Doing What They Do

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"Doing What They Do" is a story written by Aoime Kouchou for the Issue 30 It can be found here and at the mirror here.


A two-part science-fiction story; Kunday is an alien "life-guard" who guards the shore, keeps the sirens from getting beached, and makes sure the warriors who visit don't try their luck against the ocean's waves.

"Kunday had finally had enough of his beach-crawling. His hide was covered with rock-bruises, he was bored beyond understanding, and his strained air-lungs made his chest tighter then it should have been. He had picked the wrong duty-station yet again."


"Doing What They Do" shares the same Stars Universe as Kouchou's previous stories.

Author's Notes[edit]

I had a good chunk of this story written before I knew about this issue, but I ended up scrapping most of it so that this story could come out as polished as it is. I'm still rather pleased with it, and I like how I was able to shed some light on another species, on the Maa'rish species, and about another location in the Stars universe.

I don't have much to say about this one though. The Pond'iques have changed a bit since I wrote this story, but not by much. I think I've mucked with their respiratory system a bit, I'm not sure. There is a sequel to this story, but its still in pieces and lacks any real focus. Much like how the first draft of this story began, so maybe I should retool it a bit. If you look on my art pages, you may find some renderings of what their species looks like.

I'd like to thank again my beta-reader(s) who helped me shape this into what you see today, the lovely individuals who make SSB*B possible, and you who read this. You all are awesome and I appreciate every comment, pageview, and "like" you leave.