The Hail Mary

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The Hail Mary is a story written by Takiguchi Aiko. It originally ran in Issue 55 at, and is mirrored at


From "A famous football player’s agent calls his ex about a non-disclosure agreement, and the fallout thereof."

From "Wherein Javed and Adam were engaged to married in college until Javed broke it off to protect Adam's starting football career, saying he found another person. Now four years later, Adam is a first-string football quarterback star playing in the New York Giants and unknown to him, his publicist contacted Javed to tie some loose ends."

Author's Notes[edit]

This was an interesting (and very melodramatic) exercise for me, so I hope you enjoyed it too. ladysisyphus wrote almost all of Adam's dialogue and is generally a better person than I am.

External Reviews[edit]

  • "my favorite story from this issue. The whole story is just one moment in the lives of Javed, a talented artist, and Adam, his ex-boyfriend who is a rising star in professional football. Adam shows up unannounced to Javed's place, looking for answers, mainly, why Javed dumped him years before when they had been madly in love. Both Javed and Adam have a lot of baggage and history and you really come to understand that and feel for them. The dialogue and pacing make such a short story feel packed with events and the good and bad times of their lives together and apart. The personalities were really strong and the whole story was so touching. Not to mention that it was pretty sexy. The only thing this story needs is more--as in, "May I have some more, please?""