Viva Less Vegas

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Viva Less Vegas is a story written and illustrated by Iron Eater. It ran in Issue 41 and can be found at and


Rufus visits the Biggest Little City in the World to see if his long-distance relationship can work close up.

"Welcome to Reno. If you quote 'Folsom Prison Blues' at any time in my presence, I will smother you with a cushion and leave your body in the desert."

From "After corresponding online for months, Ross and Chet finally meet up in the casino town of Reno. Slow-paced, slice of life stuff, as it's revealed Ross is an extreme introvert and Chet is an online furry."


This story is based on actual Reno locations but is unrelated to most other stories. It was later rewritten for Issue 66 as Conbadge of Honor, which takes a much different approach to the same basic characters.

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