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  1. Okay 1) (incoherent screaming) 2) this is a goddamn masterpiece, holy shit 3) excuse me while I leave you THE LONGEST COMMENT in the world because there is so much going on here. The color gradient alone is so good I just sat there and kinda scrolled the page up and down a few times for the “oooh it’s sooooo pretty” factor.

    The space is all consistent?! That had to have taken an unbelievable amount of work. The pictures and the windchime are what caught my eye and it’s amazing how those details give such a strong sense of “this is all filmed in the same room”. If I’m right and the dark spot in the first image is “The Object” it’s also a great anchor point once the cool distortions start coming out of it.

    There are some great implications from the timeline — it’s a cool way to figure out the pacing of this hypothetical movie. The jump between shots three and four especially got me, like… just long enough to watch a space mission go wrong. :( And then the next jump is a great length for the dark night of the soul section. There is an OMINOUS amount of time left in the last shot, too! Such a good spooky note to end on.

    Single favorite detail is the crab claw stabbing through the brother’s FUNERAL PHOTO, because it is the PERFECT touch to an already very disturbing scene. (Those skin strips, augh!!) Honorable mentions for great details: tears on the photo and letter, the baby photo to show MC is trans, whatever rad as hell thing that’s going on with the sky as crab-bro returns, the shine on MC’s tears from the glowy eyes.

    The panels you showed off beforehand were great, but seeing the whole thing together is AMAZING. It’s spooky, it’s sexy, and I dearly wish it was an actual thing I could watch even if I’d have to hide under a blanket for parts of it.

  2. Dude. Duuuude. This came out SO fucking well I am obsessed!!! I physically shivered when i saw the shot with the crab starting to peel its way through the skin, it is SO viscerally upsetting, and meshes so well with with their posing!! It really reinforces how deliciously fucked up this whole story is. Older brother looks so conflicted. And the last one is so gorgeous too! So possessive and uncomfortably intimate. Older brother is trapped, but you can still see love under his tears and his horrow. What an excellent series, and what an excellent way to end it.

    Everything about it is unsettling, and the end result really fucking delivers some blows. This is so so so good. Great job, dude, all your work paid off.

  3. OHHHHHH HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO COOL. I’m obsessed with the way you used the color gradient and the video progress bar to show the passage of time amd imply such a large story in so few scenes ______ the creepy alien limbs reveal….the glowing eyes….the big brother’s look of fear and hope in the last panel…banging fists on keyboard so! good!!!!!!!

  4. oh my gosh, well, all your hard work really paid off: the whole screenshots-from-a-film angle was just so inspired, and you’ve executed it beautifully. the level of detail and implied story is WILD. I love the colours, I love the pretty but ominous distortion coming down from space, I love big brother’s hair, and that transformation cap is so scary –the skin shreds!!!!!! the conflicting emotions in the ending are played excellently. Perfect “came back wrong” thrills!

  5. Can’t wait for this movie to come out soon, I love the horror tone BL v-cinemas have taken

    Seriously though holy shit this is amazing! Fantastic presentation, love the spiderdick, A+++ academy award, it’s a happy ending all round!

  6. This is so creepy and sexy, really nice work!!! The implications are top-tier, I love it. It works really well as a standalone comic short as well, making us imagine the in-betweens and aftermath. Good work ♡

  7. The color shift ALONE is so masterful here, wow!!! I love how the framing of this as a movie allows the audience to fill in those gaps, something about the visual indicator of how much time has passed between panels gives me a very intense “oh no what HAPPENED” reaction. This is super unsettling, well done!!!

  8. “The Object” is a very good name for a thing only seen as a smudged bit of set dressing; it’s the sort of boring term that something incredible would naturally end up being given by a society who’s not fully equipped to grapple with what it actually is, and the fact that it’s never fully explained beyond implying that it’s some sort of boundary-disrespecting extraterrestrial dispenser unit keeps everything feeling suitably horrific. Love that shift from the warmer oranges to an almost pure purple color scheme when Crab Zhihao returns! I also like that you went for something different from tentacles; the hard-shelled legs sticking out from a very human back made for a striking visual that I don’t think you could’ve gotten with a more pseudopod-adjacent limb. They’ll…do in a pinch?

  9. ohhhHHHHH MY GOD this is so good. the “your brother is home” panel holy fuck. the IMPACT

    the use of color is amazing. the way you rendered the background city in that panel is SO good. just (incoherent screaming) i love it

    I can imagine it 1000% as a movie!! Masterfully chosen scenes and good use of colour to convey mood!!

  11. When the legs are starting to come out of his back it reminded me of those fungus fingers that things sometimes get (mostly leaves in everyday life, but don’t those zombie funguses that infect insects also do that….)

  12. I keep putting off commenting on this, hoping I will come up with something more coherent than “I’m fucking dying” but like. That’s where I am. Jesus. This is SO GOOD.

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