Rec: Morbid and Creepifying

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This rec list was originally posted by ladysisyphus at in 2011, and has since been updated every year in October for Halloween.

Some of our issues are spookier than most, it's true, but they're just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SSBB scary. Thus, I've cobbled together a list of spooky stories that I found particularly memorable. I tried to make it so that this isn't just stories with traditionally scary elements, but stories that are good reads if you really want to spook yourself. ...Some more so than others.

In deference to those who like to be prepared, this list shall be accompanied by my traditional utterly useless six-word summaries. Okay, the summaries were a good goof at the start, when there were just a handful for me to riff on, but it's gotten a little unwieldy. If you want an idea of what the story is about, click through and see what's on the wiki page.

This time I've also grouped together stories that are connected to one another, in case you're in the mood for a serial.

And a little two-part palate-cleanser: