Coming Home

by kiyala (樹夜蘭)


Matt doesn’t think he hates any place more than he hates the airport.

The departure gate is its own monster, taunting him with its inevitability, with the loneliness that creeps into his daily life when Adrian is away. He doesn’t even look at the sign pointing in its direction as he drives towards the parking lot for the arrivals gate instead.

He’s half an hour early according to the clock on his car radio as he turns into an empty parking spot. He scowls, watching the digital numbers go blank as he turns his engine off. That’s half an hour before the flight even lands, and then who even knows how long before any of the passengers even make it out of the gate.

He hates waiting at the airport. He hates the way the anticipation sits heavy on his chest and claws at his throat, making it difficult to breathe. Matt has spent the majority of the last week just looking forward to this, and the closer it gets, the more impatient he is. He can’t push it out of his mind, no matter how much he’d like to. He’d love to find something to distract himself with, but even as he walks over to the one tiny café near the arrivals gate, he isn’t thinking about anything other than how much he wants to see Adrian again, how close he is to having his boyfriend back.

In the grand scheme of things, the time they spend apart isn’t really that bad. Adrian spends a month away for every three months they have together. It’s been happening for the past year now, so they’ve settled into something like a routine. The trips are always scheduled so that the full moon falls directly in the middle of Adrian’s trips and that’s fine. It makes sense that Adrian would want to spend time with his fellow werewolves every few months. Matt hates their time apart all the same.

He spends the rest of the wait hunched over in one of the uncomfortable plastic seats near the gate where Adrian’s flight is due. He kills most of the time playing phone games, until he starts to worry that he’ll run out of battery. He puts it back in his pocket for now, in case he needs it later, and looks around at the others waiting around him. There’s an elderly couple sitting across from him, holding onto a stuffed bear and a balloon with looping text on it, indicating that they’re waiting to meet their granddaughter. Down the row of seats from him is a mother with young twins, entertaining them with magic, creating colourful shapes that float in the air in front of them, smiling as her children’s clutching hands reach for them.

Luckily, it’s not much longer before the first passengers start walking out of the gate. Matt gets to his feet, arms folded across his chest, fingers digging into the soft wool of his knitted sweater. Adrian sent it to him in his most recent package, hand-knitted like every other sweater living in their closet. It has thick horizontal stripes, and Matt likes the earthy colours of it. He’s glad for the fact that Adrian’s finally stopped using the shimmering yarn that Matt’s sister gifted to him, probably because he’s run out of it. Mostly, he likes the way Adrian always sends him the softest sweaters when he’s away, as if they’re apologies for the distance, for the fact that Matt doesn’t have anything except for slightly oversized knitwear to snuggle against.

Then, finally, Adrian is walking out of the gate. He’s pulling his small suitcase behind him and Matt laughs without quite meaning to. Of course Adrian made himself a sweater to match with the one he sent to Matt. Of course he’s wearing it now, the thick wool of his sweater hiding his sheer bulk. With his thick-rimmed glasses and wide grin, he looks nothing like the typical textbook definition of a werewolf, let alone the alpha that he is. He walks right towards Matt and for a moment, it looks like he’s going for one of his especially bone-crushing hugs.

Except then he lifts Matt off his feet with one arm, his grin even wider than before. “Hey.”

“Adrian,” Matt says despairingly, fingers curling into his boyfriend’s sweater as his cheeks grow warm. “Put me down.”

“Nah,” Adrian replies cheerfully, nuzzling against his neck in greeting. “I’m carrying you out of here.”

“Oh god.” Matt doesn’t dare look around at the people around them. They’re probably busy with their own reunions anyway, and if he doesn’t feel like he’s being stared at, then he doesn’t feel particularly self-conscious about the way he hides his own grin against Adrian’s shoulder as he’s carried out of the terminal. He wraps his arms around Adrian a little tighter. “I’m so glad you’re home.”

“Me too,” Adrian agrees. He takes a deep breath. “You smell good.”

“I don’t smell any different,” Matt replies, glad that Adrian at least puts him down when they’re at the entrance of the parking lot, so they can walk to the car. “I don’t think so, anyway.”

“You still smell good.” With both of them standing beside each other, Adrian needs to bend a little to press a kiss into Matt’s hair. He lingers for a moment, humming quietly. “I missed you.”

“Yeah.” Matt takes Adrian’s free hand with a smile, squeezing it tightly. “I missed you too. Come on, let’s go home.”

The drive home from the airport is longer than Matt would like. The traffic is awful, but the important thing is that they get through it without Matt rear-ending anyone out of frustration when they don’t pay enough attention to what’s in front of them. It’s purely thanks to the fact that Adrian spends the entire time with a hand resting on Matt’s knee.

Matt’s always a much nicer person when Adrian’s around to be a calming influence on him. He’s not quite as snappy, and he might still hate waiting, but he won’t complain about it as much either. Honestly, as annoying as it all might be, it’s worth it for the moment he and Adrian get home, leaving his suitcase by the doorway so they can curl up on the couch in each other’s arms.

“Mm.” Adrian lets out a contented hum, resting his chin on Matt’s shoulder. “It’s so good to be back.”

Matt wraps his arms around Adrian tightly in reply, settling against him. Adrian’s much bigger, but he’s always been one for curling up against Matt and initiating the cuddles. Matt’s long since learned to go along with it.

“I hope you know,” Adrian says seriously, “if I were shifted right now, my tail would be wagging so hard.”

“Fuck off, you’re not allowed to be this cute,” Matt grumbles. He presses a kiss into Adrian’s wavy brown hair. “Come here.”

Adrian is smiling as Matt pulls him into a kiss. They rest their foreheads together and Matt sighs as he shuts his eyes. He’s so content, just being with Adrian, all of his restlessness and stressed thoughts quietening for the moment, so he can enjoy this for now.

Adrian pulls Matt onto his lap, holding him closer, nosing at his neck again. Matt grins, tipping his head back, giving Adrian more space. With a soft hum, Adrian breathes in deeply, his breath coming out as a warm puff against Matt’s skin. He stays right there, the tip of his nose brushing against Matt’s neck, then his lips.

“Baby…” Matt begins, unsure if he’s urging Adrian on or telling him to relax. Except then Adrian’s teeth graze his neck lightly, and that’s Matt’s mind made up for him. He pulls himself closer to Adrian, straddling him properly. He curls his fingers in Adrian’s hair, tugging gently. Adrian growls at the back of his throat, and Matt’s heart races when the teeth against his skin feel just a little bit sharper.

“You like that, don’t you?” Adrian asks, his voice huskier than normal. It makes Matt shiver with a soft moan, nodding, and Adrian stands, carrying him as he goes. “Bed?”

“Yeah,” Matt agrees eagerly. “Let’s go.”

Matt pulls his sweater off the moment that Adrian puts him down on the bed, followed by his shirt. Adrian is standing at the end of the bed and Matt helps him out of his clothes too. He unbuttons Adrian’s jeans, pulling them down impatiently along with his boxers. Chuckling, Adrian takes over, pushing his jeans off entirely and stepping out of them as he presses Matt back into the bed.

“You’re always so eager every time I get home,” he murmurs, kissing Matt’s neck.

“I’m always this eager,” Matt replies, because it’s the truth. He can’t really be faulted for it; Adrian is breathtakingly gorgeous enough with his clothes on, with his dorky sweaters, thick glasses and his long hair tied up into a messy bun. Then he takes his clothes off, and Matt still remembers the first time he saw the muscles underneath. He actually had to take a moment to make sure that Adrian was real. “Are you gonna shift?”

Adrian grins, his canines just that tiny bit more pronounced. His soft brown eyes take on a golden glow at the rims and Matt realises that he’s trembling with anticipation. It’s not that Adrian physically gets any bigger when he taps into the werewolf part of him, but there’s still an obvious change in the way he holds himself and that’s enough in itself. Instead of being his usual mild-mannered self, he’s commanding now. Perhaps that’s the alpha in him, but Matt’s never been around another werewolf for long enough to be able to tell, and definitely not like this.

“Do you…?” Matt begins, reaching between them to wrap his fingers around Adrian’s cock. He moans approvingly as his fingers brush against Adrian’s knot. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

“We’re going slow this time,” Adrian tells him firmly, even as he rocks his hips into Matt’s touch. “You’re not taking my knot tonight. Not when it’s been so long.”

“You’re such a fucking tease,” Matt complains, stroking his fingers back and forth over Adrian’s knot. “I want it.”

“I know you do,” Adrian replies, kissing Matt’s neck and breathing him in again. “Trust me. The first thing I want to do every time I come home to you is knot you and make you mine.”

“Do it,” Matt whines. “You don’t have to be gentle with me; you know I played with our toys when you were away.”

“Yes, I do,” Adrian growls, his teeth on Matt’s neck again. “All those photos you sent me were torture, you know. And you call me a tease.”

Grinning, Matt wraps his legs around Adrian’s waist. “Well, you’re here now. No more teasing.”

“You’re going to have to spread yourself open for me,” Adrian murmurs, running his hands down Matt’s sides. When he’s shifted like this, his claws are a little too long to do it himself. Not that Matt minds anyway; they feel wonderful on his skin and he loves the marks they leave behind.

Matt pulls Adrian into a kiss first, then gets up to pull their bottle of lube out of the bedside drawer. He settles on his knees, with his back to Adrian, slicking his fingers before putting the lube aside. A glance over his shoulder tells him that Adrian is watching with full attention and Matt grins, pushing the first finger into himself. He leans forward, supporting himself with a hand against the bed, to give Adrian a better view. He pushes a second finger into himself and hears Adrian suck in a shaky breath behind him.

“You’re going to feel so good in me,” Matt murmurs, fucking himself with his fingers. He adds a third, moaning softly, and Adrian moans in reply. “I’ve missed you all month, baby, come on, I need it.”

“Yeah,” Adrian breathes, reaching for the lube, rubbing it onto his cock before kneeling behind Matt. “I’m right here.”

Matt takes a deep breath, but it comes rushing out of him as a whimper as Adrian thrusts into him. He’s thick and Matt loves the stretch of it, loves the way it feels with Adrian’s chest pressed to his back. It’s like Adrian is surrounding him entirely and Matt is so warm and content, it’s like he’s coming home even though he wasn’t even the one to leave in the first place.

“Good?” Adrian asks, against the nape of Matt’s neck, waiting for him to nod before continuing. “We’re up to my knot. Are you sure about this?”

“Give it to me,” Matt whispers, just this side of begging for it. He feels the anticipation coiling in his stomach as Adrian reaches for the lube again.

Adrian is slow and gentle about it, easing his knot into Matt, murmuring encouragement as he goes. “You’re doing so well, just a little more, come on.”

Matt already feels so full, but he knows that it’s nothing compared to how it’ll feel when Adrian’s knot swells, and he’s looking forward to it. He grinds back onto Adrian’s cock, about to start stroking himself, only to be beaten to it. Adrian’s fingers wrap around him, jerking him off firmly, making Matt moan loudly.

“Good boy,” he murmurs, tilting his head to the side as Adrian bites his neck. “Mm—harder, you’re so close, I can feel it.”

Adrian growls at the back of his throat, picking up his pace. He trembles as he comes, pressing his forehead to Matt’s shoulder and gently guiding him to lie down on his front. Matt goes, moaning at the way it makes Adrian’s cock shift in him, just as his knot begins to swell. It’s a pleasant stretch at first, like Matt’s biggest toys, but it doesn’t stop there. Matt’s breath stutters out of him and he moans loudly, enjoying the pain just as much. Adrian presses kisses to Matt’s shoulder, not daring to move otherwise. With a deep breath, Matt slowly relaxes, letting himself adjust. He’s never taken anything thicker than Adrian’s cock when it’s swollen to full size, but he loves the feeling of being tied to Adrian like this.

Matt clenches down on Adrian, making him swear roughly. Grinning over his shoulder, Matt meets Adrian’s gaze. “I’ve missed this.”

“You haven’t even come yet,” Adrian replies. “I should fix that.”

Reaching around him, Adrian takes hold of Matt’s cock where it’s pressed between the bed and his stomach. He’s leaking so much that he knows that he’s made a mess, but Adrian only murmurs in approval, stroking him to completion. Matt comes with a loud moan, clenching down on Adrian again as he does.

“Ffffuck, Matt,” Adrian gasps out as they slowly relax against each other. He kisses the nape of Matt’s neck. “Love you.”

“Mm,” Matt smiles contently. “Love you too.”

“Gonna lick you out when my knot goes down,” Adrian murmurs. “I’m gonna let it leak all down your thighs when I pull out and then I’m going to lick you clean. You’re going to smell like me when I’m done with you.”

“Good,” Matt sighs, folding his arms and resting his head on them. He’s exhausted, and Adrian nuzzles him with a fond noise.

“We can nap for a while first, though,” Adrian suggests, settling on top of him; a warm, solid weight that makes Matt feel safe. “It’s going to be a while.”

“Yeah. Sounds good to me. Welcome home, baby.”

Laughing softly, Adrian presses a kiss into Matt’s hair. “It’s good to be home.”

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