Avast Conspiracy!

by Hinotori (火鳥)

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The ninja was only a few feet away, watching Jason intently. The air between them crackled with tension.

The skintight fabric of the ninja’s costume showed off all the lines of his body. In typical style, his face was covered except for a narrow slit for his eyes. It was hard to read his expression. Were those eyes giving him a similar examination, or looking for a way to escape?

It was time to end this stalemate.

Jason shuffled further along the couch and stroked his pirate beard thoughtfully. “Tell me,” he said. “How would you feel if I kissed you now?”

The ninja’s eyes widened. “Are you always this direct?” he asked, with a nervous laugh.

“Sometimes,” said Jason, cheerfully. He hoped he hadn’t been completely misreading the signs. That would be embarrassing.

“Does it work?”

“It depends,” said Jason. “Occasionally. Is it going to work tonight?”

Jason could see the ripple in the fabric around his neck as the ninja swallowed. “Try me.”

Jason reached out to pull the bottom half of the ninja’s mask down over his chin, which still left a strip of fabric over the ninja’s nose and cheekbones. The ninja appeared to be holding his breath. Jason pressed his mouth to the lips revealed underneath, and the ninja melted into the kiss.

They shared breath for a few moments, the kiss dry and warm. Jason pulled away and shifted again to readjust his plastic sword so that it stopped poking him in the side. He slung an arm around the ninja’s shoulders, then moved in again, this time gently maneuvering them into a proper open-mouthed kiss. The ninja tasted a little sour like beer, with a touch of something sweet and fruity behind it. Jason hadn’t been drinking, but the ninja certainly had.

The ninja hummed softly when they pulled apart to catch their breath. “Well?” said Jason, grinning.

“I’m definitely not bored anymore,” said the ninja, his voice husky and soft so that it was hard to hear it over the pounding bass-line of the music. “Let’s do that again.”

“This party just got a lot more interesting for me, too,” Jason murmured against the ninja’s jawbone. He nipped at it lightly, then pressed a kiss to the spot, soothing it with a tiny flicker of his tongue.

The ninja had pressed himself into the corner of the couch, and Jason shifted again so that he could slip his knee between the ninja’s thighs.

The ninja moaned — and wasn’t that a nice boost to the ego? Jason hummed back and pulled them into another deep kiss.

The sound of somebody clearing her throat noisily broke the moment. “Five minutes, Jase,” said Harriet. “I have the early shift tomorrow.”

They pulled apart. The ninja was biting his lip nervously when Jason glanced at him sidelong.

“That’s my sister,” murmured Jason. “I’m designated driver tonight.” Thus, his getting bored enough to seduce a random stranger into making out with him. It was almost better than alcohol.

The ninja’s eyes widened. “Oh,” he said.

Jason kissed him again, letting it linger until he was sure Harriet was going to be back any moment. “We should–”

“I should go,” said the ninja. “It was nice, uh, meeting you.”

Jason blinked and the ninja was gone, almost like… well.

He struggled to his own feet and went to find Harriet.

“Well?” said Harriet, as they were walking to the car. “Did you get his number?”

“No,” said Jason, thoughtfully. “He ran off.” He pulled his bandanna off and threw it into the back seat.

“Huh,” said Harriet. “Well, it’s probably for the best. Wouldn’t want Hot Astrophysicist Ken getting jealous.”

“Hot Astrophysicist Ken is straight,” said Jason.

Harriet waved a hand impatiently. “Details!” She winked at him. “So are you glad I dragged you here after all? You got to use your pirate costume and seduce a ninja, what’s not to like?”

Jason scratched at his beard. The adhesive was starting to make his skin itch. “I do make a very awesome pirate,” he said agreeably.

Harriet just snorted.

“So, our next project,” said Greta, tapping her nails on the table.

The other members of the campus performance art group looked cautiously enthusiastic. Jason motioned for her to continue.

“I was thinking… pirates versus ninjas in the plaza outside the downtown post office.”

Jason was startled into a laugh.

Greta grinned triumphantly. “We’d choreograph some fights, then on the day we approach from two different sides, battle for a few minutes, and then run off.”

The campus performance art YouTube channel, coordinated and maintained by Hot Astrophysicist Ken, had a steady following of locals and was slowly gaining wider exposure over the internet. Their most popular video so far was ‘Thanks For All The Fish’, a complex and surreal performance involving carp banners, fish-slapping dances and inventive use of a stuffed octopus.

“OK, if you’d like to be a ninja stand on the left side of the room, if you want be a pirate stand on the right side. If the numbers are too even I’ll need some volunteers to switch sides.”

Jason moved to the right side of the room. Best to milk the pirate costume as hard as possible.

“Not sitting this one out, Ken?” asked Greta.

Ken had allegedly joined the performance art group in order to work on his shyness, but he usually ended up behind the video camera anyway. Ken shook his head. “No,” he said firmly. “I’ll be a ninja.” He looked almost fierce about it.

Greta laughed delightedly. “Well, if you’re sure.” She tapped the air while she counted. “I need two ninjas to turn to the other side.”

Once Greta was satisfied with the numbers, she assigned them into pairs. “Harish, you take Suze. Gen, you have Oleg. Jason, be a dear and take Ken, okay?”

Like it was any hardship. Jason sauntered to the other side of the room and grinned at Ken. “Hi.”

Ken flushed a little. “Hi,” he said. Hot and adorable were not necessarily compatible traits, but Ken made it work so well.

Greta clapped her hands together. “You should each choose a weapon and a fighting style,” she said. “Let me know by email before next meeting, okay?”

“Sword,” said Ken, positively.

“Yeah?” said Jason. “That sounds good. I have a very stylish plastic sword.”

“Me too.” Ken smiled shyly at him.

“You any good at using it?” said Jason, with a wink.

Two bright pink spots appeared on Ken’s cheeks. “Um. I took fencing for a semester in high school?”

Straight, Jason reminded himself. Straight, and easily embarrassed. “I’ve done a little stage-fighting in my time,” he said. “The trick to stage-fighting is that it doesn’t have to look real, it just has to look impressive.”

“Right,” said Ken. “I can probably manage that.”

“I have a map of the area,” said Greta. “I’ve marked your names at your positions. The basic scenario is going to be the pirates sitting around and drinking ale–”

“Swilling grog,” Jason corrected.

“–Yes, thank you Jason, swilling grog, at the benches in the centre of the square. The ninjas descend from the sides. Gen, you’re going to spot the ninjas coming and raise the alarm.”

Gen nodded in acknowledgement.

“After that you split into your pairs and fight, and when the whistle blows we all run off. I’ve made it okay with the city council, they don’t mind as long as we don’t damage anything.”

“Good plan,” murmured Jason.

“And that’s basically it. The rest of it is up to you.” Greta brushed her hands off and sat down.

Jason picked up two copies of the map and sat down next to Ken at the far end of the table. “I’m going to be sitting on the edge of the flower bed,” said Jason, pointing at the map. “As I understand it, you’re going to approach from the side.”

“A real ninja would approach from behind,” grumbled Ken.

“Yes, but then I’d be dead!” Jason protested. “If they were competent ninjas there’d be no fight at all. Anyway, there’s a rose bush behind me.” He tapped the map.

Ken looked at his own map. “Right. Then what?”

“Then, we fight until the whistle blows. Seems pretty straightforward.”

“I’ll bet you’d summarize the Lord of the Rings as ‘two hobbits walk to a volcano and destroy a ring’,” muttered Ken. “Don’t we need to choreograph the fight or something?”

“Sure,” said Jason. He looked around the room pointedly. “We don’t really have room here though. How about I meet you at the courtyard outside the library after lunch on Thursday and we can start to block it out?”

“OK,” said Ken. He dug around in his backpack until he found a diary and peered at it myopically. “Two o’clock good for you?”

Jason spotted Ken on the the other side of the courtyard within seconds. He wondered if Ken was easy to spot or if Jason was just pathetic.

Ken sat on a bench, nose buried in a thick book with stars on the cover. When it wasn’t turning a page, one hand drifted up to twirl a piece of hair around its index finger.

Jason sat down next to him and dropped his backpack at his own feet. When that prompted no reaction, he waved a hand behind Ken’s book, to no effect.

He tried clearing his throat noisily, then eventually resorted to gently tapping Ken on the shoulder.

Ken jumped.

“Hi,” said Jason. He stretched his legs out and cracked his knuckles over his head.

Ken patted around himself frantically until he found a scrap of paper and slipped it between the pages of his book. “Hi, Jason,” said Ken.

Jason beamed. “You want to get started?”

They walked a few steps into the grassy areas of the courtyard, where they were unlikely to collide with any trees or passers by.

Jason crouched down on the grass. “So I’m sitting here, swilling grog, talking to Harish. Meanwhile you’re sneaking in from the side.”

“Right,” said Ken, shifting uncomfortably on the balls of his feet. “And then Gen raises the alarm. What happens next?”

Jason thought for a moment. “I run at you with my sword raised,” he said, miming jumping to his feet, pulling a sword from his waist and holding it over his head. “Arrrrr.”

Ken gave him a startled look.

“What?” said Jason, miming outrage. “Is that the look a vicious ninja gives a dangerous pirate?”

“People are staring,” Ken hissed.

“What?” said Jason, in a more normal tone. “Just ignore them, you’re much cooler than they are.”

Ken blushed.

Oops, thought Jason, but he couldn’t really bring himself to feel bad about it. “So you block me,” Jason prompted.

Ken made a tentative move with his right arm.

“And then, what? We pull apart again and you swing at me?”

Gaining confidence, Ken mimed a swing at Jason, who skipped back a few steps.

A few tries later and they had a decent rhythm going. “This would be much easier to picture with actual weapons,” said Jason.

“But much less legal. And kind of dangerous.”

“Actual fake weapons,” said Jason, laughing.

“Oh, is that what you meant?” Ken was a picture of innocence. “Anyway it’s probably still against campus by-laws.”

Jason drew his imaginary sword back and lunged forward again, only to trip on his shoelace and end up with his face smushed into Ken’s chest.

“Uh,” said Jason, trying to regain his balance so that he wasn’t hanging desperately off Ken’s shoulders. “Sorry about that.”

Ken coughed a bit and helped Jason readjust himself. His hands lingered briefly on Ken’s hips, and Ken shuddered involuntarily.

“Shoelace is untied,” said Ken.

Jason brushed himself down and glanced down at his shoes. “Yeah. Whoops.”

“Let me get this straight,” said Harriet. “You just happened to trip over your shoelace and land in the arms of the same guy you’ve had a crush on for the past eighteen months? Smooth, very smooth.”

“How could I possibly have thought you would be sympathetic?” said Jason, groaning.

“Did he at least look like he enjoyed it?” said Harriet, with a little eyebrow waggle.

Jason rolled his eyes. “No, he just looked kind of… surprised.”

Harriet clicked her tongue. “Farewell, Jason’s dignity. It was nice while it lasted.”

He threw a sofa cushion at her. “He’s really hot,” said Jason mournfully. “And I think he may actually have a personality. It’s kind of amazing.”

“Well, don’t forget, your pirate costume is rated for seducing ninjas now! All hope isn’t lost.”

Jason snorted.

“You’re going to let me know where and when it is, right?” Harriet wasn’t an official member of the group, but she’d been recruited on numerous occasions to be the plant in the audience.

“It’s on the bathroom calendar,” said Jason.

“Does it say ‘Date with Hot Astrophysicist Ken’, with a little love heart around it?” Harriet put her chin in her hands and fluttered her eyelashes.

“No, it says ‘Ninjas Vs. Pirates – more awesome than you’.”

“Bo-ring,” said Harriet.

Jason beat Ken to the courtyard and stood around feeling uncomfortable for a few minutes before he decided to make the acquaintance of the bench. He stretched his legs out and arms out as far as they would go and looked up at the sky.

There was a cloud that looked almost exactly like a coffee mug. He was abruptly struck by caffeine craving. Or maybe that was cause and effect…

Somebody cleared his throat, and Jason looked back to ground level to find Ken giving him a very strange look.

Jason pulled his legs and arms back to their normal positions and got to his feet. “Hey there,” he said.

“Hey yourself,” said Ken. He scuffed his toe on the ground. “Ready for some hot ninja and pirate action?”

Jason’s mouth went abruptly dry. He coughed a few times. “Uh, sure.”

It seemed Ken was a quick learner gifted with a decent memory. They had their routine down pat with barely half an hour’s practice and Jason managed to not trip over anything.

“I could really go for a coffee right now,” Jason muttered, doing some leg stretches.

Ken bit his lip. “We could go to Dome?”

“Sounds good,” said Jason, resolutely ignoring the little flutter of excitement in his stomach. It was just coffee.

They ordered at the counter, took a number and sat down in the corner.

“So,” said Jason, twisting uncomfortably in his rickety chair. “Astrophysics, huh.”

“I like the stars,” said Ken peacefully. “Commerce?”

“Parents,” said Jason, who definitely wasn’t feeling the urge to jump for joy at the knowledge that Ken knew what he was studying. He shrugged. “I would have done literature or drama if I could get away with it.”

“So why performance art club and not the dramatic society?” said Ken.

“No time,” said Jason. “The dramatic society takes themselves far too seriously.”

Ken nodded. “I’m looking forward to your performance with your sword on Sunday,” he said, in a completely flat tone.

Jason reminded himself again that Ken was straight and did not see phallic metaphor every time a sword was mentioned. “It’ll be fun,” he said agreeably. “When I was in high school we put on Hamlet, now that was epic.”

Their drinks and food arrived while they were analysing the ups and downs of the works of William Shakespeare.

Ken had bought some kind of rich chocolate mudcake with thick icing, and was licking or sucking at the fork with a blissful expression after every mouthful. It was a little distracting.

“Um,” said Jason, trying to keep up with the flow of the conversation. “No, yeah, you’re right. It would have been a much better story that way.” He wiped his palms on his jeans quickly.

“Chocolate gets everywhere,” muttered Ken, examining his right index finger before bringing to his lips and drawing it in slowly. His eyes drifted shut for a moment before he pulled his finger out again.

“But Shakespeare’s tragedies are all full of pointless deaths,” Jason continued, proud of how little his voice was shaking. “It’s part of the genre.”

Ken looked a little disappointed. “Still, maybe if people were a little less blind, a little more willing to talk about things…” he let his voice trail off and raised his eyebrows at Jason.

“Yeah,” said Jason. “Absolutely. I– wow, is that the time? I have to meet my sister. See you on Sunday!”

Ken blinked. “Bye.”

Jason had his pirate trousers, silk shirt and boots on, with his pirate beard, coat and bandanna safely packed into his bag alongside his sword. He had a pair of clip on earrings in his pocket along with his emergency mirror. Harriet had insisted on putting eyeliner on him before they left home.

“You should wear those boots more often,” said Harriet, as they rode the train in.

Jason kicked out a foot to admire the buckle. “They are very nice boots.”

“Knock ’em dead,” she said as they got off the train.

“You want me to wait around for you afterwards?”

“Nah,” she said. “I’m going shopping.”

Jason met the rest of the pirates around the back of the post office and quickly finished putting on the rest of his costume. With ten minutes to go before the ninjas were due to arrive, Greta handed out beer mugs and bottles of drink and pushed them into the square.

Jason sauntered to his position and let himself fall gracefully onto the bench, crossing his ankles in front of him.

“Guess even pirates can’t get away with drinking in public spaces,” he said, staring into his mug of ginger ale.

Harish snorted.

“I mean, arrrr, this be good grog eh old pal?” said Jason, lifting the glass high and sloshing it around. He feigned drunken lurching onto Harish’s side. “What say you?”

“Aye,” said Harish. “Aye, ’tis good stuff. Arrrr.”

“Arrrr. What are pirrrates a part of?”

“What? Arrr.”

“Avast conspirracy!”

Harish snorted. “You suck.”

“Arr, yer just jealous of my– what the actual fuck?” He stared at the black figure approaching in shock. Same figure, same black gi (the other ninjas seemed to mostly be in black jeans), same weapon…

“You’re not supposed to spot the ninjas until Gen gives the alarm,” murmured Harish, just as Gen let out a mighty roar.

Jason tried and failed three times to find his sword at his side and draw it before succeeding and stumbling to the ninja. “That was you?” he said incredulously.

Ninja Ken — THE ninja, and his sister was never going to let him forget this in a million years — rubbed his hand on the back of his neck guiltily. “Sorry?”

“Oh my god,” said Jason. “I suck.”

Ken thrust his sword in Jason’s direction and almost gave him a mortal wound.

Somehow Jason managed to remember enough of their routine to keep it up until the whistle blew. “Arrr!” he yelled. “I’m taking ye prisoner!”

Ken obediently crossed his wrists and let himself be led at a run behind the post office.

Jason yanked off his own beard, which hurt like a bitch, and dropped his coat and other accessories at his feet. Meanwhile, Ken had removed his own mask and the gi, revealing a plain black t-shirt underneath.

“I thought you were straight,” Jason accused.

Ken’s cheeks turned pink. “So did I,” he said. “And I swear I didn’t know it was you that night until your sister came in.”

Jason felt a little mollified, but only a little. “You didn’t say anything!”

“Well, you’re very… loud. And I’m not. I thought you weren’t interested, but maybe I was being too subtle for you.”

He was pretty certain Ken was calling him obnoxious and oblivious to boot. “Well, for the record,” he said, drawing himself up tall. “I am so, so interested.”

“Well, that’s convenient,” said Ken, and pushed Jason up against the wall.

For all his assertiveness, Ken seemed to actually hesitate with his lips mere inches from Jason’s, so Jason slipped a hand into Ken’s silky black hair and pulled him closer until he could suck Ken’s lower lip in between his teeth.

Ken let out a little sigh, which Jason took as his cue to explore further into Ken’s mouth.

The wall was rough against Jason’s back through his thin shirt and his ears were throbbing from the earrings, which was really the only thing that allowed him to pull himself back to earth and away from Ken. That, and the suspicion that having first-time sex against the back wall of the City Post Office building was completely and utterly tacky.

They stared at each other for a moment, breathing heavily.

“Have any plans for after this?” said Jason, aiming for flirty but, he suspected, landing somewhere around ‘desperate’.

“I’ll go wherever you’re going,” said Ken, his voice utterly wrecked, and Jason had to pull him over and kiss him again.

“What were you even doing at that party?” said Jason, as they left the train station and headed down the road towards Jason’s townhouse.

Ken raised an eyebrow at him. “My roommate,” he said. “His girlfriend was hosting and he made me come to keep him company, but then he spent the entire time following her around like a dog.”

Jason laughed. “Katie was Harriet’s best friend in primary school,” he said. “Harriet enticed me into going with the promise of being able to wear my sexy pirate costume.”

Ken snorted. “You know, I used to think you were cool, calm and collected,” he said. “But you’re actually kind of a dork.”

Jason frowned. “I’m sorry? I thought you liked my pirate costume.” He kicked at a pebble on the footpath and watched it scuttle off into his neighbour’s driveway.

“It’s okay,” said Ken cheerfully. “I like dorks.”

“I like you,” said Jason. “Even if you’re mean.” He was abruptly struck by a terrible suspicion and paused in the middle of searching for his keys. “So wait, that day in the cafe, were you doing that deliberately?”

“I was pretty annoyed when it didn’t work,” said Ken, thoughtfully. “I was trying to get your attention.”

“Oh my god,” said Jason. He successfully unlocked the door and pulled Ken inside by the belt loops.

He suspected Ken was laughing at him, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. What he wanted to do was push Ken up against the door and see just how not-straight Ken felt like being. He wanted to slowly pull Ken’s t-shirt off over his head, peppering every inch of revealed skin with nips and licks until Ken was reduced to little more than breathless moaning. He wanted to slip his hands between the waistband of Ken’s pants and his skin and slide them to Ken’s ankles before transferring his licks to Ken’s inner thighs and slowly, gently working his way up until he reached Ken’s cock…

Jason came back to himself to realize he was staring and Ken was starting to smirk. He cleared his throat. “You want the tour?”

“Sure,” said Ken agreeably, kicking off his shoes and following Jason through the house.

“Kitchen, downstairs toilet, living room–”

“–Nice TV,” said Ken.

“Hi-Def,” said Jason proudly.

Ken nodded. “The bedrooms are upstairs?” he said, with a head cock that seemed just a little eager.

Well, good. “Upstairs, we have…” said Jason, mounting the stairs. Huh. Mounting was a good word. He put a little wriggle in his step as he climbed. “Bathroom, toilet, Harriet’s bedroom,” he said, pointing in term. “And my bedroom.” He opened the door and walked in.

“You make your bed every day?”

“What’s wrong with that?” said Jason defensively. His parents had trained him well.

“You just didn’t seem the type,” said Ken, sitting on the bed, legs slightly spread and supporting his weight with his arms behind him. “Nice bed, though.”

Jason kind of wanted to drop to his knees in front of Ken right then and there. Instead, he closed the door and flopped himself onto his back behind Ken. “I’m kind of fond of it.” He closed his eyes for a moment and was a little surprised when he felt Ken settle himself on Jason’s thighs. The heat of it went straight to his groin and Jason let out a rather undignified yelp.

He propped himself up on his elbows when he felt Ken start fiddling with the buttons on Jason’s shirt. He had half of them undone with speed that implied confidence that was completely undermined by the fact that Ken’s cheeks were flaming. He let Ken finish undoing his shirt and wriggled until he was sitting up with Ken kneeling on the bed in front of him.

Jason had had his shirt open in front of scores of people before and was perfectly comfortable in his own skin. Ken’s furious blush when Jason pulled his t-shirt off and gave his naked chest a blatantly appreciative look implied that Ken felt differently about it.

Jason couldn’t resist needling him a little. He brushed a thumb under Ken’s cheek. “Look at that blush,” he said, grinning. “So cute.” He leant forward to gently tweak Ken’s nipple with his teeth. “You’d never suspect there’s an evil genius inside.”

“We, ah,” said Ken, breathlessly. “We prefer the term ‘snarky bitch’.”

Jason let out his breath in a huff of laughter. This was so much better than he could ever have imagined. “Noted,” he said, pulling his legs up underneath himself so that he could lean over and pull at Ken’s waistband with his teeth.

Ken got the hint and they tumbled off the bed together, frantically undressing. By the time he got Ken back on the bed they were both completely naked.

Jason sat Ken on the edge of the bed, duplicating Ken’s earlier position so that Jason could finally do what he’d been aching to do for what seemed like hours.

Ken’s cock fit very nicely in Jason’s mouth. He explored it with his tongue and lips as thoroughly as he could, feeling the lightly textured skin and silky softness of the head as contrasted with the firmness of the length of it. He could feel the heat radiating from Ken, leaching into Jason and making him sweat in sympathy. He directed his gaze upwards occasionally to see Ken biting his lip or stealing glances at Jason before looking guiltily back at the ceiling.

Jason ran his tongue around the head, licking at the slit and tasting the salt of Ken’s sweat while Ken moaned.

“I think,” said Ken, tangling his hands in Jason’s hair. “I think you need to… stop, please.”

Jason pulled his head up and away and met Ken’s eyes. “What did you have in mind instead?” he asked.

Ken took a moment to catch his breath. “Lie down on the bed,” he said roughly.

Jason got to his feet, ignoring the aches in his knees, and lay down obediently. Ken followed him smoothly and settled himself on Jason’s thighs again, and Jason thought maybe he hadn’t been the only one wanting to bring an earlier idea to fruition.

Ken slowly leant forward over Jason until they were kissing again, much messier this time, warm and wet and almost unbearably hot. They were well-aligned in this position, Ken’s cock slightly wet, catching on Jason’s sensitive skin and making Jason moan into the kiss. Ken changed the angle of the kiss until he had all his weight on one elbow, his other arm reaching up to tweak at Jason’s nipple. It was like a static shock, fizzy not-quite-pain making Jason gasp and twitch helplessly underneath Ken.

“You like that?” said Ken. His tone was pure innocence, but Jason suspected he was being mocked.

Tired of scrabbling for purchase on the bedclothes, Jason desperately reached up to settle his hands on Ken’s hips and grip hard, hot skin soft beneath his fingertips, as Ken shifted his attentions to Jason’s jawline.

Ken nipped along Jason’s neck until he reached his ear and gently nibbled at the lobe, lips and teeth and tongue making the gesture decidedly intimate and erotic. Jason squirmed under the assault until Ken moved back to kissing him.

Kissing was nice, so nice, but it was hard to move while doing it and Jason was really starting to think that some movement would be good. He gently pulled at Ken’s hips, following up the hint with a little thrust of his own, until he was pretty sure Ken had the picture.

“Bossy,” said Ken, but the hitch in his breath indicated he didn’t really mind the change. They started out of sync, Jason not quite sure whether Ken was trying to tease him by drawing it out slowly or if he was just finding his pace. Jason closed his eyes and relaxed, trying to feel what Ken was doing and how he could make it better.

Jason shifted his hands lower until he was cupping Ken’s butt, stroking gently with his thumbs, and Ken moved his attention back to Jason’s neck. Jason gasped desperately for air as everything seemed to snap into place and he found the rhythm he’d been struggling for.

Jason could feel Ken’s moan vibrating against his throat as Ken pushed himself harder against him, little thrusts providing just the right amount of friction. Coupled with the twin lines of attack of Ken biting at Jason’s neck and his hand drifting up to tweak Jason’s nipple, it was enough to make a familiar buzzing set in under his skin and bring Jason crashing into orgasm.

When Jason opened his eyes again he was expecting to see Ken smirking at him, but Ken wasn’t looking at him. He’d switched back to supporting his weight on both arms, his expression unfocused, biting at his lip savagely.

Jason lifted his hand off Ken’s hips, gently worming it between their bodies until he could wrap his fingers around Ken’s cock, and then he felt Ken spilling over his fingers with a gasp.

Ken slowly collapsed on top of him. Jason could feel the frantic beat of Ken’s heart slowing, their sweat cooling, Ken’s breathing becoming more even until Ken drew in a heavy breath and rolled off him.

Jason grabbed for Ken’s hand with his clean one and gently twined their fingers together. “No snarky comments?” he said, innocently.

“Fuck,” said Ken. “I’m keeping you.”

On the bathroom calendar, Jason wrote “Date with Hot Astrophysicist Ken” and drew a heart around it.

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