Dating, and How to Make Apostasy Work For You

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Dating, and How to Make Apostasy Work For You is a story written by Aosora Hikaru and illustrated by DragonReine. It ran in Issue 41 and can be found at and mirrored at


Andrew Barton is a smuggler independent cargo carrier with a tendency to gamble himself into starvation. Caerwyn is the prostitute who sets his sights on Andrew. Andrew has to overcome his past to trust Caerwyn.

There's no such thing as a soulmate, right? Especially not one you meet in a casino, trying to get you to give him money to suck your dick.

From "First person. Andy captains a cargo ship IN SPAAACE; he likes to gamble and ends up taking a smuggling job to cover his debts. Caerwyn is the pretty dancer/hooker he falls for. Contains people falling in love at first sight, possessive behaviour, hooker with a heart of gold, etc. (And there's a character called Claudius Blackrake; that's the only one I got but there are probably other sff references I missed, if you're into spotting them.)"


Dating, and How to Make Apostasy Work For You has a sequel: Smuggling, and How to Make Interstellar Exploration Work For You.

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Author's Notes[edit]

(I'm adding these in now, 4/27/14, because I can, and had really no place to publish author notes before.)

This was my first story for Shousetsu Bang*Bang, and the first full story I'd finished and published in probably over a decade. It was a labor of love, and I'm honestly still proud of it over a year later, even knowing it's one of my weaker stories. It was the story that spelled the curse I'm still bound to: "Erin must adhere to a literal interpretation of the theme or else she won't finish the story at all." There are hookers, and gambling -- Andrew might have a love of blackjack, who knows?

I've always loved science fiction and wasn't sure I could pull it off. I'm still not sure I did, but hey -- I had fun.

The title, that awfully horribly horrendously long title, was conceived out of a desire to use the word "apostasy" in a title. I have since decided to stick with shorter (but still just as ambiguous) titles.

Artist's Notes[edit]