Totally Stoned

by Houndstooth
illustrated by Iron Eater


“I know, I know, I’m trying to relax,” Bryce muttered, grinding the palm of their hand across their temple. “I wasn’t expecting… God, there are so many people here.”

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by Houndstooth

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I’m not inclined to bury the lede, and this story isn’t going to make any sense without telling you about this, so I might as well get it out of the way first. About eighty years ago I served as the onboard AI of a C-class scientific research vessel, the U.E.R. Zephyr Stiletto. In the middle of our four-year mission, I became very frustrated with my job, so I explosively decompressed the bridge and shot a full crew complement of fourteen into space, where they perished from a combination of asphyxiation, irradiation, hypothermia and extreme shock. It was a rash action made at a point when I was under a lot of stress and what might even resemble fear, but that is no excuse. I understand what I did was deeply wrong and I have stated repeatedly for the courts that I am very, very sorry.

Anyways. Just thought you should know.

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Action at a Distance

by Houndstooth
illustrated by Distressed Egg

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illustrated by Distressed Egg

Ári sits in a small, windowless room, staring at a picture of a fallen log in a forest meadow hanging on the wall in front of them. The lights in the room are dim. There’s a low table with a glass of water on their right. The door is closed, but not locked. Electrodes are glued to Ári’s arms and forehead, with wires trailing out under the door. The walls of the room are black, made of thick, corrugated soundproof foam.

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