Strange Lexicons

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Strange Lexicons cover art, by beili.

Strange Lexicons is a story written by Ogiwara Saki and illustrated by beili. It ran in Issue 52 at, and is mirrored at


Disgraced magician-linguist Terrence is called back into service by an old flame, and has to confront the mistakes of his past and his own lingering feelings for Eli.

Author's notes[edit]

This is a story about forgiveness.

What happens after:

Somewhere down the road Terrence becomes Cass' teacher and it becomes his greatest legacy, that he trains this powerful, responsible, conscientious Linguist who chooses to use her powers for good. Terrence never speaks the Words much himself, except for when he and Eli get married (because Eli is totally the type who wants Terrence to make an honest man out of him). The day ends up stormy with rain, and Eli is so so sad that they might have to call their beautiful outdoor Jewish wedding ceremony off (he surfed Pinterest so long, guys!) So Terrence makes it sunny again. He thinks it's worth it when he sees Eli under the canopy glowing with happiness. Terrence figures if a little bit of sun is all it takes to make Eli that happy — which he mentions later that night, when he and Eli are lying in bed totally exhausted after crazy wedding night monkey sex, and Eli is like, god you're an idiot, it wasn't the sun, it was you.

(During their honeymoon, Terrence takes him to a basketball game).

External Reviews[edit]

  • "In four (4!) parts. This is a really interesting contemporary fantasy novella, with a spoken magic system to rival any other such I’ve ever heard of."