Issue 4: Sweet Valentine

cover by 5cmprince

+ The Gift, by Hui Ying Lei

+ Englewood, by Nara Kagerou (奈良蜻蛉)

+ Sugar And Vice, by Kubaru Suki (少年好き 配る) *

+ The Son Of Gods, by Mitsui Matsuri (蜜井茉莉)

+ Just A Tuesday Afternoon, by Ms. C. Mouse

+ The Singing Moon, by Rei (レイ)

+ The Problem With Puberty, by Tamanegi Amai (玉葱亜麻衣)

+ Bedtime Stories, by H. Kiyosumi * **

+ Created Perfection, by Satoimo Taro (里芋たろ) **

+ The Curse of Venus, by Yamanashi Moe (山梨もえ)

+ Under The Weight Of Your Wings, by Yoshida Kasumi (由堕 霞)

+ Foul Play (Time-out! 2), by Mamih Lapinatapai

+ The Tao Master, by Koizumi Shinme (恋墨新芽)

+ Your Cover’s Blown, by Shinju Yuri (真珠百合) *

+ Seven Wonders Series #1: Remains To Be Seen, by Chikamichi Tano (近路 楽)

+ A Common Interest, by Chikyouiko (小胸囲娘)

+ Memory, by Shin De (シン・デ)

+ The Flight Of Netted Birds, by SODA

Happy Valentine’s Day!
XOXO, the Editor

** Story contains elves. Management not responsible.

(…Well, it’s in the Rules and Guidelines, innit?)

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