Private Show

by Auriel Naughtwell


The barker pulled in the crowd. With a flip of his hat, he beckoned forth questioning eyes to view “the greatest show on Earth”. Passersby wandered onto the fairground, dazzled by the talent also roaming around. Women were dazzled by the Tall Man. Children giggled as they were picked up by and dangled from The Strong Arm’s biceps. The barker led transfixed people to the ticket booth, tapping on it knowingly with his cane before disappearing.

The day passed by in a flurry of excitement. None of the acts were at their best yet. No, no. That show was for later. The barker rallied up people to a small ring outside the big tent. People came either because of his instruction or because of interest at the growing crowd. The Strong Arm lifted the wiry-framed attendant up above her head with both hands, then one hand. The crowd clapped as the duo stuck out their left arms. The Strong Arm slowly turned around, giving each and every audience member a new angle to see.

“My dear people, I call upon you today to thank you!” the barker shouted, perched high above in his companion’s hand. “You could have guessed – you should have known! – that I am the ringleader. Croasis is my name! And this circus–”

He opened out his arms and threw back his head. The Strong Arm lowered him down slightly before chucking him into the air. The crowd gasped. As Croasis lowered down, the muscled woman quickly backed out of the way, and a shorter, less built person slid in her place. They flicked up their cape, shadowing Croasis’ landing. Their bodies fell in a heap, covered by the cloak; the crowd gasped, horrified. There was a long silence. The audience stared expectantly. The talent shared amused glances, trying not to give anything away.

“– is my pride and joy!

Some of the crowd whipped around. Others lifted their head. Standing high above atop a cage above several crates. The magician stood behind Croasis with their hands settled on his waist. The small crowd erupted into cheers and clapping; some took out their phones and cameras to take pictures. The ringleader glanced down to the crowd; his feet were skillfully braced on two bars of the cage.

Croasis beamed, chest lifting and falling quickly excitedly. Dark-toned fingers squeezed tightly against his waist, pulling him out of his reverie.

“Now what you’ve seen is one of many feats! We, at the Infinitum Circus, implore you to visit us tonight! If you haven’t bought your tickets, our friend at the booth will ring you right up! Buy now, and get your discount.”

There was a pleased murmur that spread through the crowd. Croasis reached up and touched the magician’s cheek, pointing his cane at the strong woman.

“Give it up for Lizda and Marion, also known as The Strong Arm and The Illusion!” When introducing Marion, Croasis drawed out the word with a flourish.

Everyone cheered except for Lizda, Marion, and Croasis. Lizda waved to the guests, who soon rose and flocked to her. The other talents headed over to the cages to help the other two down.

“Great as always,” praised the blond acrobat, words slow and smile lopsided.

Croasis smiled and dusted himself off, stepping forward as Marion was pulled from the crates. “I’ve never liked that trick,” Croasis began, tone light. “It always makes me airsick.”

The small group laughed. One peeled away, and Marion silently followed behind. Croasis turned back, wanting to speak to the magician, but instead watched quietly as they wandered away with one of the members. Voices brought him back. One star extended out his hand and cane. Guests started to flock towards the group.

The day passed amongst excited murmurs and showy feats. Different groups came to the fairgrounds. Croasis performed another hair-raising stunt – this time with the knife-juggler and the fire-spitter. Marion walked around, silently greeting and amazing spectators. Lizda held two women on her arms as they held onto her head and shoulders for safety.

As the afternoon settled into early evening, people returned all atwitter from the earlier show. More people had arrived as well, brought along by word of mouth. Lizda and the fire-spitter greeted people at the entrance. Marion and other stars wandered through the crowd. Soon, everyone retreated behind the tent flaps. The light fell, and the show began.

The show ended with a grand parade. Croasis reintroduced the stars, a wide smile curving his lips. His fine, brown hair was now mussed and fell over one side of his face. He no longer wore the pinstriped vest; his tie hung loose and undone around his neck. He took deep, excited breaths and spun around with open arms, motioning to the animal tamer — no, “Beast Master!” — the sword-tosser, fire-spitter, and more. Lizda and Marion were one of the few to be introduced first. They stood off to Croasis’ side, trembling with adrenaline.

Marion bit down on their bottom lip, head tipped down towards the ground. An exciting day! The crowd had been so alive, and the magician had fed off it. A couple of times during their act, they had gone off the cuff, even earning some surprised gasps behind the tent. Lizda’s short hair clung to her face, matted down by sweat and victory.

The twelve main members were then joined by other acts and helpers. All of them took a bow for the crowd, and the lights fell. The crowd clapped wildly. When the light returned, the members were gone. Excited whistles and shouts thundered through the show tent.

Another hour or two blurred by in a haste of autographs, pictures, and other hurried souvenirs. The troupe retreated, leaving the crowd in an excited haze as they browsed the fair. Croasis retreated back to a side tent, hand rubbing over his face.

“Bus’ll be here in a minute,” Lizda stated, her voice a bit hoarse from her show.

The ringleader blinked at her before smiling lazily. He headed right, over to the bucket of water, and dipped his hands inside. He splashed the water on his face and took some tentative sips from his palm. He looked over his shoulder to her. She was sitting in a stool – dwarfing it was more appropriate. Lizda was 6’1″ with enough muscle to fit her weight class and then some. Her strong features were offset by a light brown pixie cut. Her left side faced Croasis as she turned. He eyed the beauty mark by the lobe of her ear before bringing his attention to her eyes.

“You all right? I didn’t make you sick earlier, did I?” She rested her elbows on her thighs, leaning forward slightly.

Croasis shook his head. “What’s a little sickness between friends?”

Lizda let out a breathy laugh, nodding slowly. “Right.”

He wandered over and placed a hand on her shoulder. She reached up her left arm and circled his waist with it. He trailed his free hand under her jaw.

“You were great tonight,” he muttered, smiling playfully down at her.

“Aren’t I always?” she joked, eyes locking with his.

He hummed, pleased. “Tonight especially. You and Marion, I should go congratulate ’em.”

“Eventually. They’re wandering around with Connie and Xsis.”

“Ah. Soon then.”

They didn’t say anything further. Croasis’ voice trailed off, and the two stared into each other’s eyes. She rubbed her thumb against his hip; he held his fingernails under her chin. The tent flap shuddered. A circus hand pushed it open further, already crouching to lean into the opening: “The bus is here – came early. Heismann brought food for everyone, so better stock up while you can.”

“In a minute,” Croasis almost purred, never once breaking his stare with Lizda. “We’ll be there soon.”

The circus hand nodded and moved away, going to pass on the news to others. Croasis sighed through his nose, drawing away slowly. Lizda let her hand linger across his form, sliding over his lower back to his other hip before finally falling away. They stood and exited out of the side tent. One of the laborers was standing across from the entrance, peering off to her right as she waited for her comrade to follow. The ringleader reached back and took Lizda’s hand. She gave his a squeeze as they headed for the bus.

The two laid sprawled out on separate beds in the hotel room. The queen-sized beds were comfortable to their weary bones. Croasis lounged about in a bathrobe with boxer-briefs underneath. Lizda had on a sports bra and sleeping pants. They were flipping through magazines, listening to the noise on TV, when the door opened. Lizda was the first to put down her magazine. Marion stalked into the room, hooded eyes almost completely closed as they looked to Croasis then Lizda.

The ringleader sat up, walking over to his companion.

“Mari, you look exhausted, my friend,” Croasis muttered with adoring concern.

He ran his fingertips over the exposed umber-toned chest. Marion blinked down at him quietly. The magician had long, natural hair that fell around their face in waves. Usually they kept it up for a show, but must have taken it down on the bus.

“I am,” Marion replied, eyes blinking slowly when they spoke.

Lizda stood up and walked behind them, her fingers running over their shoulders. Croasis was always amazed when with these two. Lizda was a tall woman, and Marion was just a few inches shorter. Out of the trio, Croasis was the shortest. They both assured him that he was a “fun size” for them; he wasn’t concerned either way.

Croasis slid his hands down from the partly open button-down shirt to Marion’s waist. He pressed up, the magician leaned down, and their lips met. Lizda continued massaging Marion’s shoulders, humming in content at the display of affection in front of her. Croasis dabbed parting kisses to the Marion’s lips. Eventually, Marion cracked a small smile. Just what the ringleader wanted.

“Come on, babe,” Lizda cooed, squeezing their shoulders gently. “I’ll run you a bath.”


Croasis pulled away and let the two wander into the bathroom together. He heard the low, tired roll of Marion’s voice followed by Lizda’s “I know, right? It’s been a tough day for all of us.” He expected the water to run when their conversation fell into a lull and was curious why it hadn’t some moments later. He stood up and traipsed towards the bathroom, smiling deviously at when he saw when he stood at the door.

The magician and strong woman were kissing slowly, passionately against the wall. Dark fingers curled and uncurled at Lizda’s side. Her hand had dipped between their bodies. Her palm rested against Marion’s pubic bone, her fingers rubbing steadily against the magician’s groin. Their moans fell in heavy breaths, lips working together, teeth nipping at each other’s lips.

Croasis didn’t want to move lest he disturb the picture. Instead, he watched with a raised brow and a coy smile. When the two broke apart, they stared at him with half-opened eyes. The ringleader waved them off, laughing a little.

“Oh, don’t mind me. Just enjoy the show.”

“Don’t you always?” Lizda mused before waving a hand at him. “Come on. Relax them a little before I start the shower.”

“I thought it was going to be a bath?” Croasis asked, swaying his hips as he advanced.

“I wanted to get to the bed faster,” Marion replied, head rolling against the wall as they watched the brunet.

“Fair enough.”

The ringleader joined Lizda in showering Marion with affection. They placed kisses and bites over the magician’s sore body. Croasis reached up to undo the white blouse and curled his fingers against a blue-white sleeve to tug the shirt open. Lizda moved in closer once more skin was revealed. She turned her head to the other side of Marion’s neck, working her mouth against them. The magician’s hips arched up into her hand as they sighed heavily. She kept Croasis in the loop, wrapping a muscled arm around him to keep him close.

The brunet turned his head, kissing at the joint of Lizda’s arm. He trailed his lips over the strap of her bra and then down. He found the bump of her nipple under the garment and grazed his teeth over it. He flicked his tongue over it gently. Lizda groaned against Marion and squeezed her arm against the shorter brunet. Croasis moved his right arm around her, scratching his nails down the curve of her spine — which in turn caused her to curl her fingers against the magician. This time, Marion moaned.

Marion sucked in a breath through their teeth, arching up again against Lizda. They reached up and pressed a hand against her chest. Immediately, she stopped. Croasis followed suit a moment later. Marion tilted their head to the side, panting softly. They pointedly kept their legs apart, hips squirming for a moment before settling. The other two stars watched the magician and shuddered silently, imagining how close they must’ve been.

“Shower,” Lizda stated, her lips curling up in a smile.

Marion nodded in agreement. She pulled away and went to run the shower. Croasis took her place and peered hungrily over Marion’s body. They watched him quietly, breathing deep but silent. He reached up, trailing his two fingers around the outline of Marion’s shaft. The magician’s eyes fell closed; they let out a short hum in response.

Croasis stepped closer, sliding his hand up the magician’s lower body, palm purposefully grazing over their need. “Can’t wait to relieve you of your little problem.”


“Mari,” Croasis replied sweetly.

Marion reached up and cupped the ringleader’s neck, tugging him forward for a brief, hungry kiss. Croasis was left breathless, lips parted as he slowly opened his eyes. He smiled up at the magician. The two touched foreheads, and Croasis backed away.

The two left the magician to their shower. Marion closed the door but left it unlocked. It could have been an invitation, but Lizda and Croasis overlooked it. There would be time later. The magician needed to relax.

The strong man and the ringleader sat on the same bed this time. Their heads rested at the end of the bed, closer to the TV, with their bodies in a tangle of limbs. Lizda framed Croasis with her larger body, toes curling against the bed as he rubbed his leg between hers. It was an idle movement, she knew, but with her skin prickling with anticipation, it was just a bit more. Croasis delightedly planned it. He wanted to keep her energy high and frayed without directly bringing attention to it. So long as she let him, he would keep doing it.

They were ten minutes into a game show when the bathroom door finally opened. Marion exited, their hair in a different style. They had pulled their dark hair up into a wavy ponytail at the top of their head. The bath towel was draped around their waist. The two on the bed turned and eyed Marion’s nude torso in want.

“I’m ready to relax now,” Marion announced, stepping closer towards the duo.

Lizda lifted her body up. “The shower didn’t relax you?” she asked. The question was leading, heavy.

Marion took the bait and snatched the line. “It wasn’t enough.”

Lizda and Croasis separated, sitting up and encouraging the magician forward. Marion came to the side of the bed where they waited for him. Croasis reached forward to undo the towel. Lizda’s hands smoothed over Marion’s body.

“It’s always a shame when a good shower doesn’t do the trick,” the ringleader stated, biting his lip as he eyed Marion’s need.

Lizda nodded, her gaze lowering for just a moment. “It is, but I think we can fix that.” She lifted her gaze and tugged the magician towards her body. “Come here, baby.”

Bodies writhed against each other. Moans curled up into the air.

Croasis kept his legs spread open for Marion, who rutted against him. The ringleader squirmed up against the magician’s shaft, shuddering out softly with each grind. The width of Marion’s shaft teased the wet lips and brushed against the thrumming little bundle of nerves that made Croasis ache and arch. Croasis moaned and gripped at the sheets, letting out a drawn-out hum. Marion lifted up a hand, their dark fingers spidering up the slender body.

The ringleader gasped as fingers wrapped around his neck. Marion drew their hips back and groaned quietly. They aligned their cock, needing and seeking the brunet’s warmth, and plunged in. Croasis arched, moaning loudly as Marion filled his body. He leaned his head back, offering more of his neck for the magician. Marion adjusted their hand slightly, palm resting against the curve. Fingers squeezed tighter on the pale neck. Croasis groaned out a weak “Yes…

Marion moaned as thick fingers entered from behind. Lizda curled her slicked-up fingers inside the magician’s body, working them open as they moved their hips. She trailed her lips over the umber back, lips finding the dip of Marion’s spine. She nipped her way down their back, cooing softly at each shudder. She countered Marion’s pace with her own, harder one. Her fingers rammed into the magician’s arse, fingers spreading and closing with small hesitations between each movement.

Marion moaned, and Croasis reached up to wrap his arms around the taller star’s neck. He pulled them down, and the two kissed heatedly. Marion kept a steady pace, even as Lizda mercilessly fingered them open. She drew her hand away slowly and pulled herself up from the bed. She walked over to the hotel dresser, tugging open one of the drawers and taking out a strap-on. She settled herself into the harness, watching the duo on the bed. Marion’s pace slowly increased. Croasis’ toes curled in the air, legs now wrapped around Marion’s body.

“You two look pretty cute,” Lizda stated, finally coming over to join them.

She adjusted the dildo in its place and grabbed the lube from the side again. Croasis’ legs uncurled; he broke away from the kiss. Marion’s hand pulled away from the ringleader’s neck, lips taking its place. Croasis panted, staring up at Lizda.

“Liz,” he groaned, biting his lip to fight back a moan. “Join us?”

“I’m coming, honey. Don’t worry.”

“I hope so,” the ringleader finally stated, a moan shaking his words as Marion moved faster.

Lizda slicked up the purple shaft of her toy, her gaze settling on the way her hand covered it efficiently. She swallowed thickly, feeling the wetness build between her legs. She turned her attention up to Marion. She knocked on their lower back with her knuckles, and the magician slowed down. Croasis moaned in frustration, pouting up at the strong woman as he rocked his hips against Marion. The magician distracted him with aggressive bites and sucks, determined to form a bruise. Croasis drew in a breath with a hiss, a hand flying up to curl against the back of their neck. He squeezed tight around Marion’s shaft, causing the magician to groan.

“Don’t let anyone see it,” Croasis sighed out.

“Except us,” Lizda corrected, her words heavy with lust.

He looked up to her with half-lidded eyes. “Except us.”

Lizda was effective with her second covering. The extra helping of lube would make it so much easier to fit in, slotting in and joining the others’ space. Marion shuddered as Lizda thrust forward. She rocked her hips, making sure the bumps in the harness rubbed against her properly. She gasped, pleased.

Marion and Lizda began to move them. She drew back as they thrust forward and met the magician on the withdraw. Croasis bobbed under their bodies, gasping and writhing as thrust grew more powerful. He reached up to hold Marion’s bicep and extended a free hand out to Lizda. She took it, curling their fingers together as she slammed into Marion. The magician grunted with the force, nodding their head in pleasure.

“Fuck…” tumbled from their lips in a heavy breath.

Me,” Croasis added, glancing up to the dark haired star. “Fuck me.”

“Of course.”

Marion sat up a bit, and Lizda followed. She placed a hand on their waist to hold them steady. Marion reached out their left hand, holding up and open Croasis’ corresponding leg. The shifted angle made the smaller brunet moan loudly, a smile curling up their lips.

“Look out wet you are,” Marion growled, head tilted and staring down at their connected bodies.

Croasis hummed, the noise broken up by a whimper. “Your fault – all your fault.”


The word rumbled possessively from Marion, causing Croasis to tremble in delight. Lizda moaned and brought her lips to the magician’s shoulder, kissing over the dark skin lovingly. Her thrusts, on the other hand, weren’t as gentle. Marion panted, eyes closed and head lulling back against her.

“And look how lovely you are,” she teased, rolling her hips against them.

“Shift your hips up,” Marion groaned, looking over to her. “That’ll do it.”

“Thank you, babe.”

Marion cried out as Lizda followed the instructions. She moved her hand from their hip to their chest, nails scratching over the magician’s muscles. Croasis dug his nails into Marion’s forearm, moaning loudly with each thrust.

“Right there – there! Oh g–yes, Mari…”

Marion leaned their head upward, staring down at the ringleader below. The inside of Croasis’ thighs were slick from his own wetness. Croasis’ quim took in the thick cock easily, stretched so pleasingly around it. Lizda panted against the magician’s shoulder, peppering up kisses to their neck. Marion turned their head to face her, and they shared a sloppy kiss. Croasis whimpered underneath them, easily earning their attention.

“Close?” Marion asked, smirking at the desperate head nod.

“Use your words,” Lizda teased, slowing her own thrusts.

“Please,” Croasis pleaded, smiling up at the two of them. “Fuck me senseless. I’m so close.”

“Ooh, I just wanted a simple ‘yes’.” Lizda smiled and hooked her chin on Marion’s shoulder. She lowered her hand down their front. “But I’ll take that too.”

“Since you asked so nice,” Marion added, picking up their speed.

They pushed Croasis’ leg back further and leaned over his body. Lizda pulled her head away, scratching over the magician’s groin. The added stimulus caused the two to jump for different reasons. Tears pricked at Croasis’ eyes as he moaned out his pleasure.

He tensed around Marion’s cock, squirming needily as he was fucked through his orgasm. He pressed his lips together, humming brokenly as Marion moved. The magician pressed their forehead against the ringleader’s shoulder, legs spreading and giving Lizda a better angle. Croasis rested limply under his two lovers, panting and moaning weakly with each thrust that rocked into him. He squeezed around Marion, scratching at them when he found the strength. Lizda ran her nails over the magician’s pubic bone again, finally breaking them.

Marion kept thrusted as they came, cum and wetness slicking their shaft until they began to slow. They drew out unsteady from Lizda’s thrusting and laid against Croasis’ body. The brunet wrapped their legs around the two, ankles squeezing against Lizda’s sides. Her moans and needy thrusts filled the air. Croasis lazily stroked over Marion’s back, watching Lizda as she finally reached climax. She drew out and collapsed to their side, unbuckling herself from the harness with shaking hands.

“Better,” Marion muttered against Croasis’ chest.

Croasis hummed loudly. “Agreed.”

“I don’t know about you two,” Lizda stated, pushing the triangular form down between her legs. She twitched with the aftershocks. “I’m going to get something to eat, and I’m down for round two.”

“Me too,” the ringleader purred, blinking slowly down at the magician.

Marion gave a thumbs-up, eyes closed. “Ten minutes…”

“Ten minutes,” Lizda repeated, agreeing.

She turned on her side and wrapped her arms around the other two. Croasis laughed sluggishly; Marion hummed in acknowledgement. They rested together for a little while until one of them found the strength to order food.

There would be an encore. Eventually. It would be a while, but the show would go on.

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