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neomeruru draws things. Sometimes she writes them, but that's still relatively rare.

Her portfolio website is is, though her Tumblr is more frequently updated. She write and draws How Baby, a slice-of-life comic about motherhood, and Motherlover, a comic about two moms who are gonna fall in love.


neomeruru has illustrated the following stories:

neomeruru has submitted the following standalone illustrations:

neomeruru has created the cover for the following issues:

neomeruru has written the following stories under her alias, atarashii merle:

Care and Feeding[edit]

neomeruru will illustrate pretty much anything you put in front of her, with a strong preference for filthy smut, non-white characters, disabled characters, genderqueer characters, and things that make you go 'buuuuuugh'.

Being that neomeruru has recently contributed to global overpopulation by making a smaller, less capable version of herself, her illustration time is limited. Please contact her early on in the process for prospective illustrations.