El Presidio Rides North

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El Presidio Rides North is a story written by Domashita Romero and illustrated by neomeruru. It ran in Issue 33 at http://s2b2.livejournal.com/195059.html, and is mirrored at http://www.shousetsubangbang.com/mirror/el-presidio-rides-north/.

This story is now available for order from Less Than Three Press.

This story was also available for purchase in Of a Kind, where it has new illustrations by neomeruru.


Two guys try to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse while driving around in a beat-up RV named El Presidio.

I had started to accept the inevitability of my death when I heard a voice yell, "EAT SHIT!" right before the zombie's head was removed with a blow from what looked like a shovel with nails in it. I pushed the limp body off of me and was genuinely surprised to find I had not pissed my pants. I wiped my face and checked my sleeves to see if any of the zombie sludge had gotten on me; I was mostly clean. I stared past my shaky fingers up at my savior. Well, the shovel was most specifically my savior, but the guy holding it was pretty important, too.

From pinboard.in: "If Zombieland was written by slash fangirls."

From fail-fandomanon.dreamwidth.org/: "Two strangers on a road trip in the zombie apocalypse. I found it funny and really, reeeeally hot."

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External Reviews[edit]

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  • pinboard.in: "Almost but not quite Zombieland fic with the names filed off, though her characters have a life and dynamic of their own. Funny and hot, this made me lol delightedly. Also, there is a shaving scene. I'm just saying."
  • pinboard.in: "Gaga, the last virgin alive, and Mercury, a crazy dude with a car he calls El Presidio, head north in hope of finding other humans. I always like zombie fics. I have a very soft spot for zombie fics. And Domashita Romero always writes good zombie fics. So! Zombie fic."
  • pinboard.in: "author's description: "a zombie road trip sex comedy". gaga, who just might be the last living virgin, teams up with mercury. they head north in mercury's rv, el presidio, with detours for sweet booze, gay porn and stripper joints."
  • darkertemptations.wordpress.com
  • http://saltspray.tumblr.com/mm-rec-list: "El Presidio is a quick short story about two unlikely guys who find each other during a zombie apocalypse. Usually, I wouldn’t see much chemistry between two guys like this, but the setting really works to push them together. They’re funny and entertaining. A quirky, cute read."