I’ve Got My Love

by Roselia Grimm
illustrated by calintz

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illustrated by calintz

Dov woke up with a warm body on either side of him. He lay still for a second, hoping against hope that he was having a particularly vivid dream. But no, there was light shining behind his closed eyes and he could feel, very distinctly, the cold air around him. The climate control was broken; probably citywide since he didn’t hear any alerts beeping. One of the bodies next to him moved on top of him. There was a sound like someone beginning a very long and involved kiss over his chest with someone else. He said, without opening his eyes, “What did I tell you two about this.”

“It’s snowing,” said the first, breaking apart from his partner in crime with a wet, luxurious sound.

“There’s no electricity,” said the second.

“You said we couldn’t go with you to the company party,” they finished.

“You’re not allowed to go to the company party,” he said, trying to ignore the way hands were creeping under the covers, “because last year you did something filthy to the president to the tune of ‘Santa Baby’.”

“He loved it,” said the first smugly.

“He had a coronary,” he said.

“He died happy,” said the second piously.

“I almost lost my job,” he said.

“We’d go on the streets and support you,” the first said, somehow managing to cuddle closer. “And it wasn’t your real job anyway. It’s a boring job. We don’t like it.”

“They wouldn’t know what hit them,” said the second, nuzzling into his hair.

“No,” he agreed, “they wouldn’t.” He waited a beat while they made half-purring noises of glee, and then added, “And get your hands off that area.” The hand creeping under the blanket toward his groin paused but did not actually move.

“Won’t,” they said together.

“You two weren’t programmed to behave like this,” he said, trying for irritable and managing exasperated and affectionate. “I include breaking the climate control to try to keep me in bed in that.”

“You’ll never prove it,” said the second.

He sighed and opened his eyes reluctantly. Above him, the they kissed each other again. One’s white-gold hair shifted together with the other’s black curls. It was very pretty but he was largely immune to the effect, after years of dealing with them. “I don’t have to prove it,” he said. “I know you two.”

They broke apart again and leaned over him. “Are you going to stop us?” said the first.

“Are you going to punish us?” said the second.

Their faces, with identically sharp smiles, leaned closer. He pushed himself up from under the covers, leaning against the headboard, and the two of them scrambled up and cuddled up close. The first’s barcode on his right shoulder bumped against the second’s barcode on his left shoulder. He smiled a little and kissed each barcode in turn. The two of them shivered, making thin happy sounds like birds trilling. “I should,” he said, lifting his head and allowing them to lick at his neck. “This is at least as much as a nuisance as the bodies were.”

“They deserved it,” said the first, pouting a little.

“We helped you move them,” said the second, his brows drawing together. “There was blood and it was dirty.”

“They wanted to separate us,” said the first, his eyes flashing with remembered anger. He couldn’t blame them, although it had only been sheer fate that had spared him from their fury. He could still remember them, their hands bloodied and dripping, their half-feral eyes glaring at him. They had clung together as if it was a physical pain to be apart. As he had walked closer, they had flinched.

“What if people get hurt from the cold?” he said.

“It’s not that cold,” said the first.

“We left warm patches,” said the second.

“If they’re clever enough to find them,” finished the first. He wiggled closer yet. “If they’re stupid, they should just die.”

“Your philosophy appalls me,” he said.

“Why?” said the second. His eyes were innocent and cruel, like a cat. He pushed his head against Dov’s shoulder.

Dov sighed and stroked their hair, his fingers brushing against the ports embedded in the bases of their necks. No wire or cable had been hooked to them for a long time. The two of them could control the city system well enough without them, if it suited them. He knew there were other things like them, probably hiding in Lowertown or living in the Upper City as humans, or perhaps in the walls of the city itself, forgotten but dreaming in their tanks of amniotic fluid. “Maybe it would be different if you were human,” he said.

“I’m glad I’m not,” said the first.

“I don’t like them,” said the second. “We only like you,” he added, and put his hands around Dov’s face and kissed him deeply, the strange half-metallic and sweet taste of his mouth flooding into Dov’s. The first licked and bit at their mouths in soft impatience, and Dov broke away from the second to kiss the first as well. The second pulled the first away from Dov and kissed him, deep and biting, before rising to his knees in a single fluid movement and rubbing himself against Dov’s mouth. The first scrabbled the bedclothes away and pushed them off the bed. The cold air was a shock against Dov’s skin, but the first’s warm mouth covered his cock quickly, licking and sucking. The second rolled his hips against Dov’s face again.

“Impatience,” said Dov, but he licked the second’s cock slowly, while the second whined and tried to push in deeper. At last Dov opened his mouth and let the second’s cock slid in a little, tasting the harsh metallic undertaste of his flesh. The first sighed out around Dov’s cock and took him in deeper.

“Save some for me,” said the second, almost cross, even as his hands sank deeply into Dov’s hair and tried to pull him closer.

The first pulled away enough to say, “Maybe a little,” his voice half-mocking. He rose to his knees and bit at the second’s shoulder, enough so the second hissed and arched.

“I want a lot,” said the second, his breath coming hard, his voice low and greedy. “Don’t we?”

“Yes,” hissed the first, his hands wrapping around the second’s waist as he rubbed himself against the second’s back. “A lot, a lot, a lot.” He watched Dov suck the second’s cock avidly.

Dov pulled away long enough to say, “What did we talk about,” and the first made a disgruntled noise and reached over to the bedside table and the pot of spicy-scented ointment.

The second shuddered and moaned. Dov could feel the edges of the first’s long fingers brushing against his chin as the first stroked the second’s balls and further back. The second hissed and clutched at Dov’s hair as the first prepared him. The first bit him again, hard, and entered in a hard thrust that even Dov could feel. The second cried out and Dov relaxed, letting him thrust into his mouth until the second shuddered and pulled out, spilling himself all over Dov’s chest.

He slid down, his eyes half-lidded and sated, and rolled to the side, even as the first leaned forward and kissed Dov, biting softly at his mouth. Dov reached down for the pot of ointment and stroked up a long slick line into his opening, as the first sighed, long and deep, and arched into his hand. He allowed Dov to work up to fingers before pushing his hand impatiently aside and sinking down in a single smooth rush. His face was flushed, lighting up his pale skin with rosy highlights. The second made a low crooning noise and Dov thought he could almost make out words of a secret language. He couldn’t listen; the first was leaning forward and then sinking down again, slowly at first and then faster as he dug his nails into Dov’s chest and the streaks of white there. Dov reached out and wrapped his hands around his hips, holding him steady as he thrust up sharply. The first made a choked sound deep in his throat and came, his come mixing with the white already on Dov’s chest. Dov watched the first’s face, the way his eyes had turned dark and blank. The second bit Dov’s neck, softly marking him, and Dov came, hard, as they watched him with unreadable and unhuman eyes.

The first slid off him and fell half on Dov’s chest, reaching out to entwine his hand with the second’s. Dov tried to catch his breath and calm his racing heart. He said finally, “You’re going to have to turn the electricity back on eventually.”

“Why?” said the first, his hand sliding sleepily into the second’s hair.

“No hot water without electricity,” said Dov.

The two of them stiffened slightly. “Feh,” said the second, but the next moment, the electricity came back on with a low hum.

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