As Seen Through The Window

by Hanashi Aino (はなし愛乃)


“Um… you know…”


“This… uh… what we’re doing…”

“What about it?”

“Are you sure it’s… well… okay? I mean, if we get caught, we’ll probably get in trouble, and-”

“Then we’ll just have to be sure not to get caught, won’t we?”

“If you say so… ow! That hurt!”

“Sorry. Try to keep it down, will you? Someone might hear us.”

“Okay. Sorry. I just-”

“Shh! You don’t want anyone coming to find out what we’re doing behind Takemoto Masaya’s house looking through his living room windows, do you?” snaps one of the girls, as quietly as she can manage.

“No,” the other girl whispers, looking chastised. “Just try not to step on my foot again, okay?”

“Okay. Right then, no more talking.”

Several moments of silence pass.

“… Yukie?”

“What is it now, Rika?”

“… I’m too short to see through the window properly.”

“Oh, for- fine, then, I’ll watch him and describe what’s going on to you.”


“Of course.”

Oblivious to the watchers outside, two boys sit down on the couch, a decent distance from each other, doing nothing to indicate that they are any more than friends, casually hanging out together. One of them turns on the television and idly flips through the channels.

“Okay, there’s someone else with him.”

“A girl?”

“No, a boy. Matsuoka Kei, you know, from our class?”

“Oh. Good. What are they doing now?”

“Watching TV.”

Rika wonders if she is imagining the hint of annoyance in her friend’s whisper. “Just watching TV?” He had blown her off to watch TV with a friend? Was she that boring?

“Just watching TV,” the other girl confirms, a definite note of irritation in her voice now. Rika feels a bit annoyed herself. It’s not as if she can help being short, not as if any of this was her idea anyway.

“Oh, okay,” she says, relief creeping into her voice, although she tries not to let it. “Can we leave now?” This plan, which sounded like a logical course of action when Yukie explained it to her, seems more outrageous by the second, and she’s getting very nervous. And anyway, there doesn’t seem to be a girl there, so unless Kei is going to go home soon and someone else is going to show up, it looks like it’s not going to work anyway.

“Not yet.”

“… Fine.” Rika doesn’t want an argument.

The two girls lapse into silence once more.

Kei stares at the television, pretending to be very interested in the commercials. Masaya is watching just as intently, and Kei knows that he’s pretending too, that they’re both pretending that they don’t know the real reason why they’re here now, together. It is an uncomfortable, awkward pretense, and Kei wishes it would stop. So, hesitantly, awkwardly, he moves a little closer to Masaya and puts an arm around him. Masaya doesn’t acknowledge the gesture, but he doesn’t pull away, either. It’s a start.

“… Um, Rika?” Yukie has a rather odd look on her face.

“What?” Rika answers, although something in the tone of her friend’s voice tells Rika that she doesn’t really want to know.

“Now he’s got his arm around him.”

“Wait, who has his arm around whom?”

“Sorry. Matsuoka and your boyfriend, respectively.”

Rika has had her suspicions about Masaya and his evasive behavior for a while, but she’d always assumed… she had never considered… she can’t even finish the thought, doesn’t want to let her brain go there. “… It could be a friendly gesture?”

“Maybe,” Yukie replies, but she doesn’t sound like she means it. “But, you know, guys don’t tend to do that kind of thing with their friends,” she adds.

“Maybe some of them do,” Rika says stubbornly. “Maybe he does.”

“Sure,” Yukie says, still sounding just as skeptical as before.

After a minute or so, Kei feels Masaya relax a little, and then Masaya puts an arm around Kei and Kei leans into the embrace, resting his head on the other boy’s shoulder. Masaya still holds the remote in his free hand, the TV is still on and they’re still sitting in front of it, but at least they’re not pretending to care so much about it anymore.

“All right, now they’re definitely cuddling.”

“I don’t believe you.” Rika’s voice rises above the whisper she’s been trying to keep it to.

“Why would I lie?”

“Because you think it’s funny to watch me freak out?”

“I swear, I’m telling the truth. Not even I would make something like that up. Now be quiet.” The other girl’s voice has risen too, which Rika finds somewhat ironic. She decides not to say anything, though- she doesn’t want to get into an argument.

Kei is not entirely sure when the cuddling stops being cuddling and turns into something else. It seems to him that one minute they’re just sitting there next to each other, and then Masaya’s lips are on his, soft and warm and gentle, and before he’s had time to register this, he’s lying on the couch and Masaya is on top of him and they’re still kissing, only now Masaya’s tongue is caressing the inside of his mouth, still gentle at first but becoming more forceful. His mouth tastes faintly of something that Kei can’t quite place for a moment, and then realizes is mint toothpaste. Then Masaya stops, and Kei wonders if maybe it’s because he has bad breath or isn’t doing a good job or something horribly embarrassing like that. But apparently, his worries are unfounded, because suddenly Masaya is kissing him again and doing interesting things with his hands, and any further panicky thoughts are relegated to the very, very small part of his rational mind that’s still working.

“… Rika?”

“Yes?” she replies, with a sense of rising dread.

“… They’re making out.”


“Yeah, I know, it’s kind of weird, isn’t it? I don’t know if I’m going to be able to look either of them in the eye on Monday- Rika, where are you going?”

Rika says nothing, but she returns moments later with a chair from the porch.

“What do you think you’re doing? Someone could have seen you-”

“Shh,” Rika hisses, dragging the chair over to the window. She climbs up on it and stares into the living room, determined to see for herself.

She stares, shocked and horrified.

“Get down, you pervert,” Yukie hisses, tugging on her arm. “They’ll see you.”

“I don’t- I’m not- I-” Rika stammers, her face flushing red.

“Okay, I think we’ve seen enough. Time to run like hell before anyone catches us.”

For the first time that day, Rika completely agrees with her.

Kei feels the other boy fumbling with the zipper of his pants, feels Masaya’s fingers brush over his erection, the touch so light and brief that it is impossible to tell whether it is accidental or not. Kei tries to help Masaya remove his clothes, but only ends up getting in his own way as well as the other boy’s, so in the end he lies back and lets Masaya do it. Masaya’s lips brush briefly against Kei’s, and Kei wonders, a bit annoyed, if they are going to go back to kissing, which is nice and all but there are other things he would like to do now. But Masaya’s mouth is only on his for a moment, and then Masaya begins to make his way further down. Masaya’s lips trail down over Kei’s neck and chest, stopping just short of where Kei wants them to, and they stay there for what feels like far too long but probably isn’t very long at all.

“Please…” Kei says finally. He doesn’t finish the sentence, because he knows he doesn’t have to. There is only one thing he could mean. Masaya obliges, his mouth closing over Kei’s cock and moving back and forth, at first with aggravating slowness, his tongue briefly caressing the tip, and then faster and more roughly, until Kei is torn between desperately wanting release and never wanting the sensation to end. When Kei finally comes, he thinks he says Masaya’s name but he can’t tell if it came out as a coherent word or just a noise or if he’d even made any sound at all.

The two girls run Rika can’t tell how far, Yukie half-dragging her along. When they reach Yukie’s house, they collapse, and sit still for a long time, trying to catch their breath.

“Well,” Yukie says, once she can talk again, “that was weird.”

“Yeah,” Rika replies shortly, thinking it a bit of an understatement.

“I, uh, I’m sorry about your boyfriend.”

Ex-boyfriend,” Rika says coldly, wanting to add Thanks to you or something equally irrational. There’s no reason that she should blame Yukie for the whole thing- it’s not the older girl’s fault that Masaya… did what he did. What he’s probably still doing, with another boy, no less… not that there’s anything wrong with that sort of thing in theory, but he was her boyfriend. It is mostly Yukie’s fault that she actually saw it- God, she could happily have gone a lifetime without seeing anything like that- but Rika realizes that she hadn’t been forced to go along with the plan. She could’ve said no. But she’d had her suspicions for a while now, and, well… At least he wasn’t lying when he said there wasn’t another girl, she thinks.

“I had no idea this would happen, you know.”

“I know,” Rika says, unable to keep the anger out of her voice.

“It’s better than not knowing, right?” Yukie persists.

“I don’t know, is it?” Rika asks, thinking about it. “… Not really,” she says after a minute, answering her own question. “I think this is one of those things that I’d’ve been happier never knowing.”

“… At least you can blackmail him?”

“Shut up.”

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