Delroy Pitt's From Outer Space

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Delroy Pitt's From Outer Space is a story written by Hiwaru Kibi. It ran in Issue 56 at, and is mirrored at


A most considerate alien abduction.

From "A trucker is accosted on the highway by two men in silver paint, maybe. He is taken to their spaceship for some anal probing, of course. And then there’s the armadillo…"

From "about a hick truck driver who meets a couple aliens and gets abducted. Then, true to form, the aliens get about the business of anal probing. A concise, porny tale. Kink for all!"

Author's Notes[edit]

Maybe 'Delroy Pitt' is not as genius of a name as Jose Chung, but we can't all be Darin Morgan, now, can we?