The Campsite Rule

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The Campsite Rule is a story written by shukyou and illustrated by 2013. It ran in Issue 49 at, and is mirrored at


A young gay man, barely out of the closet, spends the summer living at his best friend's father's house.

The last time he'd seen Mr. Elson, Antoine had been hiding upstairs in his room with Chris, trying to stay the hell out of the way of Chris' feuding parents. Chris' older sister, Amber, had been old enough to have her learner's permit by then, so she'd gotten good at hightailing it out of there as soon as voices started to rise. But Chris and Antoine had been twelve at the time, so the best they'd gotten in terms of escape was how Antoine's house was all the way across the street. Antoine had gone down the hall to the bathroom, and as he'd passed the window that looked out over the front of the house, he'd seen Mr. Elson with a heavy duffel thrown over his shoulder, stomping down the front walk to the pickup truck out front. That walk had marked -- for Antoine too -- the end of a lot of things.

From "the one with the closeted teenager who gets thoroughly plowed by his best friend's dad and the dad's husband"


The Campsite Rule is mostly unconnected to other stories. While it technically occurs in the Whitniverse, that connectivity is not a major part of it.

Author's Notes[edit]

So I am not above admitting when I find morally questionable things sexy, and a trope I find incredibly hot in erotic fiction (usually the kind written by gay dudes) is when the young man gets indoctrinated into the world of gay sexy by his best friend's sexy bara father. Of course, the morally questionable part about that is often a married dad stepping out on his wife, and the part that doesn't jive with SSBB's happy ending rule is the part where any happily ever after for that pair would be super-sketchy on pretty much all other fronts.

Thus, the open marriage becomes a good solution! Antoine is going to have his own happily ever after someday, and for a guy who's been too afraid even to come out to himself, seeing that It Gets Better (as it were) is an important step. Jim's right, too -- it's good to have your first time in the hands of someone who'll make it damn good.

And because I based this scenario on one of my favorite porn tropes after talking it out with beeblebabe for a while, this story bascially became all porn. I don't think I've ever written such an intensely smutty story; only c:\rano.bergerac comes close, and there, the sex is weirdly incidental, especially when you consider one of the partners is a sex worker. But this is a story about discovering who you are and becoming comfortable with yourself -- and doing that specifically by getting off repeatedly and educationally. I have some stories where you can skip the sex, but in this one, the sex is the story.

You, of course, may read the story however you want, but I was not trying to imply that Antoine and Chris would wind up together someday. They love one another deeply, but they're not in love; their affection for one another is very brotherly and nonsexual, and Chris is super-straight in that 'I'd be the luckiest guy in the world if that did it for me' way. Similarly, I wasn't trying to suggest that either Jim or Sevy wants to bone Chris -- or that Antoine wants to bone his own father -- because no, that would be an awful violation of how all those relationships work. In fact, part of the reason I chose to make the Elsons white and Antoine black was as part of physical differentiation, to help remove any implications that when Jim looks at Antoine, he's really seeing Chris.

Speaking of which, let me acknowledge: I am very aware of the problems inherent with a bunch of middle-aged white dudes calling a young black man 'boy'. I wanted to use it here as a sex-power pair to 'daddy', not as anything that suggests they think less of Antoine in any way. Obviously they do love him and think the world of him, and that's as important as their topping the hell out of him.

Will Antoine tell Chris about all this? ...Probably not, and if so, not for a long, long time. This really does happen in a sphere of their lives Chris has nothing to do with, and one that he wouldn't even really understand, were he to get a glimpse of it. Bless his straight heart, he doesn't quite understand how getting gangbanged by your dad and his friends can contribute to self-actualization, and Antoine's not in a place where he can explain how that works.

'The Campsite Rule' itself, for those unfamiliar with it, actually does have to do with camping: It's the idea that when you go to a campsite, you should always leave it better than you found it. It's a sort of credo in power-differential relationships, though, especially in ones that you know aren't going to last forever -- whether it's a hookup or a serious short-term thing, if you are the older/wiser/more mature one, you have a responsibility to make sure your partner winds up being better for having had the relationship. I'd say that Jim and Sevy have done their Boy Scout duty here.


External Reviews[edit]

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