The Seal and the Skraeling

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The Seal and the Skraeling is a comic written and illustrated by Iron Eater. It first appeared in Artists' Special 3 and can be found at and


A period piece, this story deals with some unexpected flotsam washing up on the Greenland shore.

From "Comic strip. A Skraeling saves a Norseman. Black and white, cartoony but enjoyable hurt/comfort story with huddling for warmth."


This comic's characters return in the story Lands of Green in Days of White, having managed not to kill each other by then.


This comic was inked, toned, and lettered in Photoshop.

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Artist's Notes[edit]

Twenty-four pages is a lot of pages. Especially if you've not done something of that length before. Especially if you're not comfortable with all-digital inking. Especially if you change your mind about the art style halfway through. Especially if you're limited in time and energy due to a cruddy retail job. It's a miracle this thing actually exists, and while it's aged a lot as far as the art is concerned, I'm still happy I made it.

The plot for this one got fussed with a bit--the Norseman originally had his second brush with death while delirious and wandering in the snow instead of being swept out to sea a second time--but in the end things worked out for the best.

For those wondering, they're somewhere along the southwestern side of the landmass, and it's during a brief window when neither group is trying to actively murder the other, definitely before the 1300s. The Skraeling is technically a member of the Thule people, though he wouldn't call himself that because what is up with weird European languages, anyway?