It Started With A Kiss

by The Autumn Poet


The waiting area of the Mactan International Airport was nearly empty. Tourists usually stopped by Cebu during the summer to enjoy its many beaches; however this day seemed to be an exception. Only the resounding voice of the airline traffic managers and the characteristic beep of the announcing board compensated for the lack of noise.

Anthony sighed at the placard he was asked to bring. He was picking up his sister’s online friend because she was simply too busy. “As if… ” he mumbled, contemplating the bias of the world to older siblings. It was simply inconceivable why he had to stand for almost an hour, waiting for someone he didn’t even know. He didn’t even know how her friend looked like in the first place. “Doubt she does, either,” he sighed again as he slumped his body against the high railing. “God I hate waiting… ” He raised the placard, covering his face in the process. He was the only one in the airport anyway… why bother? “Fujimoto, Seiichi,” he announced, his voice echoing in the silence. Embarrassed, he covered his face with the sign. “I can’t take this… ” he mumbled.

“Ano… ” A tall young man wearing a safari hat poked him gently on his shoulder. “Ah… Are you Reyes, Anthony-san?”

He almost jumped. He turned and gawked at the man in front of him. “Y-you’re… Seiichi Fujimoto?” He turned pale when the foreigner smiled and nodded. “D-do you understand English?”

The foreigner nodded again and extended his hand. “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu,” Pleased to meet you. He grinned.

“M-my pleasure… .” Anthony shook his hand stiffly. Seiichi was tall. Well, tall was an understatement. He was around six-foot-something, two or four? He was tanned and appeared to have dyed blond hair. He guessed that dyeing was a fashion statement in the Land of the Rising Sun. “Uh… the car’s this way. Do you have any other luggage?” his eyes strayed to his big stroller.

The blond shook his head, keeping that big grin of his. “Ikimasho ka?” Shall we go?

“Uh… ” He led the way and helped him load his luggage into the car trunk. “Y-yeah. But I don’t really understand Japanese… ” He cleared his throat as he slipped onto the driver’s seat.

The trip back to the apartment was the longest and dullest that Anthony had ever experienced. He expected his companion to be more talkative or at least eager to try out his communication skills. But to his consternation all he did was grin stupidly at almost everything his eyes laid on. The atmosphere was already tense as it was. Or so he had thought.

“We’re here,” Anthony grumbled as he got out of the car. He was about to walk towards the trunk when he realized that his guest was still seated in the car. He sighed, walking over to his side of the car and knocked gently on the window. “Uh…. Mr. Fujimoto, we’re here. You can come out now.” He opened the door for him and gestured for him to get out. The foreigner just smiled and followed his instructions. “I’ll get your bag, okay?” This foreigner didn’t seem to understand English at all. Or maybe he didn’t hear me. Or something. He lifted the trunk lid and only realized that Fujimoto’s luggage was really heavy when he tried to pull the stroller out and found his persistence in vain, he lost his balance and fell back.

“Daijobu desu ka?” Are you all right? Fujimoto caught Anthony by his shoulders and pulled him up. “Asobimasu ka?” Are you playing? He gave him a confused look before he effortlessly pulled the stroller out of the trunk and closed it.

Quick to act, Anthony helped him with his luggage and ran to the door. He knocked first and gave his guest an embarrassed smile, “I’m sorry. I have to open this first. I expected my sister to be here…” He rummaged for the keys and after checking all his pockets, realized that he left them in his car. “Uhm… could you wait for a bit? I have to get the keys?” Fujimoto merely answered with a smile as his host ran back to his car.

The foreigner observed him with amusement as he walked towards the front door and rang the doorbell until he heard footsteps. “Sei-kun!” The door was flung open a minute later. “You’re here! Why didn’t you ring the doorbell, Tony!” Lisa, Anthony’s older sister screamed. “Didn’t I tell you to take care of our guest? You made him wait for nearly thirty minutes!”

Anthony grimaced as he walked up the steps to the house. “I’m sorry,” he drawled. “I forgot my keys in the car.”

His sister pulled him by the ear. “Goodness. You never do anything, right.” She smiled at Fujimoto. “Dozo, dozo.” She gestured for him to enter before giving Anthony a death glare. “Conduct yourself properly, or I wring your neck.” Her smile was strained. No wonder her wrinkles multiply, Anthony thought.

Annoyed because he didn’t understand Japanese, he excused himself and escaped to his room. He hated the fact that he was bossed around by his sister and hated it even more that he believed a foreigner’s obvious lie. He didn’t seem to understand English at all. He flopped on his bed and buried his face against his pillow. “I wish it were tomorrow already! I want to be free!” he mumbled.

As sure as the sun rises, he thought. I’m going to stop being bossed around by Ate.

And true to his word, the sun did rise and it was beginning beautifully. The sky was crisp blue and the breeze was cool. It was going to be a pleasant drive at six in the morning. Traffic was not going to stop him from enjoying his youth. He will experience the ultimate! He… faced his sister’s wry smile as he descended the stairwell.

“Ohayo, Tony-chan.” She smirked as she pulled a chair out for him.

“You don’t look right…” He warily took the opposite chair and filled his plate with rice.”Pass me the eggs please.”

“Why are you sitting so far away, Tony-chan? Oneechan is so lonely here!” She patted the seat beside her. “And I offered it too… Mou… Tony-chan wa hidoi! I won’t give you eggs.”

“Ate… You know I don’t understand a thing you’re trying to say.” He stood up and reached for the plate of eggs. “And frankly speaking, I’ve had enough. We’re in the Philippines! Speak English!” He dumped two servings on his rice and reached for the ham.

“Look who’s being a hypocrite,” she mumbled and reached for a piece of bread. “You’re being mean so early in the morning.”

“I am not.” He gingerly sipped his tea. “I’m in a good mood. A very good one.”

“Well then! Since you’re in such a cheery mood today be Sei-kun’s tour guide!” She grinned as he choked on his tea.

“Why me?” To his consternation, his sister merely grinned.


“Because what?”

“—- you obviously know more of the new places around here. I’m busy and he decided to finally visit us. Go show him around.” She spread some peanut butter on her bread. “Both of you will have little problems in connecting since you belong to the same generation.”


Lisa’s eyebrows shot up. “You’re going to refuse me?”

He looked away. Lisa’s death glare reminded him of the medusas he used to draw when he was younger. “F-fine. But I can’t believe he’s the same age as I am. He looks older.”

“Just around three years. Not that much older,” she answered him matter-of-factly. “Touring him around won’t be so bad either. It would be a learning experience for you. So, how about it?”

He was defenseless against his sister after all. “It must be my respect for elders that’s making me allow you to boss me around, Ate.” He stood up and headed back to his room to prepare his things.

“Good morning, Tony-chan,” Fujimoto greeted as he passed by the hallway to the stairwell. I mean seriously, Anthony thought. The guy freaks me out. He picked up his bag and rushed to his car. “Ate, I’ll be heading by your workplace at two-thirty to pick him up. I need to go to class,” he answered his sister’s quizzical look when he hurriedly hopped on to his car.

“Why?” She crossed her arm as he was about to take out his keys.

“I still have classes… ” His eyes widened as Fujimoto climbed on the passenger’s seat and gave him a peace sign. “W-wait a minute!”

“Sight-seeing.” Fujimoto grinned at him.

“I’m going to school… SCHOOL,” he slowly spelled it out for him, glaring at his sister. “I don’t want to be rude but I have classes Mr. Fujimoto—

“Seiichi desu,” he interjected with an even wider grin.

“Seiichi, then.” He breathed in. “But I have classes. I’ll pick you up at two-thirty, okay?” He gave her sister an even more menacing glare. “OKAY?”

A moment of silence passed between the three of them. Seiichi gave Lisa a puzzled look. In return, she gave him a big smile. Somehow in between understanding and becoming more confused, he just smiled back and buckled up. “Thank you.” He patted Anthony’s shoulder.

“See? Didn’t I tell you? Tony-chan is kind.” Lisa closed the door of the passenger’s seat and waved at the agitated driver, leaving him no other choice but to acquiesce. “Ki o tuskete ne!” Take care!

He wanted to throw the Japanese man out of his car. Or more specifically, he wanted to throw his sister in a quarantine room. He was going to school, wasn’t that obvious enough?

“Are you angry?” Seiichi looked at him, his grey eyes locked on his target. “You are angry,” he concluded when he was met with silence. “Ne, Tony-chan… why are you angry?”

“I am not,” he answered begrudgingly, turning to a corner.

“You look angry.” Seiichi pried, quietly unbuckling his seatbelt.

“I said I’m not,” he snapped, pressing on the brake pedal and stopping over. “We’re here. Let’s stop by the Admissions Office first and then I’ll see what I can do about today, okay?” He unbuckled his seat belt and reached for his bag on the back seat. He glanced at the Japanese guy and found him staring. “What?” He suddenly found himself flustered, “Is there something on my face?” He quickly adjusted the rear-view mirror and checked his face.

Seiichi leaned close and gently placed his hand on his knee. “You like boys, don’t you?”

His mouth dropped, blood rushing to his head. “W-what… ”

The blond smiled. “I noticed it since yesterday. You were blushing the whole time.”

“I… I am not… I mean I did not!” He pulled away, trying to hide the telltale blush. “I am—was not blushing!”

Seiichi leaned closer and pulled his chin up, lightly brushing their lips together. “Don’t worry,” he whispered against his ear, “I won’t tell your ‘Neechan.” He smiled as he got out of the car, placing a finger over his lips.

He could not believe what just happened. He fought his blush and jumped out of the car, slamming the door close. “Hey!” He ran to his side and grabbed him by the arm, “I don’t know how you found out but don’t you dare tell anyone!”

The blond man just smiled and planted another kiss on his lips. “Please take care of me,” he said so guilelessly that it made Anthony’s heart skip a beat.

All Anthony could do was to fight the blush from reaching his ears as they walked to the Admission’s Office. Luckily enough, he was allowed to show Seiichi around and have him sit-in his classes. For someone Japanese he sure knew how to speak in fluent English. Maybe better than his classmates, he suspected.

Towards the end of his last class, he slipped a note to Seiichi asking him where he would like to go next. A minute later, Seiichi passed the note back. Anthony casually opened the folded paper, wondering if he wanted to go bar-hopping but found himself taken aback by the letters scrawled on the paper. His ears turned red as he stared at his guest blankly. “W-what… m-my… r-room… ?”

Seiichi just smiled and stood up as the bell rang. He pointed at Anthony’s classmates who had been calling him for quite a while. Anthony stood up and explained to them that he had errands to do before he led his guest back to his car.

“Hey, Seiichi,” he said as he adjusted his seatbelt, “I may like boys but that doesn’t really make me entirely—” His little explanation was cut short by Seiichi’s warm lips, his mouth tingling as he felt Seiichi’s tongue part his lips open. Anthony opened his mouth, closing his eyes, expecting the inevitable but when he felt the cold wind from the air conditioner touch his cheeks, he decided that he was being played around. He breathed in deeply and resolutely said, “I’m not gay.” He directed his vision forward, not wanting to see his companion’s reaction.

“I know.” The blond merely smiled, contented over his little triumph. “But your body… ” He reached down his crotch and patted the bulge forming under his pants. “Is quite a liar, yes?”

“Let’s go… first… to Ayala.” Anthony decided to ignore his advances. He may like guys better than girls but that didn’t really make him fully gay. He was bisexual, he never hid the fact. But it was the first time someone flirted with him so openly. And he found that he was at a loss.

“So how was your excursion?” Lisa asked later that evening, carrying a can of beer and a plateful of Pringles with both hands. “You don’t look happy at all, Tony-chan.” She placed the plate on the counter and took the stool across him.

He stuffed his mouth with chips, waving the question away. “These aren’t Sour Cream and Onions… they’re cheese!”

“Where did you guys go?” She persisted, handing him a bottle of water. “C’mon, tell me.”

“Ayala,” was his curt response, opening the bottle and downing its content in one long gulp.

“Now that’s special —”

“Next time, Ate, you tour him. I don’t know what he’s interested in so I wouldn’t know where he wants to go.” He placed the bottle in the sink and muttered his “good night” as he headed for his room. He felt exhausted and he didn’t know what to make of all Seiichi’s advances.

He went into his room and faced the darkness, resigning to sleep as if it was the only way to escape the thoughts he had suppressed the whole afternoon. He couldn’t quite get the feel of Sei’s lips from his mind. He could almost remember the smoothness of his tongue as it glided into his mouth. It felt like warm velvet, making his hair stand on end.

Anthony placed a finger over his lips, his tongue licking the tip before nibbling on it. He belatedly regretted that he was too shy to force himself to kiss him, or even grab at his tongue when he had a chance. He sucked his finger, biting and scraping his teeth along as he pulled it out. Almost restlessly, he reached for his pants and stroked the hardness building beneath it. He moaned, biting his lower lip as he alternately squeezed and stroked himself. In his mind, he was kissing Seiichi, nibbling on his soft lips, sucking his warm velvety tongue. He buried his face against his pillows, grinding slowly against his hands, allowing himself an amount of torment to punish his impure thoughts before he unzipped his pants. He teased his cock out, pinching the head while his other hand rubbed his scrotum.

“Sei… ” he moaned, squeezing his cock, rubbing it harder. He turned to his side, reaching to pinch his nipples , his other hand pulling at his hardness, his hips moving in a slow thrusting rhythm. He wanted to feel those velvety lips on his nipples; the feel of his tongue excited him. His groin ached to be touched, and he wished he had Seiichi’s mouth on his cock, sucking it, biting on it. He rubbed himself faster, pulling himself to his knees. His other hand was reaching for his scrotum, squeezing it, caressing it before he teased his anus. He pinched the head of his cock, sliding his hand up and down, repeatedly squeezing the base to distract him from his other hand. His finger had already reached half-away into him when he climaxed.

He collapsed face first into the pillows, his hands and sheets covered in cum, the fluid glistening against the faint light. He brought his hand closer to his face and licked the stickiness off, imagining it was someone else’s. He wanted Sei.

But he wasn’t going to admit that to himself either. Especially when his expression was always deceptive.

“Am I going to baby-sit him again, Ate?” He stared at the smiling face across him.

“If I remember correctly… you don’t have classes today. Isn’t that convenient?” She served him a plate of bacon. “And I don’t think that it would be so bad. Sei-kun even offered to teach you Nihon-go, right Sei-kun?” He merely smiled and nodded. “Besides, if you’re going to stay here in the house the whole day, might as well tour him around. Ayala is such a boring place.”

“But I’m not feeling well.” His blush rose to his cheeks. He didn’t feel relieved at all, being left in the house with someone he might as well consider his prey. “I think you’re free today too, Ate. You tour him around.” He bit on a piece of bacon and looked away. Somehow he couldn’t look the man in the face. It was too embarrassing.

“I have work today, you know,” Lisa turned to Sei and gave him an apologetic look. “I’m sorry Sei-kun. It’s a busy time for me so I hope you don’t mind staying with Tony-chan for today, okay? He’s not always like this so I hope both of you will,” as she ground her heel on Anthony’s foot, “get along, okay?” She sent her brother a killer glance. “You play Wii, right? Tony’s really good at playing Bleach. So for now, get along okay? I promise to take you out before you leave.” She hugged Sei and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Bye bye now. Be back in the evening!” She stole three slices of bread before running out of the house.

“Uhm… “Anthony picked up the empty plates.”If you’re done, just leave it in the sink. I’ll wash it later.” He stood up and walked towards the kitchen with a sigh. The silence between them was awkward to begin with; after what happened last night, he felt as if the tension had risen to something he didn’t even want to comprehend. He had had his urges but the thought that there might be no consequences out of it made the situation more tempting. He turned the faucet and allowed the water to run freely, his hands feeling the pressure as the water slid down to the dirty plates.

“Hmmm… What are you thinking of?” Seiichi whispered into his ear.

It jolted him back and made him realize how closely Seiichi was standing next to him. Seiichi’s hands were in his pockets, and the rest of the dirty plates had been piled neatly by the sink. “S-sorry. I was just sleepy.” He washed his shaking hands, looking for the liquid detergent to clean the dishes.

“Hmmm… I wonder why?” Seiichi took the dry dish towel from one of the side racks and wiped the clean dishes. “Were you thinking of me?”

Anthony’s blush deepened as he pretended not to hear. “S-so, what games are you interested in? For the Wii, I mean.”

Seiichi hummed in response, drying the dishes and piling them neatly onto the drying rack. “None in particular. I’m an outdoor type of person.” He grinned at him as he accepted the last plate to clean. “But what I’m particularly interested in is you.”

“A-as long as my sister doesn’t know, we can play around, you know that?” Anthony looked away and pretended to dry the sink. “I’m not against doing it.”

“Really?” Seiichi teased, leaning against him. “You’re not against it?” His hand slipped up the back of his neck, his fingers teasing his nape.

“I-I’m not!” He pulled away, unable to look at him straight in the eye. “But I’m not as experienced as you think.”

Seiichi merely laughed at his confession. “What are you talking about? I just wanted to get to know you better.” He moved closer to Anthony, cupping his cheeks. “Did you honestly think that I would lay a hand on you?”

Without thinking, he closed the space between them and pulled his head down. Anthony kissed him fiercely, despite the height disadvantage, forcing Seiichi to lean closer against him, pushing him against the sink. Anthony forced his lips apart, licking and biting at Seiichi’s soft lips. He felt his own hardness betray his need as Seiichi propped him on the sink and kissed his neck, leaving small bite marks along his collar bone.

“Don’t look so desperate,” Seiichi breathed as his hands slipped inside Tony’s shirt. “Don’t make me lose control.” He pinched his nipples, licking Tony’s neck.

Anthony gasped with pleasure, grinding his hardness against Sei’s stomach. He felt strangely more aware of the smiling idiot whose face turned suddenly serious. His hands found Sei’s neck, pulling his face lower and lower. He could feel Sei’s velvety tongue against his navel, Sei’s hands teasing his waist, Sei’s eyes on him. He felt feverish. A wild sense of happiness came over him as his clothes slowly disappeared. His pants came off together with the last bit of sanity he owned. He lost everything to the moment, to the passion he was feeling and the overwhelming sensation that came with Sei’s mouth lavishing his hardness with attention. He reached for him, his fingers finding his mouth, caressing them apart, “Kiss me… ” he pleaded as Sei pulled him up, opening his needy mouth and accepting his soft tantalizing kiss. Anthony’s own hands moved on its own accord, reaching for Sei’s hardness. Sei’s tongue felt so warm inside his mouth, his own body melted against him. “S-sei… ”

“Tony-chan.” Sei reached for Tony’s hand, helping him undo his zipper. “I said… ” Tony’s hand caressed his hardness. “Don’t make me… ” He pulled him on top and slowly pushed into Tony’s anus, distracting him with his kisses, biting hard against his neck. “Lose it.” He pushed Tony by his arms and rammed hard into him.

The smaller man bit against his neck, sucking it hard as he felt Sei’s cock slide into him. It was hot, weird, painful and erotic. It felt like something was tearing him inside, making him want to implode. Sei’s shallow breaths drove him insane, tickling his skin, moving him to scream.

“Don’t make this any harder,” Sei cautioned him as Tony’s passage tightened around his cock. He reached for Tony’s hardness and found that he had already come, his semen staining his shirt. He held him tightly as his thrusts became faster, pushing deeper into him, allowing himself to be sated. “Tony, you’re so cute when you masturbate.”

“Sh-shut up,” he moaned, grinding his cock against Sei’s stomach. “Y-you were l-looking.” Tony pinched the head of his own cock and squeezed it harder. He felt Sei’s teeth against his shoulder and nearly collapsed when he felt cum spill out of his anus. A moment of stillness passed and all Tony could see were the clothes that have been discarded on the floor.

“I met you yesterday… why am I having sex with you now?” He felt his feet touch the ground. He was bewildered yet satisfied. He got what he wanted, he slept with Sei, but somehow he was hollow inside. He felt that he lost something forever. A sharp pang of loneliness came over him, his hands shaking in confusion.

Seiichi held him close, kissing him gently on the forehead. “I won’t tell your ‘Neechan, I promise.” He pulled away and zipped up his pants before he picked up Tony’s clothes. “Don’t feel sad.” He helped him put on his pants, zipping it up for him. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

Tony grabbed Sei’s arm before he could turn away, “I’m not ashamed of it. I just don’t want you to go.” He pulled Sei back and hugged him tightly. “I feel… weird.” He leaned his head against Sei’s chest, fighting something he didn’t even understand.

The blond smiled in response and merely held him tight. But the loneliness continued to build inside Tony as the days passed. Even if his sister did prove true to her word, touring Seiichi on the weekends, Tony found it harder to be with Sei. His heart sank every time he heard their conversation of souvenirs. Before he knew it, he was back in the airport, this time to say goodbye.

The attendants called out Sei’s flight number. A crowd passed by buzzing with goodbyes and hellos. Seiichi placed his hand on Tony’s head. “I’m leaving now. Thank you for taking good care of me.”

“Y-you’re welcome.” Tony couldn’t look him in the eye, fixing his gaze on the floor. He felt Sei’s embrace from behind and his body obediently leaned against his.

“Mata aimasho,” Let’s meet again, Sei whispered in his ears. “Aishiteru.” He kissed Tony’s cheek, the warmth of his lips lingering on his skin. After a long moment, Sei pulled away.

He stared blankly at his disappearing back, the crowd obscuring him from sight. When he could no longer spot Sei’s back, he took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to his sister. “Sei already left. By the way, what do aishiteru and mata aimasho mean?”

He walked towards his car, anxiously waiting for a reply. When he received none he decided to drive back home. But all his attempts to treat the matter lightly failed; he could do nothing but stare at his phone. Around lunch, he heard his mobile phone ring. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he read the message. “Aishiteru means I love you.” He closed his eyes and read the it again, “Mata Aimasho means see you again.” His lips cracked into a smile. He held his mobile phone against his chest and suppressed his tears. “Let’s meet again,” he whispered, hoping Sei could hear his answer.

Translation Notes:
Ate /ah-teh/- tagalog word for older sister, like Neechan is in Japanese
Ayala /ah-ya-lah/- name of a popular Mall in Cebu, Philippines
Mactan /mak-TAN/- An island connected to Cebu Island proper by two bridges where the only airport of the region is located

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