Samuel’s Creature

by Yaso Aki (八十 秋)


“Hey, pretty. Want to go for a ride?”

Samuel pointedly did not look at the man whose all too noticeable yellow eyes were leering at him. Firstly, that had to be the worst pick-up line he’d heard, and second of all the guy looked the type to be riddled with STDs. Not that he’d looked at him. Much. Fishnet tends to attract the eye, that’s all. Samuel walked around him in a wide arc, continuing around the corner towards his apartment.

He felt the man’s arm settle across his shoulders a bare moment before his smirking face took up Samuel’s view. “Don’t be like that, pretty.” Samuel caught a glint of fangs. Just great. One of those freaks who thought they were a vampire or something. He definitely wasn’t having anything to do with the guy now. A lying, diseased, vampire-wannabe; lying because no one on this god’s good earth found someone with skin so Irish it probably could burn under a full moon “pretty”. Not that he wanted to be pretty.

“Look, I don’t have any money.”

“Good, because I’m not looking for any.” The man’s breath was hot on his cheek.

Samuel tried again. “And I don’t do one night stands.”

“What I have in mind would take more than a night, pretty.”

“And I’m not pretty.”

“Of course you are.” The arm slid down to rest around his waist.

Samuel sighed, frustrated. “Look,” he said loudly, “I don’t fuck strangers!” In front of them came a crash as a woman dropped her groceries to cover her daughter’s eyes and ears. She glowered at him like he was the cause of all evil in the world. He blushed as they passed, and rubbed his temple. Why did the vamp-slut have to come after him during the day? It was giving the entire experience a surrealistic feel. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. And a man in fishnet, leather, and fangs was trying to seduce him. And contacts. Those were definitely contacts.

The man laughed, and Samuel felt something warm bubble up his spine. “Well, then, how can I make myself fuckable?”

Whatever nice feeling Samuel was getting vanished. This guy was unreal. “A name would be a good start.”

Samuel got the impression the vamp-slut was amused. “You can call me Keir.”

Oh great. The guy had a fake name too. “Samuel.”

Keir was waiting for him when he got off work. Samuel stepped out of The Main Squeeze, blinking into the sunset, only to find the man in black already beside him and grinning happily. This was no surprise. Keir had been waiting for him every night for the last two weeks.

“You’re stalking me.”


Samuel sighed and slung his backpack over his shoulder. “It’s useless. I’m not going to give in.”

“Why not? You’re into guys, I’m hot and willing,” Keir counted off on his fingers.

“You’re full of yourself, too into LARP,” Samuel continued, counting on his own hand. He couldn’t deny the other two.

Keir looked offended.

“Well, look at you!” Samuel said, waving his arm at him. “You have yellow contacts, fake points on your canines, and I swear to god your ears are a little pointed. I don’t want to know how that was done.”

“They’re not fake.”

“Prove it.”

Keir opened his mouth and closed it. His eyebrows furrowed as if he was contemplating something. “I can’t.” Samuel looked smug. “You’d just claim I didn’t take anything out or tug hard enough.” Samuel frowned. “I don’t think you want to believe that this is how I look.”

“Okay. We’ll step away from the crow contacts and plaster fangs. Your clothes. They’re screaming ‘I belong on a street corner’! Is that shirt even in one piece?”

“Hey, hey. You may like dressing in potato sacks, but some of us have pride and confidence in our looks.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t been issued a cease and desist.” He then muttered under his breath, “T-shirts aren’t potato sacks.”

A dog had started to follow him to work. Sometime between his apartment and the first crosswalk, and never where he was watching from, a shaggy black dog would fall in step behind him. When Samuel got to the juice bar the dog would be gone. No one else seemed to notice the dog, either. When he got off work he’d be followed back to his apartment by the black-haired LARPer in denial. He was sure there was a connection somewhere, and even briefly contemplated the thought that they were one and the same. He blamed that on the pitcher of beer.

“Do you know me well enough yet?”

“Go jerk off in an alley.”

Samuel had held onto the hope that when break was over and uni started again his summer stalkers would leave.

This, of course, didn’t happen.

The dog joined him shortly after he left his apartment and walked with him all the way to campus where it merrily padded around him smelling the new smells of the school. It had disappeared by the time he reached the door of the building where his first class was held.

He resigned himself to his fate and walked up the stairs to the third floor.

Samuel came out of his last class to find Keir leaning against the building smoking lazily. He shoved his poli-lit book into his bag. “Stalker.”

Keir smirked over at him and tapped the ash off the end of his cigarette. “I get bored without you to harass, pretty.”

“Poor thing. It’s amazing you didn’t die of boredom before I came around.”

“It was a close call.” Keir dropped the butt of his cig and ground it with his heel. When he smiled Samuel’s chest fluttered.

It was peaceful. The sunlight filtered through the tree’s leaves was cool and, with the aid of his backpack, the trunk of the tree was comfortable. The grass was itchy, but Samuel wouldn’t complain too much about that.

The dog was resting its head on his thigh. He’d been wary when the dog had approached him instead of merely following him, but after a cursory sniff all the dog did was lie beside him. Samuel scratched behind the dog’s ears. It closed its crow-yellow eyes in pleasure and sighed.

Samuel came home to his apartment to find Keir sitting morosely outside his door, a few empty bottles of Guinness beside him. “What are you doing?”

Keir looked up at him, eyes a bit red. “Waiting for you.”

Samuel’s stomach clenched. “I told you I had a date.” There wasn’t any reason he should be feeling this guilty. Keir didn’t mean it when he flirted. There wasn’t any reason he shouldn’t date.

“I know. How was it?” Keir pulled himself up using the wall and leaned on it giving off the air of a dog who was about to be kicked.

“Awkward. The waiter spilled iced tea down her shirt.”


“I like girls too, you know.”


“You’re a pretty lousy stalker if you didn’t know that.” He unlocked his door and went inside. Samuel looked over his shoulder to find Keir standing just outside the door biting his lip. “Come in already.”

Keir stepped in, closed the door, and leaned against it. He took a drink from the bottle he was still holding and looked around. This was the first time he’d been invited into Samuel’s apartment.

“I hope you weren’t expecting anything glamorous.”

“I like it. Looks comfortable.” Keir walked around the room, setting the Guinness on the kitchen counter, and came to a stop in front of Samuel. He could smell the beer on Keir’s breath. “Just give me a chance. I’m lonely.”


“I would do anything for you.” He leaned close.

“Then be serious for once!” Samuel shouted, frustrated. What was this guy trying to pull? He put his hands on Keir’s chest to push him away only to have it backfire when Keir grabbed his wrists and pulled him closer.

“I am your creature,” Keir breathed.

Samuel squeezed his eyes shut and flinched away from Keir’s looming face and those yellow eyes. “I don’t want you!”

When Samuel opened his eyes Keir was gone.

The dog still followed him to school, but its tail hung low and it no longer danced after the squirrels. As fall approached, its shaggy coat became dirty and matted.

Occasionally Samuel saw a large, black bird watching him. He would have thought it a hawk or eagle if it weren’t so scraggy.

He never saw the dog and the bird at the same time.

No one else saw them at all.

Before he couldn’t get rid of the guy, but now it was as if he’d never been there to begin with. Samuel found himself scanning his surroundings almost constantly for a glimpse of fishnet, leather, or shaggy black hair. After months of being plagued by the man, Samuel found his absence disconcerting. His walks back from uni and work were uncomfortably alone

He sat in The Main Squeeze, his shift long over. It was his turn to lock up, but Samuel felt no desire to leave. He sipped at a tomato smoothie and stared blankly at the back wall. What was the point of going back to his apartment? There was no one there. There was no one waiting to walk him there. And there was no one here. All the places were equally lonely, so why move?

Not very deep down Samuel knew he was being pathetic, but it was his own fault.

Samuel had broken his own heart.

Sometimes Samuel thought he saw Keir’s reflection in a window, but when he turned to look no one was there.

Samuel slid to the floor, back pressed against his door. The echo of its slam rang in his head. In his imagination accusing yellow eyes never stopped staring at him. He pressed his forehead to his knees and covered his ears. “I give up! I can’t take it! I give up!”

A gust of wind, and there was Keir. “I wonder, should I give you a second chance?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it!” Samuel hiccuped and hugged his knees, rocking back into the door.

“I chose you.”

“I’m sorry!”

Keir sighed, and the room seemed lighter. Samuel lifted his head off his knees and looked at Keir for the first time in weeks.

And then he really looked at Keir for the first time ever. “What are you?”

“I am your creature.”

Now everyone could see the black dog, whose shaggy fur was once again sleek and full. They asked Samuel what its name was. He told them the dog’s name was Keir.

It was about then that Samuel realized no one had been able to see Keir in any form. Now when the man walked by, heads turned and watched. Samuel was neither jealous or envious of the attention. He thought, rather, that most were forming the same first opinion that he’d had. It didn’t matter either way.

Keir was his.

Keir’s tongue was hot, and his fingers were even hotter as they danced up his torso. “How did you get me in bed already?”

“Already? It’s the end of October.”

“That’s only a couple weeks since we made up.” Samuel hissed when Keir tongued his nipple.

“But tonight’s special.” Keir grinned up at him through his glittered bangs.

“Oh yes. Because only a freak like you would want our first to be on H-Halloween.” His breath hitched as his back arced off the bed.

Keir’s tongue traveled down to Samuel’s navel. “There’s more to tonight than Halloween.” His hand undid the belt to Samuel’s pirate costume.

“Oh? Oooooh.” Samuel dug his fingers into Keir’s hair, dislodging the cat-ear headband.

“Traditionally, crops weren’t harvested after yesterday.”

“So what?” Samuel groaned. “You’re talking too much.” He hooked his leg over Keir to pull him closer.

“Tonight is when phookas sate their lusts and feast on what’s left from the Harvest.”

“I,” Samuel hissed as Keir dragged his nails up his thigh, “I don’t get where you’re going with this.”

“The harvests don’t end anymore.”

Keir,” he whined.

“That, pretty, just leaves lust.”

Samuel was silent for a moment. “I’m going to hurt tomorrow aren’t I?” He didn’t sound like he minded.

“Let’s hope.” Keir nibbled his way down to Samuel’s thighs. Samuel let out a body-shuddering sigh as his legs were pushed farther apart. Keir smirked. “Ready to go for a ride, pretty?”

Samuel’s body went slack and he gaped at him. “You- You-” He grabbed a pillow and beat Keir with it.

Keir laughed. “Come on,” he picked up his cat-ears from the bed and placed them on Samuel’s head, “pretty kitty.” Samuel let out a long, stuttering sigh. “Don’t be that way,” Keir laughed, and licked Samuel’s chin.

“Oh fine.” Samuel sat up so he could more easily get to Keir’s pants. He undid the belt of his shorts (that were really much too short, and no he didn’t come to that conclusion by staring at Keir’s ass for an hour), and wriggled them down his legs. “God, how did you get these on?”

“Too many questions.” Keir pounced him, grinding their hips together and latching onto Samuel’s neck and sucking languidly.

Samuel kept his mind long enough to fumble at the nightstand and pull out a worn tube of EZGlide. “Here,” he sighed, tilting his head back, and pressed the tube into Keir’s hand.

Very Berry Daiquiri?”

“Shut up and use it.”

Keir lifted himself up again and nudged Samuel’s thighs, which spread apart easily and willingly. He squeezed some of the gel on his fingers. “Hey, this smells pretty good.”

“Doesn’t taste too bad either.”

“Oh?” Keir touched his tongue to the gel. “Huh” He lowered his fingers and traced a zig-zaggy path across Samuel’s ass to his hole. He moved and leaned down to lick the trail clean.

“Damn it, Keir!” Samuel squirmed and did his best not to kick him in the head. The licking stopped and a deep, ominous chuckle was the only warning he had before his cock was enveloped in Keir’s mouth. Samuel twisted the sheets with his hands, distantly hearing pops that were either the threads tearing or his spine and it lifted off the bed. Keir made some noise in his throat and it vibrated out to his fingers. “Oh god-”

Between Keir’s teasing fingers and his hot mouth, it was an almost embarrassingly short time before Samuel came. Keir coughed and spluttered and grabbed some of the sheets to spit into. Samuel felt too good to care.

He lifted himself up on his elbow and looked quizzically at Keir, who’d taken to leaning against Samuel’s knee. “Is that it?”

“It’s just started.” Keir smirked.

Samuel nudged Keir with his toe. “Gee. What happened to last night’s energy?”

Keir grumbled, swatted at him, and then pulled his pillow further over his head. “Today’s the traditional phooka day of rest,” came the muffled reply. “So let me rest.”

Samuel reached under the pillow to flick his pointed ear. “If I can’t rest, you can’t rest.”

Keir glared at him. “What’s keeping you from sleeping through the morning like normal people?”

“My ass hurts too much.”

Keir pulled the covers over him completely, but not before Samuel caught the smug look on his face.


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