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Goodreads is a website located at According to its website, "Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love."[1]

Shousetsu Bang*Bang has a Goodreads group located at Every week (give or take), a Group Read is posted where members can all read and discuss the same story from the archives.

A more detailed FAQ-style writeup has been done, especially for people who have never used Goodreads before:

Q. The what, now?
A. Goodreads is a site where people can track what they've read, leave and comment on reviews of what they've read, and, from time to time, interact with authors. Since various SSBB stories have been popping up there for a couple years now, and because the people familiar with those stories are generally familiar only with those stories and not the rest of the SSBB catalogue -- and because we've heard from readers who said they'd like more discussion about SSBB stories -- we created a Shousetsu Bang*Bang Goodreads group.

Q. What's there?
A. A message board for discussion of a variety of things: ebooks, suggestions, various SSBB stories, artwork, just to name a few. We've also got a weekly Group Read going where everyone in the group (re)reads the same story and discusses it -- with the author chiming in, if at all possible!

Q. How do I join Goodreads?
A. Go to and get started. It'll give you the option to sign in via Facebook or to create a site-specific login; either way will work.

Q. I have an idea for a discussion topic but I don't see it there; what do I do?
A. Alas, only mods can create discussion topics. However, you can get in touch with one of the four moderators -- three of us are the SSBB staff, and one is a very enthusiastic civilian who's much more familiar with Goodreads than us other three -- and we'll be more than happy to make one!

Q. What if I'm an author?
A. This gets slightly tricky: You have to create an account that uses the exact same name as your SSBB pseudonym. Then you have to go to the page that's already been set up for that author and ask Goodreads if you can claim it.

Q. Huh?
A. Okay, here's an example: Let's say you're atarashii merle. (I know you're not, unless you're neomeruru, but pretend.) Create a Goodreads account with the name 'Atarashii Merle'. A story has already been added for 'Atarashii Merle', so click on it and follow through to the Atarashii Merle author page. Look down at the bottom where it says 'Is this you? Let us know.' Click on the link and email the site's maintainers telling them you are who you say you are; provide links and reference other Goodreads users you know for more credibility.

Q. I did all that, like, a week ago, and I've heard nothing. What now?
A. Do it again! Seriously, I've asked the site maintainers, and that's what they said. I personally had to petition twice to be attached to my pseudonym, but I got it to work eventually.

Q. What if I'm an author and I already have a Goodreads account that isn't my SSBB pseudonym?
A. Because of the way Goodreads is set up, you can't claim that other profile with that account. But you can still show up to the Group Read and announce yourself! I'll vouch for you if needs be.

Q. How do you guys choose which story is going to be the week's Group Read?
A. Short answer: We don't; I've given our civilian mod a list of suggested stories, and she chooses.

Q. What's the long answer?
A. Long answer is, during the first few weeks, the Group Reads consisted of stories that already had substantial presences on Goodreads, in order to get the attention of people who already use the site. Now we're branching out, and the idea is to do a different story by a different author every week, so that we can showcase as many contributors as possible. I've pulled together a list of stories based on a couple criteria: how many hearts they have on the website, how many comments they've gotten on LJ, whether or not they contain things the Goodreads folk tend to like (e.g., m/m, longer stories, very happy endings), whether they're meaty enough to give folk something to talk about.

Q. How will I know if my story gets picked for a Group Read?
A. If you're a member of the group, you'll get an announcement sent when the discussion post goes up. But I'll send you an email, just to be sure!

Q. What do I do if my story gets picked for a Group Read?
A. Whatever you want: you can show up, make your presence known, and invite questions; you can send in a prepared statement of sorts via a third party; you can lurk and see the nice things people say; you can pretend it's not even happening. You are under no obligation to participate (though we think it'd be cool if you do).

Q. I can't take that kind of attention! and/or Please, no, anything but that one story! How do I make sure I'm not/it isn't featured in a Group Read?
A. Just let us know and we'll make sure whatever you don't want to wind up there won't.

Q. How do I participate if I'm an artist, not a writer?
A. We've got a whole Artists and Artworks thread; come show off your stuff, SSBB-related or otherwise! And you can of course read and participate in discussions.

Q. I want to review a story, but it's not there! How do I add it to Goodreads?
A. Click here to add a new book! We'll put in anything that's featured in a Group Read, but mostly we're counting on others to add things on an as-relevant basis. You'll need to be signed in, but you can add anything you want. Be sure to put at least one link to the story in the description; you want people to be able to find it, after all. You can also write a summary or put an excerpt in the description, if you're feelin' all fancy.

Q. ...Um, I don't have anything else right now, but what if I think of something later?
A. Leave comments to this post, drop us an email, or message us at one of our usual channels! We'll be glad to dish out what knowledge we have. We're still learning how this works too, though, so your patience is appreciated.