Out of Phase

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Out of Phase is a comic written and illustrated by Iron Eater. It ran in Artist Special 7 at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/out-of-phase/.


A workaholic reunites with an old friend in the middle of some field work. This story contains no human characters.


This comic's setting is strongly inspired by various games in the Legend of Zelda series, particularly Zelda II: the Adventure of Link, but is not meant to be a part of said series.


This comic was a completely digital creation. It was thumbnailed, pencilled, inked, textured, and hand-lettered entirely in Clip Studio Paint EX.

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Artist's Notes[edit]

More elves or elf-like persons? Yes, more of them.

Unlike last year's Detritus, I tried to keep this story from getting so wildly out of hand in the interest of completing literally anything else while working on it. Originally scripted to be 24 pages, it expanded to 28 for the sake of pacing and didn't overly complicate things in the process. As once again I was able to finish well ahead of my due date (and promptly began work on a non-S2B2-based comic project) I think that worked out!

This was an experiment in using various shades of gray (in 25% increments) instead of my usual two-tone patterns, with intentionally rougher brushes to keep me from trying to refine everything to death. I had a great deal of fun with it, and once again I refuse to leave my love of slapstick and funny faces at the door.

The two leads are heavily implied to be wizzrobes (by any other name), attempting to claim the blood of a hero to sprinkle over the ashes of their defeated dark lord; this is literally the plot of Zelda II and made for a nice bit of exterior motivation for the two. Their unnamed master was based on the design for Carock from said game, and the spells cast by the unnamed hero (reflection and fairy transformation) also appear in said game. The potions' color-coding is more from later games: red potion for healing, green for magic/stamina, blue for both, yellow is a flammable oil, and purple is invulnerability. Given the timing of this story I imagine some readers are surprised it doesn't take more cues from Breath of the Wild, but as the two leads were an offshoot of a Zelda-themed d20 campaign several years ago it didn't seem appropriate to do too much retrofitting.

Or is intended to be a little more diesel than Blau thanks to long hours of stirring a cauldron.

The "blink versus phase" argument is based entirely on the movement patterns and relative difficulty of different colors of wizzrobe entities encountered in the original Legend of Zelda. Let none say I don't research my video game fanworks, albeit in somewhat weird ways.