Gordon’s, Vodka, Kina Lillet

by Yukiyama Hibana (雪山 火花)

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Obviously, David showing up somewhere dressed kind of way fancier than the occasion called for was not a sign anything crazy was going on. Ben questioned how comfortable anyone would be for a movie-watching couch night in anything more complicated than pajamas, but really, Ben would have been cool with wearing pajamas during one hundred percent of his life, while meanwhile he’d seen David fall asleep in an airport chair in a three piece suit. With the watch fob still on. Not that fob status would matter in comfort levels, but he felt it worth noting whenever he thought of it.

So, Ben had been all, ‘hey, why don’t you come over and we go crazy on some Daniel Craig James Bond movies?’ which was its own special secret code phrase that meant maybe clothes were not going to be really important in general, and if David had shown up at his door in linen pants and a dark button-down, well, maybe that was just what he was feeling for couch time that day. He looked good, but what else was new?

David rolling up to his door on a Tuesday afternoon looking like a big warm glass of hello ma’am was not unusual, not even a little. Ben got an eyeball of him quick before getting him all wrapped up in a hug, hands rubbing between David’s shoulders while he nuzzled up into his hair. It took about four seconds of that before he realized that David was only going half in on this hug thing. One arm was wrapped around him, but the other arm was really noncommittal and kind of cold and metallic and poking him in the side.

Ben pulled away just a little, enough to make a cruddy kind of face while he saw what the problem was. David was holding a garment bag over one arm, and the hanger hook had been getting friendly with his ribcage. David hadn’t mentioned he had a thing after, but it was David, and really, not surprising if he had a thing after that he’d need to get more dressed up for. Ben just had a little giggle thinking about how maybe he wouldn’t shower before he left, and would roll in to whatever he had to suit and tie up for with a bit of raunch going on.

Then, though, David pressed the garment bag to Ben’s chest and smiled at him. Smirked, really; it was all eyebrows and twinkles and just the edges of his mouth. “Lovely to see you, Benjamin,” he said. “Really looking forward to tonight.” He brushed a thumb along Ben’s collarbone, finding it beneath the thin fabric of the well-loved t-shirt he was wearing. “I’d like you to put what’s in here on for me,” he said, and then he leaned in to speak right into Ben’s ear. Well, leaned in and a little up. “And don’t put anything on underneath.”

He left the bag in Ben’s arms and swanned off to the kitchen, saying something about making drinks, while Ben could only softly mouth out a what the FUCK. Right after he’d finished that, though, he found himself thinking, well, whatever, I’m probably down. He’d known David for a long time, and he’d never gotten that weird, but if he was going to get a little weird, well, he could give a ‘yes’ or two. Maybe an ‘and.’

Ben peeked into the bag and saw powder blue. Just like Bond. Just like a Bond girl. Both. Both was good. “Oh, you gorgeous son of a bitch,” he said out loud, and heard ice clinking in the kitchen. The robe was soft like a baby’s cheek (whichever one you preferred) and had his dang initials stitched into the pocket. Ben left his clothes in a puddle in the hallway for the cat to fall asleep in and put it on right away.

He found David sitting on the sofa in the living room, two cocktail glasses on the end table beside him. Ben held out his arms a little to show off his present, and David’s eyes took a real Sunday drive all the way up and down him. “Well, look at that,” David said. “A perfect fit.”

Ben couldn’t keep a little giggle from bubbling up out of him, but he kept a straight face. “I get the feeling you’ve sized me up pretty well.”

“Could be,” David said, and stretched his arm out along the back of the couch. “Why don’t you come over for a drink?”

Ben arched an eyebrow and smiled a little, rocking up onto his toes for a moment. “Well, since it’s so close…” He sat himself down next to David, slipping right in close to him. He turned his head to nuzzle against David’s shoulder for just a little bit, because it was there, and then reached across him for one of the glasses.

“Ah, ah,” David said, and put his hand around Ben’s, gently pushing it downward. “If you’ll allow me.” He picked up one of the cocktail glasses and slowly brought it over until it he had it just in front of Ben. “I’m afraid I filled the glasses a little too much. Just have a sip first. Wouldn’t want it to spill and have you get all wet.”

Ben’s laugh was mostly breath. “Oh, goodness, we wouldn’t want that,” he said, and leaned forward to place his lips to the rim of the cocktail glass and sip. It was bitter and sweet and crisp and cold, and Ben lifted his eyes to watch David watch him while he drank. The glass was nowhere near full enough to be a serious spill risk in anything but a sudden earthquake, but Ben could probably get down with drinking all of it like this.

David did draw the glass away soon enough, though, and Ben licked the remnants of it of his lips. “There we go, no more danger.” He passed the glass into Ben’s hand and brought up his own for a very nice clink. He kept his eyes on Ben while he drank himself, and let out a soft, satisfied sigh when he set his glass down again. “Really, quite excellent. I give my compliments to your bartender.” Ben laughed a little more and David’s arm settled more firmly around his shoulders; he could feel his thumb tracing figure-eights on his bicep through the soft fabric of the robe. “Shall we to the evening’s entertainment?”

Ben paused and put his glass down on the coffee table. This was the thing about Ben, and this was the thing about David, and this was the thing that Ben really, really liked about David. Ben had been half-chubbed since he’d left his clothes by the door, and all the way since David had handed him a drink, and there was less than zero doubt that some really great sex stuff was absolutely going to go down probably pretty quick, but he knew, and David knew, that he really, seriously, actually, literally did want to at least turn on the movie. David was just the kind of great friend who went above and beyond to provide extra foreplay.

“Why yes,” Ben said, then picked up his remote, and then handed it to David to operate. “Yes, we shall.”

They made it almost through the opening credits of Casino Royale before David started kissing along the edge of Ben’s ear. It was pretty remarkable restraint for the both of them.

Lots of times doing this with David involved a lot of laughing on everyone’s part, fun and goofy and often involving weird voices at the most inappropriate times. And that was good, that was really good, that was giggling about hotel rugburn for two days good. Then there were the times like right then, when David was nothing but quiet, and focused, and intense. Those times didn’t come often, but maybe that was the best for everyone’s health, since good fucking Christmas was it dangerous weaponized levels of hot. Thank god David knew what he was doing or someone might die.

Ben was shivering by the time David had kissed his way down along his ear to his neck. He ran sensitive everywhere, every dumb goosebumping inch of him. He always teetered between wanting everyone to touch him all the time because it felt so good and feeling like he might burst into flame from everyone touching him all the time because it felt too good. David had gotten very good at going right up to that edge without anyone getting burned. He kept one hand pressed to the other side of Ben’s throat, his palm warm and solid against his skin while the tips of his fingers rustled through Ben’s hair. It kept Ben right where David wanted him while he started to squirm from the touch of lips and tickle of moustache trailing down to his shoulder.

“I’ll just loosen this a bit,” David said against his shoulder as he tugged at the collar of the robe a bit, exposing more of Ben’s chest. “Make everything a bit more comfortable.”

“Oh, yes, thank you,” Ben said as he wrapped his arm around David’s shoulders and clutched at the fabric of his shirt. “Very constricting. I could barely breathe.” David skimmed his tongue along Ben’s collarbone and that had him gasping good and quick. His voice was half an octave higher without even trying when he could manage to speak again. “I’m still having a bit of trouble. It might have to all come off.”

David lifted his head up and looked at him, dark-eyed and handsome and looking like he knew secrets. He quirked his eyebrow up just a little and Ben felt himself pull an honest-to-goddamn swoon. “It might,” he said, and brushed the backs of his knuckles down the center of Ben’s chest, over his sternum. Even that got a groan out of him. “No need to rush things, though.”

David’s hand kept traveling downward, parting the robe further, though it still stayed belted. For now. Ben had not put a lot effort into that knot. He grabbed at David’s back and arched towards him, following his touch. “An… anticipation is, ah…” Ben just ended up groaning as David stretched his hand out on his chest. This was not a situation where he could manage a lot of clever banter, not when David was sliding his hand up his chest to stroke his throat, making him lean his head back, close his eyes, and moan.

He brushed his thumb over the knob of Ben’s adam’s apple and through the scruff of his beard. Ben followed the touch like a cat, swaying in closer. David slipped his arm around Ben’s waist and just held him like that, one hand light against his cheek. “Hold that thought, darling,” David said, and Ben opened his eyes. “I anticipate hearing the end of it later.” He tightened his arm around Ben’s waist and came in close to say, soft against his mouth, “Much later.”

Ben was even less capable of speech while David was kissing him, of course, but if he had been, a lot of giggly, giddy things along the lines of THIS IS SO COOL and YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME might have come out of his mouth. Good thing David was very busy kissing him, wet and rich, the kind of kissing that made Ben just groan and whimper, and not do anything to spoil the illusion.

David took his hand down Ben’s side slowly, slipping over the soft material of his robe. It should have muted the sensation, logically, but really it just made Ben shiver harder. The first time they’d done anything at all, right on this same couch, Ben hadn’t made it out of any of his clothes. David had just pet him and touched him until he came in his pants like a fifteen-year-old, gasping with his face buried in David’s throat. It had been fantastic.

Not so many clothes, though, that was fantastic too. David slipped his hand beneath the robe to stroke up Ben’s thigh, starting at the knee and slowly turning inward, until his fingers were far enough to make Ben let out a harsh whine just from the — damn it — anticipation. He was pretty sure he didn’t want to come on the robe, though. It was really nice.

David drew his hand away, though, and Ben drew away from his kiss just because he couldn’t get enough air. David was looking at him again with those dark eyes, and that did nothing to help Ben catch his breath. There was going to be no breath-catching any time soon. David didn’t say anything, had no little suave line for him now. He just kept looking into Ben’s eyes, gently put his arms at his waist, and carefully guided them both down off the couch and onto the floor.

The half-hearted knot he’d tied in the belt of the robe went to no-hearted as David got him spread out on the rug. One less obstacle for him to slide both ends of it apart, leaving Ben well and proper exposed. His chest was heaving with each hard breath and his dick was ridiculously hard, enough to make a pool of wet against his stomach. David wasn’t looking at that, though; he was just looking into his eyes and smiling so softly. Ben swallowed hard and pulled himself together enough to smile right back.

David bent down over him and slipped a hand back through his hair as he kissed him again, softer now, drawing it out. He held himself back just enough that their bodies weren’t touching, but Ben could already feel the heat of David’s body against his skin. He was always so warm, so good and warm. He mouthed across Ben’s cheek, kissing through his whiskers, on to his jaw, and back where he’d started all this, right at Ben’s ear.

“Tell me if it’s too much,” he said, soft and careful and real.

That alone was almost too much, a direct line from the language center of his brain right down to his cock. He bit his lip and took a few gulps of air before managing a little nod and a soft, “Yeah.”

Ben could feel David smiling against his throat, tucked in close to him there for the length of one pleased sigh. Then he was moving, kissing his way down Ben’s chest. He put his hand against Ben’s ribs and slipped it beneath him when that made him arch. His fingertips settled just in the dip of Ben’s spine and made little circles there, in a way that would have been soothing if it weren’t making Ben squirm.

He couldn’t keep his eyes open very much, but whenever he could, he would see David watching him. He had to be putting on a hell of a fucking show. Ben gave up and put his arm over his eyes, pressing the cool fabric of his sleeve to his face for just a bit. David had been kissing him everywhere, all over his chest and throat and shoulders, with no pattern or any way to predict where the next jolt of sensation was going to come from. Ben held his breath whenever he seemed to be heading further down his body. David laid one kiss halfway down to his navel and he gulped in as much air as he could, only to let it all out again in a shouted “Fuck!” when David brushed the tip of his tongue over one of Ben’s nipples.

He kissed away again, towards the center of Ben’s chest to give him a moment. But, really, just a moment, and then he was back again. Ben’s shoulders came up from the floor as he whined, pushing himself against David’s mouth. His hand went into David’s hair, tangling up in his curls just long enough for him to feel a little pleased purr bubble up out of David. And then David raised his head, took Ben’s hand from his hair, and gently kissed the tips of each of his fingers. He paused at Ben’s pinky, holding it just between his lips until Ben opened his eyes to see him looking at him. He just looked at him and very pointedly put Ben’s hand down on the floor at his side.

Well, Ben was a smart boy and could take a hint. He just had to claw at the floor while David kissed his way over to tease at his other nipple until he was shaking. He’d started working into the rug with his toes by the time David drew back, just waiting for a few moments with his forehead resting against the top of Ben’s belly. He was completely, totally over that line, that burst-into-flame line. Now he was just controlling the burn.

When Ben had stopped making little whimpering sounds at nothing at all, when he’d caught the very tiniest thread of his breath, David lifted his head and settled his hands at Ben’s hips. Ben got his eyes uncrossed and out from the back of his head to look at David. He was still smiling like he knew all of Ben’s secrets, because he clearly absolutely did. He pet the rise of both of Ben’s hipbones with his thumbs, and said, because he was a perfect dumb jerk, “I really enjoy you.”

“Ye…s?” was the best Ben could manage in reply. Whatever, words were cool but not right now, when his actions were basically screaming. Ben bit his lip when David brushed a hand over his stomach, thumb slipping down to brush through the damp hair on Ben’s lower belly, close enough to his cock to make Ben nearly levitate off the floor just from the suggestion. He pulled his hand away, though, just watching Ben’s face while he sucked his thumb between his lips for just a moment. Yeah. Enjoyed.

Ben held his breath when David settled himself better between his legs and bent his head down. He was probably going to come until he died the minute David touched his cock, but he’d made his peace with the Lord or whoever. That breath came out in a laugh, though, when David just pursed his lips and breathed out against his cock. The cool stream of air was ticklish and crazy and made Ben wrap his arms around himself, one hand curled around his own waist and the other at his neck. He had to hold on tight to something.

David’s mouth settled on him again first at the inside of his thigh, just a warmth while he nuzzled his way upward. Not kissing, not really, just his mouth grazing along tender skin. Ben bit onto the tips of his own fingers and parted his legs further, giving David all the space he could need to… do whatever. He could do just whatever. He wanted him to do just whatever.

What he did was to just breathe again. This time his breath was warm, a long exhale against Ben’s balls that made his knees bend and his toes curl up. It was a good preamble, though, for the feel of David’s lips, and then his tongue, lazily wandering over what was one of the most ridiculously sensitive parts of his ridiculously sensitive body. He was calm and focused, his own breathing measured and easy, like Ben wasn’t groaning and writhing every time he touched him.

He stopped just before it was too much, though. Ben must have made some noise, or maybe he’d managed to say something, or maybe David just knew by now. He gave him a few moments again, petting his thighs with his fingertips. Ben didn’t need to open his eyes to know how David was looking at him. Even if he’d wanted to, he absolutely couldn’t. He could feel it though, and hear that smile in the way he breathed.

David put his hand back on Ben’s stomach, pressing down a little, steadying him for a bit before knocking him right wild again. He gripped Ben’s hip with his other hand, a solid promise to keep him pinned to the floor through what came next. What came next, god, he felt like he’d been two seconds from coming for the last fifteen years. It was probably going to leave him with a permanent limp whenever he actually did.

David held him by both hips when he dropped his head to slowly brush his lips up the length of Ben’s cock, and it was a good thing that he did, since Ben’s whole body wanted to lift entirely off the floor. He’d have only been touching at toes and shoulders if David weren’t pressing him down, keeping him right there while he just skimmed his lips, up and down.

Ben only realized that he’d started sucking at his own fingertips when he felt the first touch of David’s tongue at the base of his cock, and he bit down on them hard enough to make himself whimper. David could tell the difference between a good one of those and a bad one; when he’d licked his way to the tip of Ben’s cock, he drew back. He took both of Ben’s hands from where they’d curled around him, clutching at whatever parts of the robe they could grab, and put them into his hair.

“Don’t let go,” he said as he tightened his hold on Ben’s hips and bent his head back down. “I won’t either.” He slipped the tip of Ben’s cock between his lips and Ben could do anything but let go.

No, that wasn’t true. There was a lot of anything he couldn’t do. Right then, with David sucking his cock so slow and hot and perfect, the only sort of anything he could really do was to tighten his fingers in his hair and make enough noise that he could feel his voice going rough. He could feel sweat gathering at the base of his spine where David’s fingers had touched him earlier, feel his skin tingling in all the places where David had kissed it, and also, somewhere in the strange world that existed immediately outside where David was keeping him right on the edge of orgasm for such a ridiculously fucking long time, he could hear the goddamn James Bond movie playing on his television.

He wasn’t sure David’s mouth was even actually on him when he started to come, but he quickly had him deep, sucking him and swallowing him while keeping him pressed to the floor. He didn’t let go, and Ben didn’t either, not until he was completely spent, beyond spent, the most spent a man could be and still have a functioning skeleton. He gave one little whimper and loosened his fingers, and David let him go and drew away.

Ben drew in a very, very slow breath when he felt like he might actually exist in the world again and opened his eyes. He could still see the imprints David’s fingers had left on his skin. They’d be gone before long, so Ben took a dazed, dreamy moment to just put that image in a special box in his brain. That secured, he had better things to look at, like David.

David still did not have a single button out of place, and though his hair was a little tangled and his skin more flushed than usual, he looked basically the same as when he’d walked in. Well, just with a huge erection. Ben was just thinking about what really nice things he could do to that when David suddenly stood up, taking a few steps away from him.

“Well, it was lovely to see you, Benjamin,” he said, straightening his cuffs and smoothing down his shirt. “But I’m afraid I have some important business I have to attend to.” He’d done nothing to adjust his pants; that was a hell of some business right there, and it looked important. “Don’t let the anticipation get to you, though, darling. I promise I’ll always come…”

Ben was already smiling, curling onto his side a little to giggle into his sleeve. “Back?”

“Hm?” David said. “Oh, yes. Of course.” He winked at Ben and headed for the living room doorway. “Until next time.”

Ben curled up on himself, grinning into his folded arms as he heard David take a few steps into the hall, pause for about ten seconds, and then come sprinting back into the room to get right back on the floor again and wrap his arms around Ben. “Hi,” he said, nuzzling into Ben’s hair. “I wasn’t really leaving.”

“Oh, no,” Ben said. “You’d had me totally fooled.” His voice was low and rough. He was probably going to be getting some looks from the neighbors. He wrapped his arms around David’s waist and tucked his face against his neck. “You’re seriously the best.”

David kissed the top of Ben’s hair while he rubbed his hand up and down his back. “You deserve it.”

“You deserve…” Ben’s brain still hadn’t fully gotten the language thing going again, but by god, he was going to try. “You deserve all kinds of stuff. Like everything that ends in ‘job’ and starts with something fun.”

David made a soft sound. “Oh, I like those things.” He just kept petting Ben’s back. “No rush,” he said, and meant it. “This is good, too.”

Ben laughed a little. “If we roll over a little we can watch the movie.” He did nothing of the sort, though, instead just tucking himself in closer to David’s warmth. “Mn, it’s okay. I’ve seen it.”

That got the tiniest little gasp out of David, and Ben just laughed, warm and happy, against his throat.

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