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This list was created by ladysisyphus and was originally posted at

The theme is One-Hit Wonders: stories by authors who arrived, left us a single gem of a story, then vanished as mysteriously as they came.

I chose last December's theme-free issue as the cut-off point for single-submission authors, since I don't want this list to be mostly recent first-time authors who may very likely submit something else in the near future. These stories go back as far as the first issue, and there's been a sufficient enough gap between their being written and the present to believe that their authors may not submit any other stories, and that's a damn shame.

There was an order here. It's gone now.

No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (GO! GO! FIGHTING KING!) by Diamond Dazzler

The Boy and his Prince by Parudesi (パルデシ)
Admit it, you've always wanted to read the gay Jungle Book.

The Showman by Tsuki Akari (月あかり)
Light-hearted and charming (and illustrated by halcyonjazz)!

Sundiver by Amazuki Kiyoe (天月清愛)
A sexy futuristic yuri story about naked bodies covered with goo!

An In-Depth Analysis Of Fornication And Orgasm In Young Male Paraplegics by bird
Exactly what the title promises, handled with loving dignity.

Lost at Sea (and Found Again) by ROJO
Short and sweet little tale about foreign exchange love.

Stained Glass Windows by Chiame Ayame (血雨菖蒲)
Really, who doesn't love inappropriate sex in churches?

Call Me Vasya by kanatsu (かなつ)
Deliciously Russian and quite sexy!

The Shadow by Onaka May (億難神メイ)
This creepy little tale didn't make much of an impression on first read, but has really stuck with me as time's gone by.

Getaway by Seihaku Perrito (精薄perrito)
I don't know why nobody else appeared to like this story. Was it the rimming?

Sea Story by Ryuukotsu Kouji (竜骨公事)
I grew up near a naval base, and always appreciate a good nautical ghost story.

Quickie by GEIKO
Not a bad way to lose a job.

Metronome by Hana Chikai (羽名血海)
It's good to be adorable, but it's more important to be well-dressed.

Summer Fling by Kemono Michi (毛萌乃享)
Sometimes all the monster wants to do is be your friend.

Takeo's Angel by Marmalade Cat (マーマレード猫)
A modern fairy tale about organised crime and opera.

Truce by Ueda Keisuke (植妥慶助)
Ordinarily, I'm not so into monstersex, but for this I'll make an exception.