Rec: Song of the Travelling Daughter

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'Song of the Travelling Daughter' is a rec list created by saturnoolaa; it was originally posted at

Along The Desert Path by Tamari Erin A priest and a mysterious stranger travel to a temple to kick out some thieves. It took me a while to find this story again, but I remembered really liking it. It's a fun and interesting story with a satisfying conclusion.

La Belle Eliza by Koizumi Shinme This is a really evocative story: the dust and constant heat, the little stops the party makes along the way, and the gradual fleshing out of the protagonist's past. The flashbacks of his relationship with his sister are lovely. And not-really-twist ending is sweet and funny.

Ixtapa of the Green Eyes by Nara Kagerou Moving out of the desert into the Aztec Empire. Usually I don't like stories that, um, end in a sort of depressing manner. But there's really no disliking this story; it's well-researched and clever historical fiction, filled with the intrigue of travelling in an unfamiliar place, and the sex is hot.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen or The Vices of Dr Simpson and the Wages of Sin by geiriadur And on a lighter note, a jungle expedition story, told with the assistance of letters and diary entries. The narrative and dialogue of this story are both perfectly Victorian. It's a fun read, with lots of scandal, a tiger attack, and plently of sexual tension between the main characters which reaches a satisfying conclusion.

Arizona Ford And The Golden Legend by Domashita Romero Adventures with everyone's other favourite archaeologist! This is an appropriate rec in light of a certain movie that came out recently. Terrifically entertaining. It's got all the classic punching of Nazis and holy relics of the movies, but gayer.

Fire by Tsukizubon Saruko A story about a woman hunting the unknown in the desert. This is a really beautiful story with a classic fantasy aesthetic. The care put into describing the desert and the Fire is so impressive, and the final confrontation had me biting my nails. (And one more time, the sex is hot.)

Turfan by Matsuo Akane Travelling home again. Strictly speaking this one doesn't fit my travel criteria for all the others, but it *is* a story about a man who is constantly travelling, and the person waiting for him. And it's so well-written and the world is so subtly fleshed out I just had to include it.