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This category includes anything which has either been explicitly included as a category or which uses the Warning template somewhere on the page. Warnings can be for any content a community member has found to be worth issuing a warning about. Warnings are not to be issued for the simple existence of work-unsafe pornographic material, since that would apply to almost every submission ever. Instead, they are meant to indicate that a story or piece of artwork contains content some members of the community find sensitive or objectionable.

Some content warnings are added by their creators while others may be tagged by other members of the community. Anyone may add a warning to a page, and warnings may be disputed by their creators and/or other community members. There are no 'official' warnings. Similarly, a submission with no content warning on its wiki page should not necessarily be considered 'safe' and free of strong content.

To see the syntax for adding a warning to an existing wiki page, visit Help:Content Warning.