by shukyou (主教)

Of course Aryun was balls-deep in him, pinning Gino’s hands to the mattress above his head, when Yuliya walked in.

It wasn’t how he’d wanted her to find out. Gino wasn’t sure how he’d wanted the high priest’s daughter to find out, exactly, if at all, but he knew it wasn’t this: having her open the guest quarters’ door to behold the sight of his naked body, flat on his back with his legs spread wide, while her equally naked bodyguard’s cock pumped in and out of him. There was no plausible deniability to the situation, either. Even if he’d taken the monstrous way out and tried to claim that Aryun was ravishing him entirely against his will, his own erection would have branded him a liar there.

Time seemed to stop for a moment, and then Aryun was deep inside him again, thrusting with a force that made Gino forget his resolution to keep quiet, especially while they were enjoying the hospitality of a foreign shrine complex. He cried out with surprise and pleasure all at once, making it clear exactly how willing of a participant he was.

Aryun’s eyes opened as Gino went from being an enthusiastic partner to something just this side of a warm statue. He followed Gino’s dark gaze to the doorway where Yuliya stood, her hand still on the doorknob. He hesitated only a moment before his pretty mouth curled into a grin: “Inside or outside, but shut the door.”

Yuliya was still for the length of a heartbeat, then complied with Aryun’s instruction, drawing the heavy door shut. To Gino’s utter surprise, she chose their side of it.

Gino hadn’t meant for any of this to happen. As the most distinguished of the novices at his shrine, and as a native of the northern steppes, he had been chosen by the high priest himself to accompany his daughter on her pilgrimage. There was no denying she was a lovely thing, with apple cheeks and round hips, and the flirtation she and Gino had struck up was sincere. He felt flustered in her company, as though he were a teenager again, prone to picking flowers and composing terrible poetry. He very much wished to kiss her, though he hadn’t gotten up the nerve. If pressed, he might even admit how many times thus far on their six-week journey he’d wondered what it would be like to be her husband.

And all of these thoughts would have been so much simpler if Yuliya hadn’t come with a tall, handsome, rough-shaven shadow. The first month, they’d silently loathed one another, until finally, one day while bathing in a stream, Gino had dropped to his knees and taken Aryun’s whole cock into his mouth so far that the head of Aryun’s cock pushed into Gino’s throat.

It had been a very long six weeks indeed.

Gino tried to speak, but every time he drew in breath, Aryun’s cock rushed back into him and fucked all the air out of him again. Abstractly, Gino began to panic. Why was Aryun still going? Had he somehow not noticed Yuliya was here? No, of course he had; he’d addressed her and everything. So why wasn’t he at least trying to cover up what they’d been doing? What the hell was going on?

Yuliya brought a hand to her mouth, ostensibly in surprise, but began rubbing her lower lip with her fingertips. “So you two have–” She took a deep breath, her eyes fixed on the sight of the men before her.

Unable to answer, Gino gasped as Aryun filled him roughly once more. He felt helpless, an insect caught in a web, unable to do anything but give in to his instincts. And his instincts were telling him that getting fucked was the greatest pleasure in the world right now. He’d fooled around with the other novices before, touching and sucking one another in quiet moments. But since that first night in the tent when Aryun had bent him over and taken his ass, Gino had been unable to pass up an opportunity to get filled like this. Even when he knew he shouldn’t. Hell, especially when he knew he shouldn’t.

Aryun just laughed, though. “You want to see him shoot all over himself?” he said, addressing Yuliya with a wicked smirk. “Show him your tits.”

Gino felt a cold wave of horror wash over him, to hear a man of Aryun’s station address a woman of Yuliya’s like that. What a vulgar suggestion! It was crass and completely inappropriate — and a little smirk turned up her full lips as she reached up and began to unlace her bodice.

Unbidden, Gino’s cock jerked upright, sending a dollop of precome smearing across his belly. He shouldn’t look, and all he could do was stare. She tugged at the laces with a slowness he first mistook for hesitation. She wasn’t reluctant, though, he soon realized. She was teasing him.

“This explains some of the noises from your tent,” Yuliya said as she ran the ribbon through her fingers.

“Your little guide likes to get fucked,” Aryun said, his voice so low and dirty that it crackled through Gino’s body like lightning. “He can’t get enough of it. He’s a slut for taking my big thick cock up his ass.”

Gino whimpered, a sound that could only be confirmation of every horrible thing Aryun was saying about him. He wanted to say that no, he hadn’t spent the last two weeks spreading his legs at every opportunity. He wanted to pretend that he hadn’t made it all of thirty seconds in the shrine’s guest quarters before grabbing Aryun and pulling him down on the bed, a real bed, with pillows and sheets, an incredible luxury for getting fucked on. He wanted to plead with Yuliya and say that it wasn’t true, that he’d still be a good husband to her. And he might even do those things, as soon as Aryun finished plowing him senseless.

Except Yuliya didn’t look mad, or scandalized, or disgusted, or any of the reactions that Gino had felt certain she would have had when confronted with the idea that the man she’d been flirting with also craved the carnal company of men. She had a hungry look to her, panting through parted lips. Her bodice loose now, she pulled down the neck of her underdress until the tops of her full breasts were exposed. Even in the dim light, Gino could see that her chest was covered with the same freckles that dotted her cheeks and shoulders.

“He must be good,” said Yuliya, her voice thoughtful and dreamlike. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with the same man twice.”

A look passed Aryun’s face, though it was gone before Gino could read it. “He’s not bad,” Aryun said, an understatement considering how hard Aryun’s cock was, and the sound his balls made when they slapped against Gino’s plump ass. “Go on, give him a show.”

Yuliya took her fingers and ran them along the ruffled neckline of her underdress, brushing the soft skin beneath. Then she hooked her fingertips in the fabric and pulled it down, freeing her breasts. They were large and soft, with large brown areolae. Her nipples both stuck out so prominently that all Gino could think about was putting his mouth on them and sucking, running his tongue across their tips and hearing her gasp.

Damn Aryun, he was right — only a few seconds after Yuliya exposed herself, Gino was arching his back and crying out wordlessly as he came, shooting ropes of white come all the way to the underside of his chin. Any hope of maintaining dignity or composure was gone entirely. His body had betrayed his desires, and his climax had proven just how much he wanted both of them, without question. 

Yuliya’s eyes went wide as Gino’s orgasm took him. “So that’s what it looks like when a man…?” she asked, openly staring at the mess his body had made.

Looking smug as ever, Aryun nodded at her. “If you do it right, yeah.” Aryun eased off on the pounding rhythm for a moment, enough to let Gino start to catch his breath. Aryun then rocked back on his hips, letting go of Gino’s arms where they lay against the mattress — not that Gino could go much of anywhere, though, impaled as he still was on Aryun’s cock.

“Wow.” Yuliya brought her fingertips to her mouth again, tracing the curves of her lips. She made no effort to cover her chest again. “That sounded … it sounded good.”

“It was,” Aryun said, speaking for Gino, who could barely nod to agree. “Want to help me make him do it again?”

Yuliya’s face brightened with pure wickedness. “Yes,” she whispered.

All this while, she had seemed such a sweet girl, innocent and perhaps a little naive. Even taking her hand in his, as he had one evening during the journey, had seemed almost too much for her. It was hard to reconcile those moments with seeing her like this, her bosom exposed and her gaze hungry. What had changed between then and now? 

…Nothing, if Gino was being honest. She simply had her daily mask, just like the one that told everyone Aryun was no more than a meat-headed threat to the safety of anyone who got too close to her, just like the one Gino himself wore to convince the world of his piety and prudishness. But in the dim light of the bedroom, Aryun was clever, and Gino wanted to get fucked, and Yuliya had desires of her own as well.

“Touch him,” Aryun said, chuckling as Yuliya’s gaze darted from his face to Gino’s, then back again. “Trust me, he wants it.”

Gino whimpered through clenched teeth as Yuliya’s soft hand wrapped around his shaft. He had only begun to soften in the wake of his previous impressive orgasm, but her touch against his too-sensitive flesh jerked him back toward erectness. He gasped and writhed, motions that only served to remind him how deep Aryun was buried inside him.

He had never wanted someone like Yuliya to see him like this. He had never wanted these desires in the first place, much less for a barbarian like Aryun, who was unshaven and gruff and absolutely not the kind of proper, respectable lover anyone of Gino’s status should have considered taking. Gino had spent the entire journey having dreams of bifurcating his life, just chopping himself down his meridian, where one half could be the dignified priest-aspirant who would make good marriage material, and the other half could spend every waking moment getting absolutely railed by Aryun, and the former would never have to suspect the latter even existed.

The idea that the two were not so incompatible — that, indeed, the high priest’s respectable daughter might not only tolerate, but enjoy seeing him like this — was still working on penetrating the fog of arousal saturating Gino’s brain.

Yuliya’s expression was one of surprise as her grip tightened around Gino’s erection. “How strange,” she said with near-scientific curiosity. “So soft and hard at once.”

“And very good for deflowering pretty little things.” Aryun dragged one of his fingers through his hair, drawing the dark, sweat-slick locks away from his forehead. By all the gods, he looked good like that, erotic and powerful. “What do you think about having that nice and tight inside of you, hm?”

It was shocking to hear someone of Aryun’s status speak to Yuliya like that, and almost as shocking to see her face pinken in reply. “Maybe,” she replied as her fingertips began to learn the contours of Gino’s shaft.

“Maybe,” Aryun echoed, teasing her. He looked back to Gino with a grin, then gave the soft underside of Gino’s thigh a sharp smack. “Don’t let her fool you. She loves getting fucked too.”

Gino’s eyes went wide enough to take over his whole face, while Yuliya laughed as her cheeks shaded all the way to red. “I do not.”

“She does,” Aryun said with a laugh, still staring Gino down. “Oh, not a real man’s shaft. She’s a good enough girl that she’ll wait for that until she’s been properly married off. But she’s been practicing. You should see some of the pieces I’ve gotten her. Good for filling her right up when she’s all alone. Go on and tell him about your favorite. The one I found you for your last birthday.”

Still blushing, Yuliya giggled. “It’s about his same size.” Her fingertips traced the underside of the head of Gino’s cock. “And it’s carved ivory. All hard, no soft. It feels so good inside me. When it gets all the way in, it’s like I can’t breathe.”

Visions filled Gino’s mind of Yuliya, naked on her bed in her home quarters, spread atop the sheets with a cream-white dildo plunged between her lower lips. It was completely inappropriate to think of her like that, except for how she clearly wanted him to.

Yuliya giggled again as she tightened her grip on Gino’s shaft. “He gets harder when I talk about it,” she told Aryun.

“Of course he does,” Aryun said.

Yuliya licked her lips. “…I want to try it now.”

Aryun settled his shoulders at that — and there it was, the looming bodyguard and surrogate older brother he’d been to her for a decade, since she was twelve and he was seventeen. “No,” he said, his tone sharp enough to brook no argument. “Talk is one thing. Talk is good. But you know you have to wait.”

“I know.” Yuliya sighed, her expression resigned. “But I still want to.”

Aryun’s countenance softened a fraction. He shifted his weight back on his hips, pulling out of Gino in a way that made Gino whimper for the sudden lack of contact. Aryun smacked Gino’s thigh again, this time with more force. “Move over,” he said.

Confused but too aroused to speak, much less argue, Gino did. The bed was large enough to impress important visitors, so Gino had space enough.

Aryun patted the space Gino had just vacated. “Get up there,” Aryun told Yuliya. “But leave your skirts on.”

Yuliya shrugged out of her sleeves and did just that, leaving the top half of her body exposed nearly to her navel, and her lower half hidden beneath four or five layers of fabric. “What now?” she asked.

Aryun smacked Gino one more time, in a way Gino knew would make sitting difficult the next day, and would make him hard every time he thought about just why he was so sore. “On your hands and knees. On top of her.” When Gino hesitated, trying to make sense of the instruction, Aryun narrowed his dark eyes. That was motivation enough. With what little strength he had left in his limbs, Gino turned over and got on all fours over her body, his cock resting against the folds of fabric just above the juncture of her legs.

Without warning, Aryun grabbed Gino’s hips and thrust into him again, hard and sudden enough to make Gino nearly collapse against Yuliya’s soft breasts and stomach. “Oh fuck, please,” Gino murmured, unable to summon anything approaching decorum. “Please, fuck me. Just fuck me.”

“He speaks!” Aryun laughed and tightened his grip on Gino’s hips, making what were by this point in the journey familiar bruises. “I thought between the two of us, he might have lost the ability entirely.”

Yuliya smiled and wrapped her arms around Gino’s chest, drawing him to her bosom and planting kisses in his sandy curls. “I think you should give him what he wants,” she said.

Instead of delivering some witty comeback, Aryun did just that. Gino’s hands might not have been able to keep his top half propped, but his ass was still in the air, which was all Aryun needed to start fucking him hard. Gino didn’t know what he’d expected — perhaps that Aryun would ease off a bit, in deference to Yuliya’s presence. But that was hardly the case.

The first time Aryun had ever taken him, Gino had been braced to be treated violently, and he’d even convinced himself that was the treatment he’d wanted — or at least that he’d deserved. After all, he’d seen Aryun’s two heavy swords split both firewood and predators in two, so he’d known what the man was capable of in terms of force. And at least in that respect, he hadn’t been disappointed. Their first encounter alone had left Gino trembling, with marks that had needed to be covered up for days. Gino had at first tended to think of what they were doing as lovemaking, before he’d had to admit it was hardly so romantic. They fucked, pure and simple, out of deep physical need.

Or so it had seemed to Gino all this time. But cradled as he was between Yuliya’s breasts while Aryun pounded his ass, he realized the sensations were not opposites, but fraternal twins. For all his force and power, Aryun could have hurt Gino easily — and never had. He was rough, but there was an immense amount of control to his domination. He was no more careless with Gino than Yuliya was, and the result was no less sweet.

One of Yuliya’s nipples lay beside his mouth, so Gino, forgetting the decorum of station and sexes, parted his lips around the sensitive bud. Yuliya gasped and grabbed for Gino, scraping her fingernails across the skin of his back. She lifted her hips to him as though he were indeed about to penetrate her. Instead he rutted against the folds of her skirts, sharing friction between them against the fabric that kept them from crossing that uncrossable line.

Panting harder now, Aryun picked up a punishing rhythm that drove Gino’s body against Yuliya’s. Gino sucked harder at her nipple, making her claw at him again. She took one of her hands and wrapped it around his shaft, drawing his hips down until his movements provided her as much pleasure as they provided him.

It was hard for Gino to say which one of them came first, and when. He was absolutely lost in the sensations, until he barely knew where his body ended and the bodies on either side of him began. Aryun’s body pounded against him from behind, while Yuliya’s body pushed against him from the front, and it was very much like the sensation of gluing two pieces of wood together, then setting them in a clamp until they became inseparable. If he still did need to be his two halves, maybe he could be them together.

In a more proper frame of mind, Gino would have felt terrible for getting jism all over Yuliya’s pretty skirts. Now, though, he could only think about how good it felt to hold and to be held like that, and what more they could still do together, all three of them.

When Aryun pulled out of him, Gino felt the evidence of Aryun’s orgasm seeping down his thigh. Gino absolutely could not care about the mess, though, and more than that, he could not possibly be expected to hold himself upright. He collapsed on his side, still clinging to Yuliya as he tried to regain his bearings.

Seconds later, he felt Aryun’s body press against his back, and Aryun’s arm around his waist. It was a warm night, and the sweat felt good on Gino’s skin as it began to evaporate in the dry air. “You’re okay,” Aryun murmured against Gino’s ear, the strangely tender way he always did after he’d reduced Gino to a quivering post-orgasmic heap. “Good boy.”

Yuliya put a hand to her own bosom as she caught her breath. “I want to do that again,” she said at last, her voice a heavy, near-stunned exhale.

Gino’s eyes went wide, and Aryun outright laughed. “Terribly sorry, dear lady, but two of us three need a bit longer to recharge,” Aryun said, reaching over to give her thigh a teasing poke.

“And once you have,” Yuliya said with a wicked smirk in her voice, “we’ll do it again?”

“For my own part, I’d very much like to,” Aryun said, pressing a kiss against the back of Gino’s neck, “but I think it’s up to our third.”

What on earth was the relationship between those two? Not as carnal as lovers, not as chaste as siblings … so what? To see two people interacting in ways that defied proper, civilized categorization was, to Gino, near unthinkable. That they would do so with him between them? Downright impossible.

And yet, impossibility cradled him as he lay there, remembering how to breathe and talk and do all the other little things. “Yes,” Gino managed at last, speaking the word against Yuliya’s freckled skin like a prayer, an incantation to the very heart of infinite mercy and peace. “Yes.”

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12 thoughts on “Novice

  1. Whew, that started out with a bang (as it were) and stayed intense the whole time, this was incredible! Aryun and Yuliya’s relationship was so interesting!

  2. omgggg I love how it started and love how it proceeded!!! Gino, in between Yuliya and Aryun is so so soooooo good

  3. Usually your stories take SLIGHTLY longer to get to the Sex Parts, so just seeing the first sentence of this when the summaries started trickling out over social media was cause for a double-take. It definitely didn’t go where I’d expected it to, and the story is better for it; “not as carnal as lovers, not as chaste as siblings” makes for an interesting dynamic, and adding the ever good-intentioned Gino into the mix struck me as a welcome out for the both of them. Aryun grudgingly upholding Yuliya’s cultural need for a certain form of premarital chastity was a character element I hadn’t expected; it provided insight into his character I might’ve otherwise written off as him being the earthier, more physical sort. That everyone’s differing selves are presented as things that don’t have to be mutually exclusive was my favorite element after the bisexual threesome. I’d certainly like to read more about these three if you ever consider doing so!

  4. This is WILDLY HOT. Also I like how much of a portrait we get of these three, what the dynamics between them are and could be, but mostly I’m stuck on finding it SO DAMN HOT.

  5. Oh HELLLL yeah, this is that good shit. As always, what a delightful range in such a concise story!

  6. Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Fellas, is it gay to fuck another dude if he’s on top of a girl. It is? GOOD

    Despite my lateness, this was SUPER hot and managed to pack so much fascinating character work into so very little space. Chef kiss (also actual kiss)

  7. This came up on bot feed and I also was like “wow getting right down to business in the first snippet” and then thoroughly enjoyed what a great filthy time they were having together, all whilst still having some of their own boundaries!! H O T

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