A Holiday Affair

by Riba
illustrated by Yin Twig

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A cold wind blew through the streets, sending swirls of snowflakes to dance around the lone figure trudging through the new coat of white. Chris’ cheeks were red from the gusts, but he couldn’t bring himself to hunch forward into his coat to protect his skin. Giddy with excitement, he reveled in the glistening white powder as it sparkled in the light of the street lamps that cut through the night’s darkness.

He had only an hour before he needed to clock in for the night shift, a brutal, dreary exercise in monotony. But that hour, carefully carved off of his schedule, was going to lift his spirits enough to carry him through the rest of the night and weeks to come.

Living in a small village, Chris was keenly aware that his every movement was scrutinized by the gossips and slanderers, who eagerly spread even the smallest indication of wayward behaviors to anyone who would listen. That sort of talk would upset his wife, a woman whose company he enjoyed immensely, though he suspected that she too regretted their early marriage. There were no children in their future, a mutual understanding that didn’t need to be spoken. She was his best friend, but it stopped there. She couldn’t send his every fiber into pangs of longing in the same way that he could…

Carefully stepping over a fence, Chris left the streets to walk between the mounds of snow that drifted through one of the large fields on the outskirts of the village. There were no visible landmarks; they were all buried. But Chris’ feet led him straight to his destination: a shed, abandoned years ago when the farmer had built a new one closer to his livestock. As he grew near, he could make out slight impressions in the snow that told him that he was not the first to travel that way this evening.

With tonight’s snowfall, the trails would disappear by morning and no one would be any wiser. No one, that is, except himself and the one he was going to meet.

Chris pushed the door open carefully, feeling himself getting hard as he imagined the delights and pleasures that would soon be his. He gave himself just enough room to squeeze into the small building and pulled the door closed behind him, leaving him in darkness.

Taking off his mitts, Chris rummaged around the entrance for the emergency lantern that he had stashed there years before and flicked it on. It let out a pale yellow glow that wasn’t strong enough to reveal the cobwebs that lurked in the dusty corners. But Chris wasn’t looking at those. Something must more interesting had caught his eye.

Dan was standing in the middle of the shed, waiting for him. Naked.

Chris felt his breath catch in his throat at the sight of Dan’s rippling muscles and dangling penis. He forced himself to look up and into Dan’s soft brown eyes. It had been over three months since they had last seen each other, though Dan had been in his dreams every night.

Their time alone was already too short to waste by wishing for more. It was time for action. Chris ran forward and threw his arms around Dan’s neck. No words were needed. Their clandestine meetings had fallen into a comfortable routine of intimacy, an itch that could only be scratched together.

Dan shrugged off Chris’ embrace and drew back, tugging on Chris’ coat, clearly feeling the same sense of urgency and desire. Dan didn’t need to ask twice.

Chris turned away from Dan and started pulling off his clothing when he was suddenly overwhelmed with the same nervous awkwardness that the years of shame and stifling of his true feelings had drilled into him. Closing his eyes, he continued removing his clothes, listening to Dan’s calm, deep breaths. Chris carefully folded each garment and placed them on top of his coat to keep them from getting dirt on them. If he showed up to work covered in dust and grime in this weather, there’d be questioning glances and hushed conversations.

Chris turned slowly back towards Dan, feeling a blush spreading through his cheeks. He wondered if he’d ever reach the age when he’d stop feeling like a schoolboy when he was near Dan. Maybe it was the size difference. Dan was tall and muscled, a strength gleaned from his job as a laborer. He was also much bigger down below. Chris was sure that his own penis was at least average length, but his proud member was dwarfed by Dan’s.

Dan stared straight at Chris, his eyes burrowing into Chris, tearing away any doubts that Chris might have had about what they were about to do. Dan took a step towards Chris and Chris felt the blood rush to his dick, which jumped to attention, waiting to be deployed. Dan was the only one Chris had ever met who made him respond so urgently.

Dan closed the distance until their chests were pressed up against each other and, with a long sigh, rested his chin on Chris’ head. They stood pressed against each other. Taking in the musky scent of Dan that filled Chris with lust, Chris reached his arms around to the back of Dan’s head and ran his fingers through Dan’s hair, massaging his scalp. He started gently but pressed harder and harder as Chris felt Dan’s warm breath move through his hair and downwards, until Dan paused, at Chris’ ear and gave it a playful lick.

Chris let out a giggle. It was a noise that was unbecoming from a man long out of boyhood, but when he was with Dan, Chris could let himself just be and not worry about holding anything back. This was a moment that was made all the more special for knowing that it would locked in eternal memory, forever be shared by only two souls.

Linking his fingers around Dan, Chris leaned backwards, pulling Dan’s face down to his until they were nose to nose. Chris rubbed his nose back and forth, showering Dan in Eskimo kisses before leaning in for a kiss that would honor a different culture: the French. He slid his tongue into Dan’s mouth, but was thwarted when Dan took the initiative and pressed his own tongue into Chris’ mouth with so much eagerness that Chris had to take a step back. The kiss continued uninterrupted as their tongues slid up and down the other’s, mixing their saliva until Chris had only the taste of Dan in his mouth.

Eventually they both retreated, slightly out of breath and very turned on. Chris felt like he could barely contain himself. He wanted Dan so much and mere kissing couldn’t convey the craving. Chris loosened his embrace, tracing his fingers down Dan’s back as he moved behind Dan. Still standing, he grabbed onto Dan with one arm and held his own penis with the other hand, rubbing the tip against Dan’s asshole, biting his lip to distract himself, worried that he would come before he and Dan had made love. Chris felt Dan stiffen in anticipation.

Slowly and carefully, Chris nudged the tip of his penis inside Dan and pushed forward, feeling Dan relax under the pressure. When he could feel Dan all along his shaft, Chris wrapped both arms around Dan in a tight hug and thrust his hips forward.

He gripped Dan harder, pulling them together until there was no space between them and his cock was fully inside, grinding into Dan, trying to eliminate even the tiniest distance between them. Chris heard Dan grunting and let out a moan of his own, as Dan tightened and loosened around Chris.

They moved as one, each fully into the moment, forgetting all about the mundanity of their daily lives, concentrating only on this brief point in time, feeling their sweat mingle as the heat of their passion warmed the shed.

Chris was at the point of no return. With a final thrust, he let go of his final inhibition and came. He shuddered with pleasure, keeping a firm grip on Dan to steady himself as he panted and felt, from the pounding coursing through his entire body, his heartbeat slowly return to normal.

Leaning into Dan, Chris realized that Dan was not in the same post-coital reverie. Chris ran his hands down to Dan’s cock, which was still hard. Chris smiled to himself, grateful that Dan was such a giving lover. He knew that Dan would never ask for anything from Chris, but Chris knew that he would never leave Dan wanting.

Chris gave Dan’s dick a final squeeze and stooped to his knees, shuffling around Dan’s legs, coming face to face with the large cock. Chris licked his lips as he leaned forward, taking the tip of Dan’s penis into his mouth, running his tongue over the skin, wetting it and massaging it.

Chris swallowed as he moved upwards, letting more of the shaft inside his mouth, squeezing with his lips and pressing into Dan’s penis with the back of his tongue, rubbing back and forth, harder and faster. Chris wanted to taste Dan again. He licked and sucked, as if to draw out the come from suction alone.

In a sudden burst, come filled Chris’ throat. Chris gulped it back greedily, briefly tasting Dan’s saltiness but it gone all too soon. Chris let Dan’s cock slide gently out of his mouth and twisted himself sideways, getting to his feet.

Chris reached out and stoked the side of Dan’s flank affectionately before walking to his front, running his fingers through the thick hair on Dan’s back. Dan snorted in response and nuzzled Chris as Chris moved to Dan’s head, running his hand up to the top, scratching between Dan’s ears.

Chris rested his head on Dan’s fuzzy neck with a sinking realization that their moment was over. He planted a final kiss on Dan’s neck before donning his clothing, finishing with the red overcoat and heavy black boots that he’d need to protect himself from the long, cold night.

“Well, I guess it’s time for work,” said Chris laying his finger aside of his cherry-red nose, and giving Dan a nod. “Happy Christmas to you, you’ve made this a good night.” Then with a twinkle in his eye, he strode out the door.

illustrated by Yin Twig


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