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juou no zan (女王のザン) is the SSBB handle of someone known elsewhere as queenofzan. They enjoy writing smut where the story would be changed or incomplete if you took the sex scenes out in addition to other things. Their writing blog is at qzwrites.tumblr.com, which does have a button you can click to get straight to the porn if that's your thing.

They also consume a lot of porn and get angry about it a lot, which means sometimes they like to rewrite tired or Problematic (tm) porn plots to be actually good and not horryfing, which at least means they are unlikely to run out of inspiration for smutty stories anytime soon.


juou no zan has written the following stories:

juou no zan has contributed art that inspired a story in the Sadie Hawkins issue (Issue 72):

juou no zan has contributed the following standalone illustrations: