Exchange for Money

by Kisarazu Megumi (如月図恵美)


There is always at least one day in a person’s life that can change it all forever. You can wait for it, hope for it, but it will always come unexpectedly.

Jonathan was a twenty-four-year old Caucasian male. His hair was blond and cut similar to Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair in his teenage years. He went to college at a university in the United States. His major was business. He lived in a one bedroom apartment with no roommates, paid for entirely by his parents.

His classes finished for the day, he was on his way to his apartment when something was pressed sharply against Jonathan’s back.

“Don’t move, Jonathan Blonna,” said a robotic voice. “Pointed behind you is a gun. In case you don’t believe me… well you’re better off believing me.”

Jonathan said nothing. Was this some kind of joke? It certainly didn’t feel like it, and he knew none of his friends would ever pull like this.

“Here’s what’s going to happen: you’re going to cooperate with me all the way on this. If you don’t, you get to find out how real this gun truly is. It’s cocked, loaded, and my finger is on the trigger. If you try anything, my first reaction will be to pull it,” said the sound coming through the voice changer. “Now, first you’re going need to relax. I don’t want to draw any attention. When you’re ready to go, take me to your car.”

Jonathan did as he was told. He took his time and moved slowly to the parking lot. There was no way this guy could get away with kidnapping someone this easy. He had to be seen by someone.

“This is my car,” Jonathan muttered when they reached his black mustang.

“Alright, now stop. Put your hands behind your back.” Jonathan obeyed.

The kidnapper pushed Jonathan onto the car with his body. He jabbed the gun into his forehead and grabbed his wrists, clicking a pair of handcuffs over them. Jonathan knew if he were to ever be arrested in the future it would feel something close to this.

“Where are the keys to the car?”

“Lower left pocket,” Jonathan replied weakly. The man’s hand slowly crept into Jonathan’s jacket. “What do you want with me?” he asked. “Steal my car. There’s no point in kidnapping me, I’m no-” The rest of his words were muffled by a chloroform soaked rag in his face. He passed out.


Jonathan awoke with his head spinning. He tried to lift it before letting his eyes focus, but after feeling the full weight of it he dropped it back down. He shut his eyes once more to try to straighten everything out, and slowly opened them again. He definitely wasn’t in the same place he was before he was knocked out. He was lying on a bed that wasn’t his own. His wrists were handcuffed to the headboard while his feet were spread and tided to the foot of the bed with rope.

Jonathan knew one thing: he had been abducted. Unless the kidnapper was in the bathroom it didn’t appear he was nearby. It didn’t sound like anyone was around. Jonathan thought quickly. What does someone do when they’re in this situation? How do you escape? He pulled at the handcuffs. They were certainly real and not easily breakable. The cuffs were so secure they were uncomfortable. His ankles seemed to be the same. If he were to attempt to fight through them it could go on forever, and unfortunately Jonathan didn’t have the strength or stamina for that.

Another idea was to scream as loud as he could. Discouragingly, there was something forced in his mouth with duct tape. The texture of it felt like a sock. He hoped it wasn’t a used sock. The thought of that made him want to gag. Even though the muzzle made it difficult to speak, Jonathan wondered if he could at least make enough noise that someone could hear him. Jonathan screamed as much as the sock would let him.
He stopped instantly when he heard the front door unlock and a man stepped. He was about a half foot taller than Jonathan, greasy and unkempt dark brown hair. He had to be the owner of the disarrayed studio apartment because his appearance matched it.

“Finally you’re awake,” said the man with a smile. “I was wondering when you were going to come to.” Jonathan started the screaming again. “Oh really?” he replied. “Well I suppose that’s a legitimate reason. What? What was that you said?” The man approached closer. “You know I can’t understand a word you’re saying when you have that tape across your mouth,” he said as he picked up a nearby chair and placed it next to the bed.

Jonathan shouted louder and tossed his weight around, causing the bed to shake, hoping it would be enough that the neighbors next door would hear him. “Okay that’s enough,” the man said, pulling out a gun from the bedside table and shoving it against Jonathan’s forehead, causing him to shut up.

Jonathan wasn’t really in the position to do much more than obey. He knew nothing about his captor. Though the man looked like an average guy around Jonathan’s age, it was hard for Jonathan to judge anyone especially if they had a gun in their hands.

The man slid the barrel of the gun up and down Jonathan’s cheek. “As interesting as this is, I really wish for us to have a normal conversation. Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going remove the gag from your mouth, and we are going to talk using our inside voices. Fail to do this,” he said, lowering his gun, “and I’m going to put a bullet into your leg. Now I’m not worried about the gun making too much noise since said gun has a silencer.” The man leaned closer to the bed. He placed his left hand on Jonathan’s cheek and with his right aimed the gun at Jonathan’s calf. After counting down to one, the man ripped the duct tape from his prisoner’s mouth. Jonathan tried his hardest not to squeak which is difficult to do when you have duct tape ripped from your mouth. His expression still deadpan, the man pulled the sock free from Jonathan’s mouth.

“That turned out great,” he exclaimed tossing the moist sock aside.

Jonathan glanced at the gun still pointed at his leg. “Do you mind putting that thing away?”

“Well you see, I would, but I have to keep it handy just in case you decide to do something stupid.”

“I would feel less nervous if you put it away,” Jonathan assured him. “I would be less likely to do something stupid if I were less nervous.”

“You have nothing to be nervous about if you just follow my directions and do what I say,” said the man.

“Actually I do,” Jonathan retorted. “People tend to get nervous when a gun is pointed at them, especially when they don’t know the owner’s ability to use the gun. Basically I don’t want you to accidentally shoot my leg.”

“Then you’re just going to have to trust me that if and when I do shoot you, there will be a very genuine reason for it.”

There was a long pause for a while when both men just looked at each other. Jonathan finally turned away and said: “So are you going to explain to me why I’m here and why you decided to kidnap me?”

“Why, Batman? So you can foil my plans?” asked the man. “Actually I was waiting for you to ask me. I believe you do deserve some kind of explanation. Normally the reason anyone gets kidnapped is for money. Your family is rich-”

“And you decided why not steal from it?” Jonathan asked as he watched cautiously as the man passed his gun from hand to hand.

“Yes and no. The reason is why your family is rich. Your father is one of the several businessmen at the head of a very successful energy company. Just like most companies like these, it cheats its consumers. People don’t particularly like their money being stolen to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. And so that’s why you and I are here. You can say I’m sort of like a Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, the poor being myself.”

Jonathan scoffed.

“You laugh, but I’m not the one who got himself get kidnapped,” he smiled. “I’m sure you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen next.”

“No, but enlighten me. I couldn’t possibly guess what kind of malevolent plan you have for me.”

“You know, sarcasm isn’t going to help you at all. You’re lucky I’m the type of evil villain who likes to spill out his master plan despite what the hero may do or say,” replied the man. “Everything is already in motion. Your parents have already been informed that you’ve been abducted as well as how much money I want for your ransom.” Jonathan wondered if the letter was made out of newspaper and magazine clippings. “And now all we have to do is wait.” The gun was now pointed at Jonathan’s face. “Next, your parents, if they haven’t already done so, are going to call the police, and have them investigate this to the best they can. Unfortunately they won’t get too far because they have no clue who I am or where we are.”

Jonathan couldn’t believe that. Someone must have seen him somewhere. He had to get that information from somewhere or someone. The police aren’t stupid. They can find and track that. “You know they can find me pretty easily through my car.”

“Yeah, I already took care of that,” the man said, with the gun finally pointed away from Jonathan’s direction.

Jonathan paused. “Wherever you may have dumped it the police will find it,” he said sounding a little shaken.

“Oh, I didn’t dump it,” the man continued with the same apathetic tone. “I sold it.”

“Impossible. There is absolutely no possible way you could have sold it. You- you don’t have the authority for it. You- you’d need…”

“It’s possible. My last job was at a used car dealership. I just kindly asked my boss to pull a few strings and arrange things a bit. It’s going to a shop to be pawned off.”

“You sold my car,” he said, feeling more frustrated than ever.

“Yes I did.”

“But you sold my car.”

“Yes I did and it’ll be nice grocery and bill paying money for the next few months,” the man smiled.

If Jonathan could scream he would have. If Jonathan could grab the gun out of his abductor’s hands and shot him he would have. The only thing Jonathan could do was say: “I hate you,” and he did.

“Hmm… well,” he pondered, “I don’t hate you. I don’t hate you at all.”

“I really, really hate you.”

“That’s really, really too bad.”

“I hate you,” he repeated.

“Yes I know. You hate me because I kidnapped you, handcuffed you to my bed, and sent a ransom note to your parents asking for one million dollars by the end of next week.”

“I hate you because you sold my car!” Jonathan tried to control his voice, but this was proving difficult thanks to the emotional state the man had put him in.

“Yes, that too.”

“No, just that.”

“Really?” the man said with a lot of relief in his voice.

“Yes, really!” If his hands weren’t so far away from his face he would have taken the chance to rub it at this time. “I hate you because you sold my car.”

“That’s not too bad. It was just a car. If anything you should hate me for the other stuff I did.”

“You made a profit by selling my car, not your car, my car.” He wanted to scream more than ever now. “Don’t you understand?”

“Oh yeah, I understand completely. My real goal was just to have the last word in this conversation.” Jonathan growled. “Ever since you first said I hate you.”

“I hate you,” Jonathan said with gritted teeth.

“Yes I know,” the man smiled.

“Will you just shut up!”

“Must I remind you that you aren’t in the position to be giving me orders,” he replied as the gun swayed back in Jonathan’s direction.

At that point he got the hint. It wouldn’t end until he gave up, so he gave up and shut up. Jonathan sighed and relaxed into the bed. He just needed to think, or perhaps not think. He let the silence wash over him. He kept his head facing away from his kidnapper, but knew he was still there sitting over him with the gun in his hands.

“You’re going to keep me chained to this bed until you get the ransom, which could be days, correct?” Jonathan asked, finally breaking the silence. “How do you expect me to eat or use the bathroom?”

“I figure if I don’t feed you, you won’t have to go to the bathroom.”

“Th- then how do you expect me to live? If I don’t have any nourishment I’ll die!”

“I only need you until next week. Humans can go without food for that long.”

“You- you can’t be serious!” Jonathan said weakly.

“I’m really not,” the man’s lips curled into a smile. “I pretty much have it all planned out so you won’t starve to death. The bathroom is a little more difficult. I really pray for your sake you don’t need space.” Jonathan coughed. He hoped the man wasn’t planning on keeping an eye on him while he was in the bathroom as well.

Jonathan had to finally give in. There was nothing he could do to escape. The best he could do was wish that the police would figure out where he was based on the mistakes his captor probably made and find him. He scanned the alarm clock by the bedside table: 3:46. It had been almost four hours since class ended. He estimated he spent three of those hours unconscious and the other forty six being captured and talking with his abductor. Jonathan slowly looked over his shoulder. The man hadn’t moved from his spot.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Jonathan finally asked.

“No, not really,” the man replied.

“Don’t you have a job or something?”

“Does it matter?” the man asked. “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Maybe I have a job, already gone to it, and I’m done for the day, or maybe I have to go to work in a couple of hours, or maybe today is my day off. I mentioned I used to work at a used car dealership, maybe I still work there and lied because I didn’t want you to know how to find me after this is all over. It’s also possible that this is my job, and I blackmail people for money every day. Either way, I’m not going to give you that kind of information just so you can use it against me later.”

The only reason I was asking because you’re really annoying me by looming over me, Jonathan thought.

“I want us to be able to get along. It would be very boring for me if we didn’t converse for the entire week. I’ll tell you a little about myself, but not enough for you to be able track me when this is over and have me arrested. Everything I say to you will be the truth. It’s up to you to believe it or not,” the man explained.

“My name is Tyler. I would shake your hand, but they look busy at the moment. It’s nice to meet you anyway,” he said with a smile. “To answer your question, yes, I do work, but today is my day off. I’m sure you could have figured that out.” A name was nice know. Jonathan had something to call him by.

“Now it’s my turn to ask a question: do people call you John for short?”

Jonathan shot him a nasty glare warning Tyler that he had triggered another pet peeve of his. “No, they don’t and I prefer if they didn’t.”

“Well, I was thinking of calling you John instead, but since you don’t like it…how about Johnny?”

“No, no one has called me that since I was in middle school. I’ve never liked it, and I still dislike it.”

“You’re really boring and no fun at all.”

Jonathan turned his head away from his kidnapper after that.

This whole situation sounded like a game to his kidnapper. He felt like a moth being batted around by a cat just before being eaten. The sooner he got the ransom and let Jonathan go, the better. He knew it could be worse. He could have gotten tortured and raped instead of his ear talked to death by a moron. Sleeping sounded more and more comforting. The blankets felt so soft underneath his body and the luscious aroma gave him a loose feeling.


Jonathan awoke again to find out that his body snatching experience really wasn’t a dream. He woke up in the same unfamiliar apartment he’d fallen asleep in. Everything was the same as it was in his dream, except for the TV, which hadn’t been on before, showing images from some kind of video game. His abductor, who he remembered calling himself Tyler, was still in the same chair beside the bed, only this time he held a controller in his hand. In Jonathan’s mind that was a lot better than the image of Tyler still sitting over him watching him while he slept.

“Good morning,” he said.

“What time is it?” Jonathan asked as a natural reaction.

“Past lunch, but not quite time for dinner.”

Jonathan yawned, “I have to-” he stopped. Oh shit, he thought to himself. He wanted to, but feared what would happen if he asked. Jonathan sighed and dropped his head. He tried again: “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay, just give me a second,” Tyler said obviously absorbed by the game.

Tyler put the game on pause and set the controller by the system. He paused and took a minute to think it over. He took the hand gun from the bedside table and pointed it directly at Jonathan, causing him to face the other way. Tyler reached into his back pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He turned to the bed and looked Jonathan up and down. Suddenly, Tyler climbed on top of the bed, straddling Jonathan’s hips.

“What are you doing?!” Jonathan yelped.

“I’m trying to figure out how to take off the handcuffs in a way that will limit your ability of escaping,” he replied as he pressed the gun into Jonathan’s forehead.

“You have a gun in your hand!” Jonathan knew he probably should have lowered his voice a little. “I don’t see how that isn’t good enough!”

Tyler cocked the gun. Jonathan squeaked.

Tyler freed his right hand by placing the base of the gun in his mouth before grabbing Jonathan’s wrists. With his left hand he unlocked the handcuffs.

Jonathan watched Tyler. He wondered how this was better. If he did try to escape, what was Tyler going to do about it? Shoot him by pulling the trigger with his tongue? He wanted to laugh, but decided it was best not to.

After setting the handcuffs free from the bar on the bed Tyler reattached them to his wrists. “Stay there,” he said after removing the gun from his mouth. The kidnapper slid onto the floor. Still keeping the weapon aimed at him, Tyler moved towards the foot of the bed and began undoing the ropes at Jonathan’s ankles. When he finished he tossed them aside. Tyler took a step back, keeping the gun pointed at Jonathan. “Okay go ahead and stand up,” he said. “Slowly.”

Jonathan obeyed. He wasn’t the type of person to test someone if they were holding a weapon at him. If he had the courage, maybe he could have escaped, but he didn’t want to take the risk of being killed.

Tyler moved himself behind him and pressed the gun against Jonathan’s back. “Can you see the bathroom?” he asked. “It’s over there along that wall,” he pointed. Tyler took the barrel of the gun and nudged it into him singling for him to head forward.

All this trouble just so I can go to the bathroom, he thought to himself. Jonathan continued walking until he reached the toilet. He glanced over his shoulder after hearing the door shut. “Please don’t tell me you’re honestly going to stand there pointing the gun at me while I pee.”

“Yeah, so? I think me pointing the gun at you will only give you more motivation to pee.”

“How do you expect me to do this with handcuffs on?”

Tyler looked Jonathan over. “Is it really that much of a reach?” Jonathan understood what he was referring to when he noticed him looking at his crotch.

Jonathan cheeks turned red and he turned his back towards Tyler. “I just don’t feel comfortable doing it with you standing there staring at me.”

“What’s the big deal? We’re both guys. It’s not like I haven’t seen a dick before. Haven’t you ever used a urinal?”

“Yes. I have! Is there a problem wanting privacy?” Jonathan was starting to get annoyed.

“Yes, there is when you are being held hostage,” he said as he nudged him again. “There are so many items in this room you could use to free yourself or attack me with. I have to keep an eye on you so that you don’t ruin my plans.”

Jonathan grumbled to himself and shifted his body towards the toilet. He dropped his head and stared at the water. He sighed softly to calm himself. He needed to gather up the courage to do it before trying. He could hear Tyler tapping his foot impatiently behind him.

“What, do you need some help?” Tyler walked forward pressing his body against his. His hand reached down to the zipper of Jonathan’s pants. Tyler rested his head on Jonathan’s shoulder and began rubbing his lips and cheek against his neck.

Normally Jonathan’s first reaction would be to elbow him in his stomach, but he couldn’t gamble the chances of Tyler shooting him, especially when he was using his right hand to press the gun against Jonathan’s temple. All he could do was stand stiff and hope that it would be over quickly.

Suddenly the groping stopped, and he heard Tyler take a step backwards. Jonathan didn’t even bother to glance over to see how close or far Tyler was standing. He quickly reached into his already unzipped jeans and shut his eyes.

“I’m finished,” he said just in case Tyler wasn’t watching as he buttoned his pants. After looking at Tyler’s position he probably had been watching the entire time. He sat on the edge of the bathtub with his legs spread. He had his elbow resting on his knee with his right hand to support his head while his left hand dangled with the gun laying loosely in it.

Jonathan approached him slowly. For some reason Tyler had a very sulky expression instead of the usually cheerful expression he had when he teased him. Usually? Jonathan thought. He had only known this weirdo for a few hours, and already he was words like “usually” as if they’d known each other for years.

“Good,” Tyler said flatly. “Now go wash your hands,” he pushed him towards the sink with his foot.

Jonathan gave in of course. He took a glimpse at the mirror as he rubbed soap over his fingers. The other man’s position changed. The gun had been switched back to his dominate hand and was pointed once again directly at him. Jonathan quickly dried his hands and held them up as if he was being arrested. After getting the okay from his captor Jonathan lead the way out of the room and returned to the bed.

“Okay, lie down.”

Jonathan felt like a trained dog, but he didn’t have a choice. He was then chained back to the bed. Tyler did not say a word even as he stuffed the sock roughly back into Jonathan’s mouth. When he was finished, he set the gun on the table and picked up his keys. Jonathan watched as he walked through the front door and slammed it shut. He sighed and rolled his head along the pillow. He continued to tell himself not to feel guilty for upsetting him. It’s not like he had done anything wrong. What was he so angry about anyway? Was it because he didn’t react when he tried to touch him? Whatever. Stupid pervert

Hours passed. It was not that Jonathan was getting worried or anything. He was just extremely bored. Since he had slept most of the day away it was difficult to try to pass the time through sleep. Instead he talked to himself in his head, hummed songs to himself, pondered about what was going on in the outside world at that exact moment, and thought of “what ifs” like: “What if Tyler hadn’t captured him?” “What if he had tried to escape during the time Tyler had unlocked the handcuffs?”

During the middle of humming the “Saints Go Marching In” for the eighteenth time Tyler returned carrying a large bag. Whatever weird mood he was in before had disappeared as if he’d left to go take some happy pills. He sat himself on the chair next to Jonathan. From there Jonathan could smell the wonderful fragrance coming from the bag. It was a nice reminder on how hungry he was.

Tyler reached into his mouth and pulled out the gag. He paused, “Were you just humming?”

A little more red started to float to Jonathan’s cheeks. He decided it would be best not to deny it, “Yeah. I was.”

“Oh okay,” he laughed. “Anyway I’m back!”

“Obviously,” Jonathan mumbled.

“And I brought dinner,” Tyler set the bag on his lap. “I got some Chinese food because I figured something from McDonald’s wouldn’t be to your taste. I didn’t know if you like Chinese food, but since there are many different types of dishes I thought I’d at least be able to find something you’d like.” He untied the plastic bag releasing and air of scents. “I didn’t know if you were a vegetarian or not, so I bought some stuff with meat and some without it.” He pulled out a pair of chopsticks and broke them apart. Tyler proceeded to explain the contents of each package to Jonathan. He held out a few boxes for him and asked: “So which one do you want to try first?”

Jonathan said nothing.

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m hungry, but I don’t understand what you’re doing.”

“I’m trying to feed you.”

“I understand that. What I don’t understand is why we have to eat here. Can’t you just let me eat at a table like a normal person?”

“You aren’t exactly in the most normal situation, besides you know I can’t let you go.”

“Well then how do you expect me to eat without hands?” he asked his voice rising again.

“I said that I’m going to feed you!” Tyler retorted, his voice rising to match Jonathan’s.

Now he understood. That was his plan. Tyler was some kind of sick weirdo pervert, despite his normal appearance. Tyler carefully pulled out a large piece of beef from one of the containers and attempted to hand feed his prisoner. Jonathan gave him a look and turned his head the opposite direction.

“Come on, I promised I’d give you food and now you won’t let me feed you,” Tyler put the meat into his own mouth, so the juice wouldn’t drip onto the bed. “You even admitted you were hungry.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Jesus! Why are you being so difficult? I don’t want to see you starve yourself.”

Jonathan shot him a glare. “You don’t want me to starve myself, but it’s okay to shoot me?”

“Well… yeah. I mean, starving is like torture while shooting is like a quick death, you know?”

“I don’t want to eat your food,” he said slowly.

“Seriously, you’re being so immature about this.”

Jonathan scoffed.

“Do I have to chew your food and force it down your throat with my tongue?”

I’m sure you’d love to do that, pervert. He wished he had the courage to say that out loud. “And how exactly do you expect to ‘force’ me to eat anyway? What are you going to do, threaten me?”

“No, you’re right,” Tyler said softly. “I can’t force you to eat, and I’m not going to threaten you.” He placed all the boxes back into the plastic bag. He stood up and left for the kitchen side of the room, taking the food with him. They didn’t say a word to each other for the rest of the night.

Watching Tyler eat by himself made Jonathan regret not letting him feed him, but only because he was starving. He ate at an apple for breakfast, lunch was skipped because that was the time he was busy being kidnapped, and this was the last chance he had to eat. His stomach was growling madly, and the best thing he could do was to say: “shut up.” After Tyler finished his food it was lights out.


Jonathan normally never slept in. Everyday, even on the weekends, he woke up at seven in the morning and went to bed at ten at night. On his second day of being held prisoner in a stranger’s house, Jonathan slept in until twelve in the afternoon.

He was awoken by his angry stomach yelling at him about last night. Jonathan finally agreed it was time to open his eyes. If he could, he would have gotten out of bed and stretched. The closest thing he could do was take a look around. The room was completely dead. Tyler was obviously out or else there wouldn’t be a sock mysteriously in his mouth.

The same techniques he used the other night to suppress his boredom stopped working after the first two hours. He started wondering strange things like: “Where did Tyler go?” “What is he doing now?” and “When will he be back?” Jonathan started to… miss… him.

Honestly it’s just that I’m bored out of my mind, he assured himself. When you’re stuck lying in bed, talking to someone, anyone, is the only thing to can do to relieve the boredom, especially when you have no use of your arms and legs. Just to pass the time, Jonathan spent another hour debating about how the only reason why he missed Tyler was because he missed someone to talk to.

It wasn’t until four o’clock when Tyler returned.

“Hello,” said Jonathan.

Tyler was clearly surprised by the sudden friendly greeting by his hostage. “Hey.” He gave him a smile.

“Where were you?”

“I was at work.” He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face. “I usually have work until four.” He stopped by the refrigerator to pull out some left over Chinese food before heading over to Jonathan’s side of the room.

“How was work?” Jonathan asked, desperate for conversation.

“You know how work is: not too hard, kind of boring, annoying.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had a job before.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. I should have known,” he replied as he opened one of the boxes of leftovers.

“What are you implying?” Jonathan raised an eyebrow.

“Your dad pays for everything, am I right? The only work you’ve ever done is cleaning dishes and throwing out the trash,”

“Oh right, and kidnapping people is better.”

“I never said that.” Tyler slurped his noodles. “I just said you have it easy, never having to work.”

Jonathan would have probably returned with another rebuttal if he wasn’t busy staring at Tyler’s food. He kept trying to tell himself not to make it so conspicuous that he was hungry, and he could go another day without food.

Tyler’s stupid grin returned. “You want some?”

Jonathan said nothing. Just as Tyler was about to take another bite Jonathan gave a small shy nod.

“Are you ready?” Tyler wrapped up a few noodles around the chopsticks and held it out in front of him. Jonathan hesitated at first, but leaned forward and opened his mouth for him. “See, now that wasn’t so bad.”

Tyler was right. It wasn’t that embarrassing being spoon fed by the man who abducted you and kept you chained a bed. At least that’s what Jonathan tried to convince himself. Okay it was embarrassing. The last time he had food fed to him was when he was sixteen and had his wisdom teeth taken out, and even then it was embarrassing.

He shyly opened his mouth once more for Tyler to give him another bite of food from the carton. “You’re in enjoying this aren’t you?” he asked as he watched Tyler’s large satisfied smile.

“Of course, there isn’t anything I rather be doing.”

“That’s creepy,” Jonathan finally said.


The second day seemed to go a lot smoother than the first day. Jonathan had been a little more willing and trusting. This may or may not have been because Tyler had stop threatening him with the gun. Jonathan was sure that Tyler had started trusting him more too. He agreed in removing the rope on his legs at night to give him more room to shift around in his sleep.

“Okay, I have to go to bed. I have work tomorrow,” Tyler said as he turned out the lights.

Jonathan yawned in agreement. He turned as much of his body as he could to one side and shut his eyes. He opened them the second he heard the sound of someone getting under the covers with him. “Tyler, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I am not sleeping on the floor again. It really messed up my back. I’m not giving up the entire bed to you again.”

“You can’t sleep here!” Jonathan squeaked.

“It’s my bed. The only reason you’re on it is because I have no other place to keep you tied up where you can’t escape.”

Jonathan couldn’t think of any good argument against letting him share the bed, other than he didn’t want to. “Pervert,” he mumbled as he shifted over to the end of the bed as much as possible.

“I also must warn you, whenever I sleep with another person I tend to spoon them,” Tyler said as he wrapped one arm and one leg around Jonathan’s body.

“You’re doing that on purpose!”

“Yeah, I decided it’s better to do it now rather than in my sleep and get it over with,” Tyler rubbed his cheek softly against Jonathan’s. “Besides I’m cold and you’re body feels really good…” he mumbled just before dozing off.

With another man on top of him Jonathan knew it would take him at least an hour before he could fall asleep.

It ended up being only half an hour.


From the third day on, Jonathan was given a way to entertain himself while Tyler was at work. Since the TV was positioned directly in front of the bed, it made it easy to watch it. Tyler had slipped the remote into his hand before going to work. Jonathan had rarely watched television until now. He spent most of the time flipping channels and with Tyler’s TV there weren’t that many. He would have preferred a book instead, but he knew for sure Tyler wasn’t the type of person who had books around his house, not that Jonathan would be able to read with his hands cuffed to a bed anyway. Trying to balance a remote was hard enough. If he dropped it, there would be no way of getting it back. The first time he accidentally fumbled the remote he was forced to watch hours of MTV until Tyler returned home.

He still had to wear the muzzle, but as the days went on he started getting more liberties. Using the toilet certainly wasn’t the problem it used to be. He couldn’t stop Tyler from keeping an eye on him at all times, but he did get comfortable with it. Feeding became almost like second nature. He was used to sleeping in the same bed. Tyler didn’t try to do anything to him except for cuddling him through out the night. To Jonathan Tyler was just a second blanket.

The only thing he hadn’t started to be relaxed with was taking a shower. He never even asked Tyler if he could use it because he knew the way Tyler wanted him to take a shower wouldn’t be in any way that Jonathan would be satisfied with. If he asked, he knew Tyler’s answer would be: “Okay, but I’m going to have to join you.”

Before Jonathan knew it, he’d become used to being Tyler’s prisoner. This was a solid sign that he knew should escape.

“Tyler,” Jonathan started, “when are you going to let me go?”

“When your parents forward me the money,” he said as he guided another spoon full of pasta into Jonathan’s mouth.

“But, what if they don’t give you the money?”

Tyler paused. It was clear he had never thought about that part.

“You can’t keep me here forever.”

“I could… if I wanted to. Then again I could kill you if I wanted,” Tyler sighed and got out of his seat to stretch. “I suppose if your parents don’t pay, I’ll do one or the other.”

Something in Jonathan’s heart told him that Tyler wouldn’t hurt him, at least he hoped. He hoped he was right about him. Tyler was strange and stupid at times, but he wasn’t evil. He didn’t seem like the type of guy who would hurt anyone. He could feel his brain yelling at him. It could all be a trick. He could be just acting this way to make Jonathan trust him and in the end betray him. How could he trust and feel for someone who was trying to steal from him? The whole thing made his stomach and head ache.

“Tyler, I want to go home,” he finally said. He gazed at Tyler. “You have to let me go sometime,” he said.

“I really don’t,” he approached the bed. “If your parents don’t give me the ransom money, then I can do whatever I want with you. In fact, I could do whatever I want to do to you right now.” Jonathan started to feel awkward with the look Tyler was giving him.

Tyler crawled on top of him. Jonathan’s eyes went wide. He tried to sink into the mattress as much as he could. Jonathan couldn’t believe it. Tyler couldn’t actually be serious. He couldn’t actually be planning on taking advantage of him. Jonathan always thought that Tyler’s constant flirting was just his way of teasing him and making him feel uncomfortable. He always wondered if he was truly serious about it, but he never believed it.

Jonathan’s body began to shake nervously, and his heart started to beat faster. He turned his head away when Tyler leaned down closer. The other man grabbed his jaw roughly, keeping it still. Jonathan shut his eyes tightly. Very gently he felt Tyler’s lips press against his own. Before Jonathan had time to react the kiss was over, and Tyler had rolled off of him on to the space beside him.

The kiss was so strange. Jonathan thought it would have felt much different. He’d expected a gross nauseated feeling afterward. Instead, he kept wishing to replay it over and change his response. In his sleep, Tyler returned to his usual position with his arms wrapped around Jonathan. It helped him doze off to sleep.


Jonathan had lost track of the days. He couldn’t tell if it was the start or end of the weekend. He knew it had to be around there. He glanced at the front door ever so often, expecting the police to bust through at any minute. Every loud noise caused him to jump.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler had to ask. “You’ve been acting weird for the past few days,” he said as he brushed Jonathan’s bangs out of his face.

“I’m fine, please don’t touch me like that.” Tyler looked hurt. Jonathan peaked at the door again.

“Do you think the police are coming today?”

“I hope so,” Jonathan replied. “It’s almost been a week since you brought me here. I’m sure they’ve gathered enough information on you by now.” He paused. “Listen, Tyler if you let me go right now I promise I won’t tell the police about you. I’ll tell them it was someone else. I’ll make up some story about how I was able to escape, and I’ll tell them how I didn’t get to see who my kidnapper was.” He smiled softly. “Please, you can trust me.”

“No.” he said flatly.

“Why? Aren’t you afraid of going to prison? You don’t think you can honestly get away with this do you?”

Tyler said nothing.

Jonathan dropped his head on the pillow. “Of all the people to pick, why in the world did you pick me?” he sighed.

“Because I like you,” Tyler smiled to himself. “I choose you because you were the person I wanted to meet the most. I’ve been attracted to you since then.”

This time Jonathan didn’t turn the other way. Tyler let his hand fall down and cup Jonathan’s chin. When Tyler leaned down, Jonathan kissed him softly first.

It was strange how easily one kiss grew into more. Tyler was forced to shift his body onto the bed just to keep up. Jonathan could feel his heart beating faster and faster as he played games with Tyler’s tongue. If he knew this was going to feel this amazing he would have had the courage to kiss him sooner.

Jonathan moaned as he felt Tyler begin to kiss other parts of his face. He tugged at the chains keeping his hands together. If only he could embrace him. His greedy fingers longed to explore the areas of Tyler’s body.

Tyler had made his way lower down Jonathan’s body. He slipped his fingers underneath Jonathan’s shirt and started lapping the smooth skin underneath, causing Jonathan to gasp when he gave his nipple a taste.

Jonathan’s logical side of his brain chose the wrong time to speak up. It warned him about who might be bust into the room. “Mhn! We- we should-we should stop.”

Tyler’s tongue finished making circles around Jonathan’s bellybutton. “Why? Are you afraid your daddy’s going to come charging through that door and see you with another man, and think the whole ransom thing was a fake?” Tyler was right. That was exactly what he was thinking. “If you seriously want me to stop, I’ll stop. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

Jonathan knew what he wanted he just had to get the courage to say it. “P-please don’t-don’t stop,” he shook. “Please lower-please.”

Tyler relieved at his decision and undid Jonathan’s jeans. Jonathan wiggled underneath them. Tyler pulled back the cloth to taste the smooth flesh hidden under Jonathan’s boxers. He licked from the base to the tip of his erection before taking it all into his mouth.

Jonathan began pulling at the headboard. He chewed on his lower lip to muffle his sounds, but he couldn’t help call out Tyler’s name.

This was obviously something Tyler was good at because it had never felt this wonderful. Tyler ravenously lapped up the pre-cum that dripped from the head of Jonathan’s cock. He took a moment to admire the taste before engulfing it in his mouth once more.

Jonathan was breathing heavily. He jerked his hips up trying to keep as much of himself inside Tyler’s as he could, until he reached his peak. He threw his head back and released himself.

Tyler hungrily drank as much of Jonathan as he could. Jonathan’s exhausted body dropped down onto the bed panting madly. Tyler lovingly crawled back up Jonathan’s body. He wrapped his arms lightly around him and placed kisses across his cheek and neck. Jonathan groaned softy pressing as much of his face against Tyler’s. He could feel Tyler’s arousal rubbing against his thigh though his jeans.

As he pressed a kiss against Tyler’s ear and whispered: “Remove the handcuffs from my wrists.”

“Now why should I do that?” He nuzzled his cheek.

Jonathan’s face turned a deeper red, “be-because I want-I want to take off your clothes.”

A sly smiled curled on Tyler’s lips and instantly pulled his shirt over his head. He tossed along with his pants aside.

“Is that better?”

“Yes, but wouldn’t you like me to touch you?”

“I want you to let me,” his hand drifted down in between Jonathan’s legs, “do this to you.”

Jonathan’s first reaction was to pull away from the finger prodding his entrance. He paused and looked at Tyler. Knowing how much Tyler wanted this, he nodded slowly.

“Thank you,” Tyler whispered softly as he gave him a kiss. He quickly grabbed his pants off the floor to get the key to Jonathan’s handcuffs. Jonathan sighed relieved to finally have the metal that constantly dug unto his skin off his wrists. He pulled off the remainder of his own clothing and threw them over his shoulder.

“You’re going to have to lie down on your stomach for this.”

Jonathan obeyed. He got into the most comfortable position he could, using the pillow to rest his head on.

“What are you doing?” he asked suddenly feeling Tyler place his hands behind his back.

“I’m not taking any chances. I don’t want you trying to escape now that your handcuffs are off,” he said after reattaching them.

“Are you stupid? This is consensual. I want this.”

Tyler ignored him and propped his hips up forcing Jonathan into the most embarrassing and awkward pose. The only thing Jonathan had a good view of was the pillow beneath him.

“Wh-where are you going?” Jonathan squeaked when he heard Tyler get off of the bed. After a few seconds all the lights turned off and Tyler returned. Tyler’s cold hands caused him to shiver when rub them up and down his thighs.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I want to,” Jonathan said as he shut his eyes.

Two of Tyler’s fingers, soaked in what Jonathan could feel was cream, carefully ran over his entrance. Jonathan tensed up when he felt them slip inside of him. He tried to relax as much as he could. He knew Tyler was trying his best to soothe him. The slick liquid helped immensely. Once Tyler got a pace going it almost felt like nothing. When a third finger joined in, it caused him to grit his teeth and hide his face in his pillow. He tried not to fight it, but the pain made him wish it was all over. He wanted Tyler. If he was there would hurt less right?


Tyler placed a moist kiss on Jonathan’s lower back to show him he understood. He coated his erection fully with the lotion. Gently he pressed the tip of his head into Jonathan. Jonathan pressed his face into the pillow and dug his nails into his palms. He told himself over and over to relax, but this was difficult with all the agony he was feeling. When Tyler pushed fully inside him all he could feel was the torture of it. He wasn’t going to scream and he wasn’t going to cry. He knew Tyler would stop if he understood how much it hurt. He wanted to do this for him. He knew how much he wanted it.

He couldn’t help but whine and whimper when Tyler started his thrusts. Tyler started out slow at first, being careful of Jonathan. Jonathan’s legs began to shake like they couldn’t keep supporting this position for very much longer. Above his muffled cries he could here Tyler’s moans of pleasure. As his rhythm increased so did his pants and groans. The best Jonathan could do was bite into the pillow and scream. He thought he heard Tyler pant out his name amidst his orgasm. Two thrusts later and Jonathan felt Tyler climax inside of him.

Jonathan’s heartbeat was still in his ears. As soon as Tyler pulled out Jonathan’s knees collapsed from under him. The pain still didn’t go away. Now he could feel it throbbing. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sit right for days. He just wanted to sleep. He was so tired he could sleep in his current position. Jonathan felt the handcuffs on his wrist unlock. Tyler lied next to him. He pulled Jonathan’s body against his.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to take any chances on me trying to escape.”

“I trust you. I know you won’t betray me,” he kissed his forehead. “Besides I want to put my arms around you.”

Jonathan let his fingers explore Tyler’s back for the first time. He felt the curve of Tyler’s flesh and muscles before settling there. Jonathan placed one leg on top of Tyler’s. That was when he felt something moist drip down his leg. He reached down in between his legs and wiped the substance with his middle finger. He rubbed it together with his thumb. The whole experience felt like a dream, but his aching bottom and Tyler’s liquid in between his fingers told him other wise. Tyler put his hand in Jonathan’s.


When Jonathan awoke the next morning his hand was still cupped with Tyler’s.

“Good morning” Tyler said before kissing his lips.

“Good morning,” Jonathan mumbled back finally realizing his whole body ached. His back hurt, his thighs were sore, but most of all: his ass bruised. He watched as Tyler easily got up to put on a pair of pants. Jonathan didn’t even want to think about moving. He knew that if he did the pain would be a lot worse.

Tyler stretched up and glanced at Jonathan over his shoulder.

“Are you hungry?” he asked. “I was thinking of making us breakfast.” Jonathan was slightly amazed. This was the happiest he had ever seen him all the time they had been together, and he had never seen him cook once.

“How do you like your eggs?” he asked as he pulled out a frying pan.

“Scrambled,” Jonathan said giving the first answer that came into his head as his eyes moved towards the door.

Now is my chance, his brain told him. He had nothing keeping him here. No chains. No ropes. He was free. All he had to do was get the strength to run out the front door. He knew his body would make it difficult. He looked quickly at Tyler who still seemed to be chatting away cheerful as ever. He had to run away. He had to keep his mind focused on leaving because he knew the second he thought about Tyler, he would only change his mind.

Jonathan forced his body to sit up and pull himself out of bed. He wobbled a bit. It almost felt like he had never used his leg before. Picking up his clothing was the most painful. Bending over hurt his back squatting down hurt his legs.

“As much as I enjoy your scent, I think it’s about time you take a shower.” Tyler said as he tossed the eggs in the pan.

“Sure,” Jonathan replied more focused on getting dressed.

Jonathan told himself to take his time going to the door. Tyler wouldn’t notice if he played like there was nothing wrong.

“I was thinking after breakfast we could take a bath together,” Tyler continued.

Jonathan gradually began limping towards the door. Freedom was only a few seconds away. As soon as he through that door he would start running no matter how much it hurts. When he was far enough, he would be able to navigate, call his parents or find a police station.

When Jonathan had finally reached his destination, he started feeling uneasy. His heart was beating rapidly. All he had to do was put his hand on the knob and turn it. He started having second thoughts. His fingers floated above it, slowly lowering with each second. His eyes traveled along the carpet to Tyler in the kitchen. Jonathan wanted to say: “I’m sorry, but good bye,” but he couldn’t. It would only make him want to stay.

Tyler’s eyes connected with Jonathan. It scared him. He gripped the handle and threw open the door. Jonathan ran as fast as he could, and Tyler just watched.


It had been three weeks since Jonathan escaped, or in Tyler’s mind, ran away from him. It still hurt just as strong as it did the moment it happened. It was still so fresh and delicate he could replay it perfectly in his mind. Of course during the weeks Tyler thought about it several times over and understood it all. He didn’t blame Jonathan for leaving. If he hadn’t, Tyler might have kept him forever. He couldn’t help but feel betrayed. He thought that Jonathan had finally felt the same way as he did. He was wrong.

Tyler was grateful that Jonathan at least didn’t turn him into the police. He was worried for the first week. Every knock or visitor at the door made him nervous. He knew that he was probably safe by now.

Tyler hadn’t seen Jonathan since then nor did he try to. He knew that his information and location had probably changed. Even if he did find him, he was afraid that Jonathan would have him arrested.

So when Jonathan appeared on his doorstep that day, he was taken aback. He found Jonathan just standing behind the door his eyes directed at the floor.

“You can come in if you like,” Tyler said still a little stunned.

Jonathan nodded and walked through the door way. He sat himself on one of the chairs at the dining room table.

“I came because there’s something I want to say to you,” he finally spoke.

Tyler nodded taking up a seat next to him.

“I- I w- wanted to say… ” Jonathan stopped, and rubbed his face with his hands. “There are so many things I want to say,” he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry for… running away from you. I mean I’m not sorry for running away how- however I’m sorry for whatever feelings you had for me that I hurt. I know you liked me and- and I’m sorry,” Jonathan went silent. He took another breath. “I’m also sorry for not saying good bye to you. I came here to say good bye, formally.”

“I don’t just like you. It’s more than that. I-” He decided not to say it. “Listen, Jonathan, I don’t want to say good-bye, you just got here. I honestly can’t believe you came back to me just so you could leave me again.” Tyler reached up and affectionately pushed back Jonathan’s bangs from his face. Jonathan’s eyes drew up to Tyler’s face.

“I missed you a lot,” Tyler said. Jonathan nodded. “How about we start over again? I can take you out to dinner tonight, and we can talk. Afterward we can keep going out. If you find out that you don’t have any feelings for me, we can stop. But if you do, I’d like for us to continue. I want you to live with me because you should live with me. You practically lived with me before. We should live together. If you decided that you don’t like it, you can leave. Will you try living with me?” he took one of Jonathan’s hands and squeezed it.

Jonathan’s eyes slid down to their hands. He watched them for what felt like forever to Tyler. “Okay,” he nodded.

Tyler couldn’t help but kiss him right there. Jonathan leaned forward. He forgot how good the inside of Tyler’s mouth felt.

“See you, do like me or else you wouldn’t have kissed me like that,” Tyler said as he pulled away.

“I never said I didn’t like you,” he gave him a peck on the cheek. “I hope you’re still buying me dinner.”

“Sure,” Tyler kissed back, “but you do know I’m poor.”

“Whatever happened to the money you got from when you sold my car? I still never got it back.”

“I spent it all.”

“I really hope you didn’t because you still owe me my car.”

“You still owe me my ransom money.”

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