Issue 20: Picture Perfect

cover by Ravyn

+ Inside Closets, by Midori Michiko (緑美智子) for serenity_winner

+ Finders Keepers, by Zack (ザックス) for mbp12

+ Nice Work If You Can Get It, by Yokomeshi (ヨコメシ) for everlet

+ Where There’s Smoke, by Pixxers for andeburu

+ Throwing Smoke, by Shukyou (主教) for iianbe

+ Resistance, by Kuruki (来木) for llyse

+ Teiresias’ Choice, by Delyth Penrose for ardwynna_m

+ Ignorance Can Be Remedied, by Shinko Hisada (身固之妥)

+ The Way of the Sword, by Kaito (カイト) for ruins_of_sodom

+ Safety Net, by hColleen for tashigi

+ The Letter Addressed to John Ashwood, by Liurong (柳荣) for iianbe

No asterisks as all the stories are illustrated, of course (Shinko Hisada’s goes with the cover piece, although I have done dodgy things to Ravyn’s artwork). ^_^ Thanks to dipping_sauce for uploading, to the writers and betas, and of course to all the illustrators who participated in this complex venture. I’ll be putting up the illustration galleries on s2b2 as well, to archive the submissions as a permanent part of this issue. TWENTIETH ISSUE and four years this week, for reals! Couldn’t have done it without you.

Happy back to school, if that’s where you’re at,

Love, the Editor

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