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Decanter is a story written and illustrated by Iron Eater. It first appeared in Yes, And 1 and can be found at and


Soon, a young trans man from a backwater planet, adjusts to new life and new love in his new home colony.

Soon's HUD chirped and he mentally flailed for the processes required to bring up whatever it was trying to tell him this time. The HUD was yet another newfangled upgrade they'd installed as part of the procedure. He'd known the transfer to Lammeter would expose him to a lot more tech and, more importantly, more culture than he'd known back in Cygnus Point, but the idea of most citizens having access to scoping tools was the sort of thing they'd never dreamed of back on his home colony. Once he collected his thoughts enough to move the code around the way Gemma had showed him, the notice turned out to be a message from someone else in the club.

Hi, Soon, said whoever it was over Soon's personal band. I read your pub-access stats and you look like someone I think I'd like to talk to more. May I buy you a drink?

Decanter is a lighthearted, positive tale but does contain graphic sexual content that really couldn't be anywhere but a Yes, And issue.

From "Set in a future where body modification is accepted and everyday, a shy country boy with some major new body mods meets a sweet guy. Includes a trans man protagonist with hooves and tentacles, a gender-neutral friend, etc etc."

From "The one with all the body mods and neat gender identity stuff"


The world of Decanter shows up again in shukyou's In the Bush from Yes, And 2, though both stories feature wholly different characters and locales. Same general universe, though!

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Author's Notes[edit]

This story did not have any author's notes when published. The "booxyWewteway" thing was originally spotted by a friend while clearing out spam registrations on an online forum, and it was indeed put in the "gender" field.

The introduction was scrapped and rewritten about three different times before finally yanking Soon out of physical therapy and putting him in the club. Gemma's identity also changed a few times; at one point she was a doll, though being repurposed into a robot was responsible for the character of Jocelyn appearing in the first place. Moving Gemma into the background also gave Soon a lot more agency in his own story and kept him from being so passive.

The illustrations involved snippets of NASA photography, for maximum Future Space! vibes.

External Reviews[edit]


    Kind of adorable. I would want this to be, like, a series. I would definitely be interested in Soon and Rith's developing relationship -- this story reads like a prologue or somesuch.

    Basically: After his operation and rehab, Soon has to actually go out and socialize. Luckily he meets Rith.