Out of this World

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Out of this World is a story written by juou no zan and illustrated by Z. Zacht-Zoet. It ran in Issue 76 at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/out-of-this-world/

Author's Notes[edit]

I started this story some three years ago, for the Out of This World issue. I have no idea why I didn't finish it in time (cursory knowledge of the timeline of my life suggests: I was still suffering the Grief Depressions and having trouble finishing things) but I know why I kept on not finishing it.

The characters in this story started out as name-swaps of my more "established" OCs (idk why I bother to name-swap them, apart from "it bothers my continuity brain", since like three people are aware of/care about the OCs; I did the same thing with The Prince's Plaything shh) but within the year of starting it, I realized one of the characters was trans, and writing about them as if they were a cis dude, when that was the least accurate possible representation of them, made me feel weird, even if they were name-swapped and theoretically distinct.

(I mean also, I stopped in the middle of a sex scene, and it is always harder to pick up from a sex scene than from a non-sex scene for me.)

Then I more carefully read the signup post for this year's December issue and Yes, And content was allowed! I thought about this for around two days, like, gosh it's a shame I don't have anything near completion that would work! And then I realized one night, walking home from the opera (which, god willing, will be gay-ed into a SSBB at some future point. I have an outline and everything.), that I could take this story, mostly-finished, rewrite a few things and do a find and replace of the pronouns for Colby, and that would work fine. I went home and immediately finished the story.

So thank you to the editors, and thank you to science fiction for always having my back wrt neopronouns being acceptable.

I usually use "they" pronouns for the character Colby is "based on", but I thought that might be extra confusing in porn, and decided science fiction generally made a welcome home for neopronoun use. For those interested, Colby might describe cer gender as "none binary with left girl" ...assuming 2010s-era tumblr memes were something ce was familiar with.

Anyway the station Colby lives on is not Deep Space Nine, as it is not that biologically diverse, but DS9 sure is the only space station centric sci-fi I had consumed when I started writing it, so in my head, it uses the same sets, dressed slightly differently. Pay no attention to the raktajino mugs behind the bartender.

As always, I have a lot of backstory (and future sexual adventures) in my head for this story/these characters. For instance, a whoooole lot of zhenega biology and cultural stuff that isn't especially pertinent to this story. It may be of interest that this story would have been nearly identical to its current form if Lee was a cis female zhenega, save for pronouns and the color of his spots.

It may also be somewhat interesting to note that zhenegas in general find the idea of penetrative sex taboo bordering on disgusting, and somewhat transitively tend to think of humans as one of the grosser alien species. Lee, you may not be surprised to learn, is considered fairly kinky by the standards of most zhenega cultures. I figure, probably most people engaging in interspecies relationships are. Or, maybe not those in relationships, but those willing to have casual sex with another species. I mean, sometimes you fall in love with your colleague, and they happen to be an alien. It's a different kind of person who moves to an alien station and immediately starts hitting up the clubs.

Finally, I previously referred to zhenegas in How to Get Into the Krixin Resort, except, for some reason, I called them "shenarr". I have no idea why I did this (thanks, memory problems), but the Watsonian explanation is obviously language change/difference.