back behind the headboard and did his best to put it from his mind.

That was all that was in Alex’s pockets, and he double-checked for his phone just to make sure, but he wasn’t that concerned. He’d lost enough phones to invest in a waterproof case, so the storm wouldn’t have hurt it if it was in his bag, though he seemed to recall leaving it charging in the car. If so, it was fairly well-hidden, he remembered, and as Finn had told him, nobody was going to break into a car in this weather anyways, so he probably didn’t even need to lock it — oh, the keys. Alex dug them out of his windbreaker pocket and placed them carefully on the bedside table where he’d remember them. He contemplated taking off his jeans, but changed his mind; sharing a bed was uncomfortable enough that he’d rather not preface it with walking around in his wet boxers.

Not that sharing a bed with Finn used to be uncomfortable, he remembered, propping himself on the footboard to keep the sheets dry and lifting his backpack to his knee. When they were kids, they’d shared either Finn’s or Alex’s twin beds almost nightly, sleeping sideways on the mattress, Alex recalled with a smile, so they could each have a half. He pulled his backpack open and started unpacking, remembering how disappointed Finn was when he got too tall to fit sideways on the bed any more. Then they’d switched to cuddling to conserve space, and they’d kept up the habit until Finn hit puberty and finally dusted off the air mattress. The last time they’d shared a bed still upset Alex to think about — they’d been fourteen, and both in tears, the whole first week Finn’s mom was in the hospital after the car accident. When she recovered, they went back to their own spaces, and that had been it.

Or, well. That had been it until October.

Alex paused in his unpacking, closing his eyes against the rush of arousal at the memory. It was the first time they’d really gotten a chance to see each other in months, and Alex had taken the opportunity to trade a technical favour for a camping trip. Technical favours always scored high in Finn’s book, and he’d jumped at the chance to get Finn to himself again. He’d had the vaguest of plans in the back of his mind, some grand seduction as usual, but it hadn’t really been any sort of priority, and besides then it had snowed and Finn had gotten angry at him and gone out and fallen, and then Alex went out and brought him back and they’d been sharing body heat like the ultimate rom-com cliché, and then somehow they’d been kissing and Alex hadn’t known who’d started it but Finn hadn’t seemed to want it to stop, and Alex could still remember the way Finn arched up under him, the feeling of his long, gorgeous fingers on Alex’s cock–

Alex tossed down his empty backpack, clenching his hands into fists against his thighs. How classically Finn, to adamantly pretend nothing had happened at all and everything was the same when it was not, in fact, the same. And sure, maybe he had good reasons for it, but that didn’t mean it didn’t piss Alex the fuck off sometimes that Finn still thought if he could just pretend hard enough, everything would just magically become fine.

Then again, he reminded himself as he opened Finn’s bag, Finn was an only child, and he didn’t think it was biased of him to say that many only children shared a certain sheltered mindset. Situations like Finn’s were the worst, too — the only child of parents who wanted more kids, it was no wonder he was a little…

Naïve and self-centered, a tiny voice piped up, and Alex was quick to smack it down. It was right, of course, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t rather find a nicer way to say it, and anyway, he could’ve been worse. He and Finn had grown up practically attached at the hip. They’d been closer than Alex and his sisters — just another reason he’d kept his mouth shut and his feelings under his belt (which was actually a hilariously accurate saying in this case, but he couldn’t laugh at it just yet, not when October had reopened the old hurt), because wasn’t “you’re like a brother” such a classic excuse for shutting a friend down?

No, Alex was fine keeping quiet, and damn good at it, too, he noted, standing on the chair to drape wet clothes over the curtain rod. Before college, he’d had a hell of a time not giving himself away, but while being a five-hour drive apart had been awful to get used to at first, it was a hell of a lot easier to not say something over text than to not say it to his face.

Alex had said that once, years ago, about some secret he’d since forgotten. Finn had laughed at his messy phrasing, and Alex had proceeded to kick his ass at Halo in revenge.

“What are you doing?”

Alex looked around. Finn was standing in the bathroom doorway in a cloud of steam, wrapped in a fluffy blue robe, wet hair hanging in his face. “I’m–”

“Is that my bag? Don’t touch that!”

Alex blinked as the backpack was torn out of his hands. “Um, I was hanging up our wet stuff to dry,” he said slowly, stepping down from the chair.

Finn took a breath. “Right,” he said steadily. “Of course. I, uh. I’ll take it from here.” His eyes weren’t on Alex’s face, but fixated on his bare shoulders. If he hadn’t already had goosebumps from the cold, Finn’s gaze alone would have raised them.

“What?” Alex asked.

Finn met his eyes, then glanced away. “Aren’t you cold?”

“Yeah,” Alex said, “but I’d be colder in a wet shirt.”

Finn made an oh, okay face. “Your turn in the shower,” he added, gesturing to the bathroom.

Alex nodded his thanks and headed for the bathroom, waiting until the door was firmly shut and locked behind him before peeling off his tank top and struggling out of his wet jeans.

The shower was heavenly, and Alex’s mind again conjured up the image of Finn, soaking in the warmth, head tipped back into the spray to bare his neck. Alex’s fingers were around his hardening cock almost before he realized it, and he lifted his face into the water and braced himself against the cool tiles as he jerked off unhurriedly.

He came not hard, but sweetly, swallowing a sigh of Finn’s name. As the water washed the mess down the drain, Alex turned to vigorously scrubbing down every square inch of his body so that by the time he stepped out he was flushed red head to toe from the friction and heat. He towelled off lazily, and was just considering the pink robe hanging on the back of the door when Finn called him from the other room. Tucking his towel around his waist, he raked his hair back off his forehead and opened the door.

“What’s up?”

Finn looked up from his phone. “Oh, just wondering if you’d died,” he said nonchalantly, swinging his legs off the bed and standing up. “By the way,” he added, setting his phone facedown on the bedside table, “everything of yours is soaked, which is why I told you not to go back and lock the car. I managed to scrounge up some dry boxers for both of us, so here.”

Alex snagged the boxers Finn threw at him. “Thanks. How’s your notebook?”

Finn shrugged, gesturing to the seat of the chair, where his notebook was spread open. “Fine. It’ll survive. I’m going to go brush my teeth,” he continued on his way by, “so you can put those on.”

“Thanks,” Alex replied, and Finn nodded in acknowledgement. The door shut behind him with a soft click.

Alex inspected the boxers in his hand. They were dark green plaid and incredibly familiar. Alex blinked hard, trying to dispel the memory of those very boxers pulled down around Finn’s thighs, as he dropped his towel and pulled them on. They were a little snug around his hips, but they’d be okay. Grabbing his toothbrush from where he’d left it on the bedside table, he headed back into the bathroom.

“I’m still angry,” Finn said conversationally as he was joining Alex under the covers, effectively scattering the October flashbacks.

“What? Why?”

“If it weren’t for you, I’d be at home finishing my reading week assignments, not in some castle in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, Scotland,” Finn announced primly. “So I’m still mad at you, even if you’re not making me sleep in the rain.”

Alex chuckled, switching off his bedside lamp. “Sure. Good night, Finn.”

“I am!” Finn protested unconvincingly, switching off his own lamp. “Furious.”

Alex smiled. “Entirely.”

“Livid,” Finn muttered, pulling the covers back to wriggle out of his robe.

Alex didn’t bother to ask why Finn hadn’t taken the robe off before getting into bed. “Of course you are.”

Finn grumbled under his breath. “Man, it’s fucking freezing in here,” he pointed out.

Alex hummed in agreement, turning so they were face-to-face.

Finn brandished a finger in front of Alex’s eyes. “Don’t you get any cute ideas,” he warned. “I’m still mad at you, remember, so you can keep your cuddly paws to yourself.”

Alex closed his eyes, trying to suppress a smirk. “Yes, sir.”

Finn just huffed and turned his back.

Alex was just dozing off when Finn started shivering. Instinctively, Alex draped an arm over Finn’s waist. Finn made a soft, needy sound and curled into the contact.

Alex tensed, suddenly wide awake. Finn tensed too, going completely still for a minute except for the rise and fall of his waist under Alex’s arm. Alex forced himself to relax.

“Alex?” Finn breathed.

Alex swallowed against the sudden dryness of his throat. “Yeah?” he croaked.

Finn didn’t respond. Alex didn’t dare move a muscle.

Finally, Finn sighed, going boneless against Alex, and Alex allowed himself to tighten his grip the tiniest bit, shifting his arm more comfortably around Finn’s narrow waist.

“Still angry,” Finn muttered. “You’re just warm.”

“Mkay,” Alex murmured.

Finn went quiet, and Alex did his best to stifle the urge to pull him even closer, closing his eyes and trying to go to sleep.


Alex blinked his eyes open. He’d been just dozing off again. “Mm?”

“Why are you still friends with me?”

“Um.” Alex blinked. “Wait, what?”

“Why are you still friends with me?” Finn repeated.

Alex blinked again. “… Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because I’m an asshole?”

“Yes, but you’re the likeable kind of asshole,” Alex teased. Finn didn’t laugh.

“But I’ve been awful to you.” Finn’s tone was depressingly factual.

Alex knit his eyebrows together. “No, you haven’t.”

“We’ve barely talked since school started,” Finn pointed out, rolling over to meet Alex face to face.

“You’ve been busy,” Alex reminded him. “We both have.”

“Okay, but when’s the last time I started a conversation with you?”

Alex thought back. Finn had a point; most of their conversations in the last year, Alex had started. “Um…”

“Exactly,” Finn retorted. “You’re always the one making the effort.”

Alex made a dismissive noise. “So you’re bad at keeping in touch. I already knew that,” he reminded Finn, meeting his eyes and immediately regretting it. The intensity in Finn’s gaze could’ve stopped a nuclear warhead in its tracks.

“And on top of all that,” Finn continued doggedly, “I’m melodramatic and annoying.”

“Okay, but the fact that you’re melodramatic is part of the charm,” Alex objected. “It’s part of what makes you funny. And besides, I don’t find you annoying.”

Finn scoffed. “Well, you’re the only one.”

“I am not!” He wasn’t, was he? All their other friends didn’t really find him annoying, did they?

“Why don’t you find me annoying?” Finn asked, quietly enough that at first Alex couldn’t be sure he’d heard him correctly.


Finn shifted, propping himself up on one elbow to look down at Alex. “You’re the only person I know who doesn’t find me annoying. Why don’t you?”

Alex mirrored Finn’s posture while he came up with a reply. “I don’t know. You just…” (have a lot of lovable traits) “… don’t bother me, I guess.”

“Yes, but why not?”

Alex hesitated. “I…” He had an answer, sure, but no idea how Finn would take it. Or, rather, he had some ideas, and they were all bad. “I don’t know.”

“See, ’cause I think I do.”

“Then why are you asking me?” Alex muttered under his breath.

“I think,” Finn continued, as if Alex hadn’t spoken, “it’s because you love me.”

Alex’s heart stopped. “Uh, well yeah,” he stammered, “of course I love you, you’re my best friend–”

“That’s not what I meant,” Finn interrupted, shoving Alex over onto his back and rolling on top of him. “Shut up for a second.”

Alex swallowed hard. Finn was a hot weight hovering over him, heavy between his splayed thighs. He shifted to shut his legs, but they only clamped down around Finn’s waist, and Alex froze, not daring to part them again. He may have made a noise. Either way, Finn seemed to take it as a cue to continue.

“I think,” he said, leaning the tiniest bit closer and forcing Alex to bite back a whimper as Finn’s weight shifted, “you’re in love with me.”

Alex made a strangled noise. “What?”

Finn’s face was half in shadow from what light spilled under the door. His hair tumbled into his face, and he shifted his balance to rake it back ineffectually before bracing himself with a hand on either side of Alex’s head. His wrists were right next to Alex’s face, and Alex was struck with the sudden desire to turn his head and lick them, to lap at the delicate skin and feel where Finn’s heart pounded, sending blood racing under the surface. His rapidly swelling cock twitched in his boxers.

“Are you in love with me, Alex?” Finn breathed, and his voice was like a shot of straight arousal to the base of Alex’s spine, which was a terribly mixed metaphor but Alex had other things to think about.

“I — w-what, no, what would make you think I– ohhkay maybe a little,” Alex managed, back arching as Finn ground his hips down into Alex’s growing erection.

“Holy shit,” Finn breathed, wicked amusement lighting up his whole face. “Holy shit, you’re totally in love with me.”

Suddenly, Alex’s red-hot embarrassment flared up, indignation and frustration and shame catching fire and lighting him up with rage. “You know what? Fine,” he snapped. “Fine! I’m in love with you, even though fuck knows why, and sometimes I don’t know why I bother trying to stay close to you, what with all your fucking macho asshole friends and your fucking porcelain ego, seriously, what the fuck do a bunch of scrawny book nerds care about their fucking masculinity? I’m going into the fucking construction industry and I’ve never met someone so fucking worried about being macho as you and your buddies, you and your using ‘gay’ as an insult, you’re a fucking English major, you’re a fucking poet for fuck’s sake, you can think of a better fucking adjective, and your fucking ‘no homo’, fuck that, fuck that and fuck you and fuck everything you fucking stand for, because I’m fucking sick of it.”


“No, shut up.” Alex’s finger jabbed at Finn’s sternum with every phrase, pushing him back. “Fuck your ‘no homo’, yes fucking homo, all right, because I’m fucking in love with you, and I’ve fucking tried and there’s nothing I can fucking do about it, even if times like these I have a really fucking hard time remembering why I even fucking like you, let alone love you, and I fucking hate it, it’s fucking awful, all of it, I fucking hate you and I hate that I love you and fuck you for making me feel like this!

The silence rang heavy in the air, and Alex swallowed against his dry throat with the belated realization that he’d been yelling. An overused but extremely accurate ship metaphor followed Alex’s momentum, dissipating before it could be fully formed. He was sitting up, finger sore from the impacts with Finn’s breastbone that had forced Finn back onto his heels. Finn was watching Alex carefully, eyes intent as he debated his response, and that — that Finn, unofficial king of speaking before he thought, reigning champion of putting his foot in his mouth, was keeping his lips sealed — was by far more terrifying than any reaction Alex could have dreamed up.

Finally, Finn leaned forward, rising to all fours to bring himself about level with Alex’s eyes. Alex’s heart was pounding in his ears, and he gripped the sheets, sweaty hands nearly sliding out from under him.

“You know how we’re not talking about October,” Finn murmured. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes, something too much like rage for Alex to assume it was otherwise.

Alex leaned back. Finn followed. “What?”

“That’s bullshit,” Finn hissed, leaning closer until Alex’s back hit the bed again. “Let’s talk about October.”

Alex tried valiantly to reply and wasn’t surprised when he failed.

“You let me jerk you off,” Finn said, and Alex squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the sudden punch of arousal.

“I wanted to blow you,” Finn continued, and Alex made a startled noise, eyes flying open. “I wanted to suck you off, wanted to get my mouth all over you. I wanted to taste what I was doing to you. You remember that time in grade twelve,” he interrupted himself, “when I avoided you for three days?”

“Oh, are we addressing all your denial now?” Alex snarked, and immediately regretted it. “Yeah, I remember.” Of course he remembered, it had been the most terrifying three days of his life.

“I dreamed about you,” Finn admitted, and Alex’s breath caught in his throat. “I dreamed about you fingering me, and I woke up harder than I’d ever been in my life.”

“Oh,” Alex blurted, squeezing his eyes shut again.

“And then after prom, when we all went swimming in Brett’s pool,” Finn murmured. “There was a moment when you pulled yourself out of the water, dripping wet and wearing nothing but your boxers, and I thought I’d never want anything so much as I wanted you right then. I wanted to fuck you right there,” he hissed, breath hot on Alex’s face, and Alex opened his eyes to find Finn only inches away, eyes in shadow but with a fervent gleam to them. “Wanted to strip you naked and spread you out on the bricks, eat you out until you cried, right there in front of all the guys, show them how fucking hot you are, how much you fucking mean to me.”

“Finn, please.”

“Please what?”

Alex took a shaky breath, licking his lips as he took the time to sort out his words. “If all you’re going to do is talk,” he said carefully, “for both our sakes, you should really probably stop.”

Finn made a low, angry noise, and lunged forward, capturing Alex’s mouth in a brutal kiss that caught Alex far more off-guard than it should have. It took him a second to kiss back, just adjusting to the knowledge that this was Finn’s mouth against his before he kissed back with a fury to match Finn’s. He sucked in air in the barely present gaps between kisses, finally succumbing to the years-old impulse to rake Finn’s hair out of his face, twist his fingers into it, and pull.

Finn broke the kiss with a cry which almost had Alex letting go until it crumbled into a moan. Finn’s neck was temptingly pale; Alex latched on under his ear and sucked. One of Finn’s hands sank into Alex’s hair, but not to pull; it cradled the nape of his neck, pressing him in closer, and Alex could feel the pleased noise Finn made vibrating against his chin.

When Alex pulled away, there was a dark mark blossoming on Finn’s fair skin, visible even in the dim light. Smiling, he let Finn press him down into the mattress with both hands on his shoulders.

“Two questions,” Finn panted, slotting his hips against Alex’s, and god he was just as hard as Alex was, that was damn gratifying. “One, can I fuck you, or you fuck me, or something, just. Really wanna make you come,” he finished.

“Yeah okay sounds good,” Alex managed in a rush.

“Okay, second question, top or bottom.”

“Uhm.” Alex swallowed hard. “Oh god. Do I have to pick?”

“Look, this is not a long-term decision, Alex,” Finn told him. “This is not a fucking red pill or a blue pill, I’d love you to fuck me sometime but right now I really fucking want to eat you out and finger you until you come and I need to know if you’re okay with that.”

Alex tightened his grip on Finn’s hair. “Oh,” he gasped, rolling his hips up instinctively. “Yeah. Okay.”

Fuck yes,” Finn hissed, a sound of utter, wicked glee, and sunk his teeth into the juncture of Alex’s neck and shoulder.

Alex yelped, clawing probably too hard at Finn’s shoulderblades, and Finn’s teeth retreated, his tongue sliding hot and slick over the stinging indents. Alex’s yelp melted into a moan, legs closing and pinning Finn between them.

Finn buried a groan in the side of Alex’s neck. “Alex,” he murmured, lips dragging against Alex’s skin.

Alex moaned, hips grinding up into Finn’s as Finn mouthed a wet path up the side of his neck.

“Alex,” Finn said again, breath hot against Alex’s neck. “Babe.”

“Mh, what?” He was already in love with the valley of Finn’s spine, the way his hair twisted around Alex’s fingers, the scent of hotel shampoo and the faintest edge of sweat.

“Alex,” Finn breathed, lips parting with a wet sound next to Alex’s ear in a way that went straight to his cock, and then promptly seemed to lose his train of thought. “Sweetheart. Honey. Doll. Alley-cat.”

“Did — did you have a point,” Alex gasped, and Finn pulled away from the corner of Alex’s jaw with a reluctant groan, moving to look Alex in the eye.

“I can’t eat you out from here, dumbass,” he pointed out.

“Fuck,” Alex replied eloquently, legs falling open of their own accord.

Finn grinned and sat back on his heels, suddenly robbing Alex of every inch of contact, and Alex pressed a hand over his mouth to keep the embarrassing noises in. “There we go,” Finn teased, patting the insides of Alex’s knees. Alex was about to tell him off, but then Finn’s slim fingers were hooking around the waistband of Alex’s boxers and tugging them down and he was pressing a slick, open-mouthed kiss to the head of Alex’s cock and Alex sunk his teeth into the heel of his hand and determinedly did not look down, if he looked down he knew he’d fucking come just like that–

Finn pulled away with a slurp that should by all rights have been absolutely disgusting but somehow managed to be anything but. “It’s nice to look at someone when they’re paying this much attention to you,” he purred (fucking purred, Alex wasn’t the fucking poet here what was that word doing in his head).

Alex just made an incoherent noise of protest.

Finn licked at the head of Alex’s cock, dipping the point of his tongue briefly into the slit. “C’mon,” he breathed, breath close enough to keep the wetness on Alex’s skin from cooling.

Alex pried his hand away from his mouth. “Can’t,” he choked.

“Sure you can.” Finn’s tongue lapped under Alex’s foreskin. “I could just make you come twice.”

As a general rule, Alex took that casual, self-assured tone as a challenge to prove Finn wrong. In this, though, all he could do was hope to hell Finn was right as he pushed himself up onto his elbows to watch.

Finn grinned up at him, hair in his eyes. “There you are,” he hummed, and trailed a sucking kiss up the underside of Alex’s cock.

Alex cursed, throwing his head back and clutching at the sheets as he came in long, shuddering waves. Finn worked him through it with his hand, and when thought returned, Alex berated himself for not warning him, moving to sit up. Especially if he didn’t like the taste of–

“Holy shit,” Alex breathed, arms nearly giving out and dropping him right back down as his dick made a valiant effort to commandeer his entire bloodstream.

Finn opened his eyes, breaking the rope of semen over one eyelid (he had come on his eyelashes he had come on his eyelashes he had come on his eyelashes). His mouth curved up into a jizz-streaked grin, and Alex watched, agog, as Finn brought his hand to his mouth and began to suck the come from his fingers.

Fuck,” Alex declared with great feeling, cupping a hand around the back of Finn’s head and dragging him upwards until he complied, letting Alex tug his face close as if to kiss him.

Alex’s come was bitter salt as he dragged his tongue across Finn’s cheekbone. His free hand closed around Finn’s wrist, and then it was all a mess of slick skin and eager tongues and moaning until the next thing Alex could make sense of was Finn’s mouth on his and Finn’s slick hand sliding over Alex’s hipbone to tease at his balls and circle the tip of one finger around his rim.

Alex didn’t realize he was making noise until Finn broke their messy kiss to press his open mouth against Alex’s Adam’s apple. “All right,” Finn breathed, and words Alex hadn’t heard himself say cut off mid-syllable as Finn pulled away.

“Hands and knees,” Finn ordered, voice husky with arousal, and Alex hurried to obey. The air was cold on his skin, chilling the fine sheen of sweat there.

Finn didn’t give him the time to second-guess anything; he ran his hands up the backs of Alex’s thighs with a satisfied sound. “Mm, aren’t you just gorgeous like this,” he murmured, and Alex shivered, back arching.

“Yeah, look at that,” Finn breathed, dragging his thumbs along the sensitive juncture where Alex’s ass met his thighs. “Pretty ass like that up in the air. Almost makes me want to smack it.”

Alex’s breath caught in his throat. “Yeah?”

Finn hummed. “That permission?”

“Yeah,” Alex repeated, canting his hips higher.

Alex heard the impact half a second before he felt the sting, and he jerked forward, breath hitching.

“Good?” Finn asked him.

Alex took a deep breath and nodded. “Good.”

“Perfect,” Finn declared, a smile in his voice, before his hand came cracking down on the other side of Alex’s ass.

Alex jumped, pitching forward onto his elbows and arching his back, and Finn groaned.

“Fuck yes,” he said, parting Alex’s glutes with his thumbs and exposing his hole to the cold air. “Got you right where I want you now,” he breathed, and then his breath was hot against Alex’s ass, the only warning before he was dragging the flat of his tongue from behind Alex’s balls all the way to his tailbone.

Alex’s hips jerked, but Finn closed his hands around the very tops of Alex’s thighs to hold him still as he lapped at his hole, teasing at the rim, just getting him wet without dipping in once. Alex didn’t know when he started squirming, arching his back to press his ass to Finn’s mouth, but Finn pulled away, and Alex stifled a whine with his forearm.

“Patience is a virtue,” Finn murmured, and Alex could have screamed.

“Fuck you,” he spat.

Finn chuckled, breath too close to cool Alex’s wet skin. “Some other time,” he decided, and Alex nearly bit a hole in his arm when he dove back in, mouthing wet and sloppy at Alex’s ass, tip of his tongue pressing ever so slightly in.

“Oh fuck,” Alex choked, “fuck, yes, yes, yes yes yes,” and fuck yes, Finn started working his tongue in and out, curling deliciously with every thrust. Alex rocked his hips back, but Finn tightened his grip on Alex’s thighs, and Alex whined, closing his hands in the pillowcase.

Finn squeezed Alex’s thighs, like some sort of acknowledgement, before removing one hand. A second later, Alex felt a fingertip at his rim, sliding in alongside Finn’s tongue, and he moaned. Then Finn moved his mouth away, teasing at Alex’s rim with just his fingertip, and swatted Alex on the hip.

“Hands off,” he scolded, and Alex groaned, stilling the hand he hadn’t realized was reaching for his cock.

Finn’s hand came to rest on Alex’s hipbone, stroking gently as he teased Alex’s ass open with the other. “You ever come untouched?” he asked, casual as anything.

Alex shuddered head to toe at the thought. “Not yet,” he gasped, and Finn laughed — not a chuckle, but the bright, open laugh that Alex had fallen in love with, and it made Alex’s pulse kick up a notch.

“Now that’s my kind of attitude,” Finn said, and pulled his hands away.

Alex bit down on his lip to keep from whining as Finn rolled across the bed and back up onto his knees. “What are you doing?” he asked, once he trusted himself not to whine.

From under the bed, Finn produced a row of condoms and a bottle of lube. “Figured we could use some of this,” he explained, dropping the condoms on the bed and crawling back over with the lube.

Alex’s eyes fell to the condoms. He wanted, oh god he fucking wanted. “Wait. You brought condoms and lube?”

Alex couldn’t see Finn from his position, but he could hear the embarrassment tinting the edges of his voice when he said, “I may have had plans.”

No wonder he hadn’t wanted Alex going through his backpack. “Now I’m curious.”

“I’ll tell you later,” Finn promised, and pressed a slick finger into his ass.

Alex let out a startled moan, caught between shying away from the shock and rocking back into the pleasure. Finn’s hand smoothed down his spine, cool against his overheated skin. “You good?”

“Yeah,” Alex gasped, head dropping to rest on his arms again. “Yeah, I’m good, keep going.”

The first thrust was devastatingly slow, and Alex rocked back against it with a bitten-off groan as Finn started into a rhythm.


“No.” Finn crooked his finger, and Alex yelped as it just barely missed his prostate, oh holy hell how did he find that so easily, it took Alex hours. “I like watching you squirm.”

“Evil,” Alex managed, rocking his hips back, and Finn made a startled noise, adding another finger. Alex hissed at the stretch, but it was a good kind of burn. “Fucking evil.”

“Okay,” Finn said, “yeah, okay,” and pressed both fingers down into Alex’s prostate.

Alex didn’t want to think about the noise that left his lips.

“Fuck,” Finn breathed, and his other hand squeezed at Alex’s hip as he thrust his fingers again, avoiding Alex’s prostate entirely. Alex cursed fluently, squirming to try and get Finn’s fingers where he wanted them.

“Hold still,” Finn said, breathless with arousal and a hint of laughter, tightening his grip on Alex.

“Fuck you, no,” Alex gasped, rocking his hips. God, he was close, just a bit more…

“I said,” Finn growled, pressing both fingertips into Alex’s prostate hard enough to make him let out a sound a bit too much like a sob, “hold still.”

As soon as the pressure let up, Alex sagged, legs nearly giving out under him. “Fuck, fuck ‘m close, fuck, Finn, please.”

“If you come now, will you be able to come again?” Finn asked, voice rough.

“Don’t know,” Alex told him, rocking back. “Fuck, Finn, please, I need to –”

“All right,” Finn told him, running his hand up Alex’s spine to cup the back of his neck and burrow fingers into his hair, “all right, come for me, babe,” and he found Alex’s prostate again and then Alex was coming harder than he’d ever come in his life, clenching down around Finn’s fingers. Through the static in his ears, he heard Finn hiss, and his fingers stilled in Alex’s ass as Alex kept coming, clutching at the sheets with one hand and Finn’s wrist with the other, keeping Finn’s hand pressed to the back of his neck.

Slowly, Alex remembered how to breathe as he collapsed, spent, on his side. Finn slowly slid his fingers free of Alex’s ass.

“Fuck,” Alex declared, throat raw. He hoped idly that he hadn’t bothered anyone else, if they could hear him over the storm outside.

“Yeah,” Finn agreed, and Alex’s eyes focused on him. He was sat back on his heels with his boxers pulled down around his thighs, an absolute vision as he awkwardly jerked himself off with his clean hand. His eyes raked over Alex’s prone form, from his face to his ass to his legs and back again.

Alex’s spent cock twitched as Finn licked his lips, and his eyes went to the jerky, uncertain movements of Finn’s hand on his cock.

“You brought condoms,” he found himself pointing out.

Finn’s hand stuttered. “What?”

“You brought condoms,” Alex repeated. “We have condoms right here.”

Finn swallowed, licked his lips again. “Are you saying…”

Alex doubted his arms would hold him again, so he rolled into his back, letting his legs splay open. “Go for it,” he said, grabbing the string of condoms and tossing one at Finn. “Let’s see if I can come a third time.”

Finn gave him a flustered look. Then his face broke into a grin. “My kind of attitude,” he replied, fumbling the condom open.

“So you’ve said,” Alex mused, grabbing a pillow and tucking it under his hips. “You must be rubbing off on me.”

“Well –”

“Consider the dirty joke made,” Alex interrupted, and Finn waggled an eyebrow at him.

“You ever been fucked before?” Finn asked, voice suddenly almost humourless, overshadowed by his clear arousal as he draped Alex’s legs over his thighs.

Alex swallowed as his cock twitched. “Once,” he admitted. “Straight boy. He didn’t love it.”

“And you?” Finn pried, grasping at Alex’s thighs and hauling him bodily closer.

Alex made a startled noise, scrabbling at the sheets. “Liked it,” he said once he was still. “Wasn’t great. Wished it was you.”

Finn made a surprised sound in the back of his throat. Alex saw for a split-second how his whole face had gone sweet and honest with it before Finn leaned down and kissed him.

When he pulled away, Finn let his forehead rest on Alex’s. “You’re sure I won’t hurt you?”

Alex cracked a smile. “No,” he replied, “but I know one way to find out.”

“Oh my god, you’re getting as bad as me,” Finn muttered, so Alex was laughing when he started to push in.

Alex’s laugh dissolved into a moan as he opened up for Finn’s cock, over-sensitized and wanting until Finn was filling him up. “Oh my god,” Alex heard Finn whisper, and then his hips met Alex’s ass with a low groan that could have come from either or both of them.

“Oh, that’s good,” Alex hummed without permission from his brain, and Finn moaned.

“Yeah, fuck, it is,” he gasped. “Can I–”

“Yeah,” Alex agreed, and Finn’s hips started moving, soft, shallow thrusts that dragged deliciously against his hypersensitive skin.

“Fuck,” Finn blurted, “god, Alex, I need–”

“I won’t break,” Alex told him. “At least, I don’t think I will–”

“So I can–”

“Yeah, come on.”

Finn’s next thrust was powerful enough to shove Alex up the bed six inches, and Alex yelped, clapping a hand over his mouth instantly to stifle any more noises as Finn struck up a brutally powerful rhythm that felt so intensely good it was verging on pain. Every thrust was enough to punch the breath out of Alex as Finn bottomed out with each movement.

“Oh, fuck, ‘m not gonna last,” Finn muttered, and Alex let out a breathless laugh.

“Good,” he managed, wrapping one hand gently around his hard cock and threading the other through Finn’s hair, “come for me, come on,” and Finn buried his face in Alex’s neck and obeyed.

Alex came again less than a minute later, and it was good but it almost hurt. When he could breathe again, he pulled the pillow out from under his hips as Finn pulled out and removed the used condom.

“Can you,” Alex murmured, gesturing expansively at the condoms and lube. “I’m sorry, I’d help but I dunno if I can stand.”

Finn stood up from the bed, stretching until his back cracked in three places before stepping out of his boxers and kicking them off somewhere there wasn’t damp clothing already laid out across the floor. “I’ll be right back,” he said, stowing the lube and condoms back under the bed and carrying the spent condom to the bathroom.

Alex was almost asleep when Finn returned, and he let Finn run a warm washcloth over his stomach and ass and thighs, wiping up the mess they’d left, without complaint. Then Finn’s gentle hands vanished again, and Alex dragged the blankets up over himself.

“Hey, shove over,” Finn said, poking at Alex’s shoulder, and Alex grumbled, moving maybe an inch.

“Wet spot,” he explained.

“Right then,” Finn replied, curling up half on top of Alex. “How’s that?”

“Unexpected and awesome,” Alex decided.

Finn snorted. “In a nutshell.”

“We are definitely talking about this in the morning,” Alex declared.

“Yes we are,” Finn agreed.

“We’re not doing the October thing again.”

“What, not talking about it for several months until it blows up in our faces and we end up banging again? Yeah no, I’d rather not.”

And you’re telling me what your plans were.”

“I’ll save it for foreplay, how’s that?”

“So, tomorrow then.”

“Yeah, probably.”

Alex shifted, then groaned. “You’re bottoming, though,” he said.

Finn hummed happily. “Deal.”

“And I may not have use of my legs yet, so you’ll have to ride me.”

Finn poked him in the side. “Lazy.”

Alex yelped. “Shut up and go to sleep,” he retorted, poking Finn back.

You shut up and go to sleep,” Finn countered with another poke.

Alex grabbed Finn’s wrist, shoving it away with a chuckle. “Asshole,” he murmured.

“Actually, that was you this time, alley-cat,” Finn pointed out with a contentedly mischievous smile.

Alex rolled his eyes, fighting a blush. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

“No,” Alex agreed, hand coming to rest in Finn’s hair. “I don’t.”

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