Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention is a story written and illustrated by juou no zan. It ran in Issue 71 at

Author's Notes[edit]

So I read a lot of porn, and sometimes this reveals tropes or genres that are...bad. After a certain number of these stories pass in front of my eyes, I start thinking "so how would I fix this"? Which is why I wrote a pornographic story about a young man who opens said story about to kill himself.

This is seriously a real trope I've seen in hentai. I have not found it tagged or categorized anywhere, but I read several different stories by different artists along the same "well if you're about to die anyway, why not fuck me, a stranger" lines--including an ongoing about the character trying to kill himself. It was a comedy, of course, because what could be funnier than attempted suicide and dubious consent?

Anyway I for one hope never to see this trope again, even if it was very fun to write.