5 thoughts on “Don’t Go Into the Basement

  1. hooughg that’s hot! Love the details on the hands, love the color choices. Also the lack of eyebrows on the submerged ones contributes to an esoteric mood

  2. waaaa this is so atmospheric and dreadful! The hands on the face and the skeletons arms are so creepy, and the colors really reinforce how cold and damp and scared the center figure is. The eyes of all of the other wives are so chilling, especially the one grabbing his upper arm. I’m sure he’s really regretting his decision!!

  3. [Oingo Boingo intensifies]

    The pairing of the cooler blues with warmer grays gives this a really interesting contrasting palette, especially since there’s very, very little in the way of spots that are closer to a white (just some eyes and fingers, really!); having even the central character’s face be partially concealed in shadow has them already visually connected to the other watery figures! The water effects themselves are also quite nice. The fact that the unseen penetrating figure is at least partially clothed while the central one is not is an added storytelling detail, same with how the watery bridges are rising from the darkness even as they pull their newest companion down. Love the variety of expressions, too!

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