Magic Comes to Alphabet City (And to Certain Parts of Greenpoint)

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Magic Comes to Alphabet City (And to Certain Parts of Greenpoint) is a story written by Domashita Romero and illustrated by iianbe. It ran in Issue 15 at, and is mirrored at


Waking up covered in tattoos of song lyrics is totally normal, right? Jeez, quitting drinking is rough.

From "Elliot wakes up one morning to find "eyes dilated & heart deluded I can" written across his forearm, and the first thing he realizes is that it's not his handwriting."

From "A Story Of Two Geeks In Love: where Elliot (the ex-goth ex-alcoholic ex-slut ) wakes up with mysterious lyrics tattooed into his skin and meets and falls in love with super hot geeky musician Marc. Also features: pretty boys with geeky tattoos and (sexy)piercings, geekery galore, poetry, aging hipsters, witty dialogue, funny friends and ho like burning sex"

From "A man wakes up to find mysterious words inked onto his skin."

External Reviews[edit]

So today I was catching up on some ss*bb reading and realized one of my favorite authors, Domashita Romero, had only been rec'ed once. Clearly I had to rectify that. I know "Magic Comes to Alphabet City" has been mentioned on many request posts, so I thought it would be a good place to start. Basically, Elliot is a recovering alcoholic who wakes up covered in little snippets of poetry. Then he meets Marc, member of a punk-y band and fellow geek. It's just a great short and sweet romance with a bit of a magical realism twist. It's a story I go back to periodically to put a smile on my face.