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Rec Lists are created by readers of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. They compile stories that have certain elements in common. They are entirely the product of individual curation and do not reflect official Shousetsu Bang*Bang categorization

Anyone can start a rec list, preferably with the prefix 'Rec:' (for easy categorization). Give a short description on this page of what the list contains, then put a more detailed explanation of parameters on the page itself. Be sure to mark whether you want this to be an 'open' list (i.e., you're getting the ball rolling but you want others to help out) or a 'closed' list (i.e., this is your opinion, top to bottom). Both kinds are welcome!

Open Lists

These lists are free for anyone to edit. If you see a list that lacks a story/artwork/comic you know should be there, add it!

Closed Lists

These lists have been created to reflect a single creative idea; they should only be edited by their creators.