by hColleen


It was the thrill of not knowing just where, or how, things would end up that kept Justin playing the same dangerous games night after night. He’d been in almost every situation he could think of, and still not been ‘caught’ by those that ‘mattered’ in his mind. The one who ‘mattered’ never looked at him, anyway, so his antics were some poor attempt at displacement. Or at least that’s what the shrink in the county lockup decided for him. He’d tried to shake that off, but something about it made it stick in his head, gnaw at his brain even though he saw the shrink once and had only spent a couple of days in juvy.

His only saving grace was that he was still a minor. That would only help him a month longer, though. Somehow, he always managed leniency, but then, he was rarely caught doing the same thing twice. The judges, his parents, the shrinks all put it down to youthful vigor, except that one who’d said he wanted someone’s attention.

It wasn’t true, he’d wanted to insist, but he was being sullen that night and not talking much. He’d had to fight to keep his head down, but his eyes had widened as he’d stared at his lap. How had the bastard known? It was probably just a shot in the dark. Had to be.

If only it didn’t affect him so much. Why did it affect him?

But the comment brought up the image of the one who haunted him, whose image was in his mind when he woke up suddenly, sweating and breathing hard, his cock aching for release more than it had with any girl.

Like that pompous, prissy, pigheaded asshole would look at him, much less give him the time of day.

Pride, anger and desire were a difficult combination to swallow, though. He was running out of time. In a month, he’d be eighteen; in two months, the school year would be over and they would all scatter to the wind. If he was going to get the attention of the one he wanted, he would have to be more direct.

He skipped classes two days in a row to think about it. He’d skipped more classes than he’d attended and was still passing. A few more wouldn’t matter. He was going to graduate.

Finally, he decided the direct approach would be the best. Or at least the most fitting to the ‘persona’ he’d built up for himself. Or, at least that’s what he told himself, as he worked up the nerve. It was just another stunt to pull off, nothing more. Worst case, he got shot down.

He hated that idea, though. He didn’t know if he’d recover from being shot down. Something about this made it more real than any other prank he’d pulled. Something about this wasn’t a prank.

That thought scared him, almost kept him from doing anything, but not doing anything, not finding out, was worse. To never find out, even if the answer was rejection, was incomprehensible. He had to know the truth.

First period English was the only class they had together. Justin strutted into class and deliberately took David’s seat. The teacher gave him a look that spoke of many layers of disgust and disapproval and an unwillingness to voice any of them.

Maybe it was the long red hair, brushing David’s shoulders when he wore it down, or maybe it was the green eyes that danced with amusement, but there was something about him as he stood in the door, a glare on his face, that just excited Justin more than anything else he knew.

“Get out,” David demanded, not specifying if he meant the seat or the room or something more general.

Justin kept his seat. “Why? I’m sure my lap is more comfortable,” he said, patting his legs. “Give it a try.”

“I’m sure your seat is more comfortable, give it a try,” David mocked, still glaring at Justin from the doorway.

Justin lifted his chin defiantly. “You try this and if you don’t like it, I’ll move, your highness,” he quipped.

Interest flickered through the glare. “Fine,” David said, moving over to sit on Justin’s lap. He sat as near normal in his seat as possible, his hips pressed up against Justin’s stomach, his ass right over Justin’s crotch. He set his book open on the desk in front of him and proceeded to pretend the situation was completely normal while working on the final bits of his homework.

Justin had to bite his lip to keep quiet. Though he hadn’t minded making David feel uncomfortable in front of the class, saying anything would draw attention to a growing problem in the region of his groin. He could feel every movement David made, from leaning forward to look at something in the text book to twisting to the side to remove something from his book bag.

“David, is there a problem?” the teacher asked from the front of the room.

David paused, glancing over his shoulder, the corner of his mouth turning up and then back at the teacher. “No, no problem, Mr. Frazee. Should there be?” he asked, his voice completely innocent.

Frazee stared at them a moment longer before beginning his lesson. When he turned his back on the class to write something on the board, David slipped a note behind his back. “Make a sound and everyone will know,” it said.

Justin glared at the note, wondering what David was talking about. Yeah, he was hard, but so…

The thought died when David’s hips shifted slightly, deliberately moving to entice the fantasies that woke Justin up in the middle of the night. It was really a subtle movement. All David did was to lean forward slightly while tensing the muscles of his ass. Justin had to bite his lip hard to keep from moaning. What was so different between now and when class had started?

Justin wasn’t sure what it was, but the way David was moving was utterly evil. Yeah, just having David on his lap had made him hard, but this was different. This was as if his dreams were coming true except for the clothing that blocked access and the audience in the room. Right then, Justin didn’t particularly care if the clothing was fully off as long as it was out of the way.

As class progressed, the movements became more rhythmic. Justin had to fight the urge to rock his hips into David’s body. He gasped, which earned him David’s heel digging into his insole even as the redhead continued with those subtle movements.

“Is there a problem?” Mr. Frazee asked sharply from the chalkboard where he’d been elaborating on the meter of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

“Not that I’m aware of,” David replied easily.

Justin didn’t trust his voice enough to say anything.

Frazee’s discussion on the rhyme schemes of the sonnets was accompanied by small movements of a quicker nature and somehow harder as well. Every time Justin thought of making a noise, some part of David’s body, his elbow, his thumb, his back, his heel, even his hip at one point, would dig into Justin’s body, stifling him. The mixture of something so very pleasurable and the spikes of pain was making it impossible for Justin to think. He could feel the sweat standing out against his face and his breathing was becoming progressively more unstable and erratic.

David leaned back, pressing his back into Justin’s face, stretching his arms up over his head as his ass pressed hard into Justin’s groin.

It was the final straw. Justin came in his pants, arching up into David’s body slightly, as much as he could manage with the way David was forcing his body back as he stretched.

Then, the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

Justin froze, uncertain what to do now. He hadn’t planned on anything like this happening. He could feel the cooling come against his skin and knew there was a very good chance it would show through his jeans as well. For once, his prank had gotten out of hand, even for him.

It didn’t help that David laughed as he leaned forward to pack his bag. He turned, shoving a piece of paper down Justin’s shirt. He left the room with a few others, laughing over how ‘stupid’ Justin had been.

Justin was about to get up and leave school for the day when Mr. Frazee glared at him. “Don’t move,” he said, stalking across the room. The few early arrivers and lingerers quickly left the room. No one liked being around Frazee when he used that particular tone of voice, the one that most would reserve for a particularly ill behaved domestic animal that had soiled the carpet.

“What?” Justin growled wanting to leave. He wanted a cigarette and to find out what was on that piece of paper in his shirt.

“I have had enough of your pranks,” Frazee snarled.

Justin said nothing, merely glaring at the teacher that loomed over him.

“Detention, today and for the rest of the week,” Frazee declared. “If you don’t show up, I’ll push for expulsion.”

Justin laughed. “Can’t do. Rules state full day notice. Tomorrow.”

Frazee swelled with indignation. “You will serve detention today,” he bellowed.

From the door, David’s voice intruded in the room. “He is right, Mr. Frazee. The rules do require prior notification.”

“What are you doing?” Frazee snapped.

David smiled at the teacher, entering the room. “I forgot my notebook in my haste to leave,” he said. He bent over near his desk, reaching under the seat to pick up a spiral bound notebook. He turned a glare on Justin. “Honestly,” he said, though there was a slight jerk to his head toward the door, “I don’t appreciate what you did.” He turned and stalked out the door.

Justin left quickly before Frazee had the chance to say anything else. By the time he reached the hall, though, David was completely out of sight. Scowling, Justin went to the bathroom before leaving campus for the day.

Or that had been his intent. In the bathroom, he pulled the note out of his shirt. “Meet me after school in the old breezeway.”

The school had been rebuilt over a decade before Justin started there. The old breezeway was part of the original set of buildings that were now used for elective classes such as art and metal shop. It connected the old building to the old gym, which was mostly unused now except for wresting and standardized testing. Why the buildings were still there, no one really understood. The old breezeway had become a hang out for stoners, mostly. Why David wanted to meet there, Justin didn’t understand.

Rather than going home after he cleaned himself up, Justin went to the old gym and climbed onto the roof. He smoked the cigarette he’d been craving while he read over the note a few more times. Nothing more came to light, though. He scowled, turning on his side and deciding a nap would be a good use of his time.

“You’re not where I said to be,” David’s voice came incongruously with the rather erotic images in Justin’s head.

“You’re early,” Justin bitched, rolling onto his back. The sun was right above him so he raised his arm to block it. “It’s only lunch,” he added.

“I don’t have any more classes today,” David said, shifting to where the sun was behind him.

Justin frowned at the shadow, unable to see David’s features. “Lucky you,” he said sarcastically.

David shrugged. “So, what were you dreaming about?” he asked, pointing to Justin’s groin. “And, if you dare to say something like ‘morning wood,’ I’ll have you know I heard you moaning. It’s how I knew you were up here.”

“Liar,” Justin snarled, color flooding his face.

David dropped to his knees, his hips coming to rest over Justin’s, rocking just slightly. When Justin moaned, David chuckled. “That was the sound I heard.” He leaned forward, his hair falling over his shoulders as one hand came to rest by Justin’s head. His other hand caressed Justin’s chest. “I’ll make you a deal,” he said, his voice almost a purr.

“What makes you think I wanna deal with you,” Justin tried to snarl, but even to his own ears, his voice was breathless.

David leaned closer, a triumphant smile curving his lips. “Call it a hunch,” he said, rocking his hips slightly. “Here’s the deal,” he said, tilting his head slightly as he spoke. “Fly right for a month and I’ll give you the best birthday gift ever,” he said, his voice dripping with sensuality. “That means no skipping classes to sleep up here, no taunting me, going to your detentions, no wild parties, nothing that would involve the police. You’re going to be a very good boy for a month,” he said, leaning closer so that he could whisper in Justin’s ear. “Do we have a deal?” he asked, rocking his hips again.

Justin finally managed to move his hand to David’s hip. “Let’s make something clear,” he said. “Just what do you mean by the ‘best birthday gift ever’?” he asked. “And, how do you know when my birthday is? And, you’re hard,” he pointed out, rocking his hips into David’s.

“I didn’t try to deny it,” David pointed out. He shifted so that he was lying on top of Justin. “My dreams have involved a certain brown-eyed troublemaker and making him writhe and beg for me,” he said, his mouth tantalizingly close to Justin’s. “I want to know everything about him. Where he likes to be touched, what sounds he makes, if he has any birthmarks, everything. But that troublemaker has a reputation of fucking everything with ovaries that would let him.”

“Always with a condom,” Justin protested at the disapproval in David’s voice.

David smirked. “That’s good to know,” he said. “But, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re straight, more or less.”

“I don’t give a fuck about if you’re a guy or girl.”

David pushed himself up a little. “Oh? Have you been with a guy?”

Justin blushed. “No. You’re the only one I like,” he mumbled almost incoherently. “I…watched porn,” he admitted, somehow sounding as if he were confessing to stealing cookies before dinner. “I…dream about you and I ended up harder than I’ve ever been,” he continued in the same voice.

“So, what do you think about more,” David said, leaning close enough to Justin that his breath brushed against Justin’s lips, “sliding your dick into my ass or wrapping your lips around my cock?” He licked his lips, the tip of his tongue touching Justin’s lips. “Or do you want my cock up your ass and your dick in my mouth?”

Justin whimpered as images filled his head and his body ached for sensations to match those images. The brush of David’s tongue against his lips had him lifting his head for more, but David kept the distance between them the same. “Yes,” he moaned. He then blinked. “You’re gay?” he asked, his voice harsh with lust and surprise.

“Very,” David replied laughing. “Don’t get me wrong. Girls are great for company, but when I want to fuck, I want another dick.”

Justin remembered he had hands and began using them to caress David’s ass. “I didn’t expect you to be…this way,” he said, his voice laced with approval and lust.

“Which way?” David asked, letting his hips move, rocking lightly against Justin.

Justin thought a moment. “I expected you to be a prude or something,” he said. “You’re such a suck up in school and everything.”

David chuckled. “You haven’t seen me suck up yet,” he purred, brushing his lips lightly over Justin’s, not quite a kiss.

Justin again tried to lean up into that contact, tried to prolong it. “I’d like to,” he groaned when David moved back. “But, I’m getting the feeling you’re all talk.”

“All talk?” David asked, his tone playfully offended.

“You keep teasing me, but you haven’t delivered.” Justin used his hands to encourage David to rock a little harder against him. “All talk. How do I know what you’re offering is worth the effort I’m going to have to put into it?”

David looked at Justin a long moment. “You’re right,” he said then bent and kissed Justin fully. He slipped his tongue past his lips, teasing Justin’s to see if the brown-eyed boy would let him in.

Justin was more than willing to let David in. He greeted David’s tongue, welcomed it into his mouth with his own tongue, sliding along the underside of David’s. His hands massaged David’s ass as their hips moved in a slow rhythm that was more a prelude or introduction than seeking fulfillment.

There was something incredibly erotic about that kiss, something he’d never found with a woman. A firmness, decisiveness. He would have called it desire if he’d been in an actual frame of mind to figure out just what it was. David knew just what he wanted out of that kiss and was intent on making Justin want that, too.

The only thing that made Justin aware of the distant warning bell was that David pulled back from their kiss. “Hey,” he protested.

“Do we have a deal?” David asked, leaning back so he was sitting over Justin’s hips.

“I have to wait a whole month for more?” Justin whined.

“Oh, I’ll kiss you,” David laughed. “Every day that you’re good, at lunch, we’ll meet up here,” he promised. “But, a whole month before you get more.”

Feeling either very brave or very horny, Justin slid a hand around to David’s erection and caressed it through his pants. “That’s all?” he pouted.

“Until your birthday,” David said, his voice hard even as his hips rolled into Justin’s hand. “Do we have a deal?” he asked harshly, pulling Justin’s hand away.

“Yes,” Justin whimpered.

David stood up. “Then go to class. I’ll see you tomorrow and I’ll know if you obeyed.” He walked to the edge of the roof where an improvised and unstable collection of rubble and trash containers created something like a ramp up to the roof. “If you hurry, you’ll have time to take care of that before class,” he said, gesturing to Justin’s erection before he turned to go over the edge of the roof.

Justin snarled, unsatisfied with the answer, and yet looking forward more than ever to his birthday. He willed his erection away by thinking of Frazee in a Speedo. That was actually bad enough to make him want to be sick.

He made it to his after lunch class just as the final bell was ringing and took his seat in the back corner. Though, instead of leaning back and continuing his nap, the way he usually did when going to this history class, he actually stayed awake. Paying attention was debatable as he couldn’t keep his mind focused on class. His mind wandered back to the deal he’d made and the promises he’d been made. If he went to class, played the ‘good kid’ for a month, he’d have guaranteed make-out sessions like they’d just had.

David had been thinking of him. That thought was intoxicating. Almost as intoxicating as their kiss had been. More, if they’d done more, Justin decided.

While he managed to keep his body under control the rest of the day, his mind was outside his control. It returned to the roof top, anticipated his birthday and the days between.

“Man, you sick?” Bryan asked as he saw Justin passing by the front gate. Bryan was unfortunately tall and carrot-topped, one of Justin’s partners in crime. He’d been hit early and hard by puberty, but now that they were approaching graduation, he didn’t stand out as much as he had in junior high.

“Yeah, sick in the head,” Justin muttered. “Going home.” He wanted to let his fantasies loose and spend the night locked in his room with porn and little else.

“We got that thing tonight,’ Bryan insisted.

“I got more important things to do,” Justin snapped.

Bryan snorted. He didn’t know what could be more important than finding new ways to not get caught causing trouble and getting laid after. But Justin was out of earshot before he could say so. He shrugged and continued on with his plans for the night, not bothering to think of his friend until he heard of the English period antics. It was a joke around the burning oil can of trash they’d gathered around in an empty lot.

“He’s gone gay,” one of the girls declared, her voice slurred with alcohol. “Went and had that suck up David sit on his lap the whole class. Frazee blew a gasket, too.”

“The shit you say?” Bryan demanded, only slightly less inebriated.

The girl raised her beer bottle. “God’s truth,” she declared. “I was behind them. David sat there like nothing was goin’ on. Justin…not sure. He mighta been bored or he mighta been all hot and bothered.”

“He’s such a perv, he was probably usin’ good ol’ Davie’s ass to get off,” one of the other girls laughed.

Bryan scowled darkly. “Shaddup. You’ve all slept with him,” he snarled.

“Haven’t you?” someone asked from the crowd drawing raucous laughter from everyone.

“Like fuck I haven’t,” Bryan declared. “Justin ain’t that way and I ain’t neither. Anyone who wants ta say somethin’ differen’ can talk to my fist,” he said, brandishing his fist.

Laughter continued, but the general topic of discussion changed. Slowly, the crowd dissolved, leaving mostly in pairs. Bryan left with the girl he was seeing at the moment. He fucked her against the side of his truck before driving her home. That night, his dreams featured his best friend trying to get him to fuck him. He woke up in a cold sweat, breathing hard. He couldn’t remember a worse nightmare.

The next day, while Bryan sought ways to scrub his dreams from his mind, Justin was in his first class, just barely on time, but there. He yawned most of class, unused to being awake so early two days in a row. Frazee’s glare from the front of the class was a blend of disgust and triumph.

David paid no attention to Justin beyond glancing at him when he entered the room.

As the class wore on, Frazee’s expression when he looked at Justin changed from triumphant to irritated. He glanced at the door as if expecting someone several times during class.

As soon as the bell rang, Justin was out of the class. He heard Frazee yell after him, but he was out of sight before the teacher reached the doorway. He went to his locker, down the next hall. He was surprised to see David walking away from it. Curiosity impelled him to fight with the lock until he finally remembered the combination. Inside the mostly empty locker, he saw a note.

“He’s up to something. Call if you need me. See you at lunch.” Underneath was a phone number.

The warning bell and the promise from David made Justin run to class rather than program the number in his phone. The paper, though, was shoved into his pocket. He went through the rest of the morning, caressing the paper whenever his hand was in his pocket.

During fourth period art, just before lunch, an office runner came into the class and said a few words to the teacher. The teacher frowned and then walked over to Justin while the aid waited. “You’re wanted in the office,” he said.

Justin frowned, but got up with a shrug. “Fine,” he said. He slouched out of the door and headed to the office, noticing the aid was on his heels. “I’m going,” he snarled.

“I gotta head back,” the aid snapped back.

Justin glared and then took a corner that lead down the long way to the office. He relaxed a little when he wasn’t followed. He took his phone and David’s number out of his pocket and programmed it in. He sent a text message saying he’d been called to the office and might be late to lunch. A second message followed saying he hadn’t done anything he could think of.

By the time he was finished with both messages, he was almost to the office. He shoved his phone and the note back in his pocket, leaving his hand in it, before pushing open the door.

Mr. Jones, the principal, was in the front office. When Justin entered, he gestured to him. “Let’s go,” he said, pointing to a conference room.

Justin scowled and followed. Inside the conference room, he took a seat without waiting for an invitation.

“So, you decided to grace us with your presence,” Mr. Jones said, taking the seat at the head of the table, behind a stack of papers.

“It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse,” Justin said, looking at the corner of the wall over Jones’s shoulder.

“It’s a pity you don’t feel that way about detention,” the principal said, flicking the papers out before them so he could see them all. “Seven in the past three weeks, none attended.”

Justin straightened in his seat, looking at Jones, surprise on his face. “What? I have detention today. I didn’t have any others.”

Mr. Jones put his hand on the papers before him and turned them so Justin could read them. “That’s not what these say,” he pointed out.

There were seven slips, all from Frazee, all from dates he didn’t attend class. “He never gave these to me,” he protested.

“They’re signed,” Jones said.

“The fuck!” Justin snarled and then looked at the pages again. “I didn’t sign them,” he protested, looking back at Mr. Jones. “I wasn’t even in class. How the fuck could I cheat if I wasn’t there?” he demanded, drawing one of the pages out.

“I’ll ask you to mind your language,” Mr. Jones said sharply.

Justin bit back the retort that sprang easily to his mind. “He gave me detention yesterday. Said he wanted me to serve it yesterday. Rules state he has to give me a day notice, which means he could only give me detention today, not yesterday,” he explained, struggling to keep his voice and vocabulary under control.

Mr. Jones looked at him hard. “Why did you get detention yesterday?” he demanded.

Justin was a little surprised that Jones hadn’t told him not to quote rules at him. “I sat in David’s seat and wouldn’t get up. David sat in my lap through class. Frazee told me I had detention.”

Mr. Jones’s frown deepened. “And? What else did you do?” he demanded.

“That’s it,” Justin insisted.

“Then why is the detention slip for lewd behavior?” Jones asked, though something was beginning to work in his mind, evidence of it in his eyes. “And, do you have witnesses?”

“The class?” Justin suggested. “Or ask David. It’s not like he has anything to gain by supporting my story.”

“Mind your attitude,” Jones said, though it seemed more automatic. He stood up and started out the door. He stopped when he had it open. “I was just going to call for you,” he said to someone and then opened the door wider, stepping in the room. He turned to Justin. “You will remain silent until I ask you to speak or I will not continue this investigation,” he ordered.

Justin had to bite his tongue to keep from retorting. He kept biting it when David walked in. He couldn’t quite read the expression on his face, but felt a measure of relief.

“You wanted to see me?” David asked, taking a seat a chair over from Justin.

“I want you to tell me what happened in Mr. Frazee’s class yesterday,” Mr. Jones said.

David frowned slightly, but did as he was asked. “Justin was in my seat when I arrived and refused to leave it. I was taught that the best way to deal with a bully is to turn their game on them, so I sat in his lap through class, ignoring him. I left class and then realized I’d forgotten my notebook and came back to hear Mr. Frazee tell Justin that he had detention that same day and when Justin protested that the rules state that wasn’t allowed, Mr. Frazee said he’d see that Justin was expelled.”

Mr. Jones frowned. “I see. And, to your knowledge, has Mr. Frazee given Justin detention before?”

David shrugged. “Justin’s not in class that often. Frankly, I was surprise he was there two days in a row this week,” he added dryly. He shrugged again. “He’s usually only there for tests and when assignments are due.”

“I see,” Mr. Jones said dryly. “You two are friends?” he asked.

David laughed. “No. I just pay attention. I could tell you some about the habits of everyone in the class.” He shrugged. “I want to be a writer or a psychologist, so I observe people.”

Mr. Jones grunted and dismissed David. When the redhead was gone, he turned to Justin. “How are you doing in Mr. Frazee’s class?” he asked.

“Getting a C. Pass all the tests and he can’t accuse me of cheating on them. Lose points for not going to class,” Justin said shortly.

“Why did you say he can’t accuse you of cheating?” Mr. Jones asked.

“He tried to, but every one around me gets lower grades than I do and he searched me for cheat sheets.” Justin shrugged. “My grades are fine and he doesn’t like it. I don’t have to cheat.”

“I see,” Mr. Jones said, regathering the pieces of paper on the table. “Very well. Attend the rest of your classes and detention today. I need to investigate this situation more before I can render a verdict. However, if you cut classes or detention, I will have my decision made for me,” he said, narrowing his eyes at Justin.

Justin snorted and stood. “I’m trying a new trick. Wanna see how it works out,” he said before giving Jones a flippant salute and leaving.

He was in the hall when his phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out. A text message from David made him smile. “Roof” was the only word in the message. Since there was only a few minutes until the bell, Justin went directly to the roof rather than to his class for the last minutes of class.

“You rang?” he asked of David when he reached the roof. The way the other boy was sitting was rather interesting. David has his knees up, spread wide, leaning back on his hands, his head tilted to one side.

“Get over here,” the redhead ordered.

Justin swaggered across the roof until he was standing between David’s feet. “Yes?” he asked again, enjoying the sight of David as the boy squinted up at him.

“So, Frazee’s trying to follow through on his threat? And sit down.”

Justin snorted. “Yeah, seems like. Jones showed me seven detention slips that I’d supposedly signed,” he said as he knelt between David’s legs. “Said he was going to investigate and if I don’t go to class or the detention I’ve been assigned, he’ll expel me.”

David reached up and caressed Justin’s cheek. “I was worried when you texted me,” he murmured.

Justin leaned forward, his hands coming to rest next to David’s hips. “I promised. I keep my word.”

David tilted his head, his thumb brushing against Justin’s cheek. “Why me?” he asked gently.

Justin shrugged. “I don’t know. Something about you just…drew me.” He leaned in and kissed David.

David only allowed a brief kiss. “It doesn’t bother you that I’m a guy?”

“We’ve established that it doesn’t,” Justin said, trying to lean in for another kiss. When David evaded his efforts, he relaxed back onto his heels. “I thought it was weird at first, yes. But, the dreams didn’t go away and watching gay porn didn’t revolt me,” he said. He hesitated before adding, “I liked kissing you more than the girls I’ve fucked.”

David made a face. “So charming,” he said with a ripple of laughter in his voice. “You caught my eye when Frazee tried to say you were cheating,” he continued, his voice sobering. “I found out what I could about you. I started to like you,” he admitted, color touching his cheeks. “Do you know why I’m making you wait?” he asked.

Justin shrugged. “You don’t wanna do jailbait?” he suggested.

Laughing, David shook his head. “No, I want to keep you,” he said, leaning forward to kiss Justin. In that kiss, he let Justin know just what he meant by ‘keep,’ a possession that would last longer than a one night stand. “I want you to be serious about me,” he whispered when he pulled back.

“I can deal with that,” Justin panted. “But, why me?” he asked.

“I like your attitude, your boldness, your strength,” David said, brushing his lips against Justin’s with each adjective. “I want to get to know you better, to spend as long as possible with you.”

Justin pulled back a little. “You sound serious,” he said. “Like this is more than just…” his voice trailed off, not sure what it was more than.

David’s lips quirked up in a fleeting smile. “It’s Tuesday,” he said. “Friday, let’s go out for dinner.”

“A date?” Justin asked, raising an eyebrow. When David nodded, he thought a moment. “Okay. But—”

“You’re not getting sex until I decide to give it to you,” David said, cutting Justin off. “It may take a month for me to decide. You already promised to go to classes that long,” he reminded the brown-haired boy. After a quick kiss to soften the reminder, he added, “And, since I asked, I’ll pay.”

“I still get to see you at lunch, don’t I?” Justin asked, a pout pulling at his lips.

David answered by drawing Justin in for a kiss, pulling him down until they were lying on the roof. The fingers of one hand slid into Justin’s hair, the other arm wrapping around Justin’s waist. His tongue slid into Justin’s mouth and the kiss became a full-body writhing to extract as much pleasure as possible in the time before the warning bell rang.

“Tomorrow,” David panted, pushing slightly at Justin.

“Definitely,” Justin gasped back. “Class and then here,” he added, leaning down for one more quick kiss before pushing himself up.

The look on Mr. Frazee’s face when Justin staggered into class half-asleep was of shock and a hope of triumph. “What are you doing here?” he demanded, stalking across the room to stand in front of Justin’s desk.

“Attending class,” Justin said then yawned. “Like I was told to.”

“Told to?” Frazee echoed. “By whom?”

“Jones said to attend class until he talked to me again,” Justin muttered.

Frazee’s expression was black. “Mr. Jones,” he corrected sharply before turning and stalking to the front of the class. When class started, he had everyone clear their desks save for a piece of paper and spent the rest of the class firing off questions in a pop-quiz.

When he could, Justin looked over at David, admiring the way the redhead’s neck looked with his hair pulled up into a ponytail. He wondered if he’d be allowed to kiss that neck, to trace that line with his lips. He turned his eyes sharply back to his own paper to keep his body under control, not wanting to give Frazee any more ammo to use against him.

The bell rang while Frazee was in the middle of a question. The class stirred restlessly and looked at him. “Get out,” he snarled.

David rose, a few with him, and placed the quiz in the basket usually used to collect their assignments. “I hope you feel better soon,” he said before picking up his bag and leaving.

The rest of the class followed suit, muttering with varying degrees of good will and clarity. Once outside the door, complaints about the class began at full volume. A couple of students asked Justin why Frazee had asked him why he was there. Justin shrugged and speculated it was because Frazee hadn’t gotten laid recently. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he extracted himself from the laughing group.

“Proud of you. See you at lunch,” was the message David sent him.

Justin smiled and replied, “Made promise. Looking forward to it.” After that message was sent, he sent another. “You look hot with hair up. Want to kiss your neck.”

“Sweet words,” was the reply just as the bell rang for the next class.

During third period, Justin was again called to the office. He was surprised to see David there. “Hey,” he greeted the other boy.

David only had a chance to smile at him before Mr. Jones called them both into the conference room. Mr. Frazee was already there, glowering at both of them.

Mr. Jones took his seat at the head of the table, his expression carefully neutral. “Mr. Frazee has some serious accusations,” he said blandly. When neither boy said anything, he continued. “He has stated that he believes the two of you cheated on the test this morning.”

Before Justin could sputter in outrage, David was laughing. “Mr. Jones, Justin sits three rows behind me and two seats over. That’s just impractical as well as absurd. And, I cover my test sheets as I take them. Old habit from being cheated off of in junior high.”

“You cover your sheet?” Mr. Jones asked. He turned to Justin. “Were you aware of this?”

Justin shrugged. “Can’t see his desk. I dunno what he does or doesn’t do.” He shrugged again. “I looked at him since he looks like a girl with his hair up and Frazee was snapping out questions before I could say anything to him.”

“And why would you want to say something to him?” Mr. Jones asked, his voice still carefully neutral, though his eyes were more on Mr. Frazee than on Justin.

“He makes a good target,” Justin muttered. “Why else?” He was sure he was going to end up having to explain this at lunch, but he hoped David understood that he needed to keep up appearances.

“They’re fucking,” Mr. Frazee snarled.

“I’d ask you to watch your language,” Mr. Jones said sharply. He turned to the boys. “Are you two dating?” he asked.

“No, nor are we engaged in gross physical conduct,” David replied. “And, I don’t see how that’s relevant to the issue at hand.”

Mr. Jones turned to Mr. Frazee. “Is there a point to this or is it that you are out to get one or the other of them?” he asked sharply. “I had already told you there were no grounds to suspend or expel Justin provided he attend his detention as assigned. He was there yesterday. Retaliation will not be allowed, either.” He turned back to the boys. “Return to class. I do apologize for disrupting your day. I do not want to see either of you for the rest of the year.”

“Yes, sir,” both boys said quickly, rising and leaving the room.

“See you at lunch,” David whispered as they were leaving the office. “We’ll talk then.”

Before Justin could say anything, David was out of ear shot. He returned to class and went to his art class. He was up on the roof of the old building before the bell finished ringing, having been dismissed early since he’d finished the assignment.

Justin sat on the roof, his knees up, watching for David’s arrival. He couldn’t stop the smile that curved his lips when he saw the red hair show over the edge of the roof. When David’s face appeared, his smile became a grin. He thrilled when David smiled at him. “Heya, sexy,” he called.

“Hey yourself,” David said, crossing the roof. He looked at Justin a moment then moved so that he was sitting between Justin’s legs, his back to the brunet’s chest. He reached for Justin’s arms and wrapped them around himself. “I recall a promise,” he said, stretching his neck a little. “I demand fulfillment on it before we talk.”

“As you wish,” Justin said, tightening his arms around David and bending to taste the skin just below David’s hairline. “I didn’t mean it when I said you looked like a girl. But, I didn’t want to say you looked hot in front of them,” he murmured, his lips moving behind David’s ear.

“I said promise before talking,” David’s voice was sharp, tempered by the warmth of pleasure in it. He moaned as Justin became more serious in exploring his neck. He reached up to caress the brunet’s cheek, the other hand keeping Justin’s hands above his waist. When that became more of a struggle than he wanted to put up, he turned slightly, moving his neck away from Justin’s lips. “Talk now,” he panted.

“Don’ wanna now,” Justin pouted.

David laughed breathlessly. “Neither do I, but it’s better that we do.” He leaned his head on Justin’s shoulder. “I don’t mind if you don’t want them to know. It’s not like they need to know. I am of the opinion it’s no one’s business whom I decide I want to be with.”

Justin thought a moment. “I can’t remember ever hearing you go out with anyone,” he said.

“I’ve dated a lot, I just don’t advertise it and the people I date don’t see the need to either.” He nuzzled into Justin’s shoulder, turning his head up a little to place a light kiss on Justin’s neck.

“You totally gay or bi?” Justin asked, a shiver coursing through his body at the light touch.

“Yes,” David purred, kissing Justin again. At the growl he could feel starting in Justin’s chest, he chuckled. “I’m bi, but mostly I’ve dated guys. Like I said, I prefer having another dick around when I have sex. You, however, I’ve been watching longer than most.”

“Why?” Justin demanded.

David was quite a long moment, watching the sky as he leaned against Justin. “Because, I’m more serious about you,” he finally said, his voice soft, almost distant. He closed his eyes when Justin stilled. He didn’t want to see when he was pushed away.

“What do you mean by that?” Justin asked, his voice careful. “Fuck,” he swore when the warning bell sounded. “Tell me,” he pressed.

“Tomorrow at lunch,” David promised. “I want to be able to explain it and answer your questions.”

“Tonight,” Justin pushed.

“I can’t tonight. I have to go somewhere.” He moved so he was looking into Justin’s eyes, his hands on Justin’s shoulders. “It’s not that I don’t want to explain, it’s that now isn’t the time.”

With an exasperated sigh, Justin said, “Fine. Tomorrow. Don’t try to get out of it.”

David shook his head and said, “I won’t.” He started to push himself to his feet but Justin held his hands.

“One more kiss?” Justin pleaded.

David smiled, relief in his eyes. “One more,” he agreed, leaning in for that kiss. Though he had intended to keep it short, he lingered over it. “Tomorrow,” he whispered, pulling himself reluctantly away.

Justin nodded and pushed himself up. “Tomorrow, and you better explain,” he growled, heading to the edge of the roof.

“I will,” David promised again. He lingered on the roof until he saw Justin enter the building. He looked up to the sky and sighed. “Well, maybe I didn’t screw up,” he said, closing his eyes a moment before leaving the roof as well.

The next day in class, David was in his seat when Justin arrived. He watched the boy stagger in and collapse in his seat. He shammed looking at his book, watching as Justin looked at him then smiled. He turned the page to mask his own smile. He schooled his face into a carefully neutral expression as class began, keeping that mask on while Frazee barraged him and Justin with several questions.

One of the other students, Barbara, interrupted the questions. “Mr. Frazee, this is looking a lot like you’re harassing them for no good reason,” she said.

Mr. Frazee stopped and looked at her. His mouth worked silently a moment and he began spreading out the rapid-fire questions.

As soon as the bell rang, the class was heading out the door even though Frazee was still asking questions. No one wanted to wait around to hear the end of it. David filed out with the rest, casting a quick glance over his shoulder at both Justin and Frazee. The teacher was stalking across the room while Justin was joining the flow of students to the door. David suppressed a smirk when Barbara intercepted the teacher and began demanding to know why they’d been so unfairly questioned. David was out of sight and earshot of the class before she finished her first question.

Just before he entered his second class, his phone vibrated in his pocket, letting him know he had a message. He opened it and couldn’t help but smile. “You’re rather addictive,” read the message from Justin.

“Not bad yourself. See you at lunch,” he sent back.

After the assault in English, it was restful to listen to a lecture on the reproductive system in biology. As there was nothing terribly novel in the material, David let his mind wander, his pen sketching random designs in his notebook.

His third period, a programming class, kept him busy enough, and fourth period calculus was a test. Since it was the class before lunch for most of the students in it, the teacher let them leave early provided they didn’t disturb any of the other classes. David made his way to the old roof and waited for Justin to join him. He lay on the roof, looking up at the sky, just letting his mind wander.

David was aware of Justin reaching the roof, though he continued to stare at the sky. He kept his eyes skyward until Justin lay down half on him. He smiled then, and turned to look into brown eyes. “Hey,” he said, letting his arms go around the other boy.

“Hey,” Justin replied, leaning down for a kiss. “You let anyone come up to you like that?” he asked.

David smiled again, shaking his head. “I knew it was you.”

Justin leaned down and kissed along David’s jaw. “Anyone could come up here,” he pointed out.

“But, usually, no one does,” David replied, lifting his chin. He brought one hand up to tangle in Justin’s hair, encouraging him to continue.

“What were you going to tell me yesterday?” Justin asked, his lips brushing against David’s neck as he spoke.

David rolled his head back, pressing his neck into Justin’s kisses. “Couple of things. More serious about you than any before, have college classes after lunch, other stuff,” he said vaguely.

“You’ve gotta string of guys doing this to you, don’t you?” Justin said, though his accusation lost something as he was still kissing David’s neck.

David chuckled. “Yes, I’m a predator with a string of lovers at various stages of seduction,” he said, a groan in his voice as Justin found a particularly sensitive area of his neck.

“I knew it,” Justin growled, exploiting that spot that made David moan. “I’m gonna be the last one you need,” he said, his lips sliding up David’s neck.

“Really?” David asked just before Justin claimed his lips. The next part of their conversation was lips and tongues sliding together. It surprised him that Justin would make such a claim so early in their relationship, but it was also gratifying. It was a long time before he could follow up with, “Why do you say that?”

While David watched, cockiness flickered through Justin’s expression, replaced with something almost tender. “Because I really like you,” he said, color that had nothing to do with arousal touching his cheeks.

David blinked then smiled. “Really?” he asked, his voice soft though it rippled with amusement. “I am glad, but there’s still a lot to learn,” he murmured, bringing up a hand to caress Justin’s cheek. “While I do thoroughly enjoy this type of conversation, there are other things to discuss. That is what Friday is for.” He couldn’t withhold the groan of irritation when the warning bell sounded.

“Do we have to wait until Friday?” Justin pressed. “Tonight…?”

David shook his head, his eyes carrying some sorrow. “Friday.”

Justin sighed. “Fine,” he grumbled. “What time Friday?”

“Right after school,” David said, a hungry smile curving his lips.

Justin chuckled. “And you think you’re going to make me wait until my birthday when you want in my pants as bad as I want in yours?” he teased, leaning down for another kiss before pushing himself up.

David only laughed. “Go, I’ll see you in the morning.” He watched Justin leave the roof and then stared at the sky. There were things to get taken care of, but he wanted a moment to linger in the feel of how much Justin wanted him already.

Justin walked to class, a bounce in his step.

“You going tonight?” Bryan asked from behind him as he was heading to detention.

Turning, Justin shoved his hands in his pockets. “Can’t. Got shit to do again.”

“What is your problem, man?” Bryan asked. “You haven’t done nothin’ with us all fucking week.”

“Maybe I’m tired of just getting drunk and fucking some chick because I can,” Justin shot back.

“So, what, you fucking some nerd now?” Bryan demanded, his fists curling at his sides.

Justin glared at Bryan. “Where the fuck did that come from?”

“I heard about you and that David fucking each other in class,” Bryan shot back.

“You’re fucking mental, is what you heard!” Justin couldn’t stop the color rising to his cheeks, but was pretty sure his friend would take it as anger.

Bryan raised both fists. “You wanna say that again?” he demanded, his voice low.

Justin snorted then leaned closer to Bryan. “You’re fucking mental,” he said, enunciating each word carefully.

Bryan growled and swung at Justin’s head.

Justin ducked easily and then drove his own fist into Bryan’s gut, forcing out the air in his lungs. “You also can’t fight,” he said, gloating. His triumph was cut short as Bryan’s fist found his stomach.

Someone in the gathering crowd yelled out a warning that the teachers were coming. Justin glared at Bryan and started walking away. They’d have to settle this later. A sound of disappointment filled the onlookers as they, too, started to scatter.

The next day at lunch, David was on the roof, waiting for Justin, looking rather unhappy. “I heard you were fighting,” he said when Justin sat with him.

Justin scowled at the ground. “No, we each only got one hit in.”

“I asked you to stay out of trouble,” David sighed.

“Didn’t get caught,” Justin said, sounding like he was pouting.

David reached over and put his hand over Justin’s. “What started it?” he asked, his tone much gentler.

“He was bitching at me because I haven’t been goin’ out to get drunk and fuck and shit.” Justin looked over at David. “I don’t want to, not just ’cause you said to stay out of trouble, but I was really starting to get bored of that shit.” If he thought back, that had started about the same time he noticed David.

Only, David didn’t let his thoughts go that far. He leaned over and kissed Justin, gently at first, just a brush of lips. “I just don’t want you getting hurt,” he whispered. Another teasing kiss. “Or expelled. I’d miss you,” he whispered.

Justin brought his hand up to caress David’s cheek. “I wouldn’t want that,” he whispered before leaning in for a more serious kiss. “I think I love you,” he whispered, pulling away, his face and ears red.

“You…do?” David asked breathlessly.

Justin nodded. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before,” he mumbled. “Do you—?”

Justin’s question was cut off as David kissed him enthusiastically. He pressed the brunet to the ground, moving to cover his body.

Justin groaned under the assault, his hands wrapping around David, wanting to keep him there as long as possible. The bell rang entirely too soon.

David pulled back. “I’ll pick you up after your detention,” he said, his voice breathless.

“Dun wanna go,” Justin complained, trying to pull David back down to him.

“The less ammo you give Frazee, the better,” David countered, pulling back.

“God, what a kill-joy,” Justin grumbled.

David snorted and left the roof, waving over his shoulder at Justin.

Justin considered lingering on the roof, but given that David had known about the thing with Bryan when there hadn’t been that many witnesses, he decided not to ruin his chances and went to class.

On the way, he realized he hadn’t had a cigarette since Monday, nor had he craved one since then, either. Strange, since he usually smoked a pack every couple of days. He shrugged, putting it down to cigarettes not being as addictive as claimed. Adults tended to make shit up, anyways.

After class, just before detention, Bryan caught up with him again. “Look, man, what’s going on?” the tall boy asked.

“I just wanna try something new,” Justin said, shrugging. “Was bored, just drinkin’ and fuckin’. Wanna see how this goes.”

“So, you gonna become some kind of priest?” Bryan demanded.

Justin made a face. “Fuck no. I don’t do kids.”

Bryan made a face. “That shit ain’t what I mean,” he spat out. “You know that!” He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Well, when you get your head out of your ass, let me know.”

“So charming,” Justin said flatly. “An invitation like that, I don’t know how I can refuse.”

“You know what I mean!” Bryan snapped. “Don’t be such an ass about it.”

“Yeah, I know,” Justin muttered. He continued down the hall. “Catch you later,” he said, waving over his shoulder. Maybe the whole drinking and fucking thing would have more appeal if the girls didn’t look like they’d rather be filing their nails, he thought as he walked into the detention room.

Mr. Frazee stood at the front of the class, glaring daggers at Justin as he entered. Justin smiled at the teacher and took a seat. He then sat, staring at the desk, thinking of David, the whole time. As long as he didn’t do anything, Frazee couldn’t say anything about him. The teacher stalked around the room, circling Justin several times, enough for one of the other smart mouths in the room to ask if Frazee was imitating a vulture. Frazee assigned two more days detention for that, but since Justin hadn’t even snickered, he couldn’t do anything to his primary target.

He wasn’t entirely sure what he’d see, but the beat up Mustang wasn’t quite it. The sight of David leaning against the car that was almost as much rust as paint was somehow more erotic than it had a right to be, especially since David was dressed in a soft yellow polo shirt and black slacks that both managed to clash with the blue-green and brown of the car. Justin smiled. “Hey,” he said, the irritation of the day vanishing as he approached.

David smiled back. “Hey yourself,” he said, moving to open the door. “You ready?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Justin laughed. The desire to reach over and kiss David was powerful. “Where we going?” he asked instead to keep his mouth occupied for a moment.

David’s smile was secretive. “You’ll see,” he replied. He went around the front of the car and let himself in the driver’s side.

Justin scrambled in quickly, intrigued and frustrated by the answer. “Tell me,” he begged when the doors were closed and David had the car running.

David reached over once he had the car in gear and rested his hand on Justin’s thigh, his fingers sliding along the inseam. “A little patience and you’ll know,” he promised.

Justin groaned at the small touch, his body beginning to react. “Please, don’t make it too far,” he begged. “Or public,” he added as David’s fingers slid upwards.

“Eager, aren’t you?” David teased, his fingers continuing along Justin’s seam until it met his fly, continuing up to the button before he moved his hand to the steering wheel.

Justin moaned, his hips rolling up to prolong that teasing touch. “Yeah,” he panted, seeing no reason to deny what was rapidly becoming both obvious and demanding. “Tell me you’re not,” he challenged.

David laughed, a throaty sound. “There’s still something we need to discuss first,” he said.

“What?” Justin all but whined.

“Don’t worry,” David reassured Justin. He shifted gears and let his hand rest on Justin’s leg almost modestly. “We’re going to eat. I need to, and it’ll give us time to talk. And, I’m sure you’re hungry, too, missing lunch.” He gave Justin a sly smile.

“Fine,” Justin grumbled, caressing David’s hand on his leg.

David squeezed a little. “Good, I’m glad you understand.”

“Are you still going to make me wait?” Justin asked, keeping the whine out of his voice.

“We’ll see,” David said vaguely, squeezing Justin’s leg before letting go to shift gears to stop.

They drove in silence, David’s hand on Justin’s leg between shifting. Justin was surprised when they turned into a residential area. “We’re going to your place?” he asked.

David looked at him and smiled. “Yeah. Thought it’d be more comfortable.”

Hope flared through Justin’s body and focused in his pants. “More private,” he added, reaching across to David’s lap.

David smiled. “That, too. But there are still things we have to discuss first.”

Justin bit back a groan. He’d rather just get in the house and start kissing, work his way into David’s clothing and see where things went from there.

They pulled into the driveway of a low, one-story house. The garage door rose, though Justin didn’t see David push a button on a remote. He dismissed it, though, as something he’d just missed. The garage itself was very neat, with shelves along the wall directly across from the door laden with neatly labeled boxes and yard tools. Justin tried to remember what the yard looked like and couldn’t conjure it up in his mind. He frowned and looked over his shoulder when he got out of the car, but the garage door was already closed. He didn’t remember hearing the door go down, either.

The thought was gone when David took his hand. “Let’s go inside,” he said, urging Justin away from the car.

“What about your folks?” Justin managed to ask, though all he really wanted to do was follow wherever David led.

“I live alone,” David said. “I also don’t have many people over.”

Several questions flashed through Justin’s mind, but none lingered long enough for him to actually ask. “Thank you,” he said instead, squeezing David’s hand.

They entered the house through a door to one side of the garage that led into the kitchen. David urged Justin toward the table while he went to the refrigerator and pulled out a couple of bottles of soda. He set them on the table and evaded Justin’s attempts to catch his hand again. “Talking first,” he said gently, sitting across the table.

“Okay,” Justin said, opening the bottle carefully. He waited a moment, and when it didn’t seem that David would say anything, asked, “What did you want to talk about?”

David took a swallow of his soda. “I have to tell you something,” he said vaguely. “Something that’s difficult.”

Justin waited, fidgeting with his drink. “What? You got herpes or something?” he asked.

David laughed. “Nothing contagious,” he said, then stared at his drink.

“Then what?” Justin pressed when David was silent again.

“Well,” David mumbled. “This isn’t something I usually tell anyone.” He turned the bottle between his hands. “But, for some reason, I want to tell you.” Again, he broke off, frowning at the bottle.

“You don’t act like it,” Justin pointed out, taking a drink. “You gonna talk or sit there and stammer about how you wanna talk?”

David actually blushed at that. “I’m sorry. Like I said, I haven’t talked about this before.”

“Sorry,” Justin mumbled.

David sighed. “No, it’s okay.” He took a deep breath. “I am an…” he paused, taking another deep breath, “incubus.”

“A what?” Justin asked.

David blinked and then laughed. “Never mind.”

“No, don’t give me that shit. It was a big deal, then why tell me never mind.” He glared at David. “Tell me.”

David sighed. “An incubus is a male demon that is sustained on sexual energy.”

“So, you a demon? Rock on,” Justin said laughing.

David blinked and stared at Justin. “‘Rock on’?” he repeated.

“Yeah. That’s cool,” Justin said.

David blinked again. “You understand I was basically grooming you to become a meal, don’t you?” he said.

Justin considered a moment. “Only one?” he finally said, almost pouting. Before David could say anything else, Justin continued, “If it feels good, I want more,” he said, color touching his cheeks.

David stared at Justin a long moment then laughed. “You do need to eat first, though. Otherwise, I can’t promise anything.” Before Justin could ask, David said, “I feed off your energy. If you don’t eat, it is possible for you to die.”

“Dude, that’s major,” Justin said, paling a little. “So,” he said, trying to sound cocky, “whatcha gonna feed me?”

David rose from his chair and walked around the table. He caressed Justin’s cheek a moment before leaning down and kissing him very gently. Without a word, he went to the refrigerator and began pulling things out, bread, lunch meat, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, jelly. From a cupboard, he drew out peanut butter and chips. He made several sandwiches and brought them over to the table.

Justin laughed. “If I eat all that, I’ll get cramps,” he protested.

David shrugged and grinned at Justin. “Eat what you need. We’ll take the rest in with us. You’ll need more after, too.” He moved to sit across from Justin again.

Justin took a meat sandwich and began eating. He was almost finished with it when he noticed that David wasn’t eating. “Don’t you need to eat?” he asked.

“I will be, in a little bit,” David said, his smile promising enjoyment.

“What’s it like?” Justin asked.

David shrugged. “I’m not sure how to explain. I’ve always been this way.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Justin protested.

“I know, but the answer’s the same. You’ll have to tell me.”

Justin frowned slightly, but silently ate another sandwich and finished his soda. “There,” he said, brushing his hands down his jeans. “I ate.” He smirked. “Should I brush my teeth now? Take a shower? Anything else?”

David raised an eyebrow. “Pick up the plate and follow me,” he said archly. He crossed the room to the refrigerator and pulled out a couple more sodas. He laughed when Justin was right behind him. “You obey very well,” he said through his laughter.

“Does that mean I’ll get what I want?” Justin asked, a glint in his eyes.

“Your answers, your obedience, are what convinced me too change my mind,” David said softly.

A thrill coursed through Justin’s body. He smiled, color touching his cheeks. “Really?” he whispered.

“Really,” David replied, caressing Justin’s cheek before turning and leading him down the hall.

Justin followed closely, his eyes following the line of David’s hair down to his back, to his ass, covered by khaki pants. He watched a moment. “Boxer briefs,” he said suddenly.

David looked over his shoulder and stopped in the middle of the hall. “What?” he asked, bemused.

“That’s what you’re wearing,” Justin said. He looked up at David’s face. “Isn’t it?”

“What makes you say that?” David asked, now amused.

“Well, no lines, too smooth for boxers…” Justin let his words trail off. “I’m really good at telling what a girl’s wearing.”

David laughed and started walking down the hall again. He turned into the last door on the right. Inside was what could best be called a boudoir. The bed, a four-poster constructed of dark wood, was piled high with rich looking fabrics and furs, mounded with pillows. The walls were covered with darkly-patterned wallpaper or fabric. The bedside tables could have been dressers, and the wardrobe in one corner and bureau in the other dwarfed them.

David set the sodas on one of the bedside tables and turned to take the sandwiches from Justin.

“Damn,” Justin muttered, looking around.

“Do you like it?” David asked, wrapping his arms around Justin’s waist.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Justin said, his attention becoming more focused on David now. “But then, I’m used to just fucking wherever.”

David chuckled. “I prefer a little bit of luxury,” he murmured, leaning in to kiss Justin’s cheek.

“I can deal with that,” Justin said, turning to capture David’s lips.

“Good,” David mumbled into the kiss before giving himself to it.

The kiss became a whole-body affair, a slow, sensual dance of hands sliding along clothing, hips moving together, bodies pressing closer. It was a long time before they separated for breath, and in that space, David removed Justin’s tee-shirt.

“No fair,” Justin protested, though it was a weak protest with David’s lips moving to his neck as he spoke.

“Why?” David asked, his lips trailing up to Justin’s ear.

“I didn’t get yours off,” Justin said, somewhere between a pout and a groan.

“Such a pity,” David teased. “You’ll just have to figure it out, won’t you?” he asked before nibbling on Justin’s ear.

Justin’s fingers found the hem of David’s shirt and began pulling it up. “Condoms?” he asked, panting.

“Don’t need them,” David said, his lips caressing Justin’s neck as he spoke. “I can’t catch or carry anything. Survival thing, be bad to pass disease to my food.”

Justin whimpered, his knees going weak as David seemed to find every place on his neck that felt good, not to mention the sliding of his fingers along his back. “I’m more than just food, though,” he whimpered. “Right?”

David hummed in thought. “I do care about your well-being,” he said softly, his lips traveling over Justin’s throat, causing the brunet’s head to tip back. “That is more than I can say for most,” he murmured.

Justin’s hands fisted around David’s shirt, holding onto it for physical and mental balance. He groaned deeply, when David’s teeth brushed against his trachea. “Am I more?” he pressed, though it was obviously an effort to talk.

David continued to the other side of his neck. “Yes,” he whispered, “though, there’s no way you can be the only. You wouldn’t survive.”

Justin groaned, his grip on David’s shirt relaxing a little as he convinced his hands to work again. “As long as I’m more, I can live with that.”

David only chuckled, breaking from his explorations long enough to allow Justin to pull the shirt over his head. He moaned when he wrapped his arms around Justin’s waist, pulling their chests together. “Tonight will be pretty vanilla,” he murmured, his lips brushing against Justin’s. “But, as we find your limits, both physically and mentally, we’ll have more fun, too.”

“More fun?” Justin asked, David so close that their lips brushed as he spoke.

“Oh, yes,” David purred. “I like all kinds of things.” Instead of elaborating, he kissed Justin. It was another slow, sensual dance of a kiss. David worked his hands around to Justin’s fly and worked it open, pleased when the brunet did the same to him. As he pushed down Justin’s jeans, he found thong underwear. “Nice,” he said, caressing Justin’s bare ass, his fingers teasing the edges of the fabric.

“I was right,” Justin gloated lustily, his hands on David’s ass. He shifted enough to look down to see what color they were. “Black? Kinky,” he said, his voice full of approval.

“Better off,” David said, working his hands up and under Justin’s waist band and shoving his underwear down. He stepped away before Justin could return the favor, though. He slid his underwear down and kicked them off, his hands caressing his body while he watched. Green eyes returned to Justin, a challenge in them, a smirk on the kiss-swollen lips below. “Come and get me,” he said, moving backwards until his back was against the post of his bed and he rolled around it before climbing over the foot of his bed. He crawled up, turning to face Justin as he lay in the center of his bed. “If you dare,” he taunted, his hand caressing his stomach, drawing attention to his erection.

Justin wasn’t sure where to look. He looked at the bed, at David’s face, at his own erection, everywhere else but David’s erection. He wanted, very much, but where was he supposed to look? He shoved his pants down, pushing off his shoes and tossed them behind him.

“Look at my dick,” David commanded softly. “Come over the foot of the bed. I want you to really look at it,” he said, turning on his back.

Justin swallowed. He wanted this, he was sure of that. He wanted David more than he’d wanted anyone else. And, it was just a dick. He had his own, as he was reminded staring down at it. Even as nervous as he now was, his erection hadn’t diminished. He walked around to the end of the bed and crawled up, staring hard at David’s knees, fighting the desire to look at his feet and at his erection.

He was startled into looking up when David’s knees separated. He felt his face flush as his eyes brushed past and then returned to David’s cock.

“Come closer,” David invited him. David reached down, holding out both hands for Justin.

Justin took David’s hands and shuffled his way up on his knees. He stopped when David stopped pulling. His knees were about halfway up David’s thighs, he noticed, trying not to look at the thing he very much wanted to look at.

“Now, touch me,” David said, bringing one of his hands to his erection, letting go of Justin’s hand when the backs of his fingers brushed over it.

At first, Justin just ran the backs of his fingers along David’s erection. David’s soft moans encouraged him to become bolder, to touch it with the tips of his fingers and then his palm. He continued touching, not quite wrapping his fingers around, but exploring. It didn’t feel that different from his own, though the angle was different. He rubbed his thumb right under the head of David’s cock.

“So good,” David moaned.

“Really?” Justin asked, the words emboldening him enough to fully wrap his fingers around David’s shaft. He stroked a few times, grinning when David groaned lustily.

“Taste,” David gasped. “Taste it.”

It wasn’t what Justin was expecting to hear. He continued stroking, slowly bending closer. He wanted to know what sounds David would make. He was curious about those, about what it would taste like.

He brought his tongue out and licked just above where his thumb had been so recently. It was a bare touch, but David groaned deeply. Justin tried again, letting his tongue linger longer.

“So good,” David moaned, his fingers coming down to caress Justin’s hair. “More, please,” he whispered.

Justin was more than willing to do more just to hear more of those sounds. He took a deep breath, pausing a moment before lifting David’s shaft and wrapping his lips around the head of David’s shaft. The inarticulate cry of pleasure encouraged him to go lower, to take more in, backing off just as he started to feel like he was going to gag. He went back down, enjoying the sounds that David continued to make.

“Use your tongue,” David panted, after a few strokes, his fingers tightening in Justin’s hair.

A little confused, it took Justin a moment to comply, pressing his tongue against the underside of David’s shaft.

“Yes,” David breathed, a sound of pure ecstasy. “Like that, keep up, like that, explore. So good.”

It was enough to encourage Justin to continue, to push himself onto more explorations, to try and take more in.

David’s fingers moved from his hair down to his shoulders, urging him up. “Come here, or I’ll come in your mouth,” he panted.

Justin groaned around David’s shaft. While he wanted David to come, he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that, yet. He reluctantly let go of David’s shaft, kissing a trail up David’s body. “That’s…it’s more…” he panted.

David drew Justin down, silencing him with a very hungry kiss. When they were both breathless, he drew back. “You’re good,” he purred, “very good for your first time, but this time, I don’t want to come in your mouth, not yet.”

“Where?” Justin panted out.

David smiled, his hand sliding down Justin’s back until it rested on the center of his ass. “Here,” David answered, his voice a purr of suggestion while his hand caressed the crevice between the cheeks.

“How?” While Justin had watched the gay porn, knew that was what would happen, and liked the idea of David being within him, he had trouble getting his finger in his own hole.

“Very carefully, of course,” David murmured, moving to kiss Justin’s neck while his fingers still worked between his ass. When he touched Justin’s opening, he smiled. “First, we have to get you ready.”

David shifted his hand to Justin’s waist, his other hand wrapping around his shoulders, and rolled them both over.

Justin gasped when he looked up at the ceiling. Above the bed, a mirror showed him both of them. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. He finally laughed. “Such a cliché,” he said, pointing to it.

David looked over his shoulder, a lusty smile on his lips, reflected in the mirror. “I like to watch,” he purred. He turned back to Justin. “I’m sure you’ll like it, too,” he added, shifting to kiss Justin’s collarbones. “Watch,” David murmured, his lips brushing against the skin of Justin’s neck. He shifted his hips, raising his ass toward the mirror.

Justin kept his eyes on the mirror, watching David travel down his body. It became more difficult as David’s explorations took him past very sensitive areas. He knew some of them, his nipples, but some were a surprise, like the line of his ribs. He was torn between watching in the mirror, looking down at David, and closing his eyes to enjoy the sensations. He squirmed under David’s touch.

“You act like you haven’t been tasted this way,” David purred, his lips brushing against Justin’s stomach.

“No,” Justin breathed. “The girls I’ve been with are just into fucking,” he panted.

David hummed, moving a little lower. “There’s something to be said about making love,” he said. “Enjoy it,” he whispered as he licked Justin’s navel.

Justin groaned, his hands coming up to tangle in David’s hair. “Definitely,” he breathed. He quivered, shifting on the bed as David’s hands run up his thigh.

“Ticklish?” David teased, looking up at Justin, his hands caressing Justin’s thighs lightly.

Justin squirmed. “No,” he said stubbornly.

“Of course not.” David’s voice rippled with amusement. He shifted down a little. “Here, this’ll help,” he said, his breath over Justin’s erection. Before Justin could ask, David took his shaft in his mouth, licking it, sucking gently.

“Fuck,” Justin gasped, his head going back as his body arched into David’s mouth. His hands fisted in David’s hair as he trembled.

David caressed Justin’s legs more firmly, getting him to relax into the bed again. His mouth continued to suck, to tease Justin’s shaft. Once Justin’s body was relaxed, he picked up a bottle of lube that he’d pulled out from under the pillow when he’d had the chance. He worked it open one handed and slicked some over his fingers.

Justin’s eyes went wide when David pressed a finger into his body. His breath caught in his throat and he wasn’t sure if what he was feeling was good or bad. Everything became more intense when David crooked his finger, touching something inside him. He choked on a scream when David hummed around his shaft, brushing past that spot again.

David kept his rhythm slow, steady, encouraging Justin to rock into it, to thrust into his mouth as he bobbed along Justin’s shaft. He continued to caress Justin’s leg and up to his stomach with his free hand, going slowly to encourage Justin to relax. He even slipped his hand under Justin’s knee and encouraged him to bend them, spreading his legs even more.

Keeping his rhythm steady, David slowly worked a second finger into Justin’s body. He glanced up to watch as much of Justin’s reaction as he could. David thought himself a connoisseur and Justin something exquisite to be enjoyed. He brushed his fingers against that spot, swallowing as Justin’s shaft leaked more precum in response, a prelude, an appetizer for him. The sounds Justin made, half-choked screams, groans, breathless swears, all melded with the sounds of sucking and his own moans to form a symphony. The sight of Justin’s body, flushed and glistening, was a picture too beautiful for any artist to capture. Each reaction, each sound, each taste, inspired David to cause another.

He continued until he could work a third finger into Justin’s body without him seeming to notice. When Justin’s body seemed to be trying to draw his hand in deeper, he released Justin’s shaft. “More?” he asked, kissing his way up Justin’s body, using his free hand to lube his shaft.

“More, fuck, more, more now,” Justin babbled, tossing his head from side to side. He sobbed when David pulled his fingers out.

“Hold behind your knees,” David said, pushing Justin’s legs up. “And watch,” he added, lining his shaft with Justin’s hold and leaning back a little, looking up in the mirror. “Keep your eyes open,” he ordered as he pressed his hips forward. “Watch me fuck you,” he panted as the head of his shaft passed the first ring of muscle. He drew back a little, hooking his hands around Justin’s hip joints.

Justin groaned loudly, his head lolling though his eyes remained on the mirror. The sounds that fell from his mouth were less articulate, gasping starts of words, sounds of pleasure, half-formed screams and whimpers. His body shook, trembling with pleasure and small amounts of pain. His mind was in chaos and all that mattered was that he got more of what David was giving him.

When David’s hips joined his, his eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned deep in his chest. “So good,” he managed to say.

“Very good,” David breathed. His own skin was starting to take on a glow that had little to do with being aroused. He seemed to glow from within, a golden light. “Watch,” he ordered, holding firmly to Justin’s hips as he rocked back and then forward, thrusting hard.

Justin screamed, but managed to keep his eyes open, on the mirror, watching as David’s shaft entered and withdrew from his body in a rapid rhythm punctuated by the slap of skin and David’s grunts. It was too much, wonderfully too much, and yet not quite enough.

“Touch your dick,” David ordered, his voice breathless, each word punctuated by a sharp thrust.

It was everything to Justin to obey and all he could do to obey. He touched his shaft, his fingers wrapping around when David thrust in, and that was all it took. His world exploded in a kaleidoscope of colors and he screamed as he came harder than he ever had in his life.

The colors weren’t entirely in Justin’s mind. The glow under David’s skin filled the room, enveloping both of them, dancing in prismic refractions over the room. It was a very long moment before the lights grew subdued and David was left panting on his knees between Justin’s legs. He was giddy, almost drunk, as he shifted to lie on Justin’s chest. “So very good,” he purred, nuzzling into Justin’s chest. He moved down a little to lick the come off Justin’s body.

Justin groaned, his eyes open, sightless, staring at the mirror above him.

David giggled, nuzzling back into Justin’s chest again. “When you can move, you’ll eat. Then, when you’re all recovered, we’ll do it again, only you’ll fuck me, okay,” he laughed, shifting to look down at Justin. He tilted his head a little. “And, that’s all you’ll be good for,” he pouted softly in a different, sibilant language, as he lay back down on Justin’s chest. But, it would be enough.

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