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New to wikis? Don't know what you're doing? This is a great place to start.

What the Heck

This wiki is a collaborative venture between editors, creators, and readers of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. It is intended as a place to collect information related to SSBB and make contents easy to find. It's also a place where individuals can add their own information about stories, particularly in the case of content warnings and summaries, neither of which SSBB provides. It gives readers a chance to curate works to help others make sense of SSBB's extensive back catalog. Finally, it provides ways for contributors to go beyond the pseudonymity of the project and link interested readers to their non-SSBB works.

Anyone may edit any page! The way to edit a wiki page is to click on the little tab at the top right that says 'Edit'. You'll be transported to a magical screen that's a big text entry box. Don't panic.

The best way to learn what changes can should be made is by clicking on the 'Edit' buttons of various pages to see how their formatting works, then to mimic that on other plages. (Please don't save any changes you don't mean to, though!)

YOU CANNOT BREAK THE WIKI. You can hurt an individual page very badly, sure, but changes can always be reverted to a previous edit if you screw up something terribly. See? Panic is totally unnecessary.

Creating an Account

Special:UserLogin will take you to the login page; if you don't have an account, click the green button at the bottom and you'll be taken to the signup page. Once there, enter your information, and you'll be done! Your email address is only necessary in case of password resets, and is (as far as I know) invisible even from the administrative end.

Because of spammers, we have a quick CAPTCHA that will ask you to enter the theme of Issue 1, Issue 26, Issue 29, or Issue 45.

Currently, accounts are only necessary to create pages, not to edit them. At this point, due to manageable levels of spamming, letting anonymous accounts edit pages is still working out for us, and we hope this will continue into the future. Should that volume change, however, accounts may be temporarily or permanently required for wiki editing.

Creating New Pages

For the most part, you'll never need to do this. However, should the need ever arise, Creating pages has a brief introduction to page creation, as well as some examples of well-edited pages of various types.

Only logged-in users may create new pages. Do not make a new page unless you're certain it needs to be created. If you don't see a page you think should exist, check your capitalization before creating it (e.g., 'Bodies In Space' is not a page, but Bodies in Space is).

Editing Pages

Here's the most common wiki-specific formatting you'll need, and fortunately if you forget, there are quick-formatting buttons at the top of the text box on most pages:

Limited HTML tags work as well. <BLOCKQUOTE> works, but will erase all line breaks inside of it; replace line breaks in block-quoted material with <BR><BR>.

For more serious, heavy-duty formatting help and options, see and Feel free but not obligated to get fancy.

It is strongly recommended that you click 'Show preview' or 'Show changes' before 'Save page'.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of spammers, if you are not logged in and are trying to make an edit that involves adding a link, we have a quick CAPTCHA that will ask you to enter the theme of Issue 1, Issue 26, Issue 29, or Issue 45.

Adding Images

Adding images to a wiki page is a two-step process:

Step one is uploading the image. Every page on the wiki has Upload file as an option in the left menu. Browse for an image (you can only upload images from your computer), add a description, and click 'Upload file'. (If you encounter an error with thumbnail generation, try again; if you get the error a second time, tell the editors ASAP.)

Step two is determining the appropriate syntax to us to put the image on the page. has a list of just about every conceivable arrangement you could want. Issue 50 has examples of the two most useful styles: the single right-justified thumbnail and the multi-image gallery.

Adding Categories

Special:Categories has a list of categories used on this wiki. Categories are added with the syntax [[Category:X]], where X is the specific category in question. No matter where you put that text on wiki page, categories will only display at the bottom. Each category needs its own syntax, so if you want a page to belong to both the Category:Dystopian and Category:2011 categories, you need to add both [[Category:Dystopian]] and [[Category:2011]] to the page.

Creating a new category is easy: Add [[Category:X]] to a page, where X is the new category you want, and voila! A new category. Your new category will have the red text of a page that does not exist, though, so click through and give a brief explanation of what this category should involve. Feel free to get as specific or as general as you like with category creation; we may have only one story in Category:Dubcon with Eldritch Horror, for instance, but if we ever get a second, we'll know right where to put it.

What's the point of adding categories? It makes it quick and easy for readers to browse stories and artwork united by a similar theme. To learn more than you possibly ever wanted to know about the function and application of categories, visit

Adding Warnings

Help:Content_Warning has everything you could possibly want to know about how to put a content warning on a page. (It's surprisingly easy!)

Adding Content

There is no set style for the SSBB wiki, but you'll want to go through established pages to see the kind of information best put there.

For contributor pages: If you're editing your own, put whatever links and data you want. If you're editing someone else's, please only add information for contributors who are open about their connections to SSBB; because of the pseudonymous and pornographic nature of this project, we have contributors who do not wish to have connections drawn between their SSBB identities and their other online/real-world presences.

For submission pages: Again, if you're editing your own, do whatever you like. If you're editing someone else's to add content originally hosted on other sites, provide links instead of reproducing text unless you have specific permission to do so. The more information about a contribution present on its page, the more likely it is to be found and appreciated by others.

Rec Lists

Rec Lists function like categories, only with more specific curation and annotation. You can create your own or add to one of the Open Lists.

Anything Else

Please contact the editorial staff at [email protected]