The Selkie and the Bear

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The Selkie and the Bear is a story written by Kimyō Tabibito. It ran in Issue 51 at, and is mirrored at


Seamus is a selkie who rejects traditional notions of magic and tradition. Why settle for fish when there are hamburgers and milkshakes in the world? And who really needs tradition and heterosexuality when there are apps that facilitate anonymous gay sex?

From "The tale of a selkie who seems to like land better. He likes milkshakes, and modern fashion, and rough hook-ups."

Authors Notes[edit]

After giving up on finishing something for October, a smart ass selkie showed up and demanded to have a story where he got nailed by a bear. So I went along with the idea and spit out this as a quickie.

It is not related to any of my previous SSBB stories.

It was vaguely inspired by Cassidy Stone's image of this hoodie wearing selkie