Issue 53: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Cover by Nebulosity Çiélon


Boys Keep Fucking Up My Car by shukyou (主教)

Flashes by Renaissance Makoto J. (ルネサンス・真・J) *

Five Hours to Chicago by Kimyō Tabibito (奇妙 旅人)

Woodward Avenue by Aosora Hikaru (青空ヒカル)

Railfans by Iron Eater *

A treatise on the mating habits of Bibliothecarus bibliothecarii by Himawari (ヒマワリ) *

The Journey by Hyakunichisou 13 (百日草 十三)

The Bus Driver; or, An Accidental Meeting by Zetto Rio (ゼット 理央)

A Genealogy of Magic by Kuruma Ebi (車エビ) *

* illustrated

All In a Day’s Work by Nebulosity Çiélon


All aboard! Get on the train now because Shousetsu Bang*Bang is leaving for a coast to coast voyage, making all local stops at stories sweet, fun, and filthy, and you don’t want to be left at the station. Conductors will be by to take your tickets — by which we mean, comments, links, reblogs, and retweets. Enjoy the ride!

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