Just Another Sunday

by Nijiiro Sumi (虹色墨)

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Fran answered the door wearing nothing but a pink satin bathrobe. Her lipstick was far too red, but her hair was artfully disheveled and she peered down at Nina with just the right amount of sultry coyness, fluttering her eyelashes. “Is that the pizza?”

“Y-yes,” Nina squeaked.

“Perfect,” Fran purred, and hauled Nina in by the collar. Nina squeaked again and dropped the pizza, then stepped on it on the way to the couch. Fran wheeled Nina around and pushed her onto her back on the sofa, then crawled right over and on top of her. The robe gapped open to reveal the tops of her breasts.

“The pizza,” Nina gasped.

“Can wait,” Fran said, and dove down to capture Nina’s mouth with hers. Nina squirmed a little, her cap falling off and onto the floor in the process, before finally getting her hands up and on Fran’s shoulders. They necked like that for a while, like horny teenagers when the parents were supposed to be gone all night, and Nina was just starting to relax and be able to enjoy it.

Fran took that opportunity to go after her shirt. Nina was small-breasted enough to not really need a bra, so Fran just unbuttoned and went after her nipples with her tongue, first one, then the other, laving them with her tongue and then blowing cool breath over them. Nina’s nipples weren’t really that sensitive, but she threw her head back and moaned like she was about to come, her hand in Fran’s hair. Fran moved down Nina’s torso to her bellybutton, dipped her tongue in briefly, and then went after the Dickies. She pulled them and Nina’s boyshorts down to her ankles then off, and then buried her nose in Nina’s pubic hair. Nina didn’t have to fake her groan that time, and now she had both hands buried in Fran’s hair.

There was a problem, though, and it that was Nina wasn’t sure she’d be able to come.

It wasn’t that Fran wasn’t good. Fran was great, Fran was amazing. Fran was really going to town, lapping gently around and against Nina’s clit, probably writing some Wordsworth or Keats or something on it. Nina arched her back and closed her eyes, letting breathy little whimpers escape with every breath. She rucked her legs up around Fran’s sides, planting her feet in the couch cushions for leverage, until Fran had to pin her down by the hips. It was almost too good; Nina was rapidly becoming oversensitive, and if this continued she’d probably start screaming and thrashing, and. . . well, maybe that was what they wanted.

Fran kneaded her sides comfortingly and backed off to slip her tongue into Nina’s cunt, thrusting and licking. Nina was less sensitive there, and she was able to get her breath back, focus, though she was panting like a grayhound after a race. Fran wriggled in one finger, and Nina winced; her nails were a little long for this. Fran grabbed Nina by the hair and pulled her head back, so that she could suck on her throat while she worked that finger in and out for a while, regular, easy thrusts, and then added another one. Nina rolled her hips into a more comfortable position and hummed. Fran stopped just short of leaving a hickey (thank God; they weren’t kids anymore, for Chrissake) and made her way down to nuzzle Nina’s pubes, curled her fingers toward Nina’s bellybutton, and rubbed. Nina let out a little “ah!” and curled her toes. Fran grinned–she could feel her grinning, the bitch–and did it again. Nina whimpered and tried to curl, twisting her shoulders and her hips toward each other, but Fran was still holding her down and working her with wicked, wicked fingers.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,” she murmured, and then laughed, a genuine, joyful sound.

Nina couldn’t resist smiling at the ceiling. “I didn’t sign up for dirty talk.”

“Well, that’s what you’re gonna get.” Fran kissed Nina’s belly and mumbled something that sounded like “this is fun!” She pulled her fingers out–gently, slowly–with a slick sound that made Nina swallow hard and shiver, and sat up to undo her robe and throw it aside. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath (of course). Her lips and chin were still wet and shiny. Fran was tall, and a little curvy, with round, firm breasts and generous hips, and Nina never tired of looking at her. She rubbed one calf against Fran’s ass and received a brief, mischievous smile in response. “Don’t get cocky,” she said, and as if that was an entirely intended pun, she reached under the coffee table and brought up a dildo that Nina was fairly sure hadn’t been there before.

“Oh, fuck no,” said Nina, torn between horrified outrage and hysterical laughter.

The dildo was bright green and shaped like an enormous flower, with bright pink leaves and a yellow center. The stem was gently curved at one end to hit the g-spot, and one green leaf crooked down and in for clitoral stimulation.

“Shit,” said Nina. “That thing doesn’t vibrate, does it?”

Fran didn’t reply, just grinned, and Nina groaned. “C’mon now, open up,” Fran cooed. She tapped Nina’s thigh, and Nina let her legs fall open obligingly. Fran slipped two fingers back in, then out again, and started to push in the flower. It was bigger than her fingers, and Nina gritted her teeth. Fran stopped, and Nina hissed breath out through her teeth and hitched up her hips. Fran pushed in again, slowly and steadily, until the leaf was pressed up against Nina’s clitoris, just a little maddening pressure.

“You look so hot,” said Fran.

“Nnnngghhh fuck,” said Nina. She didn’t feel particularly hot; she felt stuffed full and kind of silly.

“Okay baby,” said Fran. “Hang on.” And she switched on the vibrator.

Nina threw her head back and possibly shouted something, but she wasn’t sure what. She flung out her hands looking for something to grab, but the couch cushions were slick under her fingers, and Fran was too far away, sitting back on her heels and laughing, the whore. Finally she settled for clutching her own hair and moaning like she was dying, which was entirely possible, the sensation was so much. She’d never been a huge fan of vibrators, especially rabbits, which were so stimulating that it kind of took all the fun out of sex–you could be thinking about calculus and you’d still come. But that was good, she kind of needed it taken out of her hands, because–because–

She came, convulsing around the vibrator inside her, and it kind of hurt but also felt really, really good.

“Huh,” she said, afterward, staring at the ceiling.

Fran tsked as she slid the flower out, leaving Nina feeling weirdly loose and open. “I can always make you come, baby, you should know that.” She made the vibrator disappear somewhere and stretched out on the couch next to and half on top of Nina.

“Okay,” said Nina. There was something she was supposed to do here, she was sure there was, but her brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders yet.

“All right, cut,” said Fiona. “We can cut there. Take a break.”

Fran sat up, which kind of disappointed Nina because she was actually a little cold, and Fran had been a nice warm blanket. Fiona set two bottles of water on the coffee table, then bent over, camera in front, so that Fran could get a look at the little display. They watched in silence for a while, broken by the tinny recorded groans. Nina rolled over and buried her face in the couch cushion, the tips of her ears growing hot.

“Oh, you don’t have anything to be ashamed of,” said Fran, giving Nina a playful little slap on her ass; Nina squeaked. “It’s hot, really.”

“There’s a flower coming out of my vagina,” Nina replied.

“Oh, it’s not like you were going to show your mother this or anything.”

Nina felt her insides go cold. The possibility of more sex, ever again, in her life, was suddenly as cold and remote as the Arctic.

A particularly strident moan emitted from the camera, and Fran tittered. “That was hot,” Fiona said with relish. “Seriously. Who says lesbians don’t know how to have fun?”

“She was worried she wouldn’t be able to come,” said Fran. “Because of the camera and everything, you know?”

“I’m right here,” said Nina.

“Well, if you’d speak for yourself I wouldn’t have to speak for you!”

“So what did you have in mind for later?” Fiona interjected. “We’ve always got demand for more fisting. Or you could do something a little kinkier–that’s okay, too. We’ve got cuffs, whips, paddles. . . or, hey, you into watersports? I don’t think the website has any watersports.”

“Aaaarrrggghhh,” said Nina.

Fran tossed her hair back. “Well, I haven’t come yet.” She leaned down and poked Nina in the butt. “What’re you gonna do about that?”

Nina raised herself up on her elbows and gave it some thought, propping her chin on one hand. “I think I want to do you up the ass.”

“Ooo, I think Props has something you can use,” Fiona chirped. “Like, some plugs, and stuff. And beads, if you’re into that.”

“Awesome,” said Fran. “Okay, Nina, you up for another round?”

Nina sighed and stretched. It was for the movement, she reminded herself. Lesbian porn by lesbians, for lesbians. “Sure.”

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