3 thoughts on “I saw this coming

  1. You have absolutely blown me away. I recall one of your issue notes where you shared that you were studying film stills and your work here really shows it. You’ve got such a great grasp of composing art through a camera lans. You’re using such minimal colors but the impact is huge. (Also, I love how you made so many tiny illustrations?! What sheer dedicaton.)

    I first saw this on my phone and definitely ran to my tablet to see it in its full glory.

  2. Love the color shift to indicate the time change — like morning to night lighting! The process of what’s happening is really clear even without that cue, but it’s a great touch. I have to assume this took forever, but it’s a really striking piece!

  3. Oh there is SO much tenderness here! I love the style of your panels – they really have a sound to me, sort of a soft acoustic jam. And the shift in color palette on the way through is stellar also. I particularly love the expression in the very last panel, of the one man’s eye and blushy face, with his mouth entirely full. :D delightful!!! <3

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