Make It Worse

by Suzuran
illustrated by melanofly

camalam [22:43:46]
hey daddy
u up

JamieMcKenzie [22:55:28]
I’ve asked you not to call me that.

camalam [22:55:52]
right, right, sorry. lemme try again
good evening, mr. mckenzie. i hope your night has been pleasant
u up

JamieMcKenzie [22:59:01]
You’re such a brat.

camalam [23:02:40]
and yet you trust me with your children

JamieMcKenzie [23:05:16]
It’s called fighting fire with fire.

camalam [23:05:25]
lmao you calling me hot

JamieMcKenzie [23:06:34]
Don’t put words in my mouth.

camalam [23:06:52]
lol ive got smth else i could put in ur mouth if u wannnnt~~~~

JamieMcKenzie [23:11:33]
Cameron. Don’t be gross.

camalam [23:11:37]
how was ur date tonight btw
cant have gone that well if ur texting me instead of getting laid while ur kids are away
or do u not put out til the second date

JamieMcKenzie [23:17:43]
I wouldn’t have said it like that, but you’re not wrong.

camalam [23:17:50]
damn didnt take u for a pride lol

JamieMcKenzie [23:18:11]
Not that.

camalam [23:18:29]
wait so u do put out on the first date??? omg

JamieMcKenzie [23:18:37]
Cameron my sex life is none of your business and you know it.

camalam [23:18:41]
chill im just teasing u
so the date didnt go so hot

JamieMcKenzie [23:18:54]
It fucking sucked.

camalam [23:19:02]
oh shit breaking out the f bombs
r u ok
do u want me to go

JamieMcKenzie [23:19:22]
It’s fine. I’m fine.
Better now. I’m glad you texted.

camalam [23:19:43]
do u wanna talk abt it?
i havent been on that many dates but im v good at nodding and making sympathetic noises
ive had both ur kids fooled for months
u shouldve seen me when zack was explaining the recess drama the other day
no gd clue what he was talking abt but by god i was nodding and making sympathetic noises

JamieMcKenzie [23:23:33]
I’m not sure there’s anything to talk about.
Nothing went wrong, nothing blew up. She was perfectly nice, the food was good.
It just all felt like a chore for some reason.

camalam [23:24:18]
that rly sucks
u gonna try again

JamieMcKenzie [23:39:42]
Maybe. I don’t know.
Probably not with her though. I think we’re better off as colleagues.

camalam [23:40:33]
u deserve better

JamieMcKenzie [23:47:41]
She was fine.

camalam [23:47:56]
ya but
hot take
you deserve someone you enjoy going on dates with

JamieMcKenzie [23:49:08]
Okay, you might have a point.

camalam [23:49:21]
so now what

JamieMcKenzie [23:51:43]
Now, I’m brushing my teeth and going to bed.
As should you.

camalam [23:52:20]
jokes on you old man
ive been in bed this whole time

JamieMcKenzie [23:53:44]
Really? That’s early for you.

camalam [23:53:52]
ya well
i was up p late yesterday to finish that essay i was working on
the one alex drew all over
shell be glad ur date sucked. she seemed stressed abt it

JamieMcKenzie [23:54:55]
Did she? I didn’t realize.
I’ll talk to her when she gets home tomorrow night.
Thanks for telling me.

camalam [23:55:37]
ya of course
u know i dont like hiding things form u

JamieMcKenzie [23:56:02]
I know.
You should get some sleep.

camalam [23:56:37]
what no pillow talk for me

JamieMcKenzie [23:56:44]
You can’t say that.

camalam [23:57:03]
man cmon its a free country

JamieMcKenzie [23:57:23]
It’s inappropriate. We’ve been over this.

camalam [23:57:29]
its a JOKE jamie CHILL

JamieMcKenzie [23:57:45]
I know it’s a joke, but you can’t say things like that to me.

camalam [23:57:49]
i knowwwwww
ugh. i know
ur just so easy to fluster

JamieMcKenzie [23:58:02]

camalam [23:58:11]
im serious u blush so easily dude

JamieMcKenzie [23:58:17]
Stop that.

camalam [23:58:22]
bet ur blushing right now

JamieMcKenzie [23:58:27]
I am not.

camalam [23:58:31]
u areeeee u totally are

JamieMcKenzie [23:58:35]
I’m not!

camalam [23:58:39]
bet ur whole face is red
bet its adorable

JamieMcKenzie [23:58:51]
Did you need something?

camalam [23:59:02]
i did tho actually
dyou know what day it is

JamieMcKenzie [23:59:22]
Cam I can see you typing. Just spit it out.

camalam [00:00:02]
its my birthday!!

JamieMcKenzie [00:00:11]
Oh happy birthday!
Congratulations on being one step closer to an old fart like me

camalam [00:00:37]

JamieMcKenzie [00:00:48]
Any big plans?

camalam [00:00:55]
nothing set in stone
couple of ideas tho
arent you gonna ask how old i am

JamieMcKenzie [00:01:36]
…Oh no.

camalam [00:01:38]

JamieMcKenzie [00:01:42]

camalam [00:01:43]

JamieMcKenzie [00:01:51]

camalam [00:01:55]
yes james

JamieMcKenzie [00:02:01]
How old are you?

camalam [00:02:09]

JamieMcKenzie [00:02:31]

camalam [00:02:34]

JamieMcKenzie [00:02:56]
You are going to be insufferable now, aren’t you.

camalam [00:02:59]

JamieMcKenzie [00:03:07]

camalam [00:03:12]
well i mean
there is one easy fix

JamieMcKenzie [00:03:27]
I doubt that.

camalam [00:03:31]
all u have to do is fuck me full of cum like i want

JamieMcKenzie [00:03:35]
Jesus Christ
Absolutely not.
What the hell Cam you can’t say that

camalam [00:03:59]
lmaooo but i can thooooo
im a big boy now daddy i can say anything i want

JamieMcKenzie [00:04:18]
That doesn’t make it okay
And stop calling me that. You know I don’t like it.

camalam [00:04:49]
do i?
i know u get all red when i call u that around ur kids. and u get reeeeal quiet abt it
its funny u never tell me to stop calling u that when were face to face
if a boy didnt know better he might think u were into it
and there you go getting all quiet again
thinking abt fucking me?

JamieMcKenzie [00:06:13]

camalam [00:06:18]
its tempting isnt it
get ur dick wet and solve ur little problem at the same time

JamieMcKenzie [00:07:08]
You and I both know that would only make it worse.

camalam [00:07:15]
ok fair
but worse would be so much fun

JamieMcKenzie [00:07:29]
I beg to differ.

camalam [00:07:41]
oh you can beg if you want. i like that idea

JamieMcKenzie [00:07:44]

camalam [00:07:46]

JamieMcKenzie [00:08:38]
Why are you even pestering me about this? Shouldn’t you be buying sex toys or signing up for porn sites or something?

camalam [00:08:47]
oh i did that years ago lmao
prepaid credit cards baby

JamieMcKenzie [00:08:56]
Of course you did.
Not gonna film anything to celebrate?

camalam [00:09:13]

JamieMcKenzie [00:09:17]

camalam [00:09:24]
nah dont be. i was thinkin abt it
id make a cute camboy wouldnt i

JamieMcKenzie [00:09:44]
No comment.

camalam [00:10:01]
lmao i wouldddd
or. camgirl ig. bleh
itd prolly be hard to convince an internet audience full of straight men that im a boy

JamieMcKenzie [00:10:51]
Thought you liked it when people think you’re a girl.

camalam [00:10:54]
says who

JamieMcKenzie [00:11:31]
Says you three weeks ago, before I drove you home the time I had you stay late so I could go out for drinks after work.

camalam [00:11:42]
ok fine you got me
i like that guys can take one look at me and know ive got a pussy
and im a big fan of tricking middle aged straight men into wanting to fuck a guy

JamieMcKenzie [00:12:19]
Has anyone ever told you you’re a horrible person?

camalam [00:12:21]
but idk. ive never rly had a good time getting fucked as a girl
maybe thats just bc frat boys r shit in bed idk
but it felt like a mental thing
like i was hiding something important
ive been a slutty girl and its. fine i guess
not rly my thing
but i havent gotten to be a slutty boy before
except flirting w you
youre not fooled
you know im a pretty little pussyboy aching for daddys cock

JamieMcKenzie [00:13:49]
Do you have to call me that

camalam [00:14:08]
lmao youre just mad i wont let you forget youre a dirty old man who wants to fuck the babysitter

JamieMcKenzie [00:14:15]
I’m not mad.
I’m just disappointed.

camalam [00:14:24]
god jamie im sorry u know ily but u r never beating the dilf allegations
im sorry i disappointed u daddy
r u gonna spank me

JamieMcKenzie [00:15:22]
Cam you really need to stop saying things like that.
I could get in so much trouble.
What if I get arrested?

camalam [00:15:44]
its past midnight
which means im now legally an adult
and weve got the receipts to prove it
whos gonna arrest you now?

camalam [00:18:46]
dont think u can just ignore me
i know u want me
and im not going til u admit it

JamieMcKenzie [00:20:13]
Then you’ll be here a long time.

camalam [00:20:26]
thats fine. i have lots of innuendos i can torture you with

JamieMcKenzie [00:20:37]
You’ll run out sometime.

camalam [00:20:42]
dont count on it
i can go for hours
and hours and hours and hours and hours

JamieMcKenzie [00:21:01]
Jesus Christ

camalam [00:21:06]
nope just me

JamieMcKenzie [00:21:16]
You’re enough of a problem.

camalam [00:21:23]
awww thanks daddy ❤️

JamieMcKenzie [00:21:29]
Cam. Come on.

camalam [00:21:37]
lol sry. thanks james
that better

JamieMcKenzie [00:21:50]
No. God ew you sound like my mother.

camalam [00:21:53]

JamieMcKenzie [00:22:11]
Never call me that while you’re being horny at me again.

camalam [00:22:22]
you want me to be horny at you again?

JamieMcKenzie [00:22:28]
I didn’t say that.

camalam [00:22:34]
you kinda did

JamieMcKenzie [00:22:45]
Is it too late to backtrack?

camalam [00:23:16]
i mean if ur sure u wanna hear ur mother in ur ear while im hitting on u

JamieMcKenzie [00:23:23]
Absolutely not.

camalam [00:23:32]
but u do want me to keep hitting on u

JamieMcKenzie [00:23:46]
I’m not answering that.

camalam [00:23:49]
aw cmon
its my birthday

JamieMcKenzie [00:24:21]
You’re a fucking menace.

camalam [00:24:23]
but u like it
u like when i hit on u
admit it

JamieMcKenzie [00:24:45]
I will not.

camalam [00:24:48]
pretty please
i know its true

JamieMcKenzie [00:25:17]
Then why do you need me to admit it?

camalam [00:25:24]
want u to say it

JamieMcKenzie [00:25:56]
I like it when you flirt with me.
Happy birthday you little shit.

camalam [00:26:37]
ahaha thank you daddy

JamieMcKenzie [00:26:53]
Fucking hell.
That shouldn’t be hot.

camalam [00:27:07]
but it is
you think its hot

JamieMcKenzie [00:27:32]
Yes. I do.

camalam [00:27:48]
u like it when i call u daddy

JamieMcKenzie [00:27:58]
I wish I didn’t.

camalam [00:28:14]
lol weve all been there
its ok my dad was a piece of shit so
im not calling u that bc u remind me of him or anything
if that helps

JamieMcKenzie [00:28:54]
It doesn’t.

camalam [00:28:59]
didnt think so
he wasnt as nice as u
or as hot

JamieMcKenzie [00:29:25]
Please stop talking about your father.

camalam [00:29:37]
ya i dont wanna talk abt him either tbh
sry for derailing

JamieMcKenzie [00:30:09]
I’m used to it.

camalam [00:30:21]
ya but i had smth i wanted to ask
n now it feels like a bad time

JamieMcKenzie [00:30:46]
Cam half past midnight is a bad time for anything except sleeping.
Just ask.

camalam [00:30:52]
ok uh
can i send u a tit pic

camalam [00:34:05]
r u still there
i hope u didnt fall asleep on me
or was that too much
did i finally scare u off
fuck i rly hope not
i didnt think i still could at this point ngl so uh
hope i wasnt wrong abt that
wait shit did i give u a heart attack
r u going into cardiac arrest
plz tell me i dont need to call anambulan e

JamieMcKenzie [00:36:19]

camalam [00:36:35]
is that a yes ur still here or a yes to the tit pic or a yes ur having a heart attakc

JamieMcKenzie [00:36:42]
Yes I’m still here.
Nothing else.

camalam [00:36:49]
ok cool
still here is good
dyou wanna just forget i asked or

JamieMcKenzie [00:37:05]

camalam [00:37:07]
r u sure
bc we can totes do that
i totally wont mind
i mean
unless u want me to
send u a tit pic i mean
like if u want that we dont have to forget abt it

JamieMcKenzie [00:37:42]

camalam [00:37:46]

JamieMcKenzie [00:38:04]
Why do you want to send me a “tit pic”?

camalam [00:38:10]
dont fuckin put it in quotes oml

JamieMcKenzie [00:38:19]
Just answer the question please

camalam [00:38:28]
idk. bc i can???
its legal now
ive been wanting to send someone nudes for like four years dude
but i was way too anxious abt getting in shit
so i didnt
glad abt that tbh. def wouldve regretted it
now tho
im legal
im hot as fuck
and my tits r great
i wanna show em off to somebody
not in person. ive done that
but ive never sent somebody a tit pic
n i rly rly wanna
and now i can bc its not illegal

JamieMcKenzie [00:39:42]
And why me?

camalam [00:39:52]
well its not like i know anyone else id send nudes to
theyd get the wrong idea

JamieMcKenzie [00:40:13]
Which is what?

camalam [00:40:23]
that i want them to look at my tits ig

JamieMcKenzie [00:40:49]
And you think I won’t think that if you send this to me?

camalam [00:40:54]
well no
but in that case itd be the right idea
bc i DO want u to look at my tits
like. all the time
and also other things

JamieMcKenzie [00:41:41]
Why don’t you just send it to someone you don’t know? Find some stranger on the internet?

camalam [00:41:53]
dammit jamie u know why

JamieMcKenzie [00:42:02]
I don’t! I really don’t!

camalam [00:42:09]
jamie nobody knows im a boy except you
ive never told anyone but you
i dont WANT to tell anyone but you
in the whole damn world it is just you and me and nobody else and until both my parents are dead and in the fucjing ground that is exactly how i want it
but until then theres nobody i could send tit pics to who would look at them and see ME except you

JamieMcKenzie [00:43:05]

camalam [00:43:12]
look i just rly wanna show u my tits ok
call it a birthday gift
like that ur letting me send u the thing i mean

JamieMcKenzie [00:43:22]

camalam [00:43:38]
what does okay mean
like is that acknowledgment of the desire to send u tit pics or is that consent for me to send u them

JamieMcKenzie [00:43:57]
Okay, you can send me a tit pic.
Just… Give me a minute.

camalam [00:44:09]
ya sure
im gonna need a minute anyways to take some

JamieMcKenzie [00:44:20]
Only one.
Only send me one

camalam [00:44:27]
got it

camalam [00:49:39]
ok pic taken
can i send it

JamieMcKenzie [00:49:45]

camalam [00:50:11]

a digital painting of a selfie drawn in a semi-realistic style. The image shows Cam, a young trans man of ambiguous colouring, from shoulders to hips, illuminated only by the camera flash. The camera is in his left hand, and that arm is out of frame; his right hand holds the hem of his baggy white tee shirt up to his collarbones to expose his breasts. His skin is smooth and unmarked. His breasts are small and look soft; his nipples are gently peaked. His stomach looks soft as well. At the bottom edge of the image, the waistband of his plain black underwear is visible. To his right, the background is abstracted, but suggests rumpled bedsheets. The lines of the drawing are soft, and get softer as they leave the light. The colours are warm where the light hits, with cooler colours blooming around the edges, as though the camera is struggling to capture the darker spots.


camalam [00:53:12]
what do u think

JamieMcKenzie [00:53:43]
I think I should’ve asked what kind of response you wanted before I let you send it.

camalam [00:53:46]
compliments mostly
enthusiasm is good if u can manage it
coherence is optional tho

JamieMcKenzie [00:54:06]
That is… A very good picture.

camalam [00:54:33]
lol thanks
that all you wanna say abt it

JamieMcKenzie [00:54:57]
What else do you want to hear?

camalam [00:55:06]
what abt my tits
do you like my tits daddy

JamieMcKenzie [00:55:17]

camalam [00:55:24]
oh god
yeah? you think theyre pretty

JamieMcKenzie [00:55:47]

camalam [00:55:55]
go on
keep talking

JamieMcKenzie [00:56:34]
I don’t know what else to say.

camalam [00:56:42]
dyou wanna touch them

JamieMcKenzie [00:56:48]
Cam this is crossing a line

camalam [00:56:51]
i know

JamieMcKenzie [00:56:58]
We shouldn’t be doing this.

camalam [00:57:01]
its my birthday

JamieMcKenzie [00:57:10]
You keep saying that.

camalam [00:57:16]
tell me you wanna touch my tits

JamieMcKenzie [00:57:29]
What makes you so sure I want to touch them?

camalam [00:57:33]
then tell me you dont
tell me you dont want to touch me
tell me ur not turned on by this
tell me you want me to stop
ill stop
i swear
if u can tell me honestly that u want me to stop then ill stop

JamieMcKenzie [00:59:23]
I do want to touch them

camalam [00:59:31]
oh god
thank you daddy

JamieMcKenzie [00:59:41]
Don’t thank me.

camalam [00:59:50]
how do u wanna touch
would u cup them in ur hands
theres not much there but u could give them a squeeze
run ur palms over them
or would u wanna pinch my nipples
id get so loud if u played w my nips
or maybe u wanna put ur mouth on them
suck pretty marks all over them
i bruise rly easy on my tits
i can leave marks just by pinching the skin
sometimes when im rubbing off i pinch my tits n imagine its ur mouth

JamieMcKenzie [01:00:56]

camalam [01:00:59]
yes daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:01:07]
Are you sober?

camalam [01:01:13]
why wouldnt i be sober

JamieMcKenzie [01:01:18]
I don’t know.

camalam [01:01:20]
yes im sober
i dont have to be drunk to want u
im stone cold sober and i want ur mouth on my tits
do u want that

JamieMcKenzie [01:01:52]
I don’t think I should answer that.

camalam [01:01:57]
but i want u to
please daddy
yes or no
do u want to suck my tits

JamieMcKenzie [01:02:15]

camalam [01:02:27]
god. thats so fucking hot
i dont think ive ever been this wet in my fkn life

JamieMcKenzie [01:02:51]
I’m barely saying anything.

camalam [01:03:01]
jamie u dumbass i am so into u it drives me insane
id cream myself if u so much as looked at me too hard

JamieMcKenzie [01:03:39]
So if I told you I want to suck on your tits you’d probably faint?

camalam [01:03:42]
oh my god
holy fuck
can i touch myself
please can i touch myself

JamieMcKenzie [01:04:04]
I’m surprised you’re asking.

camalam [01:04:07]
want permission
please daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:04:12]
Do it.

camalam [01:04:15]
oh fuck
oh god oh fuck
fuuuuuuck oh my god daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:05:12]
Tell me what you’re doing.

camalam [01:05:30]
oh fuck
i have this toy
big fucjing dildo
im riding it
fuck it feels so good
god im so wet
i can feel it dripping down the toy when i pull off
god it feels so gooddd
please keep talking

JamieMcKenzie [01:06:52]
I don’t know what to say.

camalam [01:06:56]
idk anything
talk abt my tits
tell me i make u horny

JamieMcKenzie [01:07:10]
You do

camalam [01:08:16]
r u jacking off

JamieMcKenzie [01:08:18]

camalam [01:08:21]
why not
its a weekend u have the place to urself

JamieMcKenzie [01:08:41]
If I jack off I’ll only have one hand to text with.

camalam [01:08:44]
thats fine
i can do all the texting
dont need my hands to fuck myself open

JamieMcKenzie [01:09:01]
Christ Cam

camalam [01:09:09]
r u picturing me
riding ur dick

JamieMcKenzie [01:09:16]

camalam [01:09:19]
fuck yes
do i look pretty daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:09:36]

camalam [01:09:39]
damn right
god i bet i look like such a whore
didnt even take my shirt off
thought abt leaving my panties on too but theyre like. so fucking wet
so i took em off
do u want me like this daddy
want to put me in one of ur shirts n let me fuck myself stupid on ur cock

JamieMcKenzie [01:11:18]

camalam [01:11:24]
mmmmmm god ur cock
i want it so bad
bet it feels so good
i want it so fuckin bad
idc which hole i just want u inside me

JamieMcKenzie [01:12:29]

camalam [01:12:34]
u like that
want me to swallow ur dick daddy
wanna cum down my slutty throat
or on my tongue so i can show u the mess when u pull out
or maybe u wanna cum on my face
god i wanna feel it
ur cum on my face
all over my mouth
dripping on my tits

JamieMcKenzie [01:14:12]
That’s gross

camalam [01:14:14]
would u rather cum in my pussy
im so wet for u daddy
so wet and hot
would u lose control
cum as soon as u get inside me
thats ok
i dont mind
i can suck u off until ur hard again
let u finger me
fingerfuck ur cum into me
or would u wanna taste it
i could sit on ur face while i blow u
ride ur tongue til ur stubble burns my thighs
then when ur hard u can fuck me again
throw me down n pound my needy cunt
fuck me hard n deep
fuck i need it so bad
need u so bad

JamieMcKenzie [01:16:51]
Give me a minute

camalam [01:16:54]
yes daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:18:59]
Okay. Back.
Sorry about that. Had to go wash my hands.

camalam [01:19:14]
oh fuck
did u cum
did i make u cum daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:19:30]
You did.

camalam [01:19:32]
oh god
tell me more?
please daddy
what did u think abt

JamieMcKenzie [01:20:05]
I thought about what you described. You riding me, wearing one of my shirts.
All the pretty noises you’d make while you fucked yourself on my cock.

camalam [01:20:36]
oh my god
n that made u cum
thinkin abt me moaning like a slut for ur dick

JamieMcKenzie [01:20:59]
That wasn’t it.
I came because I thought about you calling me Daddy.

camalam [01:21:27]
oh fuck jamie
can i cum
please daddy im so close i wanna cum

JamieMcKenzie [01:21:42]
Do it. Come for Daddy.

camalam [01:21:45]
oh god oh fuck
ok. fuck
holy shit
hope my roomies didnt hear that

JamieMcKenzie [01:23:10]
Oh my God please tell me you didn’t do this with someone else in the room

camalam [01:23:14]
no ofc not
i can hear thm downstairs
theyre still talking so
fingers xed

JamieMcKenzie [01:23:35]

camalam [01:23:43]
tho tbh i bet theyd b jealous
bet none of em have ever cum that hard
fuck im still throbbing

JamieMcKenzie [01:24:04]
Sounds like it was good.

camalam [01:24:07]
god yes

JamieMcKenzie [01:24:11]
Good boy.

camalam [01:24:13]
oh fuck
hnnnnnnnn daddyyyyyy
fuck one sex

JamieMcKenzie [01:24:28]
What’s up?

camalam [01:25:30]
ok im back
had to cum again

JamieMcKenzie [01:25:39]
Jesus, Cam.
It’s only been two minutes.

camalam [01:25:57]
gimme thirty seconds n i can go again

JamieMcKenzie [01:26:06]
You’re insatiable.

camalam [01:26:12]
im So Horny
fuck i wish i was at ur house rn
want u to fuck me so fucking bad

JamieMcKenzie [01:26:39]
Want me to come get you?
Six minutes.
Four if I run the lights.

camalam [01:27:02]
i am not patient or awkae enough for that
tmorrow. ill bus over tmo first thing
if thats ok i mean

JamieMcKenzie [01:27:54]
As long as you don’t mind getting eaten out before you’ve eaten breakfast.

camalam [01:28:05]
oh god brb

JamieMcKenzie [01:28:11]
Holy shit.
How many times can you come?

camalam [01:29:06]
shit. uhhh
i think my record is like six
maybe five

JamieMcKenzie [01:29:30]

camalam [01:29:35]
wanna break it

JamieMcKenzie [01:29:41]
But not tonight. Don’t want you all worn out before you come over.

camalam [01:30:04]
oh fuck yes daddy

JamieMcKenzie [01:30:17]
Get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.

camalam [01:30:22]
fuck i cant wait
gnight jamie

JamieMcKenzie [01:30:31]
Good night Cam.
Sweet dreams.

camalam [01:30:39]

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16 thoughts on “Make It Worse

    • Ahaha thank you! I can’t make any promises, but I have plenty of sequel ideas already, so who knows what might happen!

  1. holy shit. that was genuinely phenomenal. it was a fun little bite but it was so hot. I love a dilf moment. and Cam only being out to Jamie was such a sweet little bit of vulnerability. and I could totally feel the difference in texting styles. Really masterfully done. I hope they have all the fun kinky sex <3

  2. This is such a great little snapshot of these two characters! We learn so much from so little here, I love it.

    Also wow A+ illustration use and execution!!!

    Cam is such a little shit, happy birthday to him, damn

    • Thank you so much! I love being able to condense characters into such small stories without sacrificing any of the characterization, it’s my favourite writing challenge for myself. And yes, Cam is SUCH a little shit, and I love that for him, honestly.

      AND ISN’T THE ART GORGEOUS??? I adore it, melanofly did such an incredible job.

  3. I’m a fan of epistolary story formats (text messages count!), and this made for a very swift, breezy read that clearly establishes the different personalities of the respective characters using nothing but their own voices. Even discounting obvious tells like the presence/absence of punctuation and capitalization, Cam and Jamie SPEAK differently: Cam explodes with energy, though there’s hints that he’s got a little more going on upstairs than just his libido, whereas Jamie is thoughtful yet guarded, with the weight of raising kids on his own pulling him down. They bounce off each other really appealingly! Always nice to see an Opposites Attract story where it’s easy to tell why the leads are into each other aside from “it’s a smut piece, of course they are.”

    • Ahh thank you so much! Yeah, epistolary formats are fun. You can tell a lot about someone based on how they write, and it’s so much fun figuring out what those things are and how to convey them in a story like this. I’m so glad it worked so well! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the character voices in this, though I think yours might be the most detailed so far. I love your analysis of their personalities and chemistry, too — I hadn’t realized so much of that shone through!

  4. “all u have to do is fuck me full of cum like i want”

    Honestly, I love epistolatory work, and a story told through texting is exactly that, it’s so obvious now and such an incredibly fun way to read a smutty story. There’s something so intimate (and nasty) about reading exchanges between two horndogs, and I can’t imagine a better trope to explore that than “hot for babysitter.” I was on board from the word go, and it was an absolute joy to gradually pick up all the details that come together like a symphony as the delicious perversion mounts. The differentiation in character voices and their approach to the relationship makes this such a fun and sexy read. Jamie’s turn at the end, but Cam, especially; we love a whimpering, slutty trans boy. I would read a part two of this in a hot second, I hope you revisit the characters!

    Similar to the epistolatory genre, there’s just something so lush and gorgeous about a hand drawn nude. Perfect art match with the story. I’d go see a series of “Cam’s Nudes” in an art gallery. High class shit.

    • Ahh thank you so much! I’ve always been a huge fan of sexting, so it was an easy choice for a story format, TBH. I loved getting to discover & explore these characters through such a limited medium. The way a person texts can reveal so much about their character, so it’s a ton of fun to play with!

      And YES isn’t the art gorgeous??? I adore it.

      (Oh, and I make no promises re: sequels, but I certainly have plenty of ideas.)

  5. First off, the art is beautiful! I appreciate melanofly making Cam’s boobs look indeed appealing ;v

    Second, as someone who texts like Jamie, the energy between the two is too real LOL I think the most tender moment was when Cam outed himself to Jamie–that’s a sign of trust, for sure, and at least for me solidified the whole thing. Also, writing a character like Cam in texting is SO hard. I’ve done it before and it’s a tricky balance between “this is how this character writes for reasons” vs “this is getting unintelligible.” XD You did it very well here, and it’s cute to see Jamie try to deny the whole Daddy thing, haha.

    • Aren’t Cam’s tits just GORGEOUS? I love the art so much, it’s perfect.

      It’s funny — I actually found Cam easier to write than Jamie. My texting style lies somewhere between the two, though, so they both came pretty naturally to me. Which is good, since it meant their relationship dynamic sprang forth quite naturally from there. It was important to me that they balance each other out in a way that made it crystal clear what they both see in each other.

      Also, I can’t lie — Jamie’s resigned admission that he finds the Daddy thing hot was one of my favourite parts to write. I reread that section so many times, just giggling to myself.

      Thank you so much for commenting, and I’m so glad you liked it!

  6. There’s something very touching that only Jamie knows that Cam’s a boy, but the whole story is too sizzling hot to play up the poignant side. Wow, very hot! I hope it works out for them, both tomorrow and later.

    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I wanted to make sure to inject some heart into the dynamic here — sexy is fun for its own sake, but I really wanted the connection between these two to shine through.

  7. This made me lol more than once! Also, the art is beautiful, and I love that it’s actually part of the story.

    • I’m so glad it made you laugh! I always love making people laugh. And the art worked out so perfectly, I adore it. To think I was originally planning to just say “sent a photo” and leave it at that! I’m so glad I didn’t.

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