Issue 25: 25 Rooms

image by mbp12


+ A Fine And Public Place, by Usagi Anami (兎あなみ)

+ Five Days Underground, by Hinotori (火鳥)

+ Her Majesty’s Superman, by Nijiiro Sumi (虹色墨)*

+ New Foundations, by Pen D. Monium*

+ ApocalyptiCon, or It’s Not The End Of The World, by Daifuku Hoyako (惰猪腹ほや子)

+ As You Wish, by Kougyoku (紅玉)

+ Bedroom Politics, by Ito Ichiru (糸一縷)

+ The Astrologer’s Chrysanthemum, by Sagiro Harumi (鷺裸春美)

+ Lost Contact To Europe, by Jutsuka (述歌)

+ The Cousteau Society Is Celebrating, by N. Kaouthia*

+ Navid Arash Taraghijah: Still Life With Chair (I-XXV), by Shukyou (主教)*

+ Wir Halten Zusammen, by Atsushi Saiki (篤し再起)

+ No Easy Way, by Hiroen Chouseki (広遠潮汐)

+ Go To China! by Phail*

+ The Doll, by Neko (猫)

+ Set In Stone, by Aoime Kouchou (あおいめこうちょう)

+ In The Library, by hColleen

+ Painting Petals Red, by Red Queen

+ 25 Lives, by Tongari *

Standalone art:

+ I’m Asking Nicely Here, by ms_greency

+ Smouldering, by candidkage

+ Gardens In Your Heart, by Yuite Dio (神莠射手)

+ Interlude, by Bluejuice (青液)

+ Jealous Of The Gods, by Shouga Naiko (生姜ないこ)

* illustrated

Big issue this time. XD Thanks to ladysisyphus, and beeblebabe for the upload, and all the writers, artists and betas who made it happen. : D You can click through also for a larger version of mbp12‘s lovely cover (all the better to see the authors’ names gleaming dimly from the book jackets, you’ll notice XD).

Have a very nice Canada Day, and happy reading!

the Editor

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