by Bloodsucking Llama

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The fireworks blossomed in the night sky, sparking the darkness with dazzling streams and shimmering showers of glowing colors. The red lights lined along the dock shined vibrantly as customers bought gyutan and glass-bottled sodas or triumphantly held their just won goldfish in plastic bags of water. The salty sea breeze was chilly, and the ground was drenched from a recent summer rain. A group of noisy schoolgirls carefully leaped over large, muddy puddles, not wanting the edges of their lovely pink, orange, and yellow cotton yukata to get ruined. A group of drunken teenagers hobbled and staggered along, leaning against each other for crutches and laughing all the while as they tried their hardest not to slip and fall in the thick mud. Little boys scampered and weaved their way through the congested crowds, ignoring their mother’s calls – pretending that they couldn’t hear them over the excited yells of the crowds.

Beside the monstrous legs of an elevated train track, several couples laid out sheets on sheltered, dry ground to relax on as they whispered and smiled to each other. It was against one of these concrete walls that two guys leaned against, one a great deal taller than the other, as they listened to the rumblings and cracks of the fireworks. Both had their hands shoved into their faded, torn jeans; the taller, with his reddish hair, had a limp cigarette dangling out of his mouth while the shorter had on a two-sizes-too-big green beanie – he had to push it back up every time it slid down over his eyes.

Before long, Hideaki – the taller, that is – sighed and said rather bluntly, “Look, Dai: you either want to have sex with us or you don’t.” He was slightly muffled by the cigarette dangling from his mouth, but Daiki could understand him clearly enough. “If you do, meet me at Kita-Sendai station in… I don’t know, about two hours. Understand?”

Daiki nodded stiffly.

Hideaki watched Daiki for a moment before dropping the cigarette to the hard ground and crushing it with the edge of his sneaker. “You’re really an idiot, you know that?”


“You’re an idiot. You’re not going to come, no matter what I say to you.”

Daiki shrugged. “I never said I wouldn’t.”

“But you’re not,” Hideaki frowned – it was weird for Daiki, seeing him frown when he was usually always grinning like a fool. “I can tell you won’t, even though we both want you to.”

“It’s just – I’ve never done anything like that before,” he muttered, scuffing his dirty sneaker against a rock. “Especially since I don’t really know Akemi.”

“What’re you talking about?” Hideaki raised an eyebrow. “We’ve all sat together for drinks – ”

“Only once or twice… and then we only listened to you, really; we never spoke to each other…” he mumbled.

Hideaki looked at Daiki in disbelief for a moment before shaking his head and pushing away from the bruised wall. “All right, I’m not going to try to convince you anymore. You’ll either show up or you won’t.”

Without another word or glance, Hideaki sauntered into the crowds of the festival, hands shoved into pockets. For a while, Daiki stood against the deteriorating wall, thinking about all that Hideaki had said. Picking absently at a frail thread from his ragged Ajikan shirt, he thought about how Hideaki had said Akemi – practically a stranger – also wanted Daiki to come.

He couldn’t imagine it, though. He couldn’t imagine having sex with someone he barely knew and Hideaki at the same time, no matter how much Hideaki insisted. With that, he promptly moved away from wall and joined the jostling crowds, intent on beginning the long walk to the train station so that he could return to his home in Izumi-Chuo. Hideaki would be upset – Daiki knew he would be – but he would eventually get over it.

As he ambled along, he felt a light, misty drizzle. Some of the girls in the crowd hurried away for shelter, afraid that the mist would become a harder rain – but it never did, really, and eventually stopped altogether as the crowds surrounding him slowly dwindled. He passed by a number of busy street vendors: two women selling cheap, cotton yukata; a man with a large beer belly selling snacks like rice crackers and packs of umeboshi chips; two younger guys around Daiki’s age selling fans that lit up with red, green, and blue colors… He noticed a vendor selling kakigori to a group of children and decided that he could take a short break, always having a weakness for the colorfully dyed ice.

“Lemon, please,” he said, offering a 100 coin. The man scraped off ice from the large block of ice, poured syrup on it, and handed it to him gruffly. Daiki nodded his head politely as he took the cold cup and he walked towards the near by park benches. He took a breath as he sat down and slouched, relaxing and enjoying the fact that he was alone and wasn’t being pressured by Hideaki and a stranger.

Stirring with the small, white, plastic spoon slightly, he caught pieces of conversation of the people who passed.

“He said he would be here, but he isn’t…” one girl said to her two friends sadly.

“I can’t believe this,” another girl with tanned skin and pink hair said furiously to a man with tanned skin and red hair – he looked like he belonged in a Host Club in the backstreets of Sendai. “The nerve of him!”

“Hurry, we can’t be late,” a schoolgirl said as she carefully held up the edges of her yukata as a little boy – probably her little brother – scampered after her, practically plastered with mud from head to foot.


He looked up, surprised, only to have that surprise instantly replaced with dread. The young man walking towards him, dressed traditionally in a complete set of yukata, obi, and geta, stared down at him with brilliantly bright blue eyes that Daiki could recognize anywhere. He forced a smile as he stood and exchanged short bows out of politeness; but inside, he felt sick with humiliation and embarrassment.

“It’s a surprise seeing you here,” he said, courteously nodding his head all the while and looking up at Akemi, who was almost as tall as Hideaki.

“I expected you to be with Hideaki,” Akemi said, clearly surprised himself. “He told me to meet both of you in Kita-Sendai not too long ago.”

“Did he?” Daiki cleared his throat, uncomfortably pushing the edge of his green beanie out of his eyes.

“Yeah, he did. In fact, I was just about to head to the train station. Do you want to come with me?”

Daiki clearly hesitated, having planned on avoiding even the thought of Kita-Sendai altogether for the rest of the night; however, he couldn’t risk being rude to Akemi by making up an excuse. Irritated with both himself and his luck, his smile strained as he agreed.

“I’m really glad you decided to come after all,” Akemi said, carefully avoiding a mud puddle that was on the path. “When Hideaki and I first spoke about you joining us, he said that you might not want to – said you’re pretty shy.”

Daiki’s stomach, filled with anxiety, protested against the rest of the lemon kakigori. Akemi noticed and asked if he was full. Nodding, Daiki rested the half-empty cup down on the damp ground, sure that it would be picked up with the rest of the garbage once the festival had ended.

“You know, when I think about it, the last few times we were together we never really spoke very much, did we?” Akemi said, glancing down at Daiki with an almost sheepish grin.

“No, I don’t think we did.” Daiki’s arms were wrapped around each other vulnerably.

“I wanted to,” Akemi said kindly. “But Hideaki – well, he sort of spoke enough for both of us, didn’t he?” he beamed. Daiki made the mistake of looking up and directly into his soft, curiously blue eyes – which he thought were contacts the first time he met him, though Hideaki later explained that it was his natural color. Apparently, Akemi’s grandmother was a foreigner.

“So, how did you meet him?”


“Hideaki,” Akemi clarified.

Daiki hesitated, uncertain of what Akemi wanted him to say and nervous with the entire situation. After a moment, though, he cleared his throat and said, “Well, I – we met when we were in elementary school. He was sort of my… um…”

Senpai?” Akemi offered.

“No,” Daiki shook his head. “He was my… bully.”

Akemi laughed, surprised. Usually, if someone laughed at what Daiki said, he would feel uncomfortable – as though they were somehow making fun of him. However, Akemi’s laugh was friendly, open, and – despite Daiki’s nervousness – it pushed at him to elaborate.

“He never gave me a break. I was always the shortest kid, and he thought that was funny – used to push me around a lot for it.”

“I guess he followed that cliché – you know, picking on the person he really had a crush on.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Daiki smirked a bit, imagining how Hideaki would react if he heard that one. For a minute, while facing Akemi’s bright, genuine smile and kind blue eyes, he forgo about where they were walking. “Did he ever tell you about when he nearly got kicked out of school?”

“It depends – which time are you talking about?” Akemi grinned.

“It was when we were first-years in high school. He’d just gotten busted for putting graffiti all over the gym wall, got into six major fights for the year – out of three of them, he was sent to the police – and was failing most of his classes, worst of all English. The principle said that if he didn’t get his grades up, he would be out of there by the end of the semester. But to get better grades, he had to get tutors in every subject… and, well, admins assigned me to tutor him in English.”

“That’s ironic,” Akemi smirked. “Did they know he pushed you around?”

“I think so – but they figured I was the best English speaker because I spent a year as an exchange student in Canada. And you know, I didn’t really mind – I sort of took it as a chance to boss him around.”

“I guess Hideaki didn’t like that too much, huh?”

“No, not really – not at first, anyway. But – I don’t know, I guess as the semester went on and I helped him pass English, we sort of grew on each other. He even forced me into his gang – had me running around with him, just messing around with people and doing pranks.”

When Akemi didn’t respond, Daiki glanced at him and heated in embarrassment when he saw that Akemi was staring at him – eyeing him closely.

“I’m sorry, I’m talking too much.”

“Oh, no – not at all,” Akemi said quickly. “I’m sorry, it’s just that – well, Hideaki said you were shy, so I’m kind of surprised – ”

“I usually am,” Daiki grinned a bit sheepishly as he pushed the edge of his beanie up again. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Akemi look over his shoulder at the cracks of fireworks and the reddish glow of the festival they were leaving behind. It was strange for Daiki, thinking about the fact that, within two hours, he and the man standing beside him would be in Kita-Sendai with Hideaki, probably inside of Hideaki’s bedroom and doing whatever Hideaki told them to do. Yet, while before the thought was altogether completely uncomfortable and even upsetting, it was now – well, truthfully, Daiki wasn’t sure what it was now. It wasn’t thrilling or exciting… if anything, the thought of being with Akemi made Daiki a little curious.

“I didn’t exactly meet him under the best circumstances,” Akemi said, breaking the silence as he turned back to Daiki. “Sometime last year, I was supposed to be meeting a guy at Kita-Sendai station, but he never showed up – and, well, I was too hungry to wait for him anymore, so I went to a Mister Donuts I saw down the street. I wasn’t there long when some guy – Hideaki that is – walked right into me, spilling his drink all over me. He wouldn’t stop apologizing and began insisting that he lived right up the road, and next thing I knew, I was inside his apartment, drying off and borrowing one of his shirts. And – well, one thing led to another,” Akemi smirked, glancing at Daiki – but when he saw that Daiki was on the edge of laughter, he asked, “What is it?”

“That’s an old trick he used to use on guys when we were in high school,” Daiki grinned.

“He told you about it too, huh?” Akemi laughed. “He told me afterwards – damn, Daiki, I don’t get very angry easily, but I got really upset that time. I guess I kind of felt like he used me, you know? And at the expense of one of my favorite shirts, too. But I had gone to Kita-Sendai to have sex anyway, and he told me that he only admitted it to guys that he really liked… So, I don’t know. I guess I couldn’t stay angry at him.”

“That’s something I hate about him,” Daiki muttered. “No matter what he does, I can never stay angry with him – even when I should be.”

Akemi nodded in agreement. “I know what you mean. In fact, I’m supposed to be angry at him right now – and yet here I am, on my way to meet with him. Again.”

“I wasn’t even going to go,” Daiki admitted.

“What do you mean?”

“I was going to Izumi-Chuo when you found me – well, about to go, anyway.”

“What?” Akemi stopped walking. He was clearly concerned. “Why didn’t you tell me? We’re not even going in the right direction for Izumi-Chuo – ”

“It’s all right,” Daiki said; and at this point, it wasn’t even a lie. “I don’t mind going now.”

“I should’ve known,” Akemi sighed. “I knew you seemed uneasy about something.”

“Really, I don’t mind,” Daiki insisted.

“But do you want to come?” Akemi searched Daiki. When he didn’t reply, Akemi continued quietly, “Daiki, look at me. Maybe you lied to Hideaki because you didn’t want him to get upset, but I won’t force you to do this if you don’t want to. Do you understand?”

Daiki nodded.

“I’ll walk you to the other station if you like.”

“No, it’s okay,” Daiki shook his head. “I – I mean, I’ll go with you. I’ll go to Kita-Sendai.”

Akemi seemed surprised. “Are you sure?”

“Earlier – well, earlier, I didn’t want to. It’s just that – I’m used to it just being me and Hideaki, you know? I’m just not sure how things are going to go. But now – now, I want to. I’m… curious.”

Akemi gazed at Daiki, as though to make sure that he wasn’t lying, before he nodded, “All right.” With a smile, he rested his hand gently on Daiki’s arm and guided the way through the now nearly empty streets, the granite glittering from drops of rain. As they left the festival, they could still hear the echoes of the fireworks, off in the distance.

+ + +

When they got off of the train station in Kita-Sendai, Hideaki was waiting.

“You’re late,” he said, pulling a cigarette out of his mouth and dropping it to the ground. He didn’t seem surprised that Daiki was there at all; in fact, he acted as though he expected him. He grinned as he pulled Akemi closer to him.

“You’re not drunk, are you?” Akemi asked, pushing him away as he made his way up the side walk. Daiki glanced at the Mister Donuts down the road and privately wondered if it was the same one Akemi and Hideaki met inside of.

“Maybe I am a little,” Hideaki leered. “I was waiting for a while, you know – didn’t have a lot to do.”

“We’re only ten minutes late.”

As they were passing a video and music rental store, Hideaki turned to Daiki and hooked his arm around Daiki’s neck with that trademark, mocking grin of his. It was the kind of smirk that made people feel self-conscious about themselves. It always made Daiki feel that way, anyway – like Hideaki was constantly teasing him.

“I see you decided to come after all.”

“I ran into Akemi,” Daiki said shortly.

Hideaki’s grin widened as he turned to Akemi. “So you convinced him, huh?”

Akemi didn’t share his smile. “Hideaki, why would you pressure him if you knew that he didn’t want to come?”

“I didn’t force him,” Hideaki let go of Daiki, raising his hands defensively. “He came all on his own – isn’t that right, Dai?”

“You may not have forced him, but you still pressured him,” Akemi stepped closer to Daiki, as though protectively.

“Looks like you two became pretty close, huh?”

“Not jealous, are you?”

“Of course not,” Hideaki said stonily before smirking and muttering, “All right – maybe a little.”

They turned a corner on the thin road and came to Hideaki’s tall, white apartment building. They went straight to the elevator and punched in 6, the highest floor of the building.

“If only we were in Canada,” Hideaki sighed longingly.

Daiki noticed Akemi’s odd look and explained, “I told him I saw couples kissing in public in Canada, so he thinks that means they can have sex in public too.”

“They probably can,” Hideaki muttered, staring impatiently at the glowing 4 on the head of the elevator. “Just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean they haven’t.”

Daiki rolled his eyes as the elevator door opened. Hideaki quickly led the way to the very end of the open hall, his room being 605. Daiki lagged behind, staring out over the dark neighborhood from below with squinted eyes, as though trying to see if he could catch sight of fireworks off in the distance – but by then, seeing that it was going on 12, the festival had probably already ended.

“Hurry up!” Hideaki called from his open door; Akemi had already gone inside.

Daiki stepped up onto the genkan and toed his sneakers off, putting them next to Akemi’s geta. Stepping up onto the wooden floor, he went in to find Akemi sitting tiredly on the couch – it had been a long night for him – and went to join him, sitting beside him and resting his head on the back rest, not caring that his beanie slipping over his eyes again.

“You two don’t want any drinks, right?” Hideaki asked as he closed and locked the door, hesitating at the fridge – though it was clear that he would be upset if they did want something. He was clearly impatient to get started.

Both Daiki and Akemi shook their heads, amused.

“Good,” he smirked as he came to the couch and forced himself between Akemi and Daiki. He started on Akemi, first – having this possessive way about him that was very familiar to Daiki. It used to bother him, the forceful way he grabbed and held, and especially kissed – but it eventually became something he was used to and expected.

Akemi didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all, though; in fact, he willingly let Hideaki take control as he was straddled. Hideaki shifted his weight as he pulled away, already starting to tug off Akemi’s yukata. “Shit, why’d you wear this damn thing?” Hideaki cursed as he struggled to get it off. “You know I hate these things.”

“Here, careful,” Akemi pushed Hideaki off slightly. “Daiki, help me untie it in the back.”

Hideaki sat back as Daiki reached across him and carefully untied the thin obi. It unraveled as he pulled it from Akemi’s waist, allowing him to shrug the yukata off. Hideaki waited as he folded it and put it on the near by table.

“Hold on,” he said to Hideaki as he came forward. “I was thinking that we could concentrate on Daiki tonight.” Daiki had turned away from them to put his beanie on top of Akemi’s yukata, but when he heard his name he turned, startled.

“Oh, look – you scared him,” Hideaki said, now eyeing Daiki – and he did, indeed, look a little hesitant. He really hated it when he was forced into the spotlight.

“It’s okay,” Akemi grinned to Daiki as he held out his hands and pulled closer. “We’re nothing to be afraid of – really. Is it all right if I kiss you?”

Daiki, with an awkward shrug, nodded; Akemi leaned forward until Daiki could feel his smile against his lips. It was gentle – tender – much different from Hideaki. Akemi whispered something about lemon as he licked Daiki’s lips, asking for permission to go deeper. It didn’t last long, though – Daiki pulled away in surprise when Hideaki began to tug off his shirt.

“Wait,” he quickly said after it slipped off of his arms and head, “maybe I should watch you guys first – ”

Hideaki only laughed as he wrapped his arms around Daiki’s naked waist tightly. “Not thinking about quitting out on us already, are you?” His hands began to unbutton Daiki’s jeans.

“No – it’s just…” He was watching Hideaki’s hands nervously, but Akemi lifted his chin slightly, insisting that Daiki look at him.

“Just relax,” he murmured, leaning in to kiss the corner of his mouth. “Just relax. There’s nothing to be worried about.”

Daiki nodded slightly, swallowing hard as Hideaki’s hand started to press against him. His breath began to hitch as he met that old feeling of pressure growing in his chest – that warm sensation spreading to his gut – as Hideaki’s hand covered his length.

“Hey, Akemi,” Hideaki grinned from across Daiki’s shoulder. “He gets embarrassed whenever I tell him this, but don’t you think he has the cutest dick you’ve ever seen?”

Akemi drew away, looking down curiously, before sharing Hideaki’s grin. Daiki’s lips became a hard line as he looked away, cheeks red; he was always ashamed of his short, stubby size, and whenever Hideaki called him “cute” he always felt like he was being taunted.

“It is cute,” Akemi agreed with a small smile, his arms wrapped around Daiki’s lower waist. “That’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Here,” Hideaki took one of Akemi’s hands and placed it over Daiki’s bulge, smirking at Daiki’s tenseness. “Take it.”

Akemi did as he was told, massaging his hand against Daiki – feeling the moistness through his thin blue boxers. Daiki sighed as he leaned his weight into Akemi, becoming weaker with every stroke. Hideaki tugged him back before he could fall against Akemi; Daiki felt Hideaki’s hardness nudge against his side.

“Come on,” Hideaki said, “Let’s get to the bed.”

Akemi paused to take off his tabi before stepping onto the tatami matting the room. The bed, pushed up against a wall, was really only big enough to hold, at most, two people – but Hideaki didn’t seem to think much of it as he sat on the soft mattress and dragged Daiki down with him.

Akemi sat on the edge of the bed and watched Hideaki lean over Daiki, his shirt dangling against Daiki’s bare stomach. Hideaki was kissing Daiki in that forceful way that made him feel like he was being controlled. Daiki really didn’t like that feeling – but he hated even more that the heaviness in his chest was still growing, that he made a muffled sound against Hideaki’s lips as the other boy forcefully pressed himself against Daiki.

Hideaki pulled away, out of breath, and muttered over his shoulder, “Akemi – take off his pants.”

Daiki couldn’t see anything because Hideaki was still over him, but he could feel the jean material rubbing against his leg as they were slowly pulled off. When the jeans were in a pile on the floor, Hideaki moved to one side of Daiki. The bed shifted as Akemi drew closer to Daiki on his other side, making him feel trapped when he looked at Hideaki’s intense stare – but more relaxed as he saw Akemi’s soft smile.

He closed his eyes, so couldn’t know for sure whose hands were against his chest and whose hands were on his thighs – but judging from the possessive grip, Hideaki was taking off his boxers and spreading his legs; and Akemi was rubbing his chest tenderly. Daiki stiffened when he felt a wet tongue trail from the hollow of his neck to his collarbone. Hideaki’s hand grabbed his length, making him lean into his touch with clenched teeth and an escaped breath.

“Don’t be loud,” Hideaki warned thickly, stroking slowly. “I don’t want my neighbors to complain about the noise again.”

Daiki felt Akemi smile against his chest, hands burning the sticky skin stretched across his ribs. Daiki gripped at the sheets, eyes closed tightly – head pressing into the pillows.

Akemi slipped his fingers over Daiki’s wet, swollen lips – into his mouth, against his tongue; as though on reflex, he began to suck, rubbing the edge of his teeth against the tips of the two fingers.

“Akemi,” Hideaki murmured, “Come – I want to watch you…”

The fingers slipped out of his mouth, lightly touching Daiki’s hand – his arm tangled in the sheets. Daiki strained his neck, leaning forward to see why Hideaki had stopped. From between his open legs, Akemi, propped onto his elbows, shared his stare with a bright smile. Feeling Akemi kiss the head, Daiki sat straighter, as though intent on watching; but as Akemi’s initial, flitting and tasting licks became longer and deeper, Daiki’s eyes slid closed as he fell back, cheek resting against Hideaki’s thigh.

“He’s really good at that, isn’t he?” Hideaki said as he watched Akemi take Daiki into his mouth. Daiki was barely able to nod as Akemi kissed the edge of his cock again, smiling as he licked his lips. Akemi lifted Daiki’s thighs as his back arched off of the bed – yelled as Akemi’s wet fingers slipped into him, making his vision black and hazy –

“Stop,” Hideaki reached over to rest his heavy hand on Akemi’s head. “I don’t want him to come yet.”

Daiki moaned in protest and rustled his legs against the sheets as Akemi pulled away. He leaned over and kissed Daiki fleetingly – sharing his salty taste – before pulling back to share a deeper, longer kiss with Hideaki.

“Get the condoms,” Hideaki muttered to Akemi. “You know where – the top shelf. Bring the lotion, too.”

Akemi crossed the room to Hideaki’s closet, sliding the door open with a rattle. He reached into a box that was on the top shelf and tossed a few condoms onto the bed, one of which Hideaki took and began sliding on; but when Akemi grabbed the bottle of lotion, he shook it and looked over at Hideaki.

“The lotion’s empty, you know.”

“Oh, shit – I forgot to buy more,” he frowned. “Isn’t there a little in there?”

Akemi shook his head as he tossed the empty, plastic bottle into the small, near by trashcan. “Don’t you have anything else?”

Hideaki shook his head as he looked at Daiki, who was clearly becoming impatient as he turned over onto his stomach and buried his face into the pillows.

“I can run down to the department store quickly,” Akemi suggested, but Hideaki shook his head.

“No – I don’t feel like waiting. Dai,” Hideaki rested his hand on Daiki’s thigh. “You don’t mind, do you?”

He quickly shook his head, his face still buried in the pillows. Hideaki smirked as his grasp on Daiki’s thigh tightened. Akemi nodded and returned to the edge of the bed, sitting and patiently watching as Hideaki rolled Daiki over and quickly kissed the corner of his mouth.

As Daiki wrapped his legs around Hideaki’s neck and shifted to make himself more comfortable, Hideaki spit into his hand and rubbed it over his length, pulling a bit on the edge of his condom, before positioning himself.

From his long, shallow hiss and grimace, Akemi could tell that he should’ve made them wait while he ran down the street to buy more lotion; but seeing that Daiki wasn’t complaining and that Hideaki had sense enough to move slowly, he didn’t let himself become too worried. He played with strands of Daiki’s hair as Hideaki rolled carefully; Daiki bit his bottom lip, eyes squeezed shut against the burning sensation – his face buried into Hideaki’s neck, let out muffled sighs.

“Wait,” Daiki mumbled. “Let me…” he rolled over onto his stomach, facing Akemi, and began to kiss Akemi’s side; understanding what he wanted, Akemi moved closer so that Daiki’s mouth could reach his cock.

Hideaki’s slow, rhythmic thrusts soon became faster as Daiki pushed to meet them, working to keep in beat with Hideaki and Akemi. Their moist skin slipped, Hideaki’s grip slid as he struggled to get a firmer grasp. Akemi watched intensely as Hideaki and Daiki, each breathless, moved against each other with need – Daiki’s teeth scraped against him, making him bite his lip. Hideaki moved hard enough that he was shifting the whole bed with his rocking.

Akemi’s breath hitched as he felt the back of Daiki’s throat. He tried to control himself for just a second longer, but knew he couldn’t wait – he pulled out of Daiki’s mouth quickly, not wanting to come in his mouth, and spurted – some accidentally on Daiki’s face, and all over the sheets. Gasping, he sat back against the head of the bed – watching as Hideaki firmly grabbed Daiki’s sides and lifted him off of the bed, pushing deeply into him. Within moments of each other, they each came with spasms – first Daiki, then Hideaki – and, with heavy eyes, Akemi watched as they slumped into the bed together, spent. Daiki seemed to want to sleep immediately; Hideaki managed to untangle Daiki’s legs from around his neck.

Through the haze of sleep, Daiki felt Hideaki and Akemi’s kisses, and vaguely watched as they shared their own, before his body became too heavy to stand. He turned over and fell asleep.

+ + +

He woke up alone and completely sore. His shoulders, lower back, thighs, and especially his ass hurt every time he bothered to move. With a sigh, he rolled over and looked out into the living room. Akemi was reclining on the couch, wearing one of Hideaki’s much-too-large shirts; Hideaki was sprawled on the floor, laughing at something that was on the TV.

With a sigh, Daiki grimaced as he sat up. Akemi saw him and grinned. “Good morning!”

“Yeah,” Daiki muttered. ” ‘Morning.”

“Don’t talk to him when he’s just woken up,” Hideaki warned humorously. “It could be the last thing you do.”

“Are you hungry?” Akemi asked, ignoring Hideaki.

Daiki shook his head, tenderly standing up and wrapping the sheets around his waist.

“Where’re my clothes?” he asked with narrow eyes, searching the empty floor. “Where’s my beanie?”

“I didn’t think you needed them,” Hideaki smirked.

“In the washer,” Akemi nodded his head in the direction of Hideaki’s bathroom, where the washer the sink’s water. “You can take some of Hideaki’s clothes.”

“He can?” Hideaki turned to look at Akemi.

Daiki went to Hideaki’s closet and grabbed a shirt that practically touched his knees; he didn’t bother taking any of his pants, knowing that they would never fit. He gingerly made his way to the living room and sat down beside Akemi. When he was pulled closer, he rested his head in Akemi’s lap, welcoming the gentle hand that soothingly rubbed his head.

“That was really good last night, huh?” Hideaki rolled over onto his side, head propped by his elbow, to look at the two.

Akemi, with an agreeing smile, nodded. Daiki shared the small smile almost shyly.

“Next time,” Hideaki smirked at Akemi, “I think I want to watch you and Daiki.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Akemi grinned, lightly touching Daiki’s cheek. “Just give me the day.”

“Oh, that’s right – neither of you can stay long,” Hideaki sighed, disappointed. He turned back to the TV, as though thinking, before turning back with a small smirk. “Well, I suppose we’ll just meet whenever the next hanabi festival is then, huh?”

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