Set in Stone

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"Set in Stone" is a story written by Aoime Kouchou for Issue 25 It can be found here or on the mirror here.


A science-fiction story; Ashiid is forced to participate in an ancient ritual that does nothing but make his scales chafe in the desert heat.

Only when the sun was at it's highest was the haa'sith of the Light allowed to travel through the temple grounds to bathe. It was the only chance Ashiid had to clean his pale scales of the temple's cloying incense. It was also the only designated place where he could be away from the priests, the citizens and the other haa'sith.


"Set in Stone" is set in the same Stars Universe as Kouchou's other stories, but is not directly connected to them.

Author's Notes[edit]

This is story number three I wrote for SSB*B. I'm pretty sure I had other stories I was working on at the time. Its kinda been a while, and I wrote this one so fast, that I can't remember much about it. I remember this story kinda wrote itself. I remember reading the setting prompts and thinking, "Number 18 sounds really pretty! What can I do with that?"

I know that it has one of the few Ateimei characters (Ashiid) in it, that it helped me craft some of their culture, and to establish what the tension was between them and the Maa'rish. I'm still working on their culture so that they don't come across as a poor analogue for the Middle East and the tensions going on at the time I was writing this story. All in all, I remember liking writing this story and about having a prompt for the setting. I don't think this one shows as much age as the previous two, but it's not as polished as "Doing What They Do" is.

I'd like to thank again my beta-reader(s) who helped me shape this into what you see today, the lovely individuals who make SSB*B possible, and you who read this. You all are awesome and I appreciate every comment, pageview, and "like" you leave.