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Content warnings are intended to alert readers to material that some individuals might consider objectionable.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang does not provide content warnings for its material. The project's founder, petronia, made that decision in 2005; the goal was to create a space that both discouraged self-censorship for appearances' sake and did not draw attention from forces that might seek to get the project banned from LiveJournal:

When I designed the SSBB ruleset, years before Fandom had its controversy over warnings and triggers, I was concerned - fundamentally, primordially - that it should be a space where people didn’t self-censor or tone down their kinks or worry about offending others with their imagination. I had a suspicion that warning for some stuff and not other stuff propagates, even unconsciously, the idea that the first list is less acceptable than the second list.[1]

For those as well as the reasons specified here, Shousetsu Bang*Bang continues not to put 'official' warnings on stories.

These wiki warnings are intended as a way for creators and readers who think certain works should receive content warnings to inform others as they see appropriate. They are optional, and their absence should not indicate a work is necessarily free of any objectionable content -- nor should their presence be read as necessarily a complete or correct accounting of strong content present in a work. Management takes no responsibility for under-, over-, or mis-warning.


S2b2warning.png Your Header (automatically bolded)

Whatever else you want to write.

The syntax is {{Template:Warning|Your Header (automatically bolded)|Whatever else you want to write.}} (Note that those are curly braces, not the usual square brackets!)


  • Anyone may add a content warning to any page. All warnings are placed by creators or other community members.
  • Place warnings down the page, preferably in a 'Summary' section. Do not place them at the tops of pages; doing so would indicate that the wiki page itself, not the submission, is what needs the warning.
  • Warnings, by their very nature, will probably contain spoilers; these do not have to be marked as such. They should be as general as possible, though: 'Character death' vs. 'Bob suffocates in a molasses flood'.
  • While we recognize that what is considered warnable content is very individualized, please try to place warnings only in cases where other people would agree that the content itself is objectionable and presented in the text/art in a way that others might find objectionable to read about/see. As an example, while you yourself may have an strong aversion to pianos, please recognize that this is not a universal nor even a very common reaction to these large yet harmless instruments, and thus their mere presence in a story or artwork does not justify a warning.
  • Similarly, please try to place warnings only in cases where objectionable material is present in a submission to such a degree that a warning becomes justified. A brief mention in a story of a murder, for instance, would not justify a warning; a detailed description of that murder might, and even then, not necessarily.
  • Warnings may be disputed, though please do not delete them outright. Amend them as you feel necessary, then use the page's Talk page for further discussion.
  • If you are placing a warning in an entry and you are the author/artist of a piece, you may indicate as much in the warning box, though it's not necessary you do so.
  • Do not warn for porn. We know there's porn.

Example Warnings[edit]

While warnings can and should be amended as necessary to fit the situation, a good content warning might be formatted as follows:

S2b2warning.png Content Warning: Lions, Tigers, Bears

Members of the community have flagged this story as containing the following elements: animals, clichés, terrible jokes (oh my).

For a somewhat less facetious example, the actual warning on Navid Arash Taraghijah: Still Life With Chair (I-XXV) reads as follows:

S2b2warning.png Content Warning: Violence, Injury, Death

The author wishes to note that this story contains some sensitive material, including descriptions of self-injury, violence, medical treatments, death, family estrangement, and suicide attempts.